Free Energy: Searl Effect Generator

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seg_cross-sectionOn December 4th, we released an article that began to explore the realness behind Free Energy devices. For those of you who haven’t yet read the article and the videos associated with it you can do so by clicking HERE. In this article however, we are going to take a closer look at a particular free energy device known as the Searl Effect Generator -which from this point onwards I will refer to as the SEG.

The SEG like all supposed free energy devices carries the capability to run on its own without any external input. Originally discovered in 1946 by John Roy Robert Searl the SEG captures kinetic energy that is generated by natural changes in ambient temperature.

Science Lingo Breakdown (just incase you needed it as a reminder like I did)
Kinetic Energy – The energy that comes as a result of motion
Ambient Temperature – Temperature in a room or surrounding an object

The SEG is designed to function along the same principles of a linear induction motor, which is the same motor that was used by Bombardier when designing a light rail fully-automatic transit system in Malaysia (Putra Metro). The SEG however is instead designed around a circular track. According to the devices main website ( the SEG is constructed of 2124 component parts that make up 3 plates and 66 roller sets. The parts include, but are not limited to magnets, copper and teflon. The best way to possibly describe this device to you is to actually see it in action. The following video shows how the technology both looks and works but is not a video that features it actually in use with any form of machine.

The SEG, the technology and its’ creators have all taken an abundance of flack over the years from both skeptics and those who were displeased by the lack of progress it had publicly taken for quite sometime. As of late however, the SEG has gathered quite a bit of steam and public attention particularly through its subsidiary project known as Swallow Command (  John, his team and SEG technology are regularly featured at energy conferences and are seen as a viable potential sustainable technology solution.

I would definitely suggest taking the time to even further familiarize yourself with SEG and any other free energy technologies you may hear or come across. They are without a doubt becoming more and more a part of public information and even everyday conversation in the science community. Feel free to share any other free energy information or insight via the comments below, what better time then now to make free energy an everyday conversation in the CE community and beyond.


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  1. There is no such thing as ‘free energy’ The concept is but a blip on the science scam market.

    • SOEL86
    • joshua

      people like you make me wish there was another hitler born so that in thirty years when he comes into power and you are on your deathbed after living yet another fruitless life on top of the countless already being lived, he would order all old fucks with nothing left to offer but a shitty pessimisim to the existnece of the world around them I could take post as the happy go lucky optimistic old fuck that gets to greet you at the gas chamber doors like so many walmart empoyees fewtering in our corridors of broken economy today.

    • Text books don’t cover Tesla’s perspectives, Steinmentz, Heavyside, Walter Russell, Dewey B Larson, or the Electric Universe Model.

      2nd Law only applies to CLOSED systems.

      Power is already around us in a chaotic state. Most of that disordered energy we feel as termperature. The SEG is a converter. It absorbs all frequencies except the 1 it operates on, transduces those frequencies and outputs a coherent electric current at that 1 frequency. This is NOT “free” energy. It is simply energy.

      At higher RPM’s, the device becomes very cold and very efficient (superconductive) at converting chaotic energy into usable form. It’s not magic, it is simply physics.

      • Unitarian

        So this device converts chaos into order?

    • is the sun free? at who’s command does it rise or fall? when the basic necessities for a productive life become a fundamental part of the rudimentary of principle requirement for everyone like water, gas, electricity man as a kind will continue to struggle with and against itself in regards to our true nature. remove the distractions of concerning oneself with elements so immature as this allows for man as a collective to strive for an impossible collective vision. consider the idea would you please of everything free?

    • james

      Bert im sorry you are wrong i have the blueprints i came up with myself for a self running generator that will run untill it wears out wich would be years and yes there have been some built already

      • Nice. Send me the blueprints & I’ll build one. Assuming it works I’ll finance it for marketing & split the dividends..

        • Alright, we’ll need a large magnetizer, a lot of neodymium, some oscillioscopes, function generators.
          And, some math on the proper, precise geometry that allows for the phenomena inherent in it’s successful operation.

        • Darren

          and james says nothing!

      • CJ

        hey james, got any links to share? i’ve checked out tesla and some of bedini’s work, very interesting stuff.

    • Andrew

      You hone in on a technicality of language and use it as a means to discredit an entire scientific concept. Well done.
      No, of course energy doesn’t just come from nowhere. Energy can only ever be transferred. Calling it “free energy” is describing the concept of energy produced without needing to be fed by HUMAN-CONTROLLED or POLLUTING input. If it runs on it own, doesn’t cost anything to maintain or feed and produces energy we can use… That’s what we call “free energy”.

