Quantum Entanglement: What It Is And Why It’s Relevant

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quantumQuantum entanglement is when two particles act together in an entangled system. This means that they behave like one object even though they are physically apart. It suggests that space is just the construct that gives the illusion that there are separate objects. Scientists all over the world have conducted experiments using particles like electrons, photons and even diamonds that interact physically together as one, but when separated, they behave as if they are still together. For example, if you spin one electron, the other electron will act in the exact same manner simultaneously, as if they are still physically connected. In our reality the universe is the entangled system, and everything in it is interconnected.

Throughout the universe, subatomic particles and atoms act as if they are connected. A large  majority of quantum physics in the academic world is labelled as theoretical, but this isn’t true. Most technologies that have been developed using the ‘theories’ of quantum physics have been concealed from the human race. If these technologies would be unveiled, some of what we consider to be ‘theoretical physics’ wouldn’t be so theoretical anymore. Throughout history, intellectual authorities have used their supremacy to conceal information that did not fit the accepted framework about the nature of our reality. We are always subject to paradigm changes, and scientific laws that we may govern our universe, but they are always subject to change as the human race continues to make new discoveries.

We now know that atoms and subatomic particles act in a manner as if they are connected, but scientists don’t really know what this means and if it has any significance. Quantum entanglement has a large significance and is one of many new discoveries that can shed light on the true nature of our reality. It’s time that human beings grasp the significance of oneness, and what this oneness really means. Concepts such as this are difficult to grasp so here is a video by Dr Quantum to further illustrate what quantum entanglement is.

Scientists have split a single photon into two separate particles, creating twins with identical properties. They used equipment and fired both particles away from one another in different directions. Even though we perceive, and conventional thinking tells us that the particles are apart, they still act as if they’re connected.

Our belief has been that when physical objects in this world are separate, they are really separate in every sense of the word. But the photons are showing us something very different. Albert Einstein called the possibility of such results occurring “spooky action at a distance.” Today scientists believe that these unconventional results are properties that occur only in the quantum realm and acknowledge them as “quantum weirdness.” – Greg Braden

So What?

What is responsible for connecting two particles of light in such a way that a change in one occurs simultaneously in the second? What are we being shown about the way the world works? We are learning that everything within the universe is interconnected. We may think planets, extraterrestrials, stars and galaxies have no connection to each other, but they do. Quantum entanglement means that every action, thought, feeling and emotion is connected and can affect the whole in one manner or  another. We are all made up of atoms, photons and electrons. We are all in a constant state of vibration, our emotions, feelings, hearts and minds have the ability to affect what frequency our molecular structure vibrates at. Quantum entanglement is observed at a physical level, meaning what we do to one particle at one location, happens for another particle at the a different location. What is not demonstrated is the “stuff” behind the physicality that determines how a particle acts. The way you perceive reality, your consciousness is responsible for the way your physicality acts and reacts to different experiences in your life. The energy you emanate from by frequency is speaking to the universe and each other -we are all connected, we are all one and the direction we choose to go is determined by us.

As we move through 2013 and beyond, maybe we will have a clearer understanding about these new concepts of reality that are now emerging. The state of your being affects everything in the universe. The collective state of planet Earth and the beings upon it affects the universe. We truly are a lot more powerful than we think.



The Diving Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief. Author: Gregg Braden






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  1. jr

    I would like to offer a correction to the statement “We now know that atoms and subatomic particles act in a manner as if they are connected, but scientists don’t really know what this means, and if it has any significance.” Scientists know exactly what this means, and have used these concepts in practice to improve efficiency (in particular, in probabilistic error bounds) of quantum algorithms. QM has the theoretical aspect, but also a prominent (non-suppressed, by any means) practical component. A second correction: Not every particle is entangled with every other particle (which is a common misconception in pseudoscience). It must be the case that some particles are independent of other particles. Otherwise, quantum computers with initial ground state consisting of independent qubits would not be possible (requires factorization of the wave function).

  2. - Collective Evolution

    There are many meanings that one can derive from quantum entanglement. I disagree with you there, as well as your second correction. Much is labelled as pseudoscience in the academic world..when much of “pseudoscience” is real. It must not be the case that some particles are independent of other particles, I believe that to be completely false as well.

    • jr

      well, technically, wouldn’t have a null effect, but it also means that there would be no “ground state” and a quantum computer with N qubits will produce a different result (even in the limiting case removing quantum error) than a quantum computer with N+1 qubits.

      • kid

        I feel like if you cut out the bullshit science of it and look at your own lives and the synchronicity that may surround it and the people you are most connected to , and those thing in life which you have no interest… Itd only make sense that some of the connections be independent of others. I find instances everyday where my thoughts, or feelings manifest or even dictate my physical world .. Sometimes I feel like you all forget youre living your own experiment… Judge the events in your lives and Im sure youll see these connections are obvious, and that itd also be unfair to assume everything is connected in the exact same way .

