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UFOJETNobody can really deny the existence of UFOs anymore. Even when we step back and ask ourselves what is a credible source of information, one cannot help but find information about UFOs in all sectors of what society deems credible. Whether it’s witness testimony from high ranking political, military, and academic personnel, or official documentation released via the government or Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Unidentified Flying Objects are real. UFOs are constantly tracked on radar, jets are constantly scrambled to take a look, and pilots are constantly in awe as they watch these UFOs move the way that they do. I do not intend to prove the existence of UFOs in this article as I feel much of the world is already passed that. The official documentation that I am referring to are examples like these below, keep in mind that thousands upon thousands of pages have been released via governments and military agencies worldwide.

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NSA UFO File Click Here to View  (Taken from

United States Air Force Memo Taken From  Historian Richard Dolan

I recommend you visit his website and look at his work

United States Air Force Memo

Our governments do not really have our best interests in mind, and as most people know, it’s the multinational corporations and the banks above them that are calling the shots. With all of the effort put into covering up the UFO phenomenon, why is all of this information surfacing at such a rapid pace right now? Why do we deem information credible from the same ones we know to be manipulating the planet and it’s people? Somebody within the ‘establishment’ wants this information to surface. There is no possible way that this information would be allowed to surface if somebody did not want us to know. Why is the government admitting to having programs that study the UFO phenomenon in depth? What type of information is still  classified? Who is instructing the government to release this information? Is the government even in control of the extraterrestrial phenomenon? It’s the same thing with war, terrorism or mining activities that ruin the life of people across the planet. Stories are given attention, they are presented to the public using mass media but the real story behind the phenomenon is never told, only distorted. The same thing has happened with the UFO phenomenon. Our perception of UFOs and extraterrestrials has largely been a result of Hollywood. Our perception about a topic can easily be manipulated, a small group of elite and the corporations they run own the media, and the families connected to those corporations lead to the creators of the federal reserve. We also know that the department of defense receives trillions upon trillions of dollars each year.

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Why do they want us to know?

Many theories surround the justification of declassification of documentation. One thing is obvious, releasing this information into the public domain admits that governments and military agencies take the UFO phenomenon extremely seriously. One theory surrounding the release is manipulation, tricking the population of an alien presence to keep them in terror and fear. I highly doubt that the human race will be subject to a staged alien invasion, but that’s just my opinion. At the same time, many of us are becoming aware that we are not alone, and that many of these UFOs are indeed extraterrestrial spacecraft. So many sightings have been occurring over the past few years and they continue to increase exponentially. It was becoming extremely obvious to the public that something was going on, maybe that is one reason for the release?

Credible witness testimony over the years has been a threat. It’s interesting how dozens of governments worldwide are admitting to UFOs being real, but when an insider speaks out they are usually threatened or murdered. It’s almost as if there is a battle within the establishment, some of them want the human race to know, and some of them don’t. Who is authorizing the release of this documentation? Apart from thousands of pages of documentation, we have thousands of credible testimony from insiders as well:

Why so many UFOs? Why are they here?

The planet has been going through many changes. More and more people are waking up to what has really been taking place on Earth. A large portion of the human race is starting to observe and examine our human experience, and what exactly it is we do here. Our lives usually consist of going to school, getting a job, consuming and enjoying ourselves without ever really asking many questions. While we have moved through life in our sleep like state, the planet has been neglected. At the same time, the environment that surrounds us daily is not in accordance with our natural state. We have toxic chemicals going into our bodies everyday via food and cosmetics, and we still use oil as our main source of energy when we are completely aware of alternative, clean and more harmonious ways to generate energy that would give us the same function. There is a large portion of the human race starting to question the obvious, and ask themselves why the planet is the way it is. There is a portion of the human race that really want to change the world, and will spend their life doing so the best way they know how. Maybe this is attractive to some of our extraterrestrial friends? Maybe some of them feel our strong desire, our intent. Maybe some of them understand that operating from a place of inner peace, love and understanding is the key to create any type of human experience we desire. Maybe they are assisting us in removing the obstacles we have in front of us?

While this questioning continues to grow, many are beginning to see through the veil of the daily planetary activities that happen on Earth. Many do not resonate with it. We desire change, we desire a peaceful existence where all beings on planet Earth have their needs taken care of. We see, we imagine, and we know how easily this type of existence can be implemented and the resistance that goes against it. Maybe our friends from other places are observing us more, maybe they are excited to watch us grow, and watch us wake up to new concepts and understandings about the true nature of reality. Maybe the human race is becoming more aware of itself , the planet and the real story of planet Earth. Maybe they are waiting around to see if we can make the transition.

One thing is for certain, we are not alone in the universe, and we are waking up to this realization everyday. Pandora’s box has been opened, if UFOs and extraterrestrials are real, that leads us to a whole slew of questions that I’m sure will be answered as the human race continues to shift itself to a place of peace. Change starts with you and how you operate yourself. If you want peace, try your best to be at peace and then you will become peace. The  desire of the majority on Earth is love, peace and a cooperative existence. Our free will to have one should not be interrupted. Maybe they are here to see that our free will remains? Our level of consciousness dictates the kind of reality that manifests. Whatever we desire as a collective will be, and our desires are changing.

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