Psychedelics Can Expand Your Consciousness

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39755649944It might seem as though we are all separate, and individual from one another and our environment. While that may appear true and could very well be true in some ways, we are also all connected at the deepest levels of existence. When understanding this, we can look at how we operate daily and begin to ask questions: Why are we so concerned with dominating one another? Why do we strive to be better than others? Why do we chase pieces of paper so that we can have more and more things? Why do we judge one another? Why are we unable to be at peace?

Personally I have not done psychedelics so it cannot be completely accurate for me to say exactly what you would feel while doing them. I can say that I have had many experiences where I experienced immense levels of peace and wonder, complete peace with myself and seeing the environment around me as nothing more than vibrating energy. Meditation can lead to feelings and experiences that can resemble much of what is described by some who have done psychedelics, but the experience may not be fully the same. Either way, if you are able to attain these understandings on your own or through the use of psychedelics, it is clear there is a common universal understanding in what is concluded from both experiences.

We are all connected. We are all one. We are all vibrating energy and our mind is not who we are. These are just a few of the many common conclusions brought forth by either psychedelics or meditation. Many have had their lives completely changed by coming to these conclusions. This is why we might ask; why are psychedelics illegal? Some are completely natural and offered to us by nature, yet they have been made illegal. Does this seem odd?

“Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.” ―Terence McKenna

As Terrence McKenna pointed out, psychedelics can lead to vast understandings and expansive changes to ones life that would push them to begin changing how they live life. Most likely, one would not be as susceptible to the control of the system after realizing these truths. They would have less interest in getting locked up in mind shaping things like education, media and social norms set out for the public. This is obviously a serious threat to those who are laying out these means to control which is why psychedelics are illegal.

From my experience of coming to understand what I have through meditations and dream states, I can say that I have drastically changed my life as a result. In fact my only goal is to BE, and for me, being is leading me to open others up to a world of potentiality. One that is far beyond what we see in front of us and think must be this way.

I cannot sit here and advise you to take psychedelics, I am merely making a point. What you choose to do is up to you. I do however feel that one can achieve all of the same understandings without the use of psychedelics, but they can still be a very powerful tool in moving us along our own journey’s.

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  1. RealBizMarkie

    I have done shrooms twice now and trust me, they’re the most spiritual experience I’ve ever felt.

    • From taking mushrooms so many times, I have some to the conclusion that we can control a lot more than we think….Mentally even!

      • Larix

        absolutely, i been trying many stuff allready. from salvia divinorum, lsd, psylos, mescaline.. sure what you need is respect of this things and you need to know what you are doing… there are dangers but if you know how it opens you millions of doors, windows and holes you might never seen without… a very great experience i had while i saw a figure like the flower of life what is the same picture like the torus… i felt it like a gate to somwhere, behind it a saw things i cannot describe… it would take the whole night to writ it down


  2. Cherie

    For some a spiritual experience, for others an addiction. Without knowledge even use of natural substances can be dangerous.

    • - Collective Evolution

      Hey Cherie, It’s a great point you bring up and I totally agree. These types of things should be used in extremely rare cases to allow yourself to open up if need be. As mentioned, this stuff is not needed at all to achieve the same end result. It can often become an escape and addiction as you mentioned, but used in a way geared towards expanding oneself, it can be helpful.

      • Lee

        Psychedelics (even LSD) is non-addictive and has no adverse side effects. The only concern with psychedelics is being aware of dosage and how much your body/mind can handle.

        • The problem is there is no way of knowing what your mind can handle until you are already tripping. There can be adverse effects. In the 70s I saw some people have very scary trips and a few never came back as their “normal” selves and they did not come back more understanding, sisal or at peace. People who drive under the influence are dangerous. timing can be seriously affected, seeing trails, the amount of speed even in mushrooms affect everyone differently. The same thing taken by three people will give them each a different trip. Some may freak, be afraid, while others are laid back. It is experimental, you may or may not have a good ride. Not advised, and as with all drugs after a while a person thinks they can handle that they can handle more :(

          • forstydubs

            Barbie, what is speed in mushrooms?
            I think it is pretty needless to say that psychedelics work differently in different people, when in fact the same dose of psilocybin mushrooms doesn’t even work the same for one person (personal experience). What I mean by this is SET & SETTING.
            If you resist the NOW that psychedelics forces you TO, then you will encounter a bad trip for sure.

  3. Dillan

    for the million dollar question… where the hell can we get DMT???

    • u can synthesize some urself… all u need is mamosa hostillis or a similar herb to extract it from… as a matter of fact, DMT is produced in nearly every living organism in nature… but there are a few choice herbs that are easier than others to extract it from… google how to make DMT…and DIY…

    • Jackson!

      @DILLAN their is DMT about where i live in the UK at the moment. It comes and goes.

    • drolsmoel

      DMT occurs naturally in your brain :)
      Or get your hands on ayahuasca, it contains DMT.

      • - Collective Evolution

        It’s important to note that the bio chemical make up of DMT that naturally occurs and the DMT that people use for a psychedelic experience are actually slightly different. They are close and offer a very similar experience, but they are a bit different.

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Published: Nov 28, 2015

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