Electromagnetic Fields And How They Affect Our Health

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I recently watched a documentary called ‘Resonance,’ this is the inspiration for this article. This documentary was a well-researched informational documentary about how having cell phone towers and radio frequencies are actually affecting our health on a greater level than you might imagine. I recommend you check out this documentary, there will be a link provided at the end of this article.


What are EMF’s?

Electromagnetic Fields or EMF’s are the radio waves that are emitted appliances and wireless devices such as cell phones and computers.  Household appliances are considered to be part of the lower frequency range and cell phones, cell phone towers and wireless devices are a part of the high frequency range. We cannot see or feel these frequencies, so I think this is why this matter is greatly overlooked.

 So, what is the problem with EMF’s?

This is where it gets tricky, cell phones have only been around for the past 20 years or so and have only become THIS popular within the last 10 years; with now more than 5 billion cell phone users across the globe. There are many studies that show that cell phone use can in fact, cause cancer. There have been studies that show that this is more predominant in children, with excessive EMF exposure causing Leukemia, among other things. However this is proving to be a difficult thing to PROVE because most cancer causing agents take at least 10 or more years to develop.

In ‘Resonance,’ it is pointed out that the way the pineal gland reacts to EMF frequencies is the same way it reacts to microwave and light frequencies. This is an issue because when we sleep, our eyes send a signal to our pineal gland when it is dark, to start producing melatonin. However, if you are next to your cell phone when you are sleeping, your eyes may be interpreting the high frequencies as light frequencies so your brain will not receive this message and therefore no melatonin will be produced. Melatonin is extremely important to your health because along with a sleep-aid it is also a powerful free radical fighting anti-oxidant. So, if the EMFs are causing free radicals to form in your body, and then they are stopping your body from being able to combat them, you have a problem.

Another key point that the documentary ‘Resonance’ pointed out is that it is difficult to test the health of a person exposed to EMF’s vs. the health of the person who isn’t because virtually all humans are now exposed to these frequencies. This movie also interviews some people who have gotten cancer most likely from living in a subdivision that was built around a cell phone tower.

The disappearance of Honeybees is no secret either; it would only make sense that the increase of cell phone usage is a contributing factor to this ‘phenomena.’ This is not a matter to be ignored as the majority of our food production depends on the pollination of Honeybees.

 What can we do?

There are a few options. To point out the obvious, you could stop using a cell-phone, but I know in this day and age that is nearly impossible. You can limit your cell phone usage and try not to keep it on you when it is not in use and be sure to keep it out of your room while you sleep. Text when you can and if you can’t use the speaker phone option. Also, headset devices are a great choice. It is also very important to make sure that you don’t move to an area that is remotely close to a cell phone tower. Because Cell phone towers are virtually everywhere, it is tough to avoid them, but it would be best to not live directly beside one or under power lines. There are a few different products you can try as well that are designed to reduce the harmful affects of EMFs. I posted the following on the CE Facebook page a little while ago, and it didn’t get a very good response. I don’t understand why, yes, sure it seems to easy maybe, but it’s free! What do you have to lose? It’s better than nothing… I actually had kinesiology done to me with my cell phone with and without the ‘Freeshield,’ and this proved that this technology does in fact work. So try it! It’s worth a shot.


There are also some devices that you can purchase, on this site they claim to work by enhancing a persons connection to the Earths Electro-Magnetic Field.




I think that it is very important to raise awareness on the topic of EMFs and at least open peoples eyes to what they are and what damage they can cause. I encourage everyone to do his or her own research on the matter, and look into this. You may be surprised with what you find!

And the link for ‘Resonance.’ Enjoy!

Much Love

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  1. moses

    It says “this video is private” and wont play at all.

  2. Alma

    is it possible to purchase the DVD Resonance for home-use?

  3. GDR

    I have had EMS/EHS for the last 20 years since I was a kid. It has been a real battle to understand why the hell I was feeling chronic fatigue and a horrible strain in the eye whenever I came close to certain electrical appliances. Namely hi-fi systems and audio equipment. Cellphones also cause me discomfort if put next to my head. Recent research from independent sources have hinted that it has to do with depressed immune systems and the like. It’s not going to effect many people in the whole scheme of things like it does me but the debate about whether or not EMF are potentially hazardous is not a debate. I am not an electrical engineer or a medicinal practitioner. Just someone who suffered ill health through what the government calls ‘safe’ technology. We need another 10 years or so before the whole debate is not a debate anymore. It’s an invisible disease and it’s just impossible for most of us to comprehend. We want to believe technology is safe. The mainstream media is perpetrating this idea because in many cases the media companies and cellphone companies are owned by the same people. And where they are not owned by the same people, the Telecoms companies can dictate storylines through their advertising budgets. Added to which these dangers are invisible. No one can feel them or see them except for people like me. I do not need any convincing that supposedly harmless EMF technologies were detrimental to my health. My body was telling me. I do believe there are underlying symptoms involving a depressed immune system and issues with toxins which have created a bad luck recipe for sufferers of EMS. It’s no joke to have it. That’s for sure.

