Why Did The Media Keep The Recent Peaceful Icelandic Revolution Quiet?

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icelandDid you know about the peaceful Icelandic revolution that took place over the last 5 years? If you didn’t, it is likely because it was never televised or talked about very much at all on mainstream news. One would have to be part of the right websites or Facebook pages to even find out that this has been going on. Why is this the case? Why keep something so monumental hidden from the public?

First let’s discuss what took place with this revolution, then it will become much more clear as to why this was never televised.

It was during a time of a lot of financial turmoil around the world and stories were popping up all over the news of how banks around the world had been crushing or minimizing rebellions by receiving massive bailouts to keep them alive. The Iceland story is different because there was no crushing or ending the rebellion, instead, the people rose up. This is why this was not seen on TV anywhere. If the rest of the world knew that the people won, it may give them some ideas.

During the financial turmoil of 2008 and 2009, the people of Iceland forced their government and banks to resign. How did they do this? Peacefully. The following is a summation of what steps they took over a process of several years, and it all began with each one of them realizing this couldn’t continue.

2008 – The main bank of Iceland is nationalized. The Krona, the currency of Iceland devaluates and the stock market halts. The country is in bankruptcy.

2008 – Citizens rise up at Parliament and succeed in forcing the resignation of both the prime minister and the effective government. New elections are held.
Yet, the country remains in a bad economic situation. A Parliament act is passed to pay back 3,500 million Euros to Great Britain and Holland by the people of Iceland monthly during the next 15 years, with 5.5% interest.

2010 – The people of Iceland again take to the streets to demand a referendum. In January of 2010, the President of Iceland denies approval, instead announcing a popular vote on the matter by the people.
In March, a referendum and denial of payment is approved by popular vote of 93%. Meanwhile, government officials initiate an investigation to bring to justice those responsible for the crisis. Many high level executives and bankers are arrested. Interpol dictates an order to force all implicated parties to leave Iceland.

An assembly is elected to write a new constitution (based on that of Denmark) to avoid entrapments of debt based currency foreign loans. 25 citizens are chosen — with no political affiliation — out of the 522 candidates. The only qualifications for candidacy are adulthood and the support of 30 people. The constitutional assembly started in February of 2011. It continues to present ‘carta magna’ from recommendations provided by various assemblies throughout the country. Ultimately, it must be approved by both the current Parliament and the one created through the next legislative election.

It’s quite a story isn’t it? You can most definitely see at this point why this was not covered in newspapers, on radio networks and on television. Imagine seeing this story on TV several times each day wherever you live in the world; do you think the people would start to get ideas? Maybe try the same thing? Most definitely. There is always a constant push of fear, murders, anger, government success, health fallacies and false information, but never do we hear of stories that could be a threat to the system.

Another key factor of this revolution that we have to look at is that it did not come from a place of violence, bloodshed or anger. No guns or fighting! It was simply people getting together peacefully and working things out. This is something this entire world is capable of but believes is impossible. Humanity has been so programmed to give itself little credit in this department. We always hear about how we need to be governed, there are too many crazy people out there, we need a big brother keeping control. The truth is, without the confines and certain rules the system employs, we would be a much more peaceful people mainly because we are no longer acting in survival mode. Now I am not here to say that the system is the only issue because it isn’t, our programming is also very strong in what we have been taught and believe about ourselves. I am simply here to say, this programming can be broken and our consciousness can and is changing.

I also thought it was a big step to see Iceland employ a new means of choosing it’s leaders. Someone who is an adult and has 30 people supporting them can run. This is great as the only reason why we have educated politicians today is because the elite needs to know that these people are programmed to repeat this system. Generally they also have to have corporate affiliations as well so they know they can be controlled by money.

Now Iceland is proceeding to actually prosecute some of their formerly most powerful bankers and the Icelandic special prosecutor has stated that it very well may indict some 90 people. Meanwhile, over 200 people, including the former chief executives of Iceland’s three biggest banks, face criminal charges for their activities. While I don’t agree with the judgment factor being used here, I understand that this is the step they feel right in taking.

Hopefully more countries around the world begin to follow suit!

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  1. patt

    1. the government retired because of the public pressure in a row with the financial crisis, new government of social democrats and green was voted. things like that happen, its not that particular.
    2. the parliament refused to vote about the new constitution. the experiment is seen as failed today. the constitution change was already unlikely when this article was posted. this is nothing but propaganda.
    3. the social democrats lost in the parliamentary elections in 2013.
    4. the statement that there was nothing on television or the newspaper is just not true. there was enough. however the public interest outside of iceland was pretty low.

    i know “free thinkers” you will find an explanation for that, some explanation that is least likely, like resistance of the freemason. i just wanted to bring you on the current state, as you live in the past.

  2. jason ei

    Great story. If we tried that in the US, the gov’t goons (police, nat’l guard) would instigate violence, blame the peaceful demonstrators, and crush the revolution. Plus they would have half the country brainwashed against it. This is a wonderful way for smaller countries that don’t have the levels of corporate and government oppression as the US does, to peacefully find justice and change. Couldn’t happen that way here unless you had 40-50 percent of the population start driving to D.C. on the same day and just totally started marching on washington and occupying the capitol mall. Like 100 million people all just swamping the DC metro region. Taking over gov’t builidngs and institutions with sheer numbers and anarchy. I doubt it would be bloodless.

  3. This… I just felt so reassured reading this, and simultaneously disgusted. This story needs to be known more widely.

  4. walter

    looks like Iceland didn’t give their people enough fluoride in their water

  5. Pete

    I like to think of myself as very anti-capitalist, albeit peaceful too. I like to wear non-offensive anti-capitalist T-shirts to express how I feel at being oppressed by the ‘system’. I came across a T-shirt about the Icelandic revolution, and thought I’d check it out on the web. Thusly, I found this website, and was left in a state of shock, but yet in awe of the Icelandic residents. (I don’t refer to them as persons or people, as this denotes them as being part of a fictional governmental monetary system).

    With living in the UK, I find it difficult to get away from the prying eyes of the state, and its authorities. With CCTV everywhere, and the paper trail that knows where I’ve been, where I am, and no doubt where I’ll be going too. (The latter sounds defeatist I know).

    One day I will be (and hopefully everybody for that matter) FREE!

  6. jaydi

    thank you Iceland for leading the way. Much love from the united states.

  7. Andy Dent

    Fantastic story, sharing the hell out of it !!! :)

  8. I am sorry. I just read other articles of this blog. It is an esoteric conspiracy site. Take care and good luck finding the “reason why we are here”. A little hint: there is non, we have to finde our own meaning of (our) life.
    Have a nice day

  9. What is this? A conspiracy? The act of “revolution” was in the media. You just have to read good newspapers instead of the boulevard crap.

    Its not just the theory that the media did not write about it because if the people would ask questions. You are saying human beings are programmed? By whom?

    Iceland was a great example of a working democracy where the power comes from the citizens. The EU and the single states in europe should look carefully and think about it. But there are living 300,000 people. Compare this to the rest of the european countries e.g GB, France or Germany.

    But the article in a hole smells like the old wining conspiracy theory. The fault is always with some others (here the media) and the human programmer (who ever this should be).

    Sorry for the bad english.

    • It sounds like you have been living under a rock perhaps. It should be common knowledge for most by now that the mainstream television media is controlled by a minority. To introduce you to the idea that the mainstream television media is controlled by a small minority, checkout the doco “outfoxed”. There are plenty more examples, “psyop” is also a good film. You can also look at the media companies and who owns the controlling shares and check out what other entities they are affiliated with.

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