Macrophagic Myofasciitis (MMF): Another Disease Caused By Vaccines

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VACCINESMMFMacrophagic myofasciitis (MMF) is a condition that was discovered by France in the  1990’s. It’s not a well known condition, but it can trigger paralyzing symptoms that are associated with multiple sclerosis (MS) and fibromyalgia. It’s a rare muscle disease characterized by microscopic lesions found in muscle tissue. It causes fatigue, chronic inflammation and joint pain. MMF is highly associated with aluminum hydroxide, an ingredient commonly found in vaccines.  Aluminum in vaccines has always been speculated to cause neurological disorders, and MMF involves the loss of myelin sheaths, which protect the nerves of the central nervous system.

We conclude that the MMF lesion is secondary to intramuscular injection of aluminium hydroxide-containing vaccines, shows both long-term persistence of aluminium hydroxide and an ongoing local immune reaction, and is detected in patients with systemic symptoms which appeared subsequently to vaccination. – NCBI  (SOURCE)

With all of the information that has been surfacing surrounding vaccinations, especially within the past 5 years, why do we continue to debate this subject? I remember seeing a picture on the internet that read “I can’t believe we still have to protest this shit”. Some things are becoming so apparent, yet programming from mass media as well as education make it hard, and sometimes impossible for the mind to take in any evidence against a programmed belief system. So many individuals have been integrated into the system that they will even fight, argue and cite false information as means of justification to protect it. Vaccines are another great example of how easily we give our mind away by being so susceptible to manipulation of information for the sake of profit, greed and control. With proper research, critical questioning and connection making it is clear that vaccinations do not protect us but only harm us.  Our immune systems are designed to fight off disease on their own, after doing so they become stronger. By taking vaccination, we take the power away from our own body’s ability to do what it is naturally supposed to do and weaken it’s ability to fend for itself.

The same corporations that own and control the mainstream media also fund medical research and pharmaceutical companies. It’s no surprise to me that they use the media to push vaccinations by using fear to coerce the population into injection. So many studies are surfacing that show the harmful effects of vaccinations, yet mainstream media continues to perpetuate the fear of disease.

Aluminum deposits are known to overstimulate the immune system. One third of all patients diagnosed with MMF develop other autoimmune disorders. Autoimmune disorder is a condition that  occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys healthy body tissue. There are over 80 different types of autoimmune disorders. The World Health Organisation (WHO) continues to deny that vaccines are the cause of this disease, and that this disease actually exists (MMF). Despite all of the evidence, it is quite clear that this is indeed a big problem and does exist . The WHO sites absolutely no evidence for their claim, and provides no reasonable explanation for their conclusion.

GACVS reviewed the data of the case-control study performed in France and concluded, in accordance with previous statements,5 that the persistence of aluminium-containing macrophages at the site of a previous vaccination is not associated with specific clinical symptoms or disease. – WHO (SOURCE)

A simple statement made by the WHO is believed by mass population while we have so much evidence that suggests otherwise. If you take a look at the history of the WHO, CODEX Alimentarius, and the individuals behind the money it always leads to those at the top of the pyramid. The same ones that regulate our energy, media, and other systems we use in our daily life.

It’s always important to remember that we have free will, and you do have choice of whether to get vaccinated or not. The power, control and manipulation by the elite rely upon us to conform without question. I am glad to be here at this time while the human race experiences the upliftment of humanity as we live through the age of awareness, transparency and transformation. The ‘power’ lies within us, not with those that dwell within the pyramid. We are in control here, and we can change the planet any time we choose, together.

Much Love, and help us spread the word!


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  1. A good book written a few years back:
    How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor
    by Robert S. Md Mendelsohn

    Talks all about vaccines and their dangers and why you should avoid them.
    As a result of reading this book, neither of my children have ever been vaccinated.
    Both are extremely healthy.

