The Earth’s Magnetic Poles Are Shifting

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I’m sure that many of you have heard the ‘concept’ that the Earths magnetic poles (North and South) are shifting, or that some kind of a rapid pole shift is going to occur. A pole shift is when the Earth’s magnetic fields switch places, so that the North Pole is now in the South, and vice versa. This is no longer a concept, but an actual fact. Some of us may have been led to believe that the poles would rapidly shift on December 21st, 2012. Obviously, this theory was untrue. However, the poles are shifting and have done so many times in the past, but the theory that the poles could shift instantly at any moment is just that, a theory.


The Earths magnetic poles reverse every 200,000 to 300,000 years, and a complete reversal usually takes thousands of years to complete. Although, it has been twice that long since the poles have last reversed. Scientists now say that the poles are shifting at a rate of 40 miles per year, which is actually quite a long distance if you think about it, but maybe not that much when you think of how big the Earth really is. In my own opinion I think that this definitely has something to do with the climate change that has been happening over the past few decades. When I say Climate change I do not mean ‘Global Warming.’ I mean climate change. Remember it did snow in Rome for the first time in 40 years last year!

Research suggests that this shift in the magnetic poles could very well be a factor in what has been causing the increased number of earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis that have been frequently happening around the world. Another potential factor for these weather and Earth changes that is often talked about is the increased use of HAARP. (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.) Which presumably can magnify and direct some of this sever weather.  It would make a lot of sense considering these poles are moving pretty quickly, but it appears it has not been fully proven up to this point. There have been many so-called ‘prophets’ in the past that have predicted these extreme cases of weather. How did they know? Is it because of the ancient evidence that proves that these pole shifts have occurred?

 “Weather patterns will change dramatically all over the world. The winter months will be colder and in many areas wetter. The ocean currents will be changing, and the magnetic fields of the Earth will be moved about. The animals on the land and in the sea will be dying off in great numbers…” – Mother Mary

 “…the polar regions were once turned to where they occupied more of the tropical and semi-tropical regions.” – Edgar Cayce

“The last half of the twentieth century will see much seismic and volcanic activity. Atmospheric disturbances will increase… and destructiveness as the century draws to a close.” – Richard Kieninger

I feel this is may be Gaia’s way of cleansing herself. Yes, there have been some devastating events that have occurred that may or may not be the result of the shifting poles, but this is a great time of change and transformation for us and our beautiful planet Earth. There is nothing to be afraid of as deep down we know we will be where we need to be should we need to experience something. This may also serve as a wake up call to the planet collective as it appears we are in need of one.

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  1. causes tectonic plate shift.

  2. well..,still wonder about this citation from Mother Mary. Can you give us lines and exact source of this words?

  3. Matthew

    Not once have I received a reply from any author on CE, don’t waste your time Maja.
    I personally use Collective Evolution to broaden my perspective on things I may or may not already know. I then research topics myself and then decide whether to share information that I find with my friends and associates.
    Filter out misinformation and theories without basis.

    Peace & Love

    • Alanna

      Hi Matthew, some of us do reply, but others are very busy sometimes.. a lot o work goes into this stuff. Much Love

      • JD

        Are up single?

  4. waltinseattle

    300miles per 10 years. 30/year. maybe getting faster. maybe regressing to mean. maybe something irrelevant to spin axis. what does it mean..we will have to wait and see.

    • Nattie

      the shift will alter our consciousness, more and more people will realise that great changes need to be made in thiss world. we will work in communities, and money will be long gone in the next 100s of years!! if you believe in re-birth then you have a lot to look forward to! as our journeys are endless

      • Leon

        Wouldn’t that mean that the magnetic field that our brains and heart produce change as well?

        So for our brains that would change in dominance that the left brain will be more influential ?
        Because if my gut is saying that it would alter maybe even our perspective of reality ?

        since to my understanding that the magnetic flow would change and the electrical currents(paths?) will change as well or at least adapting to the new frame?

        I’m just really curious to know or understand what will happen, I know I use more of my left brain than my right and I like it that way xD

        • Leon

          or was it the the other way around?? xD

          I’m always confused on which side was feminine and which side was male…

  5. marilyn skelton treece

    love all the info keep it coming

  6. Paula Guevara

    Hi Alanna, since I see you are responding. I would like to make German and Czech subtitles to the documentary The Collective evolution 2. Could you ask for me someone responsible if I may do so and post it on you tube? Many people I know and would like them to have this information dont speak English and this would be a great opportunity to bring it closer to all nations. Thank you
    Best regards Paula
    you can write me an email if you would like to.

  7. Cherie

    HAARP could also be the cause of the massive animal die-offs (like the thousands of birds in the US and millions of fish – not to mention beaching of marine mammals etc).

    • Nathan

      Imagine what it is doing to us.

  8. John Clark

    HAARP is mis-used in this article. It is designed for dispersing a solar “kill shot” @ the auroral electrojet near the north pole. Most weather modification is performed via VLF propagation from cell towers & nexrad radar in conjunction w/chemtrails. Check out Suspicious0bservers channel on you tube. There are links provided so you can come to your own conclusions & research many things that msm dare not speak of. Eyes open, no fear… Be safe everybody!

    • Nathan

      One would think HAARP beaming massive frequencies into aluminum particles in chem-trail engineered clouds would cause an affect on weather patterns.

  9. Luke

    The pole shift was predicted by Kryon ( An Entity channeled by Lee Carroll ) about 20 years ago, It was also stated that the further the magnetic poles are from the spin axis, the more enlightened the inhabitants of a planet are!

    This is all part of a shift in consciousness that Humans are going through at this time in history, and will take a couple of generations to complete!

    There will be no sudden pole reversal and this is part of our awakening into a much more civilised society!

