They Call it Television Programming For a Reason

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3006056852_a63a3a2c40Have you ever watched TV or a movie and notice you were becoming immersed in the characters and their stories? Did you notice at times in your life you may have wanted to do what you saw on TV or in a movie? Maybe you wanted your life to play out that way when it comes to a job or a relationship? Don’t get me wrong, it is a pretty common thing that happens as we watch these forms of entertainment as they are designed for us to get engaged with them, but have you ever come to the realization that this could be a very powerful means to shape public opinion and create an ideal social psychology? You might be wondering, what do you mean an “ideal social psychology?” Well think of it this way, if you were in control of many people and you wanted to make sure they would do certain things or be okay with certain things, is it possible you might use forms of entertainment to be sneaky in programming the masses minds to be that way?

TV shows themselves are called programs and the line up for any given station is considered the ‘programming’ they offer. It should be no surprise really that programming is precisely what is happening as we watch the TV shows we watch… even reality TV shows which I can tell you right now are anything but reality. The inspiration for this article came as I have been seeing various bits of TV here and there while I am at my families house or out at others. What I overhear or have been seeing has been very comical in some ways as it is incredibly clear how much this type of stuff can affect the psyche of the viewer.

There are literally countless areas we could cover with a post like this but I wanted to touch on one in particular -the clear obsession around police, FBI and CSI type shows. Ratings in North America for these types of shows are easily hitting well into the 10’s of millions each episode. It seems every month a new type of CSI or cop related show is coming out. In fact, other than simple comedy’s, it seems to be the most saturated genre out there, yet it remains very successful. But why? What is the obsession around all of these shows and the constant barraging of police and FBI glorification? The answer is quite simple when you take a step back.

As of right now in our world, actions are being done by government, military, police, and secret service agencies that are flat out disturbing. While not a ton of this hits the public eye is a very massive way, it is leaking through like never before thanks to the internet. The public opinion surrounding police, government and military has been dropping quite a bit as all of these actions and people are beginning to lose trust. What better way to repair their image than by constantly ‘bigging’ them up as heroes in everyone’s favorite television shows?

If you have caught some of these shows you know exactly what I am talking about. There is always some impossible case that usually has to do with pulling on the heartstrings of the average person. Whether it be a child kidnapping or really touchy murder, the end of the episode always has some officer or character being glorified for there work and determination. Which can be fine, but we never see the side of police work that is more common. I hate to say it but much of the police duties of today have very little to do with keeping the peace and much more to do with disturbing it. It has become something where everyone is an enemy, everyone is a problem and something always needs to be done to stop people, slow them down, ticket them or detain them. In fact, anyone who is trying to say something contrary to mainstream government opinion is likely to see themselves in handcuffs or being beaten. On TV however, this is never the case. We see time and time again the same ‘bad people’ being taken down by the ‘good cops’ and agencies.

Again, I don’t want to point this out to suggest that no police work or FBI related work is positive, because there are some helpful things happening out there. I am just trying to point out an obvious trend here that is doing a great job of programming humanity in order to repair many tarnished images of these various government related groups. The next time you are watching one of these shows, if you watch TV, observe the types of emotions they purposely put into these shows. Watch closely at how they really do a good job to shape public opinion and even go as far as to make people fear the true power of the police in being able to figure out ANYTHING.

Of course these are not the only types of shows that are doing a great job of programming us. You can watch most comedies, drama’s and reality TV shows and get the same stuff. They tell us how to act in relationships  how to be friends with one another, who to hate, who to judge, how to trust your government. Most shows even play on the ‘terrorist’ factor quite a bit if you watch closely. This leads me to something I want to encourage any TV watchers to do.