      • @jr
        Good correction, I was thinking something similar, though I could not parse it quite as well as I dod not know the quantum computer reference.
        I also find the reply Arjun made implying that scientist have incorrectly relegated ‘pseudoscience’ to not being factual as a logical misstep. Pseudoscience is not true or false, but is information that contains no truth value, unless compared with evidence. I can say that the coin is heads all i want until we check, but unless I can show that I had a method that demonstrates the outcome repeatedly and thoroughly then there is no scientific value in my statement… which leads to what pseudoscience is… just a bunch of statements… whether they turn out to be true of false does not really mean that had any validity to begin with, as there is no intention to test the process to begin with.

        Also, if you don’t think the academic world is capable of figuring out what is or is not science, then you are implying you are the expert in all of these areas. i can only say you are not an expert in interpretations of quantum mechanics.as jr proved this succinctly.

        • I feel that science people can be to arrogant. If you experience something in life that science can not explain, it is not useless or of no value. Because if this experience can be communicated to more people a proper research and understanding can begin.
          The hard core ignorance of some scientists that if my academic background have no answer for a given phenomenon then it can not exist is no more elevated than most religions.
          I was born with the ability to feel other peoples emotions and also some degree of telepathy. I can not reproduce these communications like a computer or like passing a book around, but people around me have from time to time experienced my ability and said wow, how is this possible. I don’t know. But if we could study this more without ridicule people like me, perhaps we could make a new science out of it. Telepathy to the people, how cool would not that be?

          • Empathy (genuine ability to perceive anothers state from their point of view – often through actual experience of it) is common in the gifted population ….. is connected to advanced development of the PNS and CNS and more common in those who are visual spatial (process information in imagery and whose “language of the mind” differs in that it able to work in a format where time operates entirely independent of time – something that is not possible when you introduce a sequence).

            Now of course that is only my hypothesis in the eyes of those who believe in the religion of science – where the judgement of the auditory sequential is God despite their lack of peripheral vision 😉 doesn’t mean that it is untrue or without useful application infact I apply my work in real life routinely to help people make sense of and learn to be themselves in a society that revolves around ‘truisms’ that discount outliers and promote the interests of the mean range.

            Personally I suspect its not a “new science” at all …. it seems likely to me that “spatial physics” made things possible in ancient times that causes modern science to scratch its head because the two types of science operate according to different ‘rules’. Think about it – if space was actually independent of time then 2 objects could indeed occupy the same space …. you know …. like MAGIC

    • jr

      Either some particles are independent of some other particles, or quantum computers would not work (adding more qubits would have a null effect on the system). So you must conclude, based on your reply, that you believe that quantum computing is a hoax. The scientific definition of two (or more) particles being entangled is that the total wave function cannot be represented as the product of the wave functions (or the square wave does not factor). I can personally attest to the scientific community not only having a strong understanding of quantum entanglement within the copenhagen interpretation, but being able to use this to construct real life systems that can numerically solve problems that were previously unknown.

      • - Collective Evolution

        I don’t believe quantum computing to be a hoax, I believe what we perceive as particles being separate thaT allows quantum computing to occur is really not separate at all. Just like space, how we perceive and see physical separation, even though it’s just the construct that gives the illusion of separation. I think you have a strong interpretation coming from an academic background, having an academic background can be very limiting in our ability to understand things in different ways.

  3. Matty

    I am pretty sure it is the proton and not photon that was split into two.

    • jr

      I believe the experiments were actually conducted with electrons.

      • - Collective Evolution

        Yea experiments were conducted with electrons.

    • - Collective Evolution

      I think all particles are connected, within this entangled universe, Matty. I think all would show properties of entanglement, whether we have yet discovered them or not.

  4. JS

    the experiment was conducted with an electron pair created together (ex. from helium), already entanglet and not with one electron split into two. that is also why “doctor quantum” talks about “the big bang” where all matter was created in the beginning, so we are all connected somehow..

  5. JS

    in my academic books they only writes about the QM that can be used right now and the rest where there are no purposes or higher meaning of what it states (yet), are not concealed from the human race. You just have to look it up for yourself..

    • Arjun

      Thanks for commenting JS. Much of our science does indeed have ‘higher’ meaning. There have been many technologies using new scientific concepts (quantum stuff) that the world does not know about. The black budget world is probably at least a million years ahead of the mainstream world with regards to science. Most of these technologies are developed within the department of defence, and are allowed to be classified for the sake of ‘national security’ (which is a lie). Other great minds who want to see the world thrive can develop some of these technologies too, and they are harassed, warned and always have an eye upon them so they are not able to release it. Maybe one day we can show you some of these developments…or maybe one day the powers that be won’t be able to conceal them anymore.

