10 Powerful Phrases of Wisdom From Gandhi

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mahatma-gandhi-hd-wallpapersMahatma Gandhi was a man that left man powerful messages to humanity before his time here was complete. Here is a list of 10 powerful phrases of wisdom he left to us all. One thing I wanted to add to this to help make it very practical is that for each one, try to see how it may relate to a certain instance or aspect of your life so you can truly begin incorporating this into your life. It is great to know quotes and phrases like these, but putting them into action is a big step to begin taking. Be sure to reflect on each one and see how you can make them a part of your life. Of course, share this list with others so they can do the same :)

1. Be the change you wish to see in the world

2. What you think, you become

3. Where there is love, there is life

4. Learn as if you’ll live forever

5. Your health is your true wealth

6. Have a sense of humor

7. Your life is your message

8. Action expresses priorities

9. Our greatness is being able to remake ourselves

10. Find yourself in the service of others

Some powerful words Gandhi left for us in his time. The important thing to remember is the very first phrase on here “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” If we are to truly make change here it is not about simply knowing or memorizing these phrases, we must truly live them and add them into our lives. Otherwise they are just words.

Much Love

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  1. albert

    thanks a lot for this, Joe. For your love, care and concern. 1 love

  2. Where do you get your information from Joe? Can you send this via email as well as Facebook?

  3. Hadley

    You want me to comment on something Ghandi said. You have to be kidding. The truth, the power, and the understanding is FAR beyond what my humble comments could add. Ghandi will NOT be forgotten …. ever

    • Traci

      The thing is- the things Ghandi talked about…are accessible to “the people”….everyone – anyone …who makes the time to consider things he said or did or wrote. They are not complicated…because life is not complicated. They are simple, clear and open to interpretation by the same person over a series of days or by different people. As life changes so may your connection to any of his teachings. You may revisit something and find it speaks louder to you on one particular day. So don’t be afraid of commenting on what Ghandi had to say- he would tell you that what you have to say is just as important. Even more now that he is gone. Take a leap. Might be fun. :)

  4. What about number 10: Find yourself in the service of others? I doubt Ghandi teaches us to be working/living for someone else rather than for us and our own moral values and goals. I guess the wording is misleading.
    Whats your notion on this?

    • William Kus

      And it’s good to be of service to those who need it, like the homeless. Or even just to people around you, like family and friends. But to strangers also. Imagine a world where everybody helped each other. You just have to be wary of people who are ready to take advantage of you, sometimes in very serious and criminal ways

    • Jens

      I think it means to help others.

    • #10 means to give back to society, give back to others, and the universal law of karma will in turn reward the good deed. “Give onto others and you shall receive”.

    • The “find yourself” aspect is interesting… Service to others sometimes is “walking around with a smile” or “pick up some garbage from the street and putting it in a bin”… Your true self can be partly observed by meditation but better and/ or darker aspects reveal itself just as easily in contact with others, their response to my thoughts and actions or my response to their thoughts and actions. As such any job or occupation involving others is considered “service” in India, in contrast to doing nothing all day, begging for food or meditating (self-focused).

      • Michael

        Yes Henry, you got it. Love it – your darker aspects reveal themselves through contact with others. Self reflection everyone. This intones non-duality, non-separation, ultimately oneness. This sense of ‘oneness’ can be experienced very easily by reflecting on our relationships with others…especially issues which seem to repeat themselves in our lives.

    • - Collective Evolution

      I think what is meant by this is that be open to assisting and serving others. Not in the sense of needing to work for them constantly or be a slave to them type of thing, but more so helping out one another and working together is more along the lines of what is a more natural state for us. Right now we often find ourselves separated from the idea of helping one another because of some reason that generally comes from judgment of the action. I am not getting paid, what are they doing for me? They have never helped me in the past.. etc etc. Serving others is a great way to work together and take our wisdom into action.

    • JSchmitty

      I believe that is a thought to approach in an abstract manner.

      Maybe consider that helping another may provide a perspective that you have not yet considered or may have simply forgotten temporarily.

      Just the first few thoughts that came to mind for me here. What do you think?

      • Yeah J, I guess you’re right. I didn’t see it the way it should be seen. It’s not being obliged to your feudal lord, it is spending time and energy to help others out, because helping our peers and doing good without expecting something in return is truly making us happy and a more valuable person.

        • J Schmitty

          All that we can do Pad is dobedobedobedo.

  5. Sounds like very average fortune cookie wisdom. Meditate on the teaching of Jesus the Christ and find not only wisdom but eternal life.

    • Perhaps the simplicity is what helps me most understand. Meditate, yes.

  6. pgrace

    Would jesus not want you to walk around with a smile on your face?Or help others with no expectations?And learn who you really are?

  7. S

    I do not believe Christ would speak so disparagingly of the words Ghandi shared with us. Rather, he would probably say that Ghandi gets it. If someone shines, it does not detract from the light that is already aglow.

    • Elise


    • JSchmitty


  8. Big thumbs up Joe Martino! especially in your clarification to Pad…I find that I experience such a “flow” and peacefulness when in the moment of helping others. It is a state void of self consciousness (doubt) and control, I am simply in the moment, simultaneously sharing with another a new experience in which we are both learning.

  9. Nice articles Joe, You always write about what needs to be which is absolutely perfect , I wish you could also write about ” what is” and how it is becoming ” what needs to be” . The way you present a thought or an idea is just perfect.

