Cognitive Dissonance: The Minds Most Common Reaction to Truth

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manipulatedInner peace is a  journey more are finding themselves on daily. Everyday brings the collective on Earth closer to recognizing it’s unlimited infinite potential and ability to create something new for planet Earth and it’s people. Many of us are  beginning to notice that operating from a place of love, peace and understanding is the key to creating change. This makes it more practical, being the change you would like to see in the world is a journey in itself. From this space, we can use the information and events that have been manifesting in front of us  to see more clearly, and to recognize that there are concepts of reality we have yet to understand. Most information that is presented to us comes from a place of fear, violence and consciousness manipulation. When I say consciousness manipulation, I mean the reality and  environment that we perceive around ourselves that gives rise to our truth has been influenced by an elite group of people and the corporations they run. This reality has been influenced and used in a way that distorts our perception of reality in order to have us operating in a robotic like existence without ever questioning anything.   Who is responsible for the world we see today? We are, we are the tool used to create whatever reality we desire here on planet Earth. Our consciousness is open to manipulation until we wake up and realize that not everything is as it seems. Once we step out of our programmed like existence and see what has really been taking place on the planet, the ones manipulating us hold zero power and we can begin to create a planet that we truly desire. Are our desires and wants really ours, or have they just been programmed into us?

Cognitive dissonance is a term used in modern psychology to describe the feeling of discomfort when holding two or more conflicting ideas, beliefs, or values. It suggests that we have an inner drive to hold onto all of our beliefs and attitudes to avoid feelings of discomfort and instability. Sometimes people hold onto a belief system that is very strong and the moment they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence that was presented cannot be accepted. When presented with evidence that works against a belief system, it has the potential to create a very uncomfortable feeling for the individual, this is called cognitive dissonance. A powerful motive to maintain cognitive consistency can give rise to irrational  behavior and thoughts. We hold many cognition’s about the world  and ourselves; when they clash, a discrepancy is created, resulting in a state of tension. The experience of cognitive dissonance can be quite unpleasant, we are forced to reduce or eliminate it, or we can choose to let go of the belief system we hold onto and open ourselves up to new possibilities.

Humanity has been programmed to believe so many different lies on so many different levels. Today, the entire planet is going through a mass transformation. One aspect of this transformation is transparency, our minds eye is starting to see past the manipulation that is beamed at us everyday through our mainstream media and television. Here is a list of 4 Articles that outline a few of these new truths that are emerging into the consciousness of all human beings. They present challenges and it’s sometimes fearful for the mind to take in. Most of us have been programmed for so long, most of us have learned what our parents were taught, and what there parents taught them. Opening up to and accepting new concepts of reality can be hard and almost impossible for some. The term ‘ignorance is bliss’ holds no credence here, as you can see:

1. The fact that protein from animal products is more harmful than from plants (Click Here for Article).

2. The fact that Fluoride used in our water supply and dental practices is a toxic substance with zero benefit to our teeth( Click Here for Article).

3. The fact that Dairy products are the cause for many health related problems (Click Here for Article)

4. The fact that UFOs and extraterrestrials exist, and there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to show it (Click Here for Article)

5. The fact that zero-point energy can be accessed, and we do not need an ‘energy industry’ like the one we have today( Click Here for Article)

Be love. the energy that is created from a place of peace and love can be tremendously beneficial to the human race. Empty your being of the gasoline you carry, and the situations or people that hold matches will become non existent. From this place, you can begin to see that everyone and everything is interconnected, everyone is just a facet of everyone else. All of us make up one large whole, and that one large whole cannot operate effectively until we harmonize. Everyone that comes into your life is playing a role for you, teaching you lessons. Whoever is meant to be in your life will, it all depends on what experiences serve best for the type of growth you and your soul desire.

Peace and Love

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  1. Janet Horsburgh

    I pretty much agree with this but i don’t agree with your belief that we are “manipulated” or “programmed”. It’s time to take full responsibility for our own consciousness. It is everyone’s. CHOICE to be conscious or unconscious.