      • Mors

        Please make a concrete statement about which technologies or knowledge ! You’re just promoting conspiracy theories and scare tactics, to try to cheat people into believing that our incompetents governments are hiding “spirituality” from people.

        The bleeding edge discoveries about quantum physics this day are being made at the fermi lab, the LHC in geneva and other publicly funded and open laboratories which publicize their results in real time.

        No amount of rhetoric or repetition will make your opinion true.

  6. JS

    I would sure hope so. there is change on the way.. we just have to start thinking it and be open minded.. then it is only your own imagination that limit the endless possibilities within quantum physics, which can be used to describe our reality :)

    • Arjun


  7. Pierson

    Are more than two particles connected through entanglement? Instead of two particles connected by some spooky “string”, what if there are more that are connected? Obviously this “spooky” connection wouldn’t be a “straight line” and possibly in more than one dimension.

  8. Inogen MacKenzie

    This is so fascinating – more please! I just want to say that I really don’t think that there is any conspiracy re keeping all this quiet; people just aren’t interested in fundemental laws and ultimate realities. It has taken me many years to realise this, but we who are eager for knowledge and understanding are the minority. After all, the world is full of books, magazines, courses, TV programmes and youtube videos on the subject!

  9. seece

    “The state of your being affects everything in the universe, the collective state of planet Earth and the beings upon it affects the universe. Once we reach completion, and are all in a collective knowing, who knows what we can create with our unlimited infinite potentiality.”

    admit it, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Stop trying to link legitimate science with your own brand of fantastical spirituality.

    • - Collective Evolution

      Hi seece, mainstream science is aware of the fact that the state of your being has a direct effect on everyone and everything around you, especially the coding within our magnetic fields..although the coding has not quite been “cracked” yet, they know about the correlation. Thanks for reading and visiting our website.

  10. Kay

    Interesting reflection/connection, in my mind, to experiments in 60-70s+ where “specialists” trained to “find the part of your mind which knows part of their mind.” So many fears arose that all public conversations of it ceased (conspiracy does not have to mean one person manipulating all others, some things are just understood to be out of time and fall silent.) But, this bridge you highlight from the materialistic into collective consciousness reawakens possibility. Fun

  11. Mors

    “Most technologies that have been developed using the ‘theories’ of quantum physics have been concealed from the human race.”
    erm, nonsense ? What specific technologies are you referring too ? Or which quantum phenomena ? Entanglement is being studied to teleport information. Please make concrete statements. Else this is just yet another exercise in promoting more vague conspiracy theories about state’s control over information, when they can’t even balance a budget.

    “We now know that atoms and subatomic particles act in a manner as if they are connected, but scientists don’t really know what this means, and if it has any significance.” Not true. QE is supported by mathematical models, and fully reproducible. Practical applications are being studied.

    “We are being shown that everything within the universe is interconnected. (…)” And the this goes bad. You cannot extrapolate from a sub-atomic phenomenon into a macroscopic everyday experience, like brain chemistry. This kind of extrapolation is tracked back into the quantum mysticism promoted by Chopra to sell his books. QE needs to be reproduced with the proper equipment, the same way you need to magnetize a ferrous metal with a magnet. The universe isn’t just ‘interconnected’ just like that, because you say so. It’s just fine and dandy to promote unity and love, but please stop mixing out of context theoretical physics jargon just so it sounds intellectual and backed by evidence or science. It’s a big disservice to physicists, and mischief for less technical, more gullible people.

    • Arjun

      UFOs…one example of many others. Zero Point energy too.

      • Phill

        Great. the “Spiritual” kiddies are stealing scientific ideas to promote that “Chopra” crap. Deepak Chopra is full of crap.

  12. Quantum Entanglement.
    Another observation concerning Quantum, e or <.

    Then the left side can be or is only < (smaller) because the progress is on the right side.

    E < MC2

    When variable mass symbol M is replaced by photon symbol γ

    E < γC2

    Above equation might be or is true,

    When the power ‘2’ is replaced by power to ‘3, 4, 5, 6, 7’…etc. or ‘∞’ (to infinity) then the left side of the equation is definitely not equal with the right side because there is even greater progress, then

    E < γC∞ , then

    e < γc∞.

    ‘e is a perfect half, rest of it is an illusion’, look at it he said,

    ‘all it is illusion’.

    ‘There are still some who believe that the speed of light may be the only constant in the whole universe, everything else changes. If everything changes so the speed of light does. Everything is energy. Energy is everything. Everything is a light/photon/boson in the infinite speed of light’.

    Einstein's statement that 'the distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion' comes from a letter he wrote to the family of his lifelong friend Michele Besso on 21 March 1955, Einstein Archive, 7-245, published in The Quotable Einstein (Princeton University Press, 1996), p.61.

    Uncle Al made a slight mistake. