U.S. Military Computer Hack Uncovers Photos of UFOs In Space – And That’s Not All

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gmWhat type of information lay dormant inside US Army, Navy, Air Force, and Department of Defense computers, as well as 16 NASA computers? Why is it that trillions of unaccounted dollars are pumped into the department of defense every year? You would think that we have the right to know what is happening on our planet with regards to the scientific and technological breakthroughs that the worlds top scientists are making, wouldn’t you? How can we ever have true transparency when the military industrial complex continues to create events that justify war in order to create a state of fear that requires “national security?” 9/11 for example, this was a false flag terrorist attack used to justify the invasion of Iraq. National security has been the backbone of secrecy, it provides justification to keep scientific, technological and paradigm shifting developments and information concealed from the human race.

The dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts, far outweigh the dangers that are cited to justify them. There is a very grave danger, that an announced need for an increase need for security, will be seized upon by those anxious to expand it’s meaning to the very limits of censorship and official secrecy. This is not what I intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control- JFK

According to our best estimates, more than half of all U.S. government records are classified. For an archivist seeking to preserve and understand our history, that means most of our history is kept secret from us, Think about that for a moment – Richard Dolan

What type of information is hidden from the public? You will have to ask Gary Mckinnon. In 2002 the US government charged and arrested Gary for performing what is said to be the biggest military computer hack of all time. He was charged with causing $700,000 dollars worth of damage to government computer systems. For 10 years Gary has been facing extradition to the United States. I highly doubt the damage cited by the US government as adequate means for justification for extradition and/or imprisonment. Instead, the US government was more concerned with the information Gary came across. In the political world, Gary was used to justify the need for more security, but it’s the secrecy within the military industrial complex that was threatened. Political figures are just puppets, they are not calling the shots and are used to give people the perception that they are key decision makers. High ranking military officers and the ones that create the money are calling the shots.

In 2006, right before the world started hearing about Gary, he seemed to be deeply concerned and very pessimistic about his chances for beating extradition. Ten years later, in October of 2012 the decision not to extradite Mckinnon to the United States was made, and in December of 2012 it was determined that Gary will face no further charges in the United Kingdom.

So what did Gary find? He found a list of non-terrestrial off world officers that had a rank. He was unable to tell if they represent the Air Force, Navy, or Army. He also found multiple pictures of UFOs and lists of fleet to fleet transfers of materials from ship to ship.

This interview was done by Kerry Cassidy from project camelot. You can see the full interview in the list of sources.


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  1. abtgry

    “Gsry McKinnon was taken at age four to undergo training, torture and programming via the British arm of MK Ultra in Project Mannequin. He was taken to a six-level base 200 feet underground the village of Peasemore at Berkshire, a facility known as Al/499, where most UK children are molded to become soliders, operatives, sex slaves and assassins. Returning from duty on Mars in 2006, a disinfo plan was hatched by the NSA. McKinnon would pose as a marijuana-smoking amateur hacker who somehow found a backdoor into US government and NASA databases (c’mon, folks, they are not that sloppy) where he stumbled on photos of anti-gravity ships and crew manifests for United States Space Command. That information is correct. The plan was to release this information into the public to gauge reaction, if people would accept or believe it. To add creditbility to the story, a bogus investigation and extradiction demand, along with hearings in the UK courts, was manufactured. This way people would say, “Well, if the USA wants to prosecute him, what he found must be real.” It is real, but the circumstances are all disinfo. However, the lover of McKinnon’s ex-girlfriend murdered McKinnon, thinking he was doing the Cabal a favor and would be rewarded for it. He found himself tortured and mind-wiped instead. A clone of McKinnon was gestated to take his place. If they allowed the murder to become known, it would raise too many suspicions and there would be citizen outcry that the US government had him killed, when it was nothing but a crime of jealousy and opportunity. What further orders will be given to the McKinnon Clone is unknown.”

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  4. Mothman

    Couldn’t view at full resolution yet was quite sure there were no rivets; no seams in the cigar-shaped craft?

  5. Is this from WikiLeaks? “The Reagan Briefing on Roswell” Now they can no longer deny the truth of Roswell! This amazing Transcript of classified tape recording made during a presidential briefing on UFOs and ALIEN VISITATION of EARTH!

  6. ian

    the american government and military use their own internet and protocol called GWIP. No one can “hack” into this internet because its not connected to the normal internet you and I use everyday. Because of this the documents, pictures and videos released were either fakes or were release because of someone else’s private agenda. People will believe anything they read now-a-days without thinking for themselves.

  7. Brell

    I’m dismayed and disappointed to see this article on a site I was growing to love for its integrity. Should we expect more of this?

    • I don’ t see the problem. Either you believe Gary or you don’t.

  8. Mark Moss

    You had me right up until you used the word “trillions.” At that point, it became gilded hyperbole.

  9. clay

    I don’t agree with todd. He searched for years and only obtain almost nothing in information. There was one image of a ufo from nasa, and he didn’t save it and was cut off before he could even view it at full resolution. And then the only thing he obtained were some names and ranks along with a couple ship to ship transfer logs. Yes the important information is on their own form of Internet that isn’t connected to ours. But it is completely possible that small amounts of almost meaningless information could have been saved on a computer that also had acess to both the secure military Internet and public Internet as well.

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  11. Todd

    A lie is easy to spot.

    Biggest hack of all time? In the interview Gary says that he did not even hack in… it was basically an insecure connection and he just connected to it.

    This is not coincidental.

    Real military secrets are held in databases that are not connected to a network. They cannot be hacked from the internet. They must be hacked on site… which means getting past military security… and gaining access physically to a computer… not getting caught… etc etc.

    These pictures were MEANT to be found… which means whoever released the pictures has an agenda… These might not even be real pictures. They could be photo shopped.

    I could go on and on… but I will finish with, don’t be fooled by the fake alien invasion perpetrated by the same individuals who injected these pictures into the mainstream.

    This is the only possible scenario with the facts we have (and don’t have) at hand. It does not hurt to be a genius… but it is pretty obvious to anyone with common sense who weighs the facts.

    • I agree with Todd. Common sense tells me that no military computers holding important information like this would be accessed via the internet.

      I wouldn’t jump as far to say that the images were planted in a computer with the intent to be found. I’m more likely to believe the “news story” surrounding this is fabricated and the images are likely photoshopped.

      Not to mention I’ve come across this story a few times on the internet and no one ever shows the so called pictures of UFOs. It’s click bait.

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