  10. Great post Joe. I have Gandhi’s saying, ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’ next to my laptop as a reminder that it starts with me.

    • Gandhi actually never said it, but it’s always attributed to him. Good quote regardless.

  11. jahq1

    When he was arrested in South Africa, he is quoted as saying, “We were marched off to a prison intended for Kaffirs… We could understand not being classed with whites, but to be placed on the same level as the Natives seemed too much to put up with. Kaffirs(blacks) are as a rule uncivilized.”

  12. Ghandi,who was a warrior poet,said,it is wrong and immoral to seek to escape the consequences of ones act’s!please joy,look it up.

  13. Chris

    My favourite phrase from Gandhi was when he called black people “animals” and was a racist piece of shit.

    • Peter

      He worked for the English in the beginning, and believed in their system. He probably only said so because it was expected to be accepted by @sshole British lawyers. BEsides, it is not verified it really happened. Went to South Africa in order to know more cultures, and only fought against British laws after he has encountered inhuman British customs against Hindus, Blacks and Muslims. Does it make him any less? No, since lots of people whom we consider holy or great were ignorant or naive in the beginning (including Buddha, who is protected by his parents from all evil from the world), but they have managed to see the truth, and fought for the sake of others to make their lives better. Anyway and anyhow, it is not perfection that makes a person beautiful, it is his/her ability to progress.

      • Thank you Peter =)

  14. Vivek

    Hey Joe, thanks for posting this. Gandhi has taught us the art of peaceful revolution, on how to boycott the enemies product and cut off revenue. He pioneered simple living because that is the only way to becoming self sufficient

  15. Good words, edifying messages and triumphant results as we go on in the world. Better to be good than to leave onself over to the enemy. Thanks.

  16. Riddhima

    Really? I’m intrigued. Can you share the source of your information? Or are you just making up some shit to entertain us bored people? :-)

  17. Tony

    Hey Joe wonderful insight and inspiring article. I am slightly disgusted however by some of the unelightened comments. It leaves me somewhat dumbfounded that someone joining a group entitled “Collective-Evolution” would be so Draconian in their thinking. (or perhaps infantile is the better word) To quote the words of a young Ghandi without proper perspective, showns simple ignorance. Still no man is perfect. Even Ghandi himself admitted the folly of his younger, ingrain way of thinking. and in hindsight Gandhi claimed that “my heart was with the Zulus” and claimed that the cruelty he had witnessed against them was “the major turning point of his life spiritually,” the one that made him turn to nonviolence as a strategy for resistance. This came to be known as “satyagraha”, which translates literally as “truth force” or “firmness in truth. But then again non of us have done anything in the past which we regret and great men like Mahatma Ghandi sould be punished for not being born perfect!

  18. Reply
  19. WaLaa Ibrahim

    Thanks a lot :)

  20. Gandhi: An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.
    Billy: No, it doesn’t. There’ll be one guy left with one eye. How’s the last blind guy gonna take out the eye of the last guy left? Who’s still got one eye,All the last guy with one eye has to do is just run and hide behind a bush.How’s the last blind guy gonna find him.Gandhi was wrong,just nobody has the balls to say it.


  21. Mahatma Means Noble Soul.Ghandi Was Not Mahatma He Was A Well Known Racist True Students Of Hindu Really Dont Follow His Teachings Especially Indigenous Peoples Of Earth! HOLLA BACK!

    • Randy

      What you choose to see in anyone else is what you are actually choosing to be yourself. There are always polar opposites and even great leaders can be this way. What YOU specifically choose to believe is not a reflection of the person, it is a reflection of yourself. Absolutely no one should ever be a saint or holy…because you won’t know that polar opposite if you first didn’t know unholiness and perceived evil. Many great leaders of our time were first “radical” or prejudices because they needed to be to learn true human compassion and love and they soon understood this and changed. They are examples of how one can change and if one decides to only focus on the “bad”, once again that is not a reflection of the actual person, it is a reflection of the perceiver.

    • Manohar

      Can you please provide some genuine reasons to prove that Gandhi was racist .

    • - Collective Evolution

      Nobody is a saint Allen :) Not even these gentlemen! Our vision becomes cloudy when we judge, that we forget the words that came from the same place we all have within us…

    • tucker

      You are absolutely right Allen. It is not commonly understood that Ghandi was actually a racist and was actually working for the Hindu elite. Ghandi fought tooth and nail to ensure that 80% of the Population (commonly known as untouchables) had no rights. He succeeded in his plan.

      • josh

        He fought for muslims too, and never was against untouchables, because he believed in freedom for ALL. I’m not sure who told you this, but he certainly wasnt working for the so called hindu elite. get your facts straight

  22. Kimber

    Racist or not; these chosen quotes are something that can provoke a moment of self reflection within ones self when applied on an individual basis and when the source of the quote is unknown or in this case, overlooked.

  23. Martin Greaves

    It is also known now that he regularly asked for a virgin girl to be chosen to share his bed at night. The girl had no choice in the matter but had to sleep naked next to a naked Gandhi. He never touched the girls because his motive was to actually test his own willpower in the denial of own his lust and desire. Despite this, it was still an assault on the innocent girls who were forced to share his bed. Nobody is a saint, but it doesn’t help to hide such facts when talking about the man.

  24. If you want to find something world-changing, check out a book called Alkuajatus – The Original Thought. I say no more.


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