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Imagine children playing in a sandbox full of toys. A couple of them of them decide that the toys are theirs, and put barriers around them, telling all the other kids that they must earn these little pieces of leaves that will grant them access to the toys. The parents observing the situation would most likely intervene and remind the children to share and be kind to one another.

Now imagine children on a big blue playground featuring an abundance of vegetation, animal life, oceans, lakes and rivers. Although the playground is set up for everyone to play, explore, create and share as equals, some of them decide to play gods and take possession of whatever land or resource they come across. They then make up a brilliant game: A hierarchical system in which they are the supreme authority while others have to abide by their rules if they wish to survive. In this game, resources become accessible only under the condition of money, which is earned only under the condition of work. As this hierarchy becomes pervasive across the entire playground, that which was once sharing, creativity and play becomes work, competition, greed, fear and survival. The people of the playground do not recognize each other as playmates and co-creators of the same human family any longer, but as strangers, competitors and even enemies. There may be no parents watching over the playground, reminding all children of the earth them all to simply share and live in harmony with one another, but there is a growing heartache felt across humanity that is calling for change.


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