Free Energy: Searl Effect Generator

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seg_cross-sectionOn December 4th, we released an article that began to explore the realness behind Free Energy devices. For those of you who haven’t yet read the article and the videos associated with it you can do so by clicking HERE. In this article however, we are going to take a closer look at a particular free energy device known as the Searl Effect Generator -which from this point onwards I will refer to as the SEG.

The SEG like all supposed free energy devices carries the capability to run on its own without any external input. Originally discovered in 1946 by John Roy Robert Searl the SEG captures kinetic energy that is generated by natural changes in ambient temperature.

Science Lingo Breakdown (just incase you needed it as a reminder like I did)
Kinetic Energy – The energy that comes as a result of motion
Ambient Temperature – Temperature in a room or surrounding an object

The SEG is designed to function along the same principles of a linear induction motor, which is the same motor that was used by Bombardier when designing a light rail fully-automatic transit system in Malaysia (Putra Metro). The SEG however is instead designed around a circular track. According to the devices main website ( the SEG is constructed of 2124 component parts that make up 3 plates and 66 roller sets. The parts include, but are not limited to magnets, copper and teflon. The best way to possibly describe this device to you is to actually see it in action. The following video shows how the technology both looks and works but is not a video that features it actually in use with any form of machine.

The SEG, the technology and its’ creators have all taken an abundance of flack over the years from both skeptics and those who were displeased by the lack of progress it had publicly taken for quite sometime. As of late however, the SEG has gathered quite a bit of steam and public attention particularly through its subsidiary project known as Swallow Command (  John, his team and SEG technology are regularly featured at energy conferences and are seen as a viable potential sustainable technology solution.

I would definitely suggest taking the time to even further familiarize yourself with SEG and any other free energy technologies you may hear or come across. They are without a doubt becoming more and more a part of public information and even everyday conversation in the science community. Feel free to share any other free energy information or insight via the comments below, what better time then now to make free energy an everyday conversation in the CE community and beyond.


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  1. mergon

    From what i understand the searl gen system has been around since the 1940s ,its now 2013 my question is if it works why have we not seen it being put into production ?

  2. Terry

    Wow ! Just….Wow ! The gullibility of some so-called intelligent people is simply staggering. Talk about the Emperor’s New Clothes ! All you can do is shake your head in utter disbelief at the type of credulity that sucks this nonsense up. It’s hard to know just where to begin. The sort of people who buy into this remind me of creationists, it’s a very similar mindset. Both start off with a preconceived idea, and anything that challenges that idea is dismissed, with all their ingenuity directed towards rejecting the challenges rather than prove their own assertions. It’s pitiable, actually.

  3. oobuc5

    So oobuc5 took the time to do comments but for what ever reason they decided no to print them !

  4. oobuc5

    Does anyone remember the old days where if someone made something that was ground breaking it was checked out thoughly before anyone put any money into it ? also when you go for a patient the government have people to check out your ideas, if they look anything like free energy you may end up being discredited
    or worse .going for a walk in the woods and not going home .

  5. oobuc5

    Perspective is a wonderful thing if i made a small free energy device out of scrap parts and it did the job someone would come along with a computer and break down everything into micro numbers to debunk it .
    as a child i had a toy plane that was powered by a rubber band ,being a kid i broke the band so the plane could not fly ,on holding the plane into the wind the prop was spinning so let it go into the wind and it soared up and away ,admitted very basic but it showed me that just because the power source was broken it did not mean it could not fly ,i then went on to gliders .

    no one is going to come up with a biodegradable lead free none violent means of energy thats going to power your house and or car and fits into a brief case, all some of us do is to modify and or adapt systems to make life less expensive and with less pollution .

    If i invented a generator that run on magnets that could power my house i would always be looking over my shoulder for that big Mac truck that the government own !

  6. Taumis

    To anyone still in orthodox thinking mode, you are the reason real intelligent thinking cannot get pass the door to freedom and growth. You reflect what your limited terrestrial education allows. Your beliefs reflect your second dimensional state of being which finds it hard to accept anything above your teachings (earthly law of physics and the like). However, the evolution of consciousness is becoming more perceptible as minds attune into higher realms. An exceptional example of higher realm was (is) a being named Nikola Tesla. He alone who could have changed the world beyond recognition but was and still is over a century ahead of time in a conventional thinking world. However, transformation is taking place right now and in time such arguments of differences will disappear into the shadows as higher consciousness take hold. For now follow your intuition, it’s the within uppermost force.

