Why Did The Media Keep The Recent Peaceful Icelandic Revolution Quiet?

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icelandDid you know about the peaceful Icelandic revolution that took place over the last 5 years? If you didn’t, it is likely because it was never televised or talked about very much at all on mainstream news. One would have to be part of the right websites or Facebook pages to even find out that this has been going on. Why is this the case? Why keep something so monumental hidden from the public?

First let’s discuss what took place with this revolution, then it will become much more clear as to why this was never televised.

It was during a time of a lot of financial turmoil around the world and stories were popping up all over the news of how banks around the world had been crushing or minimizing rebellions by receiving massive bailouts to keep them alive. The Iceland story is different because there was no crushing or ending the rebellion, instead, the people rose up. This is why this was not seen on TV anywhere. If the rest of the world knew that the people won, it may give them some ideas.

During the financial turmoil of 2008 and 2009, the people of Iceland forced their government and banks to resign. How did they do this? Peacefully. The following is a summation of what steps they took over a process of several years, and it all began with each one of them realizing this couldn’t continue.

2008 – The main bank of Iceland is nationalized. The Krona, the currency of Iceland devaluates and the stock market halts. The country is in bankruptcy.

2008 – Citizens rise up at Parliament and succeed in forcing the resignation of both the prime minister and the effective government. New elections are held.
Yet, the country remains in a bad economic situation. A Parliament act is passed to pay back 3,500 million Euros to Great Britain and Holland by the people of Iceland monthly during the next 15 years, with 5.5% interest.

2010 – The people of Iceland again take to the streets to demand a referendum. In January of 2010, the President of Iceland denies approval, instead announcing a popular vote on the matter by the people.
In March, a referendum and denial of payment is approved by popular vote of 93%. Meanwhile, government officials initiate an investigation to bring to justice those responsible for the crisis. Many high level executives and bankers are arrested. Interpol dictates an order to force all implicated parties to leave Iceland.

An assembly is elected to write a new constitution (based on that of Denmark) to avoid entrapments of debt based currency foreign loans. 25 citizens are chosen — with no political affiliation — out of the 522 candidates. The only qualifications for candidacy are adulthood and the support of 30 people. The constitutional assembly started in February of 2011. It continues to present ‘carta magna’ from recommendations provided by various assemblies throughout the country. Ultimately, it must be approved by both the current Parliament and the one created through the next legislative election.

It’s quite a story isn’t it? You can most definitely see at this point why this was not covered in newspapers, on radio networks and on television. Imagine seeing this story on TV several times each day wherever you live in the world; do you think the people would start to get ideas? Maybe try the same thing? Most definitely. There is always a constant push of fear, murders, anger, government success, health fallacies and false information, but never do we hear of stories that could be a threat to the system.

Another key factor of this revolution that we have to look at is that it did not come from a place of violence, bloodshed or anger. No guns or fighting! It was simply people getting together peacefully and working things out. This is something this entire world is capable of but believes is impossible. Humanity has been so programmed to give itself little credit in this department. We always hear about how we need to be governed, there are too many crazy people out there, we need a big brother keeping control. The truth is, without the confines and certain rules the system employs, we would be a much more peaceful people mainly because we are no longer acting in survival mode. Now I am not here to say that the system is the only issue because it isn’t, our programming is also very strong in what we have been taught and believe about ourselves. I am simply here to say, this programming can be broken and our consciousness can and is changing.

I also thought it was a big step to see Iceland employ a new means of choosing it’s leaders. Someone who is an adult and has 30 people supporting them can run. This is great as the only reason why we have educated politicians today is because the elite needs to know that these people are programmed to repeat this system. Generally they also have to have corporate affiliations as well so they know they can be controlled by money.

Now Iceland is proceeding to actually prosecute some of their formerly most powerful bankers and the Icelandic special prosecutor has stated that it very well may indict some 90 people. Meanwhile, over 200 people, including the former chief executives of Iceland’s three biggest banks, face criminal charges for their activities. While I don’t agree with the judgment factor being used here, I understand that this is the step they feel right in taking.

Hopefully more countries around the world begin to follow suit!

Watch the video:


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  1. We are being screwed, and at the same time being patted on the back for good behaviour, just like the toothless poodle we’ve become.

  2. alfredwed

    Need to clean house in the USA just like Iceland did, Corporations are NOT people.

  3. Jonathan

    One Icelander contests some of the rosy claims commonly being made about Iceland’s handling of the GFC, with sourcing.


