MK Ultra: CIA Admits Behavioral Engineering On Humans

MIND CONTROLThis may be old information, but many people have yet to hear about project MK Ultra. It was the name for a previously classified research program through the CIA’s scientific intelligence division. It was the CIA’s program of research in behavioral modification on human beings that’s now declassified.  The United States government even issued a national apology for the program while Bill Clinton was in office. We often hear stories about mind control and human experimentation without really considering the reality behind the phenomenon.  Is it really that hard to believe? Scientific experimentation is not only limited to animals. It can be hard to fathom that there are organisations on the planet that would actually subject human beings to experimentation, torture and more in order to manipulate people’s individual mental states as well as alter brain functions.  If you step outside of yourself and look at the planet from an external perspective, we have an energy industry that thrives off of oil and suppression of clean, zero point energy. We have a health industry that thrives off of genetically engineering our food. Big pharmaceutical companies and the suppression of cures. And we have a small group of multinational corporations that own the media and all industries mentioned above. What is even more revealing is that all of the money that goes into the department of defense and intelligence agencies is connected to all other industries that govern our planet. It is evidently clear that the ones we give our power over to so easily do not have our best interests at hand, and are searching for information and methods in order to control and manipulate the population. In my opinion, TV, mass media and other forms of ‘pop culture’ are branches of the MK Ultra program.

The reappearance of reports of the abuses of the drug testing program and reports of other previously unknown drug programs and projects for behavioral control underline the necessity for effective oversight procedures both in the executive branch and in the congress (Source)

Most programs within the military industrial complex have zero oversight by congress. Although the program began in the 1950′s, it was not until the late 1970′s when The Freedom of Information Act uncovered thousands of documents  that shed light on MK ultra. I don’t think it’s logical to assume that human experimentation has stopped, I wonder what is happening in those deep underground military bases, don’t you? The ones who control the government, and thus the intelligence agencies as well as the military do not really care for human beings. Human experimentation and genetic experiments continue to this day, in deep underground military bases.

The medical trials at Nuremberg in 1947 revealed experimentation with human subjects unknowingly is morally and legally unacceptable. Nuremberg was used to persuade the population that human experimentation was over, but it still goes on today. Bill Clinton’s apology to the nation was also used for the same purpose, to make the population think that human experimentation is a thing of the past. You can view his apology in the list of sources at the bottom of the article. The United States Military Tribunal established the Nuremberg Code, it was a standard to judge German scientists who experimented with human subjects.  It’s funny how the United States NASA program was created by German Scientists.

There is also project paperclip, this was a program developed by the United States in order to recruit German scientists to work in the United States after World War II. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were heavily involved with MK Ultra. It isn’t hard to link these projects with the depopulation of the North American Natives.

What were MK Ultra Test Subjects Put Through?

MK Ultra test subjects were put through sleep deprivation, they were made to eat their own feces and drink their own urine. A child was put in a box, another outside of it, and the one outside of it was told the other was going to jump out and kill them. One child was given a sword and forced to kill the other. Drug testing and more were also involved. Based on all my research, today, I think the Mk Ultra program was expanded into military abductions, which some mistakenly take for alien abductions. They may be just military, or they may be joint alien as well as military. I do think there are extraterrestrial beings that are of service to themselves, but I do believe many are around with their heart intent on service to others.

The agencies we give our power over to were responsible for MK Ultra, this is now publicly made information. We continue to let these same agencies govern us, and assume that all reality that is known is presented to us on our television. MK Ultra is an old program, scientific experimentation on human beings continue to this day and we are the test subjects.  This can be a lot to take in, but it is necessary to expose the truth about the ones we let govern our planet. The same ones govern all other industries on our planet, yet we continue to participate and even promote them proudly. TV, mass media, and education are extensions of this program. Why wouldn’t they be? They are all funded by the same people that funded MK Ultra! If you want to dive in further, I suggest you give this interview a listen. Our world is subject to many different experiences for many different people. It can be hard to take in “dark” realities of this human experience, but it’s important to shed light on them so we can transform and change it. We are living in the age of transparency, change, love and light.