      God, these anti-change idiots will use anything to discredit new (especially new and viable) ideas. You couldn’t come up with anything against what the article was actually about, so you just pick the best flaw you could find (a language technicality) and run with it. I’ve got bad news for you: The people you’re fighting against are too smart to be fooled by pathetic games like that.

      • FatherD

        Based on the definition given in the article and the hyperlinked background article, free has nothing to do with human controlled or polluting. It refers to a device that creates energy. Bert is right. Free energy does not exist.

        • William

          Why argue over the understanding or interpretation of free energy. Yes I believe that we all agree that energy is extracted from or redirected from another source and not manufactured out of nothing.
          This so called SEG device may be a pipe dream but would it not be wonderful if there was boundless supplies of energy around us that we could so easily tap into with such a device.
          Yea I am a scifi freak with only a small understanding of the workings of our universe but I will not constrain my consciousness to any limitations of others. I will dream and always have wonder in my heart.

      • michael

        Bloody oath man!

      • Anthony

        I couldnt agree more Andrew, people just want to live infront of their 60inch 1080p HD tv’s. ignoring anything that doesnt autocook in a microwave, or give them sensory input through the dummy box in front of them

    • indeed free energy does sound a bit more like a pipe dream than anything, something has to do the work, new energy isn’t created out of thin air.

    • jr

      The sun does not provide free energy, where “free energy” is referring to ‘creating energy in an isolated system’ as this article intended it to be. “free” does not mean you don’t have to pay for it.. Same goes for wind and every other particle in our atmosphere. windmills, solar panels, etc, just transform energy from one form to another within that closed system. This article is aimed at describing a device that creates energy in an isolated system (outputs more that was inputted into the system).

      • jeremy

        no. free energy is a system where you do not pay “money or work” for the output of the system after it is created. a solar panel is a free energy device. also most inventors do not claim their system creates an output in an isolated system but from the environment as there is no true isolated system in the universe. the problem is most people think the area between atoms (or inside them) is empty and devoid of any properties. this area is where the other free energy machines come into play by disrupting what is commonly referred to as the active vacume and this is what the power source of the thane heins transformer and john bedini energizer are. broken symetry of the active vacume is what creates a potential for doing work. i do not know about the searl effect generator though and how it is supposed to work but i assume it is no different.

      • fanny

        luckily we are not living in an isolated system.

      • Correct…there is no such thing as “free” energy. There is plenty of hardware to purchase in the need to create a mechanism to produce the energy. Yes it is created in an isolated system, but you still have to fork out a bunch of green backs to produce it… The only real benefit to creating your own electric is the fact that you are off the grid, and you can use what you are producing to your satisfaction, as long as you are making enough to keep you happy. I have priced a complete solar array for my home to give me enough energy to function as I do now…Cost: about $40,000.00. It would take me 30 years at the rate I pay just to break even, the kicker is the system on has a 20 year life span, so now I am stuck paying for something that is dead for 10 more years…. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am all for everyone being able to make their own energy and being independent, I have done a lot of research on this myself, because I want to be independent of the big corporations, but it needs to be cost effective as well. I will keep searching……

    • The sun gives free energy, so your statement is wrong, The atmosphere contains electricity, the proof are lightnings, wind is providing energy……..;

      • niggaUdumb

        “free energy”? jesus, you people are complete retards.

        • Wiremu Wilson

          when I steal your car when it has a full tank I would call that free energy, stolen but free, wouldn’t you?
          Solar energy or energy harnessed by wind to create motion etc. loosely it is free.
          what does cost tho is the tools to harness the energy, but hey I don’t think that is the point at focus here.

      • Vee

        Yeah and eventually one day it will die because of it :)

    • Vincent

      Bert you may not have herd of a fellow named Tesla or Bedini or Bearden so I’ll give you a Hint. Research Research Research before opening mouth!

    • Apparently when it’s scaled up the magnetic field gets out of control… But if it wasn’t for researchers like Searl we’d still be living in caves. So don’t knock it Bert. We know that the Earth isn’t flat because someone was bold enough to go against common indoctrinated thinking. It’s only a matter of time before we learn how to navigate space and time. All things are possible.

      • Alessandra Mariano

        Great spirit!

      • Steve

        Searl is a marketing genius who appeals only to the minds of ignorant dreamers. The man cannot prove a single thing he proposes actually works, yet idiots continue to donate money to him. I wish I could come up with such a gimmick and build a flock of moronic followers to supply me with cash.

