Money. Do We Love the Limitation?

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Money…Something that affects us all. Whether you are rich, middle class or poor, it plays a vital role in what we are experiencing collectively. Of course each experience is no better or worse than the other as all are great experiences to learn from, but this brings me to a question. Have you ever really looked at the fact that our banking system is more than just a tool for us to keep track of and “keep safe” our money? In actuality it’s a business. A business that has been very successful worldwide. Here in Toronto the largest buildings in the downtown core are all owned by banks or financial institutions. The logos and promotion stand the tallest in the urban city. It’s clear to see that they have a lot of power and we’ve given it to them. We’ve given them so much power and put so much dependency on them but yet are they actually supportive? Does it really allow us to be free? Sure the more money you have the easier the game of life can be, financially. But of course money cannot buy peace or love which everyone the planet wants to feel.

Our financial game that we play has become extremely limiting. Instead of working and trading our time for building wealth to try and make our lives easier as well as to gain a sense of “security” in our lives, do you think it’s possible that we could change the system to be more supportive of everyone?

With that question being asked, I invite you to observe what thoughts and feelings come up for you. Just a simple observation can be so powerful. Is it that we’re afraid to work together? Are we so dependent on the system that we can’t see things another way? Are we conditioned to think that we have to struggle and work hard and that it’s not possible for humanity to let go of a survival mode way of thinking?

Money is just a tool to play with, but yet we’ve given it so much power that it dictates human survival. In some areas of the world people own entire islands and castles while others are drinking from puddles and live in garbage ridden neighbourhoods with metal shacks for housing. On the side with the extreme wealth, is it really all that fun to “own” so much stuff? You end up worrying about it and having to protect it and you have to take care of it. That’s a lot of effort! Not to mention that extreme wealth can bring about a lot of isolation. We can fall into the belief systems of thinking that we’re superior than others and separate ourselves from one another. If you’re not born into extreme wealth, it also takes extreme dedication and a lot of time to accumulate that much money and it can really lead to you missing out on things in life that may matter most to you down the road when you realize money could never bring you peace and love. Even with all that money there is still fear and so much attachment. So much limitation! If there wasn’t, there wouldn’t be poverty in the world because it would be shared. Sharing is easy when we don’t hold fear or feel insecure and need to control and identify with ownership. It’s obvious that we’re closing our hearts off with this way of life. Where is the love in that?

Now imagine a world where everyone could be provided for and have everything they need to survive and flourish with whatever they choose to do. A world where we all use state of the art technologies to make our lives easier.  A world where we can share and support one another. Is it possible? Absolutely. We just need to be ready to let go of the limitations. Do we really love them that much? To me, the latter world seems so much more fun!!!



Some questions to reflect upon and some ideas to ponder. Enjoy! :)


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  1. Alexander

    Good article. The truely unfortunate part is that the world banking institution, by our own fault, have become integrated into day to day living. In todays world one cannot be paid for work without having a bank account. So the question arises; even if those of us who have realized the criminal cabal of central banking we have no alternative. Not poking holes in the article but here in Canada ALL banks opperate withing the SINGLE Canadian central bank. There is no alternative. HSBC is an alternative but thats just one central bank trading with another no difference there. We are forced to choose six of one or half a dozen of another. If any one has any CONSTRUCTIVE suggestions please post.

  2. Reply
  3. A way would be to choose the bank(s) carefully. Not supporting the “BIG” ones. There are a lot of good banks.

    Our solutions are with this great visionary Jacque Fresco. He dedicated his life to creating solutions so we wouldn’t have to live for money, but to be FREE, creative and loving. This IS real!! …

    Another solution is coming from The Keshe Foundation. Check this video and see how CLOSE we are from living with incredible technology to FREE ourselves of entities that have been enslaving us for a looong time now. This IS NOW… it IS happening ….

    We have to do our part and it is being informed and do what we can not to support who are taking us down.

  4. Kirsten

    A world without money is already in the working by Michael Tellinger;


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