Several Nurses Fired For Refusing Flu Shot

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At the Indiana University Health Gosben Hospital (HGH), two nurses were fired or refusing the flu shot. These inoculations are mandatory, per regulations of the hospital, which is a violation of the employees’ individual rights. Ethel Hoover, one of the nurses let go has worked for the establishment over 2 decades with an exemplary record.

Hoover asserted: “This is my body. I have a right to refuse the flu vaccine. For 21 years, I have religiously not taken the flu vaccine, and now you’re telling me that I believe in it.”

HGH implemented a mandatory vaccination program late last year. Melanie McDonald, spokeswoman for HGH explained:
As a hospital and health system, our top priority is and should be patient safety, and we know that hospitalized people with compromised immune systems are at a greater risk for illness and death from the flu. The flu has the highest death rate of any vaccine preventable disease, and it would be irresponsible from our perspective for health care providers to ignore that.
Eight nurses refused the flu shot as is their right as Joyce Gingerich, a fellow nurse said:

I knew right away I would have to walk away from getting the shot. I have a personal conviction that I don’t want to have one in my body.

Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the nurses have the right to refuse the shot without repercussions, prohibition or discrimination from their employer.

The HGH refused the nurses recourse and fired them with the help of their in-house attorney.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say that the flu shot should be taken by healthcare workers because of their vulnerability toward contracting the flu from patients. With 150,000 deaths since September 2012, the CDC considers this flu season “unusually high”.

The CDC has recently recommended that all Baby Boomers (people born between 1946 and 1964) be tested for the hepatitis C virus and subsequently vaccinated. They say this “generational epidemic” will claim more Baby Boomers unless they are vaccinated. And nearly simultaneously, the CDC has not been forthcoming about the dangers of vaccines.

They have edited out scientific evidence from a Danish study that was published in the Journal of Pediatrics, which stated that after Denmark stopped using Thimerosal in their vaccines that they saw a significant reduction in the incidents of autism in children.

A new study to be published in the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, says that those who were vaccinated with the swine flu vaccine have developed antibodies against many other strains of flu; including the H1N1 strain.

Thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative in most vaccines is highly toxic and the direct causation of many neurological disorders and development diseases. The Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs have provided researched evidence that outlines without dispute that Thimerosal is dangerous to the human body from exposure in vaccines and dental fillings that contain mercury-based silver amalgam. With this research, the UNEP has a plan to phase out Thimerosal because of its attachment to neurological disorders, autism and other health disorders.

Other health risks associated with vaccinations include:

• Influx of occurrences of autoimmune diseases
• Foreign protein particles
• Mercury
• Aluminum
• Formaldehyde
• Laundry detergent

Vaccines being created now are done so with patented GMOs mixed with human DNA which creates broken information that are read by the cells of the body and directly translates to disease.

The pandemic fear surrounds such genetically engineered bio-weapons such as the bird flu H5N1 that continually changes its make-up which is not a natural occurrence. A propaganda study led by Ron Fouchier, professor from Erasmus Medical Center, researched which viruses would cause pandemics so that the pharmaceutical industry could get to work on focused vaccines and pressure governments to push them onto the general population.

Fouchier claimed that he proved H5N1 mutated naturally, although scientists analyzing the virus found that it is 3 different types of flu spliced together.

At the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC) Dr. Danuta Skowronski explained that in 2008, a study she co-authored proved that the flu shot caused more physiological issues than the H1N1 flu itself.

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page.

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  1. Alison

    Blatant lie. Autism rates rose after removing thimerosal.

    • walkingtall

      Alison, do a little more research and you will see proven negative issues that arise with the bogus flu shot …you can either think for yourself or follow the lost sheep…if you wanna inject yourself with a dead virus then by all means….go for it !

  2. Cherie

    go ahead sheeple – get your vaccines. I’ll pass. When the government starts saying you HAVE to get specific treatments it’s time to become very concerned.

    • So true!

    • Hyder Hussein

      Really? Does that include chicken pox vaccines? I don’t see u crea-tards complaining about that?
      Perfect example of religion being absolutely dangerous

      • Your obviously idiotic and ignorant anti-Christian rambling is a fine example of why nobody cares what you say. Quit whoring for attention by spouting off idiocy such as you have, and perhaps people might care. Btw, I never got my chicken pox vaccine, I ended up with it in my early teen years and because my mother was intelligent enough to treat me and not rely on stupid crap like big pharma, after it was all over, I turned out great.

        Not getting vaccinated has 0% whatsoever to do with religious beliefs, and 100% everything to do with scientific knowledge. Try doing some actual research before opening your mouth, virtual or physical. Your mind is closed to anything remotely intellectual, it’s about time you finally wise up and open it a little. You act as though you’ve the mindset of a 5-year-old.