    • Terry

      Believe it or not, Tesla was a scientist. But you would think he was a magician reading some of the nonsense people write about him ! Tesla himself used the scientific method to develop his ideas, and that is all people are asking of the “free energy” community; simply use your “limited terrestrial(?) education”, and the scientific method, to demonstrate these machines working, providing useable energy, in a repeatable fashion. That’s all ! It’s not brain surgery !

  7. Ma'Chello S'Jet

    First things first, when it comes to a self sustained MOMENTUM BASED electric generator. You will need to find a loophole, or advantage point, in the laws of physics, witch most of the time can only be found with ULTRA MASSIVE OBJECTS, like the moon always falling to the earth but never gets there, mmmmm, might give us all an idea. To build a magnetic based free energy generator that can actually generate electricity effectively then its scale will have to be enormous. Continental scale enormous. Momentum on objects relatively the same scale as we are are poor and easily interrupted and most importantly easily drained by larger object like our planet. A generator build as big as an continent will react differently to the earth and most likely also the moons gravity fields than objects relative to our size. Just look at the earths core. It’s always somewhere between 5000 – 7000 degrees celsius due to the enormous weight of material pressing down on material closer to the center of our planet.

    • dattajack

      I liked the part when you said, “mmmmm.”

  8. dattajack

    Aaron, you have not studied the subject. Aaron, you have not studied the subject. Aaron, you have not studied the subject. Now, how could I make three huge assumptions about someone I don’t even know? Because I know that you don’t know. You said it yourself. Most engineers and scientists who pipe up are doing it out of frustration that perfectly capable minds, like yourself I’m sure, are skipping the most important part of science and engineering. Why?!?! It is after all the most important part!! Also, the people piping up (damning if you will) want to help the world make the best of what is possible. Unless you’re a fullblown conspiracy theorist who refuses to see past the conspiracy and hear me out, why not hear me out on this and study study study?

    • Andrew

      Can people please stop arguing against this by just stating that “energy doesn’t come from nowhere”? Where exactly in this proposed device does it require that energy would come from nowhere? It’s coming from the magnets. Magnetic energy being converted into electrical energy. That’s what the proposed device does. I don’t know if it works or not. I’m not arguing about the device itself. I’m arguing about the concept.

      Where does magnetism get its energy from? We don’t know. We don’t understand magnetism or gravity yet. But we do know that magnetism and gravity are sources of energy. Nobody argues against hydroelectric dams because they think gravity isn’t a source of energy and therefore dams create energy out of nowhere… So why exactly do you think this device relies on energy coming from nowhere?

      • dattajack

        Andrew, I’m arguing against “this” because it’s based off an ignorant approach to a “concept”, resulting in an ignorant “device” which is no more than moving magnets with electricity from the wall or a battery. Why would you argue about the concept but not the device? or vice versa? If all the device is proposing to do is convert magnetic energy into electrical energy it would not work BECAUSE (that’s what you asked for) the electricity generation acts as resistance to the magnets’ movement and will only allow the magnets to move for a short moment after the device is unplugged from the wall. Oh, you didn’t catch that in the video, that it’s plugged into the wall or some battery supply? Most people who studied electricity and or physics (w/ or w/o paying tuition) had caught that. The “device” is plugged into the wall and that wall electricity creates an electromagnetic field which makes the magnets move around in a circle. The item they placed next to the moving magnets after it started moving tapped into the field and made some lights blink. Go study physics!! If you have specific questions I will reply but I just explained how the “concept” won’t work.

        • kekec10000000

          But you see diamagnetic layer ensures that it does work. It’s you who should go and do your homework. To make it easy for you and all the rest diamagnetic layer is there to prevent circling “layered magnets” to fall onto the center “layered magnet” once they are moving and it also help to pull them back when they are moving away from the center “layered magnet”. Here you have it I just told you the biggest secret of how natures wheel works so to speak the basic principle of how energy of conscious peace is converted into torsion.

      • dattajack

        Ross, why don’t they study? Why don’t the free energy beleivers study physics and all its glory? If they did they would make use of their brains towards making things that at least work, and at best work better than things used to work. But instead they read entertainment and skip the textbooks. Our loss. We could have used their help in making the best of what the universe gives us. Oh well :(

      • dattajack

        Exactly. In engineering we measure EVERYTHING because that’s the most interesting part! And they can’t even measure the most important part? The output? The procedure is simple. At the same time, on the same money grubbing video, AT THE SAME TIME, you show a meter of the energy coming into the device and the energy coming out of the device. IS THAT SO HARD?????