  2. Lorrie Mills

    This is something I have been worried about since my first child was born. I have four children and thought seriously about not getting their shots because of this, however the school had another opinion. Despite how a parent feels about this they are forced to make their children get these shots to attend school. No shots = No school=jail for the parents. So in all honesty we do NOT have free will when it comes to this topic. I believe more studies should be done or at the very least be open to the public. The thought of a morning news show actually doing a segment on this is slim to none. As a society we are treated like cattle forced to live how other think we should with no choice in anything anymore. We are lined up for all kinds of “shots” we supposedly need, branded with a number and before to long forced to be micro chipped. Its time we realize that for ourselves.

    • Linda Arnold

      You CAN exempt your child from vaccines thru the state, and the schools HAVE to accept your choice. They won’t volunteer this information, but it is (still) legal. I forgot the dept we contacted for the form, but just google “vaccine exemption form for public school” and you should get the information needed.

  3. yabbadoody

    “Get a note from your Rabbi”… In Jewish belief, there is no ‘mixing’ of blood or blood products and so vaccinations are prohibited by orthodoxy. Not sure how the school system would handle this, but it would mean a lawsuit if they attempted to or circumvented/violated a person’s religious belief and freedoms.

  4. Sisnna rae

    I am very happy that I stayed strong in my resolve to not have my two children vaccinated. There was a lot of pressure from family and doctors but I found the evidence against vaccinations compelling enough to take a very unpopular stance and I’m so glad I did. My children are 17 and 12 and very healthy. They’ve never contacted any of the diseases immunization a are claimed to prevent whilst I’ve known children who have contracted the illnesses they’ve been supposedly innoculated against. We are however in the dangerous position of possibly losing our right to choose in this area as in so many other situations such as food, water,economics.

  5. Tony

    It seems to me that those of you not getting vaccines would be afforded the protection the rest of us give you since our children are vaccinated. If the rest of us are wrapped in bubble wrap don’t think you don’t get hurt because your not in bubble wrap when you bump into one of us.

  6. Schools cannot force a student to receive vaccinations. The school nurse is required to verify that they have been received or a signed statement that they were not given for “religious reasons”. Citizens, do not allow yourselves to be coerced. You are the legal guardians of your children, not the State!

  7. Roger

    I personally believe that far more good comes from vaccinations than bad. If you don’t feel this way, don’t get your kids vaccinated. That simple. I ask you.. how many people are inflicted with this disease? do the negatives outweigh the plusses? If you choose not to listen to educated doctors that have had years of extensive medical training, and have been presented all of the evidence, that is fine with me. It is your right. I choose to listen to the experts.

  8. My little girl died of the Measles three years ago becase she was not vaccinated. The risk of contracting an illness from the vaccination < the risk of contracting the illness against which you are vaccinating.

    • Karen

      I’m sorry for your loss. It’s good to hear a voice of reason on this issue. We just had my 7 year old step-daughter vaccinated last week for the first time in her life. She is happy knowing that she will not be susceptible to serious illness. I pray that you will continue to share your story. I barely survived measles as a child, and have visual problems and a weakened immune system as a result.

  9. Sarah

    “Our immune systems are designed to fight off disease on their own, after doing so they become stronger.” You clearly don’t understand the immune system or vaccines. Vaccines are made for diseases our body can’t fight on it’s own; diseases that kill people. Vaccines contain a weakened version of the disease that our body can fight and the immune system remembers how to fight it so that if it encountered the full strength version later, it will be able to fight it. Just became some one is making money from something, doesn’t mean they have malicious intent. If they really wanted to make money off us, they wouldn’t offer vaccines because treating the diseases is much more profitable. Ever hear the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? Instead of protesting the vaccines as a whole, protest the aluminum. Not having your child vaccinated is like not using a child safety seat. I don’t think it’s very responsible for parents to gamble with their children’s life but it is their choice. I agree you should question everything. I question everything and research both sides of an argument. I question the source of the information and what sort of underlying intention may be manipulating the information one way or another. I have not seen any sound evidence against vaccines that even comes close to matching the evidence for the good that they do (and it’s not a case of cognitive dissonance). There may be some risk involved with a vaccination injection but the diseases themselves pose a much greater risk. Thanks for keeping an open mind as you read this.