  3. Jeannet

    Good, they can now focus on things that really matter! Oh yes, I understand the need to have a job, to receive income… unfortunately we still need money to pay all those money-hungry businesses, but it’s also used as a means to suppress and to influence people’s choices. These nurses stood up for themselves and would not be manipulated. Good for them! I do however also wish them all the luck in the universe (hope ‘they’ are listening up there ;D)

  4. Silk Road

    Hey Alison, Keep putting a heavy metal into your bloodstream! Go inject some mercury and see how long you survive.
    The big pharma, if they where looking to cure you of your diseases, They’d be working to put themselves OUT OF THE JOB.

    I guess most people are to ignorant to realize this.

  5. Monique

    Goshen* Not Gosben. But I live close to this area and it is full of either Amish or people that are not very open minded. Screw mandatory vaccines!

    • You’re correct that it’s Goshen, however you’re very incorrect about your ignorant and absurd comment about what type of people live in the area. I take great offense to this because I’m neither of those things, know many who also don’t fit into your ignorant little boxes, and mind you I live not even but 10 minutes from this hospital mentioned above, IN Goshen. For ragging on other for supposedly not being open-minded, you seem to be awfully closed-minded and ignorant yourself.

  6. Totally worth avoiding poison being directly injected into one’s bloodstream, I think.

  7. Donna Martin

    I agree, avoid at all cost. I was mandated by health authority to get shot or work w/ full mask gear in home support! Also wondering about nano-particles ‘smart dust’ incorporation.

  8. JPH

    It says something when healthcare professionals refuse to get them, doesn’t it.

    • cYa

      been 15 years since my last flu shot! i see people with the flu and laugh! THEY got flu shots !

      big pharma racket with the news media hyping people’s fears squeezing med bucks from all walks of life.


  9. suizou

    Link is suddenly broken, “This video does not exist”. Hmmm…

  10. angelichaos

    I appreciate the effort here; however, this information is wishy washing and this article is not cited properly. Therefore it’s going to be difficult to convince anyone who knows anything about academic research that this is valid and reliable information.

  11. angelichaos


  12. Matthew Christodoulou, this is great news. Thank you for this article. I am so very happy to see that they said no. It is so much more of a message being that they work in the medical field. I give you lots of respect because it is so frustrating to share information when there will always be someone out there that does not believe. There is nothing wrong with not believing the info IF then you take that info and then research for yourself which they probably are not and just leave negative comments like its not true. Personally I get effected when I feel people aren’t listening to the truth and continue on turning their cheek to the truth that is in their face. I have to continually remind myself that I can’t save everyone and to stop feeling hopeless because we have the power to make change. The power comes from UNITY and your page is a great place that brings the unity of like minded people for the most part, there are always the few that are not. Thanks.

  13. Kevin Kowalchuk

    That mandatory flu shot almost killed my wife last year when her employer forced her to get it. She went into anafalactic shock when she got her shot. Laywers should find cases like this to help these nurses get their jobs back. Don’t ever inject your body with that poison.

  14. rayven

    Guys, this is not a new regulation in the healthcare sector. This type of regulation was already mandatory at most hospitals and clinics in Arkansas in 2006 when I was doing clinical rotation for my associates degree. I was required, while still in school, to undergo vaccinations and produce my immunization record or the hospitals and clinics wouldn’t let me on site to do clinical rotation. Pretty sure if this was a violation of employee rights, that someone prior to now would have already filed a lawsuit and won and these types of regulations would not be common at hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. I’m betting patient rights trump workers’ rights in this instance. I’m sorry, but I personally would not want unvaccinated healthcare workers assigned to me as a patient. Think about the hundreds of sick people they come into contact with each day, then think about the fact that a lot of infectious diseases are the most highly contagious 24-72 hours prior to the sick person showing any symptoms. How many people do you think one nurse with the flu could potentially infect within that 24-72 hour time frame? And how many of those will belong to at risk groups (elderly, infirm, infants, etc)?

  15. Sass Bland

    They were never nurses if they did not understand the need for vaccination.

  16. The B.C nurses union stood up to the health authorities & the attempt to force staff to have a flu shot was not enacted. In reply to sass- perhaps as healthcare workers we are in a better position to assess the efficacy & the detrimental effects of vaccines- we see both first hand. I, for one, haven’t had a flu shot in over fifteen years, don’t get the flu, & you would be darned lucky to have me as your nurse if you ever needed one. The only sad part of this story is that all the other nurses @ that hospital caved in to fear & propaganda.


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