    • KDG

      Yes, Kryon also explained that the weather changes are actually the earth renewing and recallibrating itself because of the magnectic and consciencness shifts. Some speices will die off while others will replenish. This is already happening in New England. Just a few seasons ago lobsters were so scarce that it was thought we overfished them. But last season there were so many lobsters that people couldn’t believe how quickly the population replenished itself. Early beachings and die-offs of some speices (fish, birds, whales, etc.) happened because the magnetic poles shifted and it took these animals a while to adjust. It didn’t happen because of global warming, which Kryon also says isn’t happening. He said earth is actually entering a cooling phase which is part of a larger climatic cycle that we haven’t seen before as a speices but the evidence for which is in ice cores and tree rings.

    • daznez

      true that, luke, though i think it will take a couple of years to complete, not a couple of generatiuons! believe, i didn’t volunteer to be a forerunner – most people that are alive today will witness (and obviously be part of) an actual evolution of a species! i mean, wow. peace & love..

    • I have long felt that the poles are in a constant cycle of movement, circling the planet much as the planet circles the sun, constantly in movement

  10. Cynthia

    @Alanna Ketler – a Geomagnetic reversal does not affect climate. Why not? Because it does not affect Earth’s cycles related to climate (see: Milankovitch cycles). It does not cause earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis either. And HAARP is not what you have been lead to believe it is. Why people continue to believe stuff like this is beyond me, especially when there is so much VALID information freely accessible through the Internet.

    • Your comment is based on ignorant fabrication, and defies logic. When using common sense (why use anything else?), the explanation for odd weather events is very easy to figure out on your own. A magnetic pole shift in fact DOES affect the Earths Climate and is an scientifically indisputable fact. Also the SUN’s Solar Activity, Suns Spots and the CME’s (Coronal Mass Ejections) has it’s major affects on the Earth changes, as well as a few other factors, which are all related one to the another. You can easily, if you’re willing to do your research, collect the data yourself, it can still be found (for now) and thus ‘avoid the lies’ you’re being told. These records have proven since records began that Extreme Weather Events, poles flipping and other earth changes have all occurred mostly during high solar activity. Anyone can collect this data themselves just by doing a little research and comparing the data. It just amazes me that there are still so many ‘so-called’ experts that continue to spew their lies to the public, all in the name of money. Also, based on my own research, pole shifts occur closer together (much, much closer) than mainstream scientist will admit, or allow you to know. The last one occurred only about 12,500 years ago (ancient records prove this) and not 100,000’s of years ago, which is just plain bologna. A bit of advice, get your facts straight and do not under ANY circumstances believe every word that spews forth from the ‘bought and paid for’ scientists and their government sponsored lies.

    • waltinseattle

      sure. because there is no connection between cosmic wind, van allen belt, auraura events and weather. sure. weather is purely mechanicsl and only switching north and south pole could possibly. the cycles are not descriptions they are universal law. sure.

    • @Cynthia, Please explain how you think the weather would stay the same if the planet flipped 180 degrees? But also for a topic like this @Alanna please provide reference materials. Even if they are not online resources, ie books, papers, personal interviews with named ppl ect. The more readily available the information is the better chance we can share “the facts”.

    • please cynthia enlighten us!
      where is that valid information? please link….i would love to hear what HAARP really is….

  11. waltinseattle

    For decades airports have had to “rename” runways. the compass reading down runways is their “name.” Every time the pole shifts enough along it steady path…the “name is updated so it matches tha ewadings by airplanes using the runway….regular ly…decades…

  12. waltinseattle

    Cynthia comes in peace. she only wants to be your friend. Trust her.

    • I trust no one except my own common sense. Wisdom is EARNED, not received freely. Do your own research!

  13. JacksonEngland

    We have had snow in spring. It’s nice to read something a bit more realistic than the news. I rarely watch tv now anyway, so CE is a great way to broaden my knowledge.


  15. denis power

    None of the above works for me, but there is a fair amount of evidence that Earth’s Lithosphere regularly slides around the core and the theory put forward by Graham Chapman, based on idea’s of Einstein is that this happens when the weight of the ice on Antarctic reaches a critical mass in conjunction with the gravitational pull of an astral body or alignment. Geological and archaeological research alongside ancient lore backs up this theory and there is evidence that man has scraped through these happenings in the past. There are deliberately placed warnings about the potential lethal effects left for us on the face of the planet. Graham Chapman Fingerprints of the Gods is a well researched and referenced breakdown of the theory. Start building your boats soon…

  16. denis power

    How can I get that so wrong! Its late and I am tired, its a Monty Python moment. The Theorist is of course Graham Hancock!

  17. “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” -Jack Kornfield
    I would say we all can but most choose to ignore it

  18. Dan

    I don’t think that anyof us here on this thread will be here to experience the complete flip of the Earth’s magnetic field. In addition.. when it does.. people who will be here on Earth wouldn’t even feel it.

  19. Steve

    For an experiment get a strong north/south bar magnetic and a compass. Now move the compass from the southern magnetic hemisphere of the magnet to the northern, stop when you get to the elliptical plain of the magnetic the compass needle will be straight up and down notice any similarities between the earth’s north magnetic pole and how it’s been moving? Now move the compass into the northern magnetic hemisphere of the magnet and see what happens. So when 12.21.12 comes and goes and not a whole lot happens just keep an eye on the movement of our magnetic north and you will soon realize when it starts moving down the other side towards Russia what is about to happen . I think it will take about 3 ½ years for the earth to move far enough into the northern magnetic hemisphere of our galaxy before we have a complete pole reversal some time around May 2016. Notice when the compass reaches a certain point it flips very fast, not something that happens over a long period of time.


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