      • dattajack

        He didn’t even say he had a degree. He just said he is an ME/PH. He could be a boy genius who never had to go to school for all you know. Your comment is reveiling. Misterunity, please answer me this: What have you studied? [Note: Studying does not require one to pay tuition.]

      • Kev

        Please define “Nowhere”.
        Anyone who says “Energy can not come from nowhere” is correct. It cannot.
        Nowhere does not exist. It is not part of our reality. It only exists in the minds of the ignorant.

        The energy, or electricity, comes by coupling magnetic fields.

        Magnetic waves are scalar tensor torsion waves, caused by oscillation of mass.
        They are hyper-dimensional fields of force.
        Gravity is a monopolar magnetic wave, a product of a collapsing, inductive magnetic field. It is simply the back emf wave of an inductive, resonant oscillator.

        Energy equals mass times velocity. Any spinning mass has potential. Potential can be converted to kinetic energy through electrostatic induction. Potential to kinetic is electrostatic to electromotive.

        This should show where energy conversions occur. If you want to call the interplanetary magnetic field in space “Nowhere” then you would be mistaken.

  9. dattajack

    DID ANYONE JUST READ AND INTERNALIZE WHAT joey JUST SAID???? Maybe it would be in your best interest to research why he said it. Like I dont’ know, maybe there’s a good reason he shared that ENGERY ISN’T CREATED OUT OF THIN AIR!!! Kind of like fairies don’t exist and those spells and magic people WANT to beleive isn’t real either. If you want to put makeup on this universe like that then great, write fairy books and movies about your fantasies, but don’t make a half-assed attempt at an invention and then make a donation collecting website about it without even providing credible documentation of results and explainations. Hint: You don’t go to acting school to develop an understanding of what Joe said. You don’t FEEL it. Either beleive us learned engineers and scientists or study the knowlege yourself. But don’t make shit up and ask for money.

  10. all of you damning free energy as not being real, legit or not feasible, are living in the dark ages. Nikola Tesla was a hundred years ahead of his time. If it wasn’t for greedy banksters and the rothchilds, we would all have Tesla-inspired free energy. Electromagnetic beamed to us, hydrogen cells, other sources.

    • Mechanical Engineer

      +1…Telsa did more for our current technology than most people realize: AC current/energy, wireless energy transmission, radio, neon and flourescent lighting, radar, artificial lightning (even Ball Lightning) just to name a few. Research Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower (was going to give free energy to the world!). Research Ed Gray’s free energy car motor and how he was killed because of it. Research Genepax with their car that only ran on water back in 2008 and got roadblocked. They are trying to make the Tesla car illegal because gas car companies can’t compete. Oil makes too much money to allow free energy. Henry ford made a model T back in 1937 out of hemp oil that was 10x stronger than steel – also ran on ethanol made from hemp. Same year hemp was made illegal for the real reason of the potential damaging effect it would have on the many powerful industries at the time. Do your research people.

      -Mechanical Engineer

      • oobuc5

        i would go along with that,take the number of parts in a car someone has to make them coventional cars have thousands of parts times that by the number of people employed to make these parts all over the world add to that the tax on these parts and on the fuel and oil ect and then imagine an electric car = no pistons /cams /gasgets/ exausts/cat converters no emission taxes imagine the lost tax revenues ,the whole system is geared to taxes and profit .
        if we all had a free energy generator to power our transport and our homes the government would even more broke than they are now .

  11. Ross

    I do agree that progress needs to made in the field of energy generation; our current means are pollutive and inefficient. They create a massive inbalance of wealth across the world and numerous people have lost their lives to secure such resources.

    With that said, im not in favour of companies or individuals who are blatently demanding money to fund their work and refusing to provide any legimitate proof that their ‘theories’ are plausible. The day that a working prototype is made, clearly showing functionality as they anticipate, I will hold my hand up and apologise.

    Occam’s Razor: Is it more likely that this guy made numerous prototypes, all stolen. That he created and flew an antigravity craft, but the only publicitiy attained was a short article in the local newspaper. That his work negate the laws of thermodynamics and his circuity is truly an open circuit as he so claims.


    Is it nothing more than an elaborate scam.

