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So many of us are trapped under the spell of time. Think of childhood fairytales and what happens to the protagonist when cast under a spell. They are no longer themselves, become subservient, predictable and controllable. Spells remind me of operating systems. They carry out a coded formula of data, and it operates on autopilot. It lacks enthusiasm, authenticity, spirit, and above all, consciousness. I think the notion of time’s importance has entrapped humanity. We live by the clock: calendars, event schedulers, time cards, planners. We have clocks in every room, on our phone, laptops, in our car. We never see people unless we have pre-arranged it, and when we bump into someone by chance, we have no time to talk or catch up, so we plan a specified time in the future. As I reflect on this, and have the understanding, thanks to Eckhart Tolle, that time is an illusion and there is only right now, I feel empowered, and on top of that, I feel conscious. I think the concept of time eludes and deceives us into living for the future, which tricks us into NOT living in the now. If now is all there is, then my “future self” lives in the now too. I think we become co-creators of our life by utilizing our imagination in the present, as it serves to anchor us to our destiny, hence “to live the life we imagine”. I think the evidence of time being a slave to humans is the non-existence of time to the plants and animals around us. Dogs and cats don’t wear watches, ducks are never late, and horses don’t know what month we’re in. Humans are the only species who are a servant to time. With this tragedy, comes one of the biggest fears known to man: running out of time. I think that if we can break the spell of time in our lives, our consciousness would increase, and we can realize our highest self, whilst simultaneously, our ego would disintegrate, as the duality of our perception merges to the one force that is all; love.

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