    • blushield-global

      I know its hard to fight the so called ‘Authorities’ on EMF and the war against smart meters etc. I believe there is something you can do to stop the EMF from affecting your body and its proven to work! No more placebos and crystal pyramids or magic coils or wands, this stuff is scientific and based on hard knowledge and 26 years of development ….take a look here Blushield-global.com

  4. Great post Alanna!
    Thank you.

  5. joe

    Pretty retarded facts.
    Electro magnetic frequencies are that are produced by towers emitt frequencies on a different spectrum. If these towers were dangerous, they would affect any electronic device that comes near it. But it doesn’t. The electronics in your devices probably don’t have the ability to receive the signals, so unless the wireless frequencies are produced with high voltage/which there not/ your iPod will be fine.
    The human body works the same way. I ears have receivers to listen to frequencies at a certain Hertz range. The ears only receive data within that range…nothing else…otherwise when we get close to a tower , our hearing would go crazy because of the “evil” tower…lol…the body does not receive or accept every frequency that travels in the air…that’s just ignorant

    • Look into chiropractics muscle testing and you’ll think differently. The body receives all the signals around it on the electromagnetic frequency but you only PERCEIVE the frequencies within your 5 senses awareness. That doesn’t account for the 95% that the subconscious is responsible for monitoring every minute of the day. Therefore you are only consciously aware of 5% of what is happening around and to you and the other 95% of the subconscious can be checked through muscle testing which shows any breakage in the many communication lines in the body. Seeing as how we are basically a computer that is controlled by the nervous system, anything that disrupts the signals of the nervous system will weaken the response of the body, therefore showing the invisible forces that affect us unconsciously. That’s how we know the body reacts to EMF frequencies, it has nothing to do with speculation and everything to do with experiential proof. Unfortunately the only ignorance comes from the people who judge before trying things for themselves and this is definitely something you should look in more for yourself as EMF’s are increasing daily. For anyone interested in products that protect you from harmful EMF’s and balance the internal energies of the body take a look at my website. http://www.kylejordanzpg.com

      • Barb

        Thanks for your response. Totally agree!

      • Joe78man

        Chiropractics is no science, hence, whatever you say based on that is just not valid as fact

    • Kev

      You are correct Joe, in saying that the body does not receive EVERY frequency that travels in the air.

      Many of these known frequencies resonate at a much higher level of acoustic resonance, and won’t interact with matter, our bodies, in this dimension.
      Unfortunately, the human brain does interact with many of these fields, as it is a scaler interferometer.
      The bag of water that is our body works the same way a LEYDEN JAR works, collecting, containing and resonating magnetic fields. These magnetic waves are a by-product of the electromagnetic induction of our brain, which converts scaler waves into usable bio-electric energy.
      The capacitance of our bodies is being drained by the grid frequencies, as is the electromagnetic fields produced by our brains.
      I believe that the changes made to the electrical grid in the sixties were based on studies conducted by the U.S. defense department involving ELF, UHF, VHF and other frequencies that were commissioned .in the late 50’s.
      This change to a higher frequency allowed conditioning programs through human response to environmental stimuli.
      The social responses to these changes were incredible. The patterns of emotional response became very predictable using cryptology and andvanced algorithms.

      The behavior of the population has been systematically studied and augmented and modified to the point of mass manipulation.
      This is very evident through the hysteria of September eleventh, as much of the population was convinced that the evidence that was right in front of their eyes, was in fact, something else entirely.
      The mass misdirection of the public minds would not have been possible without the large scale interaction of magnetic frequencies on the human mind.
      I would think it would be very interesting to investigate if there were any changes in the cellular frequencies or modulations of those systems before this quite blatant false flag operation was carried out.
      I do not know if anyone has researched this sort of information or not.

      I had an idea the other day. I was using NeFeB N52 rare earth magnets to charge my body with corresponding polar magnetic fields.
      I understand the longitudinal wave of the Earth and the human brainwave to be 7.83 hertz.
      I thought about capacitance and resonance and came to the conclusion that a 60 hertz grid frequency will create the magnetic inductance which will polarize your brain waves.
      Dr. Emotos’ subway experiments have shown us that human thoughts affect matter.
      This means that the human brain is a transceiver.
      Remember the last time your power grid went down?
      Remember that sense of calmness that you feel? So, the freezer is off. So is the heat. No t.v….why do you feel clear headed?
      The massive electromagnetic cloud that permeates your existence is gone.
      Your brain is now able to interact with the natural 7.83 hertz magnetic pulse that is running through the ground under your feet. This lower frequency flow of magnetic impulses helps balance your brainwaves. Since the grid isn’t sucking the lower impulse waves of your brain into the higher resonant field that usually surrounds it, your body now can charge to its natural capacitance. We can compare this to “trickle charging” a battery.
      As this happens, cellular rejuvenation occurs. Our energy levels increase. We start to function at a higher level..