    • This gentleman is volunteering to pay the debts assumed by privateers. Clearly, since he is a corporate shill, assign the obligations to him (and his masters). Once privatized, the three Icelandic banks borrowed 100 billion dollars–in a country with 317,000 total population. It wasn’t done in the name of the Icelandic people, since the banks had been privatized by a traitorous government. The U.S. should handle the problem in exactly the same way. Throw out the government, rewrite the constitution, which clearly made such criminality possible, and jail all the financiers, and other corporate executives still lining their pockets with the savings of the middle class.

      • Matt

        The Constitution didn’t have anything to do with it and does not need to be rewritten, it needs to be followed. The Federal Reserve is unconstitutional and should be abolished.

    • Anonymous

      This is economic warfare, they’re testing on people, this is BS and Iceland kicked them in the nuts. It says that they hung up on the IMF and EU Central bank. Why? Because they were trying to force Icelandic people into IMF programs and screw them for life. I am not going to listen to a guy called “fakebaldur” who definitely didn’t get it. Or maybe he was paid not to “get” it and write gibberish.

    • Thanks, that is a very nice written piece!

      What do you think the people of Iceland can do? Couldn’t they simply force an evolution? Why would they pay any taxes any longer if the government does not protect the people they are supposed to serve?

      Would it be possible that the Icelandic people just forget about all that money business and just contribute to their society what they have to offer? Who cares about having money if you can give what you have to give and are being offered what you need.

      (I sometimes ask the people of my local organic food store if they still expect that i give them money for the food i am picking up.)

  4. Andrea

    I think, this article is nice, although missing some important details.
    Plus, iceland is very small country both in size and polulation and they live all more or less in the same place. They do not have costs on electricity and instead of bailing out the banks they closed the bancrupt ones. They did some things right, and other than you I absolutly welcome the fact that the bankers gone to jail, but most of the things were only possible because of the size and region this country is.

    • not true we could do the same thing in the United States if all the people were behind the cause

      • thank you. i am so sick of the EXCUSE of SIZE of america. SIZE just means MORE CITIZENS that can speak up. one day we will get tired of smelling like shit and get our heads out of our arses

    • Robert

      The fact that, in Iceland, corporations are not people may have helped.

  5. HARV

    Icelands is whitest country on the planet. The illiteracy rate is nonexistant (unless you are over 90 and grew up without schools) Literacy is the key…..

  6. Fendall

    Harv: what does race have to do with it? As or literacy, cuba is far more literate than the US.

    • Anonymous

      So you think It’s better in US than in Cuba?

      • WE ruined Cuba because castro was tired of americans going to cuba to rape their little girls. get the REAL story and get your mind right.

  7. Ted E. Bear

    I followed and read through with interest the link provided by Jonathan (see above). I’d suggest all here do the same, and don’t forget to read through all the comments. Sadly much of the source info is in Icelandic and although the author is fluent in English, he leaves it to the readers to sort through all the documents and translate via Google or otherwise. Long story short: it appears that everything isn’t as rosy in Iceland as is being portrayed by the alternative media, as the real perpetrators of the disaster remain wealthy and still run free.
    I know CE wants people to know the truth – a follow-up would appear to be in order.
    At the end of the day, when it comes to worldly matters and finances, it IS only paper, and has the power that we give it.
    The real power is within us all. Namaste.

  8. At least they DID something!

    • The key word is something. I was always taught to do “something” even if it’s wrong. At least you are making an attempt. A correction will follow if you are too far off base.

    • Edgar Yépez

      The best comment so far…

      • jim hay

        That’s right!


    i found this article to be most informative and inspirational – and to Michael laughing Wolf – agreed!! Apathy is the most dangerous disease of our times I feel.

  10. @NDAA2012 was here. You have been Tweeted.

  11. you have spelled the word ‘process’ wrong :)

    • Oh no ! a spelling troll!!

      • jes

        lol.. what if we all just fucking did it. i mean im sick of the way things are here, we should just do it

        • We try to rebel with the Occupy Wall Street movement and it didn’t work, The state intimidated the hell out of the protesters, and people gave up, also the fact that most of the protesters had no clue what they were protesting about, there were to many social issues involve in the OWS movement. Iceland was focus and this is what we lack here in the US, perhaps the guy that mention the size of the country is right, since Iceland is a small region country is easier to communicate and be united.

          • Occupy was infiltrated by right wing pretenders who called the media and the police. But it didn’t fail. People paid attention. The difference is that our country is so unequal. The moneyed 1% has all the power and more importantly the money. We have a start and we need to do it again and again and again. A lot of sabotage would help. Little acts of rebellions against the power corporations can actually weakened them. Millions of little brave rebellious acts add up. Why not Americans have nothing to lose as the plans are for our lives to get much worse.

            • - Collective Evolution

              Occupy was first initiated and paid for by the elite. The idea was to prove that the world was out of control and they needed to be controlled via polica state. That back fired as people were calm and turned it more into a peaceful resistance.

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