UFO Myth # 4: Extraterrestrials Are Demons

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UFOs featureCollective Evolution has always had an interest in UFOs, after all, it’s quite an intriguing subject, is it not? We decided to put a list of articles together that outline what we believe to be the top five UFO myths. The first article provided evidence for the naysayers, and the second article provided information for why extraterrestrials will not invade us. Our third UFO myth dealt with the fact that not all UFOs are man made craft developed by military agencies, and some of them are in fact extraterrestrial.

A demon is defined as an evil spirit, devil, an evil influence or a person who is considered extremely wicked, evil or cruel. It usually refers to a supernatural, often malevolent being prevalent in religion, occultism, literature and folklore. A contributing factor behind the demonic presence of extraterrestrials might be because of the abduction phenomenon. Many abductee’s describe very painful and uncomfortable experiences with extraterrestrial beings, however some of these abductions could also be military abductions. Defining a being as evil, wicked or cruel is just applying a label that human beings made up to describe not so pleasant entities. Sure, there might be extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional beings who are what we like to label as ‘evil’, but in real truth they are just another soul having an experience inside of a physicality. I am not denying the presence of malevolent extraterrestrial beings -ones that do not have the best interest of the human race at heart -but it is very important not to throw judgement at that fact, it is what it is. What we label as ‘malevolent’ extraterrestrial beings are nothing to be feared, maybe they just need a little more love. Human beings have a strong tendency to label and define things, this leads to judgement and stories that can enter our minds, close them, and not be open to other possibilities while we bask in fear.

On the contrary, we have many people on the planet who have shared their experience with extraterrestrial beings via friendly, pleasant and amazing contact experiences. ‘Benevolent’ type of beings who are in service to others and want to see the planet as well as those who reside upon it thrive have also been a topic of interest and consideration. I do not disagree with this, and I think this is the explanation for all of the UFO activity as of late. We still have a tendency to label these entities as angelic, and just as we label demonic, the term  holds no truth. Although I do understand that these labels come to fruition to best describe what we experience and how we perceive something, I do not think an ‘angelic’ type entity would consider themselves angelic as we perceive it. I do not think any type of extraterrestrial entity that was in service to the human race would ever consider themselves better, more knowledgeable or advanced, although at our current level of thinking we can easily perceive it this way. Angelic and demonic  labels are just that, labels that paint a perception, labels that engage the mind instead of seeing the truth, that we are all one, we are all equal and we are all the same. It seems that the human race is starting to crave that, it seems more of us resonate with a peaceful existence on the planet, one where we can all live together in harmony and abundance. Maybe the negative or ‘evil’ side of existence lay here on Earth, maybe it’s losing it’s grip and ability to use fear against us.

UFOs have been known to constantly shut down nuclear missiles and hover over nuclear missile military installations. This has happened so much, and so many people have become aware of it that mainstream media began to cover the topic. Mainstream media hardly ever do any significant presentation or coverage of UFOs. Extraterrestrials have been shutting down nuclear missiles since we invented them. We should be asking why we invented them and for what purpose? The reasons used to justify the manufacturing of nuclear missiles are made up, and not real. Nuclear weapons are something that should not be here, and maybe our friends from other places are trying to let us know that. If we are going to label something demonic, it would make more sense to throw nuclear weapons under that category! Maybe a ‘demonic’ presence lay here on Earth? Either way, it is just an experience, we don’t have to label anything we just have to grow and learn from our experiences.

What we are seeing on the planet today is a large shift in consciousness, many people are waking up to just how weird and backwards this planet is. For example, we have zero point energy technology that isn’t being put to use, we can run cars on water yet we continue to use oil, and we destroy the environment for the sake of the economy while stuffing our bodies with toxic chemicals. Although a small group of people and the corporations they run control all of the industries and resources we use in our daily life, we are ultimately in control. At the same time, all of the ‘weirdness’ and backward ways here have always been serving us. We need the planet to be this way in order to provide us with the opportunity to SEE. The question remains, will we see? It turns out that we are doing a pretty good job, but much remains to be done. The human race needs to take responsibility for itself, each and every single individual needs to practice a peaceful existence, each one needs to lose their buttons so they cannot be pushed, each one needs to operate from a place of love, peace, understanding and cooperation if we are to move on. As we continue to grow in this manner, maybe some of our ‘angelic’ friends will be able to come around more.

As we transition from a place of fear to a place of love, we also transition from a place of secrecy to a place of transparency. Our eyes are opening up to how the world operates, and the corporations that we hand our power over to so easily, as well as the secrecy they surround themselves in. We are starting to wake up to truth, and as we transition into a more harmonious existence maybe one day we can be welcomed into the galactic community, because we are definitely approaching a galactic type of existence with our technological advancement. Maybe the ones that operate the military industrial complex on Earth do not want to see the friendly ones come around.

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  1. there are 3 types of UFOs
    1) if its a metal craft.. it’s man made!!
    2) If its a Light craft.. it is a Hyper-dimensional entity (Demon, Angel, etc…)
    3) EMV’s (Electromagnetic vehicles)

    Do your research!!!

  2. Want the Truth about the Alien presence in our World today. They pretend they are friendly, the real agenda is hidden from Humanity. http://alliesofhumanity.org free book that explains about them.. It finally puts it all together. There is a New Message for Humanity at this time in our Evolution..It is 9300 pages,, it is vast..IT GIVE THE WARNING, THE PREPARATION.AND THE PROTECTION for all of us. We are not hearing it. Survival is about being prepared!!

  3. joyce bridges

    i saw one

  4. MCLiener

    I feel they are DEMONIC in nature and they have an agenda that seems to be playing out in popular media… The fact that people are having positive experiences with some of these entities doesnt disclude the ET from being demonic in nature.. There are evil men in the world who would easily be persuaded to offer any type of religious/spiritual alternative to Jesus Christ.. The ET saviours of mankind seems to be a viable candidate for the end times “MASS DECEPTION” scenerio.. Traversing the star system doesnt seem possible for any type of physical craft…

  5. MakoMF

    What if some extraterrestrials are the ones gave us these destructive ideas in the first place, now feel morally abliged to see we don’t hurt ourselves and the rest of the universe with this knowledge?

    As for good and evil, let’s not forget the son of God died in this planet and so the ancient beast with the rest of the fallen angels were thrown down. Consequently, our planet is bound to attract the best/worst of both worlds.

  6. We are not in the end times. That is one of the lights that are turning on at this time in our history. The earth is said to be established forever, and has no end. The “last days madness” is due to a misunderstanding of apocalyptic language, which is symbolic, not literal. The “heavens and earth of old” was due to end in the first century and this was not our sky and planet, but the ancient old covenant sacrificial system of righteousness and temple rituals. So, eschatology lesson aside, this means we can ponder the UFO phenomena without the fear of some “end times” delusion. We are beyond the end times, in a post modern world, where it’s OK to ask questions, and get answers from science and spirit, which point to the same truth.


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