    You decide…

  12. Peter

    what a pissing contest this has become… why isnt it enough to just have an interesting idea to think of, and maybe improve on? science makes new breakthroughs all the time, so it is not out of the realm of possibility for a new type of generator to pop up. is this it? maybe not, but if you piss on everyone with an idea, we may end up burning dead dinosaurs for fuel for much longer than needed.

    • oobuc5

      in the states a guy made a water heater that used water friction via an electric motor to heat a fire station no it was not a free energy device but it heated the water up a lot quicker than fuel and was cheaper to run and install than any conventional system , but you do notice that these things dont get out for the general public .

    • Kev

      Hahaha! Indeed!

      Find a way!

    • I know it has been two years since you made this reply but I must say, Well Said Peter.

  13. Ross

    …and for all those who are not aware.

    The user ‘misterunity’ is an employee of Searl Magnetics, the company who are currently looking for funding.

    Yes, you may ask the questions to those who have an interest, but show one ounce of a scientific mind and they’ll pidgeon hole you as (how did you put it misterunity?) a pseudo-skeptic. Ask one scientifically valid question and they’ll direct you to a million and one videos all droning on about how this technology is ‘theoretically plausible at best’. You’ll never get a direct answer to a direct question and god forbid should you point out what laws of physics that their proposed machine will break. But wait, its an ‘OPEN’ system they’ve designed so the natural laws of phsyics dont apply. That explains it then….

    For those with an open mind, simply ask yourself this. If the technology designed by John Searl, that Searl Magnetics are seeking funding for works as they so claim; why havent they already produced a working prototype that can be studied, scrutinized and more importantly ‘measured’. In all these years, why are Searl Magnetics still unable / unwilling to substantiate their claims with hard fact? Or, are we to believe that Searl has created several working prototypes over the years, but conveniently these have all been stolen from him?

    I remember not long ago, another person claiming such radical claims; but after taking countless millions in donations, the world did not end as he promised… I believe I’m starting to see a connection here…

    To all investors our there who are considering investing money with Searl Magnetics; I can build you a wormhole generator if you pay me $3million; Honestly, I can make it work, I just need your money to research / design and build it, but it will work because there’s numerous videos on the internet that say it will.

    Comical at best.

  14. Ross

    I may add, that this guy claimed to have invented and flown an antigravity disc back in the 1950s, but his work was “stolen” from him. He explains that the device started spinning on its own, and took on antigravity properties, even got some nice lovely pictures to show the device ‘floating’ in mid air.

    He explained that the disc simply floated in mid air; a device design exactly as that they are attempting to recreate today. But now, wait for it … they need $3million dollars to complete the prototype…. a prototype, that he so easily managed to create for pennies back in the 1950’s? Hmmm….

    Also, his ‘so called’ antigravity disc, when activated, hovered in mid air. What he failed to realise when he made this statement is that the Earth is rotating at ~500mtrs/sec and moving through space at ~220,000mtrs/sec.

    If this ‘so called’ disc, did posess antigravity properties, it would not merely ‘float’ in mid-air as he claims. It would be fired at a 90degree angle from the centre of momentum of the earth at tremendous speeds.

    • michael

      there is a fine line between scepticism and pessimism, and a fine line between optimism and gullibility.
      Ross have your heard of quantum levitation with superconductivity?
      Apparently it was discovered 100 years ago. In my opinion this places a new perspective on your your rant into the “pessimistic” box. Does that video show you anything new? Be a man and don’t be afraid to admit you were wrong if that is the case.

      • kekec10000000

        Yes it is a sure thing that of superconducting disk is rotated at great speed value of gravity constant above that disc become less it any distance above that spinning superconducting disc. That is common knowledge.

        • kekec10000000

          And by the way Tesla realized that Earth can be four wave mixed and it will give back enormous amounts of energy :)

    • kekec10000000

      And it has been fired at a 90degree angle from the centre of momentum of the earth at tremendous speeds and that is mentioned somewhere else in the old texts of his.