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Clinton Lies (program never ended)

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60 comments on “MK Ultra: CIA Admits Behavioral Engineering On Humans

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  3. bo

    Don’t get fooled into thinking you are mad now that you are seeing clearly with your perception

  4. The children were put through much more abuse – sexual abuse was key, in particular sexual torture. This has been very well documented in mainstream books but much of it was revealed in pre-internet days which is why its not so well known. Dr Colin Ross has published several books including the FOI extracts and extensive research – MKultra was a set of subprojects – lookup Project Paperclip, Bluebird, The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists, The Paperclip Conspiracy, survivors such as Lynn and Cheryl Hersha and Carol Rutz have their own books. The legal side is described here and can be verified via many website using court documents
    What this article doesn’t say is that some adults volunteered to be in other less distressing experiments, especially using LSD, which lead to the death of some including Frank Olson. The New York Times broke the story in 1974.

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  6. Video does not exist…

  7. I believe Malaysian BN government and CIA has been using these technology on its own citizens for almost 35 years.

  8. Further classified human experimentation at discloses unauthorized covert lobotomy and brain implant experimentation (Dec. 9,1969 & Jan. 27,1972, at 14 & 16 years of age) without informed consent, nor parental knowledge, while under the guise of treating epilepsy. (ie-”scar tissue removal”) This information not only correlates with Manchurian Candidate developmental research, according to The Mind Stealers by Samuel Chavkin, and The Mind Msnipulators by Alan Scheflin, it also correlates with CIA MK-ULTRA project of psychosurgical and brain implant research upon unwitting subjects. Those subjects being myself, and other children who suffer epilepsy at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children.

    I recall neurosurgical wards 5-G and 6-G, full of children with various cranium incisions with casts on their heads, and this weird word, “psychosurgery” which we could not discover in the dictionary. Over the years there’s been suggestion that these implants originated from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash in New Mexico, or on the other hand, how is it, that we have brain tissue in the resected areas of the left and right temporal lobes? Seems like covert brain tissue transplantation, with implants to secure foreign brain tissue. Just as we have a cloak of secrecy on JFK’s missing brain tissue after his assassination in 1963, we have a similar cloak of secrecy in respect to Dr. Harold J. Hoffman’s covert brain surgical research at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children.

    Whats going on at Sick Kids is no indifferent than the child abuse in Quebec, where during the 60′s, over 100,000 Duplesiss orphans were exploited for CIA MK-ULTRA LSD and lobotomy research. Considering Hoffman did not provide informed consent for his research, I have no doubt of a CIA MK-ULTRA relationship, considering the US Dept of Justice put out six billion dollars towards psychosurgical research in 1968.

    Despite my efforts to disclose this medical child abuse, I am subjected to process of denial, denial of medical records, major damage control, and concealment. by the College, Ontario Health Professions Board, Toronto police, OPP, RCMP, and government officials. Seems MK-ULTRA is alive and well, when there is no over-sight, and I have a Patient Advocate informing me of a “on-going problem”.

    • ruth

      Thank you for being brave and courageous and posting this info. Most people do not care to know what cruel experiments have been forced onto kids and adults by gov’t black operation programs. I would never expect the powers that are in place to acknowledge much as they are owned and operated by all the same horrible evil entities. They run media, corps, medical, academia, food- you name it. There is only one hope and that is a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ who made a way for us to be free of this evil world when our bodies die and we reign with Him.

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  11. DB

    Totally agree…but that begs the question why are they making this known? Perhaps to take the temperature of the general public in seeing through the smoke screen???

  12. Okay…so if this is actually being acknowledged why has the general public not been informed? Also, last I checked this is illegal at this point in our Constutional law. Why have people not been made accountable and been put in jail for this. I know that the people subject to this wicked scheme are so broken that their testimonies would most likely not stand in a court of law and those implementing such control know that. Thus, admitting and apologizing are mere platitudes to further deceive this populous into thinking those in charge have seen the light.a

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  14. MC
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  16. jajkoman

    I have been trying to find out if this is a hoax but can find surprisingly little information about it. It seems to stink MK Ultra-like. What do you think?

    • CIA has admitted to it and disclosed the info to public access. Certainly not a hoax by any means although partially we may want to feel that way.

    • MP

      video is gone! boo-urns! what was the title or content?

  17. Fascinating I’ve always thought these types of things were happening and I thought I was crazy too. nice to know I’m not :)

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