Idle No More: First Nations Expose Canadian Government and Corporate Interests

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idle no moreLess than one month ago, four women from Saskatchewan decided to take initiative and raise awareness on a recent legislative attack on First Nations people by creating the idle no more movement. They are trying to raise awareness about bill C-45, a bill that was introduced by the Canadian government on October 18th. The bill brings changes to the Indian Act, it takes power away from First Nations and puts it into the hands of the Canadian Government. It actually lowers the threshold of community consent in the surrender and designation process of Indian Reserve Lands. That doesn’t make any sense does it? What right does the government have to make changes to the Indian Act without even consulting the First Nations? We are talking about thousands upon thousands of acres, as well as thousands of lakes and rivers. We all know that multinational corporations dictate what governments do, in this case it involves mining, oil, and pipelines.

Having lived on a reserve for 1 year, I know there is heavy interest for the accumulation of land by outside interests.  First Nations members have even been killed for protesting against it. They dump toxic chemicals into the water and completely destroy the environment and the people living around it. This bill passed is being used to justify development which in turn will lead to environmental degradation,  the ripple effects will continue to affect First Nation populations, the Earth and wildlife around these areas. It’s no coincidence that in the early 1900’s, the Canadian residential school program was directed and operated by the department of mines and natural resources, in conjunction with the church. People seem to forget that North America had a holocaust too, and that the struggle and voice of First Nations has been purposely suppressed.  Acquisition of land, resources and it’s people was the goal of many families when it comes to First Nations. The Rothschild family for example, they have been involved with resource interest here, as well as the depopulation of first nations. It’s no coincidence that young Mr. Nat Rothschild is heavily involved with the Barrick Gold corporation, and so is John Thornton, former Goldman Sachs chief executive. What we are seeing with bill C-45 are corporate interests that dictate moves made by the government, they are all within the pyramid control structure we see on the planet today.

The implementation of this bill violates the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. I am not surprised here, as the same families responsible for a large amount of funding toward the creation of the UN are the same ones that own big oil, mining, and energy companies. Companies such as Barrick Gold (mentioned earlier) or the Rockefeller Hughes Corporation. This bill does not honor the treaties or indigenous sovereignty because the federal government did not adequately consult with First Nations before implementing the legislation.

The government also changes the Navigable Waters Protection Act. This is 130 years old and was responsible for the protection of thousands of Canadian lakes and rivers. The government argues that changes were required to begin necessary infrastructure projects along waterways. In other words, big business interests. You can rest assured that multinational (Canadian) oil, gas and mining corporations are involved here. But what about the environment? Bill C-45 isn’t just an attack on First Nations, it’s an attack on our planet.

The idle no more movement is one that should be supported world wide. It’s time for humans of all races to come together as one. We are ONE human race, all interconnected. We are calling for global change en masse, we are the ones we have been waiting for.



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  1. Ruby

    This article is quite spectacular in it’s revealing….However, I wanted to point out that the changes to the navigable waters act lifted protection of millions of lakes and rivers, not just thousands. Most of the rivers and lakes that remain under protection, also just happen to be located in primarily conservatively dense riding’s with upper middle class incomes, and around their summer cottages and retreat areas. This information is also important for people to know.


  3. klara
  4. The GREEDY know no shame, they care not for others or the lands of others. They live in their own world, a world in which we will never be included. Their mindset is scary and appears to be void of any human compassion. Soulless people who not only want more money they do not need but more power, power over you and I and our world. Soulless men and women who would destroy us and our world to gain complete and total control.

  5. Clean up your own house first by starting to ask your elders and chiefs what they did with all our money.

    • Cal Petit,
      “Clean up your own house first by starting to ask your elders and chiefs what they did with all our money.” ‘
      Did you think of this statement all alone? Or are you repeating what the media has been dishing out?
      Can’t you see that you’ve been steered away from the real problem, bill C-45, and redirected to another problem which has no bearing to the original problem!
      Don’t be fooled, bill C-45 is the issue at hand. What the elders and chief are doing with ‘your’ money is another matter all together. Your statement indicates that the government has the right to take away their power of their land because some of their elders actions. Come on, can you really compare the two?
      PS. On the same note, what should we do with our leaders? (They mismanage our money daily)

    • Johnny Canuck

      @ Cal Petit: It’s not “your” money to begin with. Here’s my counter suggestion: settle all monies owed to First Nations and see what’s left BEFORE declaring taxpayer funds “your” money. Also, I don’t, nor have I ever, condoned what politicians (regardless of right or left) have done with tax payer monies up until now. It’s criminal behavior, perpetuated by the ones who make the laws and change them to suit their needs as they go along.

  6. Victoria Grant: ”12-year old Victoria Grant explains why her homeland, Canada, and most of the world, is in debt. April 27, 2012 at the Public Banking in America Conference, Philadelphia, PA. Support a public bank for YOUR state. Donate and make it happen!”

  7. Greg Fletcher
  8. Greg Fletcher

    This is not getting the attention it should, seems to be getting held back in public forums. Still needs over 2000 signatures and it’s been active for over a month.


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