The Challenge

The next time you are watching a TV show, pay attention to how often and how intensely the push to keep the viewer in ego programming is used. With the right observation, you will notice that almost the entire show is a mindless distraction geared towards telling you how to be and how to react -all from programming of course. Very little is opening you up to looking at things in a new way, a more open and expanded way of thinking where we aren’t being driven by things like fear, judgment, emotions, anger and chasing ‘the dream.’ The bonus challenge? Try cutting TV out of your life completely for 1 week. See what happens, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. Silvi

    Ever noticed how the so called comedy sit-coms and adult cartoons…….make the husband’s always look like fat, lazy, stupid idiots!! The wife is always the smart one….they are de-powering the male image. Have a look next time you watch any of these shows! I noticed that when Simpsons came out many years ago and now every other adult cartoon, is the same stereotype….the father portrayed as a moron…….just my observation :)

    • i replied with basically the same message to peter below, but i think it’s worth pointing out to y’all here too…as a woman, and as someone who grew up in a home with a horribly sexist father and brother and constantly received the message from this ‘programming’ that my value as a human was solely based on looks. that, as barbie said, math is too hard, but who cares anyway, because an education is always secondary to finding that man that will rescue you, from what i never understood, and you’re lucky if you get one that doesn’t beat you….i just cannot wrap my head around you all griping about the man in the simpsons, family guy, whatever being portrayed as dumb. i cannot see how that is the most important thing to y’all when the majority of programming is to teach you ‘men’ to objectify, belittle, and not value women. again, you cannot see the forest for the trees i’m afraid, and your egotistical and irrational soapbox here hints at poor character and lack of empathy. i mean, i get where you’re coming from. don’t get me wrong. but there are far bigger fish to fry in this issue, sex and race relations for one. they’re not programming you as an individual. they are programming how we relate to one another, which is key to influencing the actions and decisions we make. please understand where i am coming from. if you could i don’t think y’all would be moping around feeling sorry for yourselves because homer’s catch phrase was d’oh.

      “The necessity of believing without knowledge, nay often upon very slight grounds, in this feeling state of action and blindness we are in, should make us more busy and careful to inform ourselves rather than constrain others.”
      -John Locke

    • John Tapscott

      Things have come a long way since “Father Knows Best”.

    • Look up “Cultural Marxism” and see how it relates to political correctness and the destruction of the family unit, The man is always belittled in those sitcoms and other tv shows, where children and even pets take precedence, Women are much more easily controlled by government, And even easier if you can get the man out of the house, and belittle him once hes out, Just my opinion dude ..

      • i hate to continue the negativity peter, but in this case it is valid. your comments are extremely insulting and arrogant. and the fact that you ‘guys’ are having this conversation regarding the male being portrayed as dumb is actually comical…i see no disdain from you about the other 99% of television programming meant to teach men to objectify and demean, and even act violently toward, women…i’m afraid you cannot see the forest for the trees…

    • robyn

      I noticed that too. The husband is always the fool.nuu

      • AP

        It’s been that way for a long time!! They try to make the husband look like an idiot, and the wife look like she has to put up with his low IQ. Look at what they are doing to children these days. According to the school teachers, no child loses, they are all winners. What kind of flawed logic is that? So these kids grow up and go on job interviews. They think they did well, but they don’t get the job because someone, either more qualified, or willing to take the lowest amount of pay (the latter seemingly to be the modus operandi of today), gets the job. Well, wake up time. They won and you lost!! When I was a kid, we played with cap guns and were just wild boys, having fun and being kids. Today, as you have seen in the news, some kid is playacting on the playground, that he is saving the world, and he gets suspended!!! Zero tolerance?? Nope….the word is INTOLERANCE!!! They have been trying to feminize men for decades now, and sadly, it’s working! The want a population that will just drink the koolaid and not have the guts to stand up and say NO MORE!!!! They want us spineless and helpless, but fortunately, not every man falls into that trap.

        Also, watch out for sitcoms!!! They have a ton of propaganda that they slip in, especially “How I Met Your Mother”! I don’t even watch television anymore, but my wife does, and I, who am not even paying attention, still pick up on these low key pieces of propaganda. Everything else is either cop shows, doctor shows, or reality shows (which bear no resemblance to reality whatsoever)! They portray the cops to be the GOOD guys and the doctors to be almighty heroes. When you look at reality, the cops are all jackbooted thugs who taser 2nd grade children and the doctors dope everyone up on unnecessary psychotropic drugs. Not to mention all of the violence and sex that is prevalent on the television. You can’t even get truth out of the new broadcast because they don’t report the truth. Throw away your TV’s, they are bad for your mental health. And they wonder why we have such an immoral and violent society? They sell immorality and violence in a steady stream all day and all night long!