  15. “An Experimental Investigation of the Physical Effects in a Dynamic Magnetic System”

    V.V. Roschin & S.M. Godin
    Inst. of High Temperatures, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

  16. tosh christopher

    it seems to me that there is a general semantic and philosophical confusion that overwhelms even the technological illiteracy of most of the responses, so for starters here are some simple definitions to move us toward a common understanding:

    free /frē/
    Adj. Not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes.
    Adv. Without cost or payment.

    en·er·gy /ˈenərjē/
    Noun. 1. The capacity of a physical system to perform work. Energy exists in several forms such as heat, kinetic or mechanical energy, light, potential energy, electrical, or other forms.
    2. The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.
    3. A feeling of possessing such strength and vitality.

    de·vice /diˈvīs/
    Noun. 1. A thing made or adapted for a particular task, esp. a mechanism or electronic instrument.
    2. An explosive contrivance; a bomb.

    as combination creates complexity, we must also differentiate between a ʻfree-energyʻ device and a free ʻenergy-deviceʻ; it seems to me that most people who show any interest in the former do so only because they hope it will turn out to be the latter, and if they could have a no-cost lifetime supply of fossil fuels and electricity to support their ʻlifestyleʻ addiction they could care less where it comes from or who pays the cost. as it stands, all living organisms presently living on the planet and many future generations are being robbed of a much higher value, in terms of health, esthetics, sacredness and other ʻinconsequentialsʻ by the same people who are grumbling about having to contribute any energy of their own to fuel their joy-ride through life.

    ʻfree-energyʻ is abundant all around us: it is in momentum which turns the galaxies, stars, planets, and moons on their paths; it is in light which creates heat which circulates the atmosphere and the oceans, constantly cycling water between them, expressing itself wind, thunder, lightning and storm, dropping a great deal of it upon the land; as gravity it erodes valleys and canyons through solid rock and it miraculously becomes life through the growing plants that return to the soil to feed microorganisms or feed animals who return their wastes and eventually their bodies to the soil to feed microorganisms which feed new plants; it heats rock to magma which it forces through the crust to form new land which is eventually subducted to the mantle to be melted again; it is stored in the valence-bonds of every molecule, holding together atoms where it spins and pulses unceasingly to create matter out of ~ energy; energy no one has to pay a thing for. if you truly consider it, the entire universe is an immense ʻfree-energyʻ device; apparently this is not enough to satisfy most people.

    of course, there was a time when all the humans on the planet didnʻt have to pay a thing for unlimited access to all the ʻfree-energyʻ, just used the ʻfree-energyʻ in their bodies to find some water delivered by ʻfree-energyʻ to a convenient location, along the way maybe gather some ʻfree-energyʻ in the form of plants and animals to fuel up with, then take a nice rest soaking up the ʻfree-energyʻ of the sunlight, if the weather got rough there was plenty of shelter provided by ʻfree-energyʻ, in the rocks, in the forest, or in the materials left behind by dead plants and animals ; most animals continue to live this way, even a few humans still do in ʻremoteʻ and ʻinhospitibleʻ places. but somehow most of us humans have become much too sophisticated and self important to stoop to providing for ourselves from the vast ʻfree-energyʻ store; no sir, we want it delivered to our doorstep, expedited shipping, on a silver platter and hermetically sealed in plastic so we can feel assured of its sterile freshness no matter how long and far it has traveled. well, my friend, realizing that fantasy requires the production of a whole bunch of devices, energy-consuming and energy-converting devices, and a load of ʻfree-energyʻ material resources will be needed to produce and feed those devices, and of course some humans to gather and transport and process those materials into devices, and none of that is likely to come for free.

    my personal thought on the my thought on ʻfree-energyʻ devices, which i have yet to see or hear expressed by another, is that we as a species have not attained the level of moral/ethical responsibility needed to safely operate our lives with unlimited power; just look at what damage weʻve done to the environment, from the acquisition of fire and domesticated animals/slaves through to the atomic age, with more-or-less ʻcheapʻ power sources, then imagine human greed and ignorance unleashed exponentially. now matter how fancy the tools, most humans today are basically stupid mega-apes who are more excited by explosions than just about anything else; we have yet to attain the collective wisdom that just because a thing can be done does not mean it should. i think that a great place to to start is in giving up some of the techno-trinkets that have kept us collectively enthralled for so long and connecting more deeply with the divine ʻfree-energyʻ device which is the fundamental ground of our reality.

    i could go deeper with this but the sun is peeking up over the tree-tops, iʻm gonna go get me some mangoes; god bless us, each and every one

  17. MichaelM

    “Free Energy”

    Pay a few dozen $ for plans that don’t work, another few hundred to *learn* they don’t work… another few hundred on marketing to suck others into doing like you did.

    Sure… it’s “free”… as in “free markets have no rules”.

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