    • Greg

      One must force consciousness in order to heal an individual, there must be acceptance and interpersonal subconsciouses remains in need of correction.

    • michelle

      You don’t believe that you are being manipulated and are being programmed to believe that you aren’t and to fight that point. You are the epitome of cognitive dissonance.. perfect example for the article.

      I have a question for your though.
      Do you feel firmly what you are saying? or is it a half thought out reply?
      Think about it, if you have really thought it through you would have not said

      “I pretty much agree BUT I don’t agree with”

      what does that mean?
      The information in this article is very well stated and is actually scientific evidence.

      You were programmed to have the response you had about responsibility by propaganda in the media and television shows.

      The doorway is open and the light is on… are you willing to explore a world of light and truth and face the dark monsters in the dark? or do you want to stay in the dark falling prey to their comfortable world where you cannot see them?

    • Sandor

      If you are a follower and are only presented a limited number of paths to choose instead of endless possibilities, you are being manipulated and programmed. You don’t see this?

    • While it IS a ‘choice’ to be either conscious or unconscious, still there are huge masses of otherwise highly intelligent people who refuse to make that ‘choice’? If not for that they are heavily manipulated and programmed, why would they not choose? Why would they still cling to false ‘truths’ in the face of such heavy loads of evidence of their falsehood? Given that so very many people are still ingesting vast amounts of manipulated information daily, there is simply no space in their brains to allow such thoughts to take root.

      It a complicated process to accept and assimilate such information. These opinions held for lifetimes are closely connected to the ego, the self-concept, etc. As others state, the self-concept is then threatened by the new idea and that in itself is a HUGE force.

      So we have two huge forces that prevent ‘consciousness’ ==>
      1) manipulation & programming
      2) the ego ie. self-concept feels threatened

      and then a third roadblock often comes into play:
      3) criticism such as the name-calling we often see on social media, calling such people (those who still choose to remain ‘unconscious’) names like ‘sheeples’ and such. Who ‘listens’ to any new viewpoint after being called names? Hell, that’s a perfect way to close minds tight.

      • Annie

        Actually the psychologists have made a pretty good case for varying ability in intellect and understanding. Some people are very concrete in their thinking, while others are more capable of abstract reasoning. People who are very concrete in their thinking are less able to make abstract choices, and I think are less able and or willing to face the ambiguities of human life. The strength of their concrete beliefs makes them formidable in arguments and battles. Their abilities to limit the quality of life or maintenance of life of other people more capable of abstract conceptualization are being fought out in the politics of the USA right now.

      • Jim Vano

        Good point Carolan. The unconscious state of being isn’t a choice in the true sense (able to do something that isn’t habitual/programmed) because it isn’t conscious of having a choice. If it did have a choice, it would be, by definition, conscious of a choice.

  2. Jim Vano

    Good points made, Arjun. Thanks!

    It is important to remember that cognitive dissonance does not arise simply by holding two conflicting ideas. For example, Apples are red. Apples are green. These are conflicting ideas but creates no dissonance. Dissonance arises when an idea/belief is an integral part of our self concept – the mental idea of who is I AM. When an idea is introduced into the mind and it conflicts with part of the self concept, then dissonance arises and our coping mechanism kicks in. Then, we either attempt to ignore the new information (ignore/leave), attack the source of the conflicting information (name calling/denigrate), or qualify (new idea is true but only in very rare cases). Only when these three mechanism fail do we attempt to integrate the new idea into the self concept – change the self concept. And, there is some grief because the old self died.

    In my view, the dissonance arises not because of the conflicting idea per se, but because the self concept is threatened by the new idea and one of the primary goals in the mind is to protect self. And, the dissonance makes clear that the old idea is not a true belief about self because it can be threatened. Like Elinor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” In other words, without your believing that you are inferior.

    When we can become conscious of the feelings of dissonance in the body as they occur, then we can witness the idea in the mind that feels threatened. It appears to me that holding that awareness reprograms the mind by removing the old idea from and not adding the new idea to the self concept. And, more grief because the old self died. But, unlike in the case with the unconscious coping mechanism, this time there is a feeling of lightness that comes with/after the grief.