      I started making and ingesting mono-atomic elements nearly two years ago. This has, I believe, helped me to magnify my own natural magnetic inductance.

      I have achieved a higher level of understanding than I ever thought or hoped possible.
      I am eager to carry on my education into whatever avenue presents itself.



  6. Lorina

    Video is not working…

  7. Jacey

    There’s a very well-written book that looks at this issue, called ”Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery of Our Time?” by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra M.D. and Martin Zucker. Yes, the title is a bit cheesy, but It is very informational regarding EMFs and how they are affecting us, and discusses the concept of ‘grounding,’ which is quite fascinating. Essentially, our bodies, right down to individual cells, run on electrical charges. The earth is the biggest source of free-floating electrons, and we are out of contact with it; everything from our homes to our shoes are built with non-conductive materials, and most people today do not take the time to go stand outside, on the grass or dirt in their bare feet. Doing so allows the electrons from the earth to enter our body and work their magic by flowing in, ”equalizing and maintaining it at the electrical potential of the Earth.”
    It’s fascinating, particularly all of the medical experiments that have been done that correlate the findings, one even as old as 1964! Connecting with the earth does amazing things, large and small; it significantly affects chronic inflammation (which is a huge contributing factor to chronic diseases like arthritis, cancer, diabetes, etc.), provides more efficient system functions (every system the body has- cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, etc.), speeds up the healing of injuries, provides better sleep and creates a sense of ease.
    My mother at 64 has osteoarthritis, and has had it developing for the last 10 years. She experiences quite a bit of pain with it, particularly in her hands. She is about to go in for her second knee surgery. I started nagging her into taking a chair out on her lawn and sitting in it bare-footed, while reading, for at least half an hour. Her pain has decreased significantly; note though, that if she doesn’t ground herself, the pain comes back (this is brought up in the book as well; they aren’t trying to trick you!).
    I as well make sure to spend time bare-footed outdoors, and while my health is quite good I have still noticed an improvement in my daily energy levels and the quality of my sleep.
    And it’s free.

    • Russell

      Also try using some sort of tourmaline stone (I use black tourmaline) as a necklace or keeping it in your pocket. They are relatively cheap and help with issues of grounding, centering, and creating a sort of protective electromagnetic field around your body, as long as you keep it on your person. People have used tourmaline as a natural healing device for a long time, as the stone has a particular functionality which enables it to transfer negative energy and other ailing energies away from your body. It is very useful to get some Canaanite (kyanite) as well, as it is only like a couple bucks (I paid like 4 dollars for mine). This mineral cannot hold negative energy at all; in fact kyantie repels negative energy, therefore at night while you sleep, you can place your tourmaline next to your kyanite in order for your tourmaline to ‘recharge’. As soon as I started wearing my tourmaline I immediately felt centered, calm, and balanced. It truly is an amazing stone, and honestly its so cheap for the kick ass benefits you get from it!

    • Travis

      Thank you!!! Thank you so much! I have been for a short while literally thinking of walking around barefoot. In my mind it seemed like the right way to connect with the earth, to feel the texture in my feet rather than blocking it out with my shoes. Somehow in my mind I knew that this is what I needed to do. But with life, you tend to forget and go about your daily duties and forget. This has helped me remember those thoughts that creep up here and there. I will put these into motion immediately :).

  8. Ok, here’s the issue I have. You’ve provided evidence that these EMFs are bad, yet recently I watched a show that was detailing how the EMFs created by MRI machines was actually alleviating the symptoms of depression in severely depressed individuals. Could these affect people differently, like through how we’re wired – meaning if you’re “normal” then these could impact negatively whereas if one is prone to things like depression, these could prove beneficial?

  9. Paul

    cant see the video it says its private… not happy about that id like to see the video

  10. all this stuff that people say causes cancer. far as i am concerned, put the right food and nourishment onto your body so as to make it healthy and there is no place for the cancer cell to live, much less breed

  11. It’s is good to have an awareness of things like man made electromagnetic fields, but i think the key to not being effected by them is to stop fearing them, worrying and labeling them as negative. They are part of all that is, and have a valid place in existence. In saying that, I think the freeshield is awesome. We used the Flower of Life symbol in much the same way and found that it has the same effect as the freeshield. http://sandramunro.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/flower_of_life.jpg

  12. Diddi

    The total amount of EMF’s around us, increases almost exponentially as the years go by. The carrying capacity (of data) continues to rise as well, but that’s not to say that the power of the waves correlates with that increase 1:1, since the signals are actually being utilized with higher efficiency.