        • modia

          i totally agree on most part.
          but: to get rid of this winner/loser conditioning ist one step in the right direction. but it is taught and used wrong i agree.
          still it is one step away from our cannibalistic society where whe´re taught that we have to be better then others to gain the upper hand.


        • mario E

          i love it too. i’d like to share this also, AP, …
          of course, if you allow me to.

        • AP. Love this. I would like to copy and post it on my FB page. I have a show on called The Camp Fire Show. It’s on Friday nights from 9:00pm until 10:30pm Pacific Time. We covered a lot of this recently on 3/22. You say so much, so succintly. I hope you don’t mindme sharing it. Thank you. Scott

  2. Happy to say I stopped watching TV completely about 6 months ago. Now when I`m subjected to it a friends house, I see it for the tripe it really is and also find myslf constantly drawn to the screen, zoning out, shutting off my mind, watch tv do what you told. Shake head and tell my mate to turn off that fucking TV

  3. I haven’t had tv in my house for a year now and it’s amazing the different things in life that open up to you when you’re not in front of the idiot box

  4. william hunt

    has any body else noticed that whenever the US is at war somewhere, bloody M.A.S.H. gets broadcast again on the TV networks of their allies? always thought that that was blatant propaganda, pleased to see I am not the only one who sees the idiot box in that light.

    • that must be way MASH is on endless repeat in Australia since it was made

  5. Lindsey

    I have stopped watching television years ago but also whenever I go back home to visit my mom I find myself totally zoned into the screen almost like I can’t look away. Since I have stopped I have been able to open my mind to what’s actually going on in reality. Our world would be a much better place without television.

  6. william hunt

    just a bit of biographical background; myself, I didn’t have TV to watch until I was 13, watched it for three weeks and was absolutely dumbfounded. Simply could not believe that any one would want to sit through that shite. When I did finally buy one I already had three ‘puters, I bought it to watch a certain football team when they play and can easily ignore it for months at a time

  7. Ana

    i like what you say a lot :) yes it is obvious, but you really say in a way that we cant deny it, eloquently :) will share. <3

  8. I don’t believe all TV is bad. Here in Finland we get tons of nature and human documentaries, and talk shows with different kind of people with different perspective on things. I’m saying that it can be educative. But I do believe that there’s a huge different between TV shows in USA and Europe.

    • You are absolutely right, TV, properly watched, can be educational as well… you just have to know where the switch-off button is and when to use it…

  9. Maxine

    I agree with your article. Also, studies have shown that watching TV hypnotizes the watcher within a minute or two of programming. No wonder the media is in control of our society between the negative programming and all the mindless advertisements. After I became aware of this, I cut cable 2 years ago. Now when I do watch the idiot box, the only logical choice is PBS which I find both informative and entertaining.

  10. KILL YOUR TV and hint hint.. one can live without a TV!

  11. Claire Mesamme

    Haven’t you created enough boogie men already? Get real you cooks.

    • Claire, do you mean crazy people, (kooks) or people who make food (cooks)?

  12. mamamia

    The TV is a tool, just like anything else. It can be used for good too. Having tv without cable seems to be the solution for my family. We learn loads about the world from documentaries on Netflix and are able to avoid the commercials that cable companies constantly subject their viewers too. As a parent, this is the most detrimental aspect of television–creating mindless consumers. But if you make yourself (and/or your children) aware of the techniques used to “program” the public, then it’s easy to see through.

  13. You guys have to remember, family guy is funnier when you are high

  14. I LOVE your page, and agree wholeheartedly with television being nothing but lazy. It’s there to escape, check out, entertain without ANY effort on your part. It puts your life on hold. However, I disagree with TV shows being used to program us. TV shows are based off of what WE want. What the VIEWER is drawn to. All for the exception of the “news media” (what a crock). We as humans are drawn to good versus evil. So THAT is what the programming industry is giving us. Just my opinion…. Keep on keepin on!

  15. Jim

    Ever heard of a book? ACIM comes to mind as a perfect gift to give to someone who may watch to much TV.

    • essijay

      <3 ! replacing fear with love – best suggestion ever!