  3. Arjun

    :) “In my view, the dissonance arises not because of the conflicting idea per se, but because the self concept is threatened by the new idea and one of the primary goals in the mind is to protect self. And, the dissonance makes clear that the old idea is not a true belief about self because it can be threatened. Like Elinor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” In other words, without your believing that you are inferior.
    When we can become conscious of the feelings of dissonance in the body as they occur, then we can witness the idea in the mind that feels threatened. It appears to me that holding that awareness reprograms the mind by removing the old idea from and not adding the new idea to the self concept”
    ! Awesomely said, thanks for sharing Jim.

    • kevin

      It is so refreshing to find some fellow people that are so open minded and aware. I have been trying hard to find ways to convince people to be more open minded. We are controlled because we are divided between those who are controlled by these beliefs and those who are not. I talk to as many people as I can about these things. Slowly, but surely some people are starting to listen. I am a beginner at his, but what I have learnt is by being positive and happy myself with my own awareness, people seem less afraid to learn themselves. Love the site by the way. One the best I have seen. Think you should link with similiar sitse in other countries. eg, in uk. now I have found this site I will be passing it on and viewing it regually.Many thanks for your work on here

  4. Gere Stokoe

    A very good article on cognitive-dissonance. That is at the core of the problem in getting the common people to come out of their comfort zone. However; Leila and the author seem to think that we are all part of the same. I totally disagree. Good and evil come from direct opposites. Without that understanding, you are ripe for being put in the camps designed for those that are not partners in their wickedness. The Golag, concentration camps under communism, and the FEMA camps that are in place here in the USA. Righteous resistance is the only answer. For evil to prosper; good people have to do nothing and surrender.

  5. LaurenLL

    I read the article on meat based diets; it’s full of unsubstantiated claims and seeks to reduce human nutrient sources to one: plant-based. The cognitive dissonance on this one comes from refusing to see that there are people in the world who thrive on a meat based diet. It is not based in fact, but rather on bias. And I’ve seen plenty of people do the vegetarian/vegan thing who are unhealthy(even with paying attention to and adhering to the principles of food combining).

    • Gifford

      Yes, thank you.

  6. Annie

    Were you consciously using it’s improperly in the beginning of your piece? If so, then you picked an excellent example of the point you were making. Perhaps we are learning more about choice by being entranced by media. Originally we are entranced by our parents, who were entranced by their parents–but then we witness the dissonance of our parents, if we grow up in a household where the mother is free to take issue with the father, and vice versa.. We are “educated”, in US public schools anyway, by textbooks that have passed a rigorous examination for acceptable biases. We are fed “acceptable” bits of “truth.” If we continue to educate ourselves, by ourselves or by prestigious universities, we come to understand that all “civilized” reality has been filtered through other people’s minds, usually mostly male, historically anyway. Some of us opt for science, where we seek to understand what we see for ourselves–the truth of our own experience. We discover that our ability to communicate our understandings is bound or limited by our previous biased experiences, and our own interpretations thereof. However quotable Eleanor Roosevelt may be, she went through some sort of process to free herself of the need to please/relate to others. Every one of us needs others of us to survive our birth and childhood. We need not only food and shelter, but positive regard, touch, and affection, or at least attention, from other beings. Children in orphanages do not survive on mere food, clothing, and shelter. Survival into adulthood is not possible without assistance. We know that even those among us who have survived to adulthood are strongly shaped by the nurturing we are given in the early years. To thrive in the world requires much interaction/support from other beings. With regard to choice, my experience has told me that choice is limited by, among other factors, knowledge of having choice. That is, I have fewer choices if I do not know that I have choices. If I have no knowledge or means to get knowledge, of what my choices may be, then that limits me too. If I am fortunate and have the means to acquire knowledge of choices open to me, then I am blessed indeed. Anyone who believes that they are self made has either been through a lot, or is delusional. If s/he has been through a lot and had some practice in exploring possibilities and making choices, then is that one free. Remaining free requires ongoing openness and willingness to experiment and learn. Adaptibility, consciousness, and willingness to tolerate cognitive dissonance are all necessary to fully living life. Survival as an adult human requires less or different.