    HOWEVER… there is a whole lot of EM radiation around us. There has always been some, but nothing like today. Maybe we’re perfectly capable of adapting to it… at some point in evolutionary history, it’s well possible that the Ozone layer was much thinner (just speculating here). If so, we could assume that somewhere in the genetic memory of today’s organisms (including us) there are some built in protective measures, but I have no clue whether that’s true.

    But, there is generally more pollution of every conceivable kind today. Bioaccumulative pollutants have been building up since the beginning of the industrial revolution and their occurrence – much like the EMF’s – increases exponentially over time. That means that in biological circulation right now, there are pollutants from the beginning of the industrial age (and some from before this, both caused by humans and not), as well as new pollutants being introduced all the time. These cycle inside ecosystems, especially the oceanic ones, and stay for lengths of time in circulation. Eventually they fall out… EVENTUALLY…

    When it comes to food “á la carte” by the food industry, things aren’t looking bright either. We have so many empty calories, such low grade crappy ingredients, so many added artificial compounds, so much (for the lack of a better word) SHIT.
    Industry has made sure that everywhere we go, we’ll be exposed to it. Building materials, furniture, cosmetics, cars, fuels, various chemicals, pesticides/biocides, medications and food as I mentioned… all of these contain things that most people would want to be rid of, had they understanding of the issues and choice therein. But most don’t and don’t.

    Then it comes to electronics and EM… for the layman, there is nothing but a sea of conflicting and sporadic information. But why would we assume FIRST that there are no or very negligible harmful effects to it? Because all our gadgets are so fun and useful?
    You gotta take the good with the bad… that’s life!

    But there is an even more pervasive and far reaching type of pollution.
    Mental pollution.
    It’s what keeps the masses… as the ignorant masses they have become… or been made into: kept ignorant, fed a diet full of lies and misinformation. We are so thoroughly divided and conquered, so full of “truths” that we have not discovered ourselves, but been told to believe.
    We assume, we suppose and take for granted… in an existence that is absolutely not for granted and absolutely anything but mundane and expendable. We cannot afford to aimlessly wander around like sheep. Although grazers, in their natural setting, do not wander around nearly as aimlessly as it seems to us. They are the gardeners of the earth, the caretakers of the lawn. They provide fertility and fill in a “niche”, an ecosystemic role.
    What is our “role”? Did we ever have one… or have we just forgotten it, even thrown it aside?

    Advertisements, news, education, tv shows and movies, music… any type of media exposure has the power to influence us, for better or worse. We’re wired to adjust ourselves according to environmental influences… social environment plays a huge role there. The things we decide to believe are of utmost importance, they shape the way we think and act as a group, as a species.
    Unfortunately, most of us don’t “decide” so much what to believe, we simply absorb it from whatever source is proximate. But if the social environment exhibits thoughtlessness, idiotic temporarily self-serving ideals and a general momentum toward a worse world, that seems to be what people automatically participate in.
    We’re 99% participators, it seems. Is that what it means when people say “we are the 99%”? If we don’t start leading our own lives and participating in collective, non-centralized CONSCIOUS action for the future we actually want, the human species will fail the test of evolutionary success… or at least the grand majority of us will have to pay the consequences, even if some get out of whatever global fiasco we have set ourselves up for.

    SO my bottomline is: EMF’s are indeed something that should concern us. In fact, the total sum of human impact on the environment and on ourselves, should GREATLY concern all of us. Because if WE don’t care about what happens to US, than what the hell are we all doing here?

    references: Just a bit of thinking about it and looking into it. No specific, direct references can trump those!

    • Barb

      Thankyou Diddi. Totally agree with your post. Steering away from the subject at hand, Yes, the big question is “what are we all doing here?” At this point in history almost everyone doesn’t really know or doesn’t know what to believe. The true history of our creation has been almost completely lost over many millennia. We do not know where we came from with certainty, we do not know what we are really capable of and we are stuck thinking this is all there is.

  13. stosh

    There are electric fields and magnetic fields. The electromagnetic field started out with a more limited definition. In measuring the electromagnetic field from power lines, they are only measurable at a close range because the fall off is about a foot and a half. Many articles about this issue are written by those not having electrical engineering or physics degrees. Although there are some special considerations to note, this is not receiving panic status mostly because of a lack of more solid evidence.

  14. Where are your references? I’d like to see where you got all of your facts, especially about melatonin suppression. Blue light (~470nm) is the primary inhibitor, so the “high frequencies” of your cell phone won’t have much effect.

    How does it cause Leukemia?

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