  16. Emily

    I’ve had a TV free house for nearly 6 years now, but like a few other comments here, I am always hopelessly sucked in to a TV at someone else’s house almost instantly. Up until now I thought it was just me, but it must have something to do with the fact that we’re not used to it, we can’t drown it out like others can. It actually takes an effort to take my eyes off the screen even though it’s complete crap… And I’m always so shocked at just how MUCH it is complete crap – and Europe isn’t necessarily immune, I’m in France and I’m gobsmacked every time by the stupidity of the things people watch.

  17. LaurenLL

    When I watch television, I find myself going through periods of awareness and unawareness, never completely going into “zombie mode”. This is true when we do anything. Are we all aware all the time? It isn’t television that’s the “bad guy”, it’s our own inability to be aware at all times. We all like getting “caught” up in a good story and this happens as much with a book as well; it’s called “flow”. it happens when we’re our walking, or when we’re absorbed in something we love to do, listening to someone tell a story. And there are great stories told visually and auditorialy on television. Of course, there is “garbage” on television, just like there have always been trashy novels and gossip on the newstand and in bookstores. “We set ourselves free not by trying to set ourselves free, but by noticing we are imprisoning ourselves in the moment we are imprisoning ourselves.”

  18. Russell

    I noticed the same thing many years ago when there was a sudden influx of doctor/hospital related shows. Alternative medicine and therapies are becoming bigger each year, but all these shows put the faith back into doctors for some. Not me. Always, and I mean always look outside the picture for the real answer and use common sense and intuition to guide you. :)

  19. Gregor Rawson

    What a load of shite! Another conspirasist spouting crap about complete nonsense! Yeah yeah yeah,new world order and all that shit. I’ve heard it all. Nobody’s out to get us,television isn’t being used to mold society and the world isn’t being run by the Illuminati. If your so weak minded that you believe all the conspiracy whackos out there then you deserve to be taken away to another planet on my big sausage shaped spaceship!

    • I like your word: conpirasist — should be spelled “consiprassist” though — how much are they paying you to try to get the handful of us that are aware of “them” to believe we’re not really seeing what we’re seeing??? oh look!! a shiny bouncing ball!!! woo-hoo!!!!

      • try that again: conspirassist definition: one who conspires to assist in the reinforcement of a set of ideas or beliefs that are desirable to be achieved as part of a larger agenda.

    • AP

      Speaking of television propaganda, it looks like it worked well on you!!! Turn of the TV and start paying attention to reality because you have totally missed the boat. You are so dumbed down by the idiot box that you can’t even see what is happening all around you. Conspiracy theories?? If you actually look at some of these things, you will find that they are not conspiracy “theories”, they are conspiracy “facts”. Go back to sleep!! You will wake up when they bust your door in and drag you and your family away!!

    • jim hay

      Gregor Rawson-All I can say is I didn’t know ostriches could write.Maybe you can learn to open your eyes as well(maybe you won’t get sand in them)

  20. Lauren LL – wholeheartedly agree – we get strong levels of awareness within ourselves and we can spot this and be discerning as we watch. It may help people in the early stages of developing this awareness to leave TV alone for a significant period of time. It’s always within us. Awareness is key. I sometimes deliberately turn on a crap TV programme to test my ability to stay within my own awareness. Consciously watching TV like this is very strengthening. It cannot be done just by mindlessly watching TV as it will always zombiefy us. I used to work in the industry in the UK and have seen an increasing tendency to produce mindless mass cheap TV. I worked freelance but if I ever worked from an office within an organisation alongside full-time employees I saw a kind of group-mind emerging – where people didn’t have to be told what ideas to come up, they just knew what would be safe and what would be uncontroversial and go down well. I didn’t ever want to be one of those programme makers.

  21. Just like to say there are too many TV programmes and films to list in which the protagonist breaks the law, and is on the run from the police and/ or government, who are cast as the villains.

  22. vesper meeps

    sounds like nobody”s heard of Marshal McLuhan

    • Terence

      Or Stuart Hall for that matter.

  23. Michael

    I stopped watching practically all TV for 3 years (not intentionally btw) when I was 16. Due to siblings contastly fighting over the thing, I just went on my computer and did stuff online (basically learn about everything and up my knowledge).
    I then moved about 2 weeks and while I still don’t actually watch TV, I’m around it and a bit see all the programming in it and how it really does affect the people who are immersed in it. Now that I’ve been “waking up” I can watch TV without it changing me. I’m so glad I have ‘woken up’ at a fairly young age.


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