  10. Such a loser with marketing that you have to promote your site with known bullshit.
    What a fucking loser

  11. Zen

    Most vaccines are [reserved with Thimerosal, which is ableto do what nothing should and cross the Blood Brain Barrier, causing lesions as in MS and Autism. When requested, Thimerosal-free vaccines are available.

  12. question-everything

    In Vancouver, there will be an anti-Vaccine Summit held next week: March 12, 2013. Wonder if MMF will be covered in the topics of discussion.

  13. jon

    Vaccines are not what they used to be, they now contain elements that are lethal to humans, Mercury is an insane thing to put into your body let alone your child’s body. They say it is there as a delivery mechanism even though there are plenty of other innocuous things that can be used. Look at the facts and the stratospheric rise in things like Autism. My child may receive a couple of shots but he is not going near the mercury ones, I love him too much.

    • sydney6681

      Many people aged 40 and up had mercury based dental fillings for years or decades.

  14. For once I would like to hear the truth; are vaccines harmful or not? There is only on truth, who is lying? What do people have to benefit from saying that immunizations are harmful if it is a lie? What do people have to benefit from lying if they are not harmful and say they are? Is the one group misinformed? I would like to hear from the companies who make the vaccines, if they could tell us exactly what is in the vaccines and why they claim it’s not harmful to us, in layman’s terms.

  15. Heather

    7 days ago I received a tetanus/whooping cough vaccine because I had to get stitches for a baseball injury to my hand. I am a very healthy, active 47 year old female. I have never had any issues with muscle or joint pain until now. My right hand that I received the stitches in is healing wonderfully but my left arm where I received the vaccine is in incredible pain. I have absolutely no strength in my arm, I can’t lift it, I can’t even do simple tasks like putting a dish away or getting dressed without stabbing pain down my arm, and I have to sleep with it propped up on a pillow because it aches otherwise. The left side of my face ached, my upper and lower gums swelled and became too tender to even brush and by early afternoon I am so exhausted I am ready to go to bed. When I received the vaccine at the hospital it all happened so fast, I was not told of any side effects of the vaccine (except a bit of tenderness at the injection site) or what was even in the vaccine. Please, think twice and do your research before considering vaccinations.

  16. I am a 54 yr old woman with 2 children who were vaccinated in the 80s….I was young then….and given what I know to be truth now I would have NEVER subjected them to vaccinations….all you 50 and 60 somethingers out there…question for ya….when YOU were growing up did you know kids with ADHD and autism ????? I never met not one…now they are everywhere…cant go anywhere without running into someone who knows someone or who is affected in some way by these maladies ..common denominator?? vaccines!!!!! these toxic heavy metals should not be in our bodies for life…of course they are eventually going to do harm…because of them we now have whole generations growing into adulthood with serious serious problems…all ya have to do is look around and THINK about it…stop being sheep and wake up to what the $owers that be are doing…leading us all to the slaughter house for their own profits

  17. Sydney

    “Our immune systems are designed to fight off disease on their own, after doing so they become stronger. By taking vaccination, we take the power away from our own body’s ability to do what it is naturally supposed to do and weaken it’s ability to fend for itself”.

    I feel this statement is somewhat misleading and misinformed. Yes, our immune systems fight off disease constantly, day and night, however, it is not perfect. Disease producing pathogens are daunting foes to be sure.

    One of the greatest actions we can take to ensure our children are healthy is to breast fed them from day one. Even a month of breast feeding confers powerful immune system enhancers to the baby. It is the milk produced the first few days-the colostrum–that is crucial! In the 1930’s and 40s, there was a strong trend away from breast feeding, and a new availability of household disinfectants that marked the beginning of our quest to sanitize everything in sight. Breast feeding was not viewed as sanitary and fell into disfavor. The years that followed were marred by a protracted polio epidemic that largely affected whites who had easy access to medical care and bore their children in hospitals, where they were almost invariably advised not to breast fed. The epidemic had little effect on those who did not have access to conventional medical care, largely families of color, without financial means and/or in distant rural areas. Their children were almost invariably breast fed, and few contracted polio due to the conference of the mother’s immunity. Those who did get it usually had mild flu-like symptoms that passed within a week leaving no lingering effects. A few got seriously ill, some died, but in those populations, it was rare.