        • You have obviously never seen anything on Searl, for you show no sympathy to his being.

          Shame on you.

        • mikemhzSOEL86
        • CJ

          …start a new religion, lol.

        • Mark

          Do we need another lying, thieving, crook to steal from the children’s futures. You WISH you could come up with a LIE to further your own selfishness, while pointing out how useless (ignorant) it is to have a dream of something better. That is just so sad. Of all the posts on this subject I’ve read, this is the most morally and ethically debase. A Commentary on the fabric of the business and political ethos of our society.

  2. Karena Allen

    wow! very informative

  3. rja

    ahh, bearden is skeptical too. I gave my friend a paper bearden wrote on the mathematic proof of one of his free energy devices…..he worked it out…for a good solid 2-3 weeks, and it proved nothing. It was just circular equation manipulation….. Tesla and Bedini on the other hand…i approve. Bearden, need to look into more.

  4. rja

    and i agree, free energy or zero point….they’re catch phrases which just brings up skepticism and doubt in those who don’t look too deep into it. We are gathering energy from somewhere, just not from the conventional sense, nor from where we may understand.

  5. jr

    Why, with all the information about SEGs online, is there not one report of how much power is output by the device? Furthermore, why is it that when these devices are on display at various events (that require an invite to), when an invited guest attempts to bring a wireless ammeter near the system to measure output (to verify that the device is in fact a free energy device) he/she gets picked up and thrown out by security? The gentleman in the video could just as easily held up an ammeter instead of his blinking light thing to actually show the output. Why did he elect to just go with the blinking light instead and not divulge this critical info that would very strongly support his claim? Just a thought.

  6. Mjberry

    Even if it isn’t free energy, we could still greatly reduce our electrical intake with many bi-products that we produce. Running water in our plumbing, temperature from our heaters, all sorts of stuff!

  7. waltinseattle

    “closed system” is of course merely a statement reflecting our limited understanding of boundaries…or lack thereof. it reflects our own box. and is anyone familiar with Keeley?

  8. In all these devices the magnets used, the wire used, the plastics used and the machining time used all add to the cost of the energy added to the system…….as the device runs it only gives back what is given and then is exhausted. If you take your AC unit outside, even in the cold and run it with the exhaust into the home you will get more heat into the home than you would get heat from the electricity you put in, but even with this system, you have the cost of the ac unit as a capital outlay. the way around this was to use old fridge units and keep the motor and radiator in the home and the freezer box outside……worked well

  9. Werner

    I think you people need to smoke a couple more bowls.

  10. yabbadoody

    Bert, guess again… you’re apparently still operating on the concept of “what we can’t see or define doesn’t exist” – which, if Louis Pasteur hadn’t “bucked the trends” of his day, we’d never have advanced to understand germ theory, microbes, bacteria, viruses, antibiotics, infection, sanitation, microscopy, infectious diseases, etc., etc.

    Cardinal sin in science: Just because YOU can’t measure or define something, doesn’t mean somebody else isn’t working on that very problem, the problem / force / thing you contest the very existence of. And judging by what’s available on certain free energy boards online, a number of people in the past hundred years (increasingly so lately) have stumbled onto some very interesting phenomena indeed.

    Let me give you an example: The photon effect. Place a flashlight in space, turn it on, and it will begin to move away from the emitting beam of light and accelerate – that’s mainly due to lack of gravity, and the ‘force’ (if you will) of the photon being emitted. Well, if photons ’emit’ with force, then that force can be measured – yet in zero-G, that force is obviously strong enough to animate/propel solid objects.

    As well, similar conditions exist TERRESTRIALLY – many scientists, notably Nikola Tesla, have independently discovered these forces, harnessed them, and produced so-called “free energy” as a result. Predictably, virtually all work in this field of science is considered ‘apocryphal’ – and why? “BECAUSE I CAN’T PLACE A METER ON IT,” was the answer Tesla received from G. Westinghouse as to why the technology of free electricity would not be implemented, after Tesla had amply proven and developed it.

    So to be certain, it’s not “free energy” – it’s only free in the sense that it doesn’t require combustion, or a “fuel source” in any sense. When and wherever it can be demonstrated, you can be sure that it HAS a source in the physical world – just not a source which you understand as yet, nor apparently are you even curious about such things.

    • I’m a Mech Eng & Physicist. It appears those here claiming that the SEG works as a power source have yet to start secondary science.