    Anyway, thank you for the provocation, and perhaps you should get someone to proofread your writing–your thoughts are inspiring, but your misuse of words that sound the same but have different meanings is a little bit distracting.

  7. saturnx311

    One small point on grammar: “its” possessive is spelled “its” not “it’s”, so “… closer to recognizing it’s unlimited infinite potential …” should be “… closer to recognizing its unlimited infinite potential …” ———happy thoughts! :-)

  8. saturnx311

    Excellent article, by the way. Thank you for this page– I am sharing it to my fb friends.
    Watched a documentary today by Project Camelot about ETs, Mars and the secret space program. It told how ETs gave humans technology back in the 70s which is basically unlimited energy, free. I have researched much in this area– free energy– and there are so many ways of having it that it’s a wonder they’ve all been kept secret for this long a time.
    Magnetic motors, Tesla technology, zero point, and you could think of a few more I’m sure.
    It is maddening that oil barons and the power companies keep the public totally dependent on the “grid”. People keep going to the gas station and filling their automobiles with petroleum products, and also using plastic made from petroleum instead of hemp oil the way it should be.
    I’m sure the fluoride and chemtrails and elf keep people in a dreamlike trance that just makes it so easy to not look up, to not wake up, to not begin thinking for themselves.
    So much control, through the media, through the corrupt financial and “legal” system, through the satanic music and entertainment industry, and when someone on the inside speaks out, they are quickly snuffed out.
    About cognitive dissonance: I had a somewhat difficult time getting past the hurdle of denial into truth, but once I was there, I became thirsty for the thread of truth wherever it lay, and however it made me feel personally. Truth is all. It is hardly ever pleasant these days, but it is the highest of everything to seek after.

  9. Laren

    1. Depends on the animal, the source, and the person.
    2. True.
    3. This also depends on the source and the person.
    4. True.
    5. True, but not necessarily the only source or practical answer.

    Not all “truths” are one-size-fits-all.

    It is also cognitively dissonant to see truth as absolute.

  10. tony degrazia

    Been reading much on tribalism and how dealing with large groups of different people is very difficult for some people. Its as though they are hard-wired to be frightened by the different or other. Maintaining comfort zones, and rejecting anything new is standard for some tribes. And one way of dealing with the threat of new ideas is through personal attacks and dehumanization of the other. I served a conservative denomination for many years, and any issue that dealt with the environment or natural foods was called satanic because it took the focus off God and put it on the temporal. I had to fight to get one congregation to stop using styrofoam cups! It also became clear that tribalism was inherent in how these people veiwed East and West Coast culture. They were the automatic enemy because they represented The Big City! In the end, its not so much a matter of not being able to handle new and different ideas, its chosen ignorance by people that are mainlining righteousness and feel so good about being wrong.

  11. Where is this transformation? Is this the transformation of you smoking crack and spouting gibberish (repeatedly)?

  12. angelinajhon

    The Cognitive System Or Who Draws The Picture In Our Heads

    Everyday our mind is bombarded with all kinds information. Very often we fail to cope with all this information

    overload and become easy to manipulate. To prevent ourselves from this, we should explore how our cognitive system

    works in order to have a more insightful outlook for the processes in our minds.

    What exactly is our cognitive system?

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  13. Fredrik

    Collective Evolution – interested in the truth about everything except veganism

  14. great post arjun, thanks!

    will posterise this at some point:

    “All of us make up one large whole, and that one large whole cannot operate effectively until we harmonize.”

    look for it here sometime –

    with peace & love & unity x

  15. Peter Gillespie

    Excvellent piece of work Arjun and so on the mark. If we could dispense with the Mass Media promoting it’s own agenda of fear and dissention the world would be a far nicer plave to start with…..


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