    Quite often, we acquire immunity to an illness by catching and surviving it. Our immune system will detect a pathogen, often a virus, and launch a tailor-made defense. Once the pathogen is eliminated, the immune response that was able to defeat it remains in the body and can be stimulated quickly and effectively should the same pathogen enter the body again. We have acquired immunity, at least to some degree. Shigella and herpes viruses are able to mask themselves from the immune response and re-emerge, sometimes repeatedly. The HIV virus disables the immune system. Numerous viruses, such as influenza, hepatitis C and rhinoviruses, mutate frequently, rendering previous immune responses ineffective. Some viruses, such as smallpox, rubella and pertussis simply overwhelm he immune system, and the resulting illnesses can be devastating.

    Vaccines don’t kill germs. They fool our body’s own system into attacking a pathogen that has been inactivated, but carries the same protein markers as a live virus. The immune system senses the intruder and builds a response to fight that intruder. This is why some people, after receiving a vaccine, feel ill, run a fever, or have swelling and tenderness at the injection site. After the perceived threat is eradicated, the immune response caries on.

    I am aware of the ongoing concerns about vaccines causing various illnesses and disorders. I have no particular expertise on this matter, but I do have some thoughts I would like to share. 1. Anything that is introduced into the body has potential to cause a negative-even fatal-reaction. Tylenol can cause catastrophic liver failure. A single peanut can trigger fatal anaphylaxis, as can a bee sting or spider bite. The botulinum spores naturally found in honey are harmless to adults, but can kill an infant. 2. Certainly any medication that unnecessarily contains toxins (some medications, such as strong chemotherapy agents, are inherently toxic), should be pulled from the market. However, poor formulation or contamination does not necessarily indict the medication in and of itself. Think of the cyanide-laced Tylenol in the early 1980s . Tylenol vanished from the shelves, but not for long. Medications get recalled frequently for various reasons. Some are put back on the market, some are not. 3. Correlation does not equal causation. I became aware of the concern that vaccines might cause autism 25-30 years ago. In that time frame there has also been an explosion in the use of GMO food crops, Round-up, high-fructose corn syrup, aspartame, countless pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, trans-fat and plain sugar. We have discovered the dangers of formaldehyde, VOCs, flame retardants black mold and various cleaning agents in our homes. We live closer together, drive more, pollute more, produce more garbage, eat more highly processed food and exercise less. I do not write this list to discount the concerns regarding illness brought on by vaccines, but to put them in context. There are many factors that may be contributing to the increased diagnoses of ADHD, autism and other maladies 4. Several years ago, doctors believed that smallpox had been eradicated. They were wrong. Outbreaks of pertussis and measles were almost unheard of in the US until the past 10 years, when some parents stopped vaccinating their children. The last genuine epidemic we had in this country was HIV/AIDS, although it appears that Hepatitis C is emerging as a sleeping killer. We vaccinate against smallpox and polio, pertussis, rubella, mumps and diphtheria because they are highly contagious and frequently devastating illnesses. My mother described the polio epidemics, the fear, the funerals, the friends who lived out their days in the hospital, some permanently imprisoned in an iron lung, and the quarantines. Her home was quarantined, her sister regaining the ability to walk unaided only after months of daily therapy.

    I don’t wish to sound harsh or uncaring–I know first-hand the anguish of having a fatally ill child–but I truly believe that the illnesses we routinely vaccinate against are by great orders of magnitude, worse than the illnesses they combat. I believe that any parent who does not provide their children with at least some vaccinations is terribly misguided and possibly much worse. I hope it does not take a sweeping and deadly epidemic to clarify this point.

    My best wishes to all the parents on this thread. All of us do the very best we can with the information and support available to us. I can only suggest that you study your options carefully, check a variety of resources from the US and around the world, and don’t allow fear to drive decisions about your children’s well-being. Get informed and act accordingly. Thank You.

    • Connor

      I could not have thought of a better way to say this. I was about to bring the same quote into question and give the same counter-argument.

      You sir, are intelligent.


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