      • So you have a degree? All that proves is that you are thoroughly indoctrinated in the current mindset. Searle’s device does not violate the “laws” of physics. He just goes at the problem in a different way than you can understand. His device, and others, produce energy without burning something else to get there. We live in a sea of energy which exists all around us. Why is it so difficult for people like yourself to accept that we, the human race, are still in our infancy when it comes to what is possible and what isn’t?

  11. Grizzly Joe

    That was very poorly written.

  12. Ummm forgive my confusion but you wrote, “The SEG like all supposed free energy devices carries the capability to run on its own without any external input.” My question is what is that blade switch for and all the wiring to those coils? Without power to the coils the things stops. Just looks like a fancy motor to me.

    • Precisely, Glenn. This ‘device’ has been rearing its ugly head for many years now under different names. The ‘Cycclone’ was a beauty – a motor that could allegedly run on its own power.
      During a showing, The builder was asked what the wires & battery were for “for storing the excess power generated” ! It was proven to be nothing more than an electric motor. The supporting company was banned from the ASX & shut down for fraudulent behaviour..

  13. Maja Zwicky-Saudhi

    All sceptics: Just try to build one and see what happens. It’s out there, it’s possible and it’s free. CE: please also look up!

    • I tried. It didnt work. Send me one that does & I’ll believe you.

  14. There is no entropy in the universe. The universe is expanding. There is an input of energy into the system it is called source. Also all subatomic particles are in fact one sub atomic particle moving at the speed of infinity when you understand that you understand that the universe is unlimited in scope or scale. Its not what we think it is from a scientific platform.

  15. waltinseattle

    @jennifer: you have a peer reviewed phd dissertation to back that up with? imagine…2 centuries of using the wrong equations!

  16. Integral Wingates

    To be highly sceptic and in demand of proof, without under the tablesque videos on youtube, isn’t commong indoctrinated thinking.

    It’s called the scientific method.

    It’s not justified, ever, to claim the veracity of a machine, just because you are angry with the obviously corrupt alternatives, or the “narrowminded scientists” that go through the pain to actually learn what we can verify so far.

    It’s called pseudo science, and it’s an abomination and insult to the people who go through the laborious process of collecting verifyable data in peer-reviewed conditions.

    There are more than 50 million scientologists in the world, and just because they all claim they are the enlightened ones, doesn’t change a thing. They’re all just delusional.

    The same goes for this project.

  17. Erik Cox

    Two words – PEER REVIEW

  18. stephen

    One has to decide what they are trying to achieve with this project, is it simply a cleaner form of natural energy that can be harnessed efficiently, or is it simply to demonstrate a alternative energy method in a sort of abstract demonstration of scientific achievement that automatically doesn’t serve a ultimate purpose but for amusement or distraction, or future potential?

    Or do we simply want to produce a clean environmentally sound energy source for future generations as quickly as possible, to wean us off of the extremely environmentally damaging fossil fuel products

    I know this is a rather conventional and dare I say rather a boring view of the world of science that has served us very well up until now, and I certainly don’t want to shatter any alternative views of how man can harness a exciting new energy source but;

    The first law of thermodynamics states there isn’t such thing as ‘perpetual motion’ in a closed energy system, no matter how efficient anyone can make a apparatus perform, and certainly not get usable additional energy, (in other words you cannot get something for nothing) there must first be a form of energy in the first place that can be harnessed and then become, economical viable.

    On our planet there is an enormous, abundant source of alternative energy literally everywhere, right now! without getting into the topic of pseudoscience.

    My late father pursued the pseudoscience of trying to reinvent perpetual motion machines all his life, to even he finally admitted he was wasting his time.

    The job of environmental scientists is to harness energy in a economic way.
    There is indeed a myriad of appliances in our modern world quite capable of extracting the energy from the sun, wind and water and of course Geo thermal, with varying degrees of efficiencies, considering our planet is basically a molten ball of iron, just below the surface, 6 miles deep with an almost unlimited potential for free energy, 24 hours a day.

    Surely scientists could come up with a solution to extract that heat energy safely, and convert into any energy they wish with more conventional means at our disposal,

    If one talks about future potential energy sources, Then there is indeed a even greater force in the universe then conventional matter and nuclear, and that is dark matter, which is more prevalent then any other matter known at present, but unfortunately we do not possess the means to harnessi it, unless someone else knows differently?

    There is so many alternative forms of energy on planet Earth, which can be harnessed without impacting our environment, such as fossil fuels etc, it astounds me why our species isn’t putting more effort into harnessing this free clean energy source, irrespective of future potential for a even greater, more powerful energy source which at present we have no way of knowing, but with plenty of educated assumptions,

    Surely we should wean ourselves off of fossil fuels as soon as possible, or otherwise the fate of humanity, and every living thing on this planet may ultimately be uncertain unless we do.

    • I like this. Nice post. We do indeed need to get off the hydrocarbon merry go-round without resorting to Nuclear energy & its risks. There’s plenty of alternative sources for power generation. The SEG isn’t one of them..

      • consider the mass conversion of television signals over to HD government mandated as well as sanctioned. I no longer watch television in my home do to the fact of how ridiculously systematic the governments coordinate hand-in-hand with the manufacturing/corporate persuasion. What ever happened to foe the people by the people? when did a corporation become a living breathing entity with powers and right originally enacted for mankind (study Universal Commercial Code). this is said with concern to the fact that lightening, on of the most abundant resources know to man, with heat reaching about six times that of the sun is neglected as an idea source to free mankind from our dependency on corporate dynamic to provide what we the people have readily available. ( )
        Livingstone says that one lightning strike typically packs eleven gigawatts, and that a mega strike, which shows up rarely in winter storms, for example, can pack as much as 300 gigawatts. The Discovery Channel in Canada put this in layman’s terms, explaining that one lightning strike has enough energy to light 150,000,000 light bulbs. (ref) An Atlanta Journal article states that one storm can discharge enough energy to supply the entire U.S. with electricity for 20 minutes. And there are approximately 2,000 thunderstorms at any given moment worldwide. (
        Now those that are familiar with electricity and its concept is that there are fewer positively charged ion lightening strikes than negative therefor harnessing only positively charge ions becomes particularly challenging. therefor as a people I suggest we demand that the electrical grid be transform to support negatively charged ions converting the way components and devices are manufactured at the embetterment of the whole man kind.
        That way we are able to utilize transistors, rods and batteries , even feeding conductors to fuel the needs of the people with the excess ran off into the earth which is a natural ground for lightening to begin with. Cutting ties with our dependence on oil and natural gases, (electric cars, furnaces, and oventops) lowering harmful pollutants as well as harmful situation that come from the cultivation of said production (oil spills, methane leaks). Thus through government sanctions and lobbying able to prove this service for free cause with the knowledge that corporation lobby politicians with respect to having maintenance control over natural resources (bided on through government contracts as to who is able to properly and effectively gather, support as well as supply such resources at FMV {fair market value} and for a price, in the form of kick-backs, I might add), becoming evidently clear that as a people have an obligatory right to each other to aid in the struggle of this embetterment by demanding that the same interests that are lobbied by corporation are being supported by our government with mankind at the helm thus mandating and instituting a free electric system for everyone.

        • jobblejosh

          Not to bother you, but we already use a system of negatively charged particles in the electrical supply industry; the electron. charge -1, mass 0.511MeV. Please also consider that whilst lightning strikes are fairly common (around 40-50 times per second), how would one harvest the energy from it? It is very difficult to predict where lightning will strike within a reasonable uncertainty (+/- 1 metre), and to harvest energy would mean you would have to be within a reasonable distance of the strike (I’m not sure what this is as I haven’t done the calculations), such that the energy is not dissipated to the earth. This would require, as a result of the innacuracy of predicting lightning strikes, lighting capture rods to be placed in intervals of maybe every 10 metres to have a chance of capturing enough energy. So most land masses are covered every 10 metres by lighting poles. Then you add the equipment (likely supercapacitors, dc/ac converters as lightning is a DC current, whereas existing disribution infrastructure is designed to work with AC current supply. (unless you want to completely re-work the existing infrastructure with a much less efficient DC distribution (look up the ‘current wars’ between Westinghouse and Edison)). This makes developing a new lightning harvesting system incredibly expensive, and in a materialistic world, we would have to pay for this infrastructure. Another point is that lightning is simply the re-balancing of electric potential differences between the clouds and the earth. To have a lightning strike occur, there must be a way to balance the potentials, via a conducting link between the earth and sky (this is what lightning is; an ionised plasma which conducts electricity between the sky and ground). To store electricity requires a capacitor, which prevents the flow of electricity, thus there is no conducting path, thus the lightning will not strike there. You would be far better off using large spheres to ‘collect’ static charges like a leyden jar, and tapping into that on demand. (Such a project was investigated in 2010; there are numerous websites which provide information on this). This would also effectively prevent lightning strikes, thus one does not get electricity from the lightning strikes as you originally proposed.


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