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ufo2crachAs January 2013 approaches,  humanity continues to grow and reach it’s adolescence. It is quite clear that a large majority of people on planet Earth do not resonate with the current planetary environment. Events are continuing to manifest all over the world with absolute zero reason for  justification. An elite group of decision makers are manipulating our consciousness by continuing to maintain power over the mainstream media networks, at the same time humanity continues to wake up and realize the power they hold within themselves.  This group of families and the multinational corporations they run are in control of all the worlds resources and how we access information, this is no longer a conspiracy theory. By doing so they are  able to cite justification and twist the perception of the individuals that rely upon them for information.  With our perception of what is really unfolding on the planet in the hands of a few, alternative media sources are now garnishing the attention of more people all over the world. It’s  become increasingly transparent that there’s more to the story than what we’ve been told, and the fact that we’re not alone is a pretty significant realization for the human race right now. If you are still looking for evidence, you can check out other articles in the alternative news section that provide evidence.

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The Earth was once flat and when it became round it changed the planet’s collective paradigm of reality. Human Beings were alone, we get to live through the next big paradigm shift in which we realize we are no longer alone in the universe, that other intelligent extraterrestrial races have been observing us for thousands, if not millions of years . Earth has come a long way in it’s recognition and understanding that we are not alone and are progressing quite well in our understanding about what this entire ET phenomenon is all about.

So what is it all about?

Recent release of official, once classified and now published documents via The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), FBI, CIA, NSA, Military and Governments worldwide have shed  light on the fact that money is pouring into the department of defense to fund programs that study the UFO phenomenon. Beyond documented proof, we have statements made by hundreds, if not thousands of credible sources, here is just one of them:

No longer are we asking if UFOs exist, we are now asking who is operating them, and why are they here? Military intelligence have developed  high level  technology that have allowed them to do anything we can imagine. They are interested in the UFO phenomenon and have been speculated to reverse engineer ET Technology.

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Everything you can imagine we already know how to do, we have the technology to take ET home. But these projects are so locked up in black  budget projects it would take an act of Got to get them out to benefit humanity – Ben Rich, Former CEO of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works

Yes there have been crashed craft, yes there have been bodies and material recovered – Dr Edgar Mitchell, NASA Astronaut, Navy Captain, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Humanity is  going through a large shift in consciousness, we are waking up to what has been occurring on our planet behind the scenes. Coupled with the realization that inner peace, love and cooperation are important starting points to developing a world where we can all thrive we are becoming a strong catalyst to facilitate change. If you are past the obvious, that UFOs are real and they are occupied by extraterrestrial beings, if you have accepted that reality you have probably accepted that something special is happening on the planet, because something special is happening within each one of us. Maybe they don’t care if we believe in them, maybe they are here to assist us in believing in ourselves, and maybe some aren’t. It doesn’t change the fact that we are almost past the point in asking or examining weather or not we are alone, but rather are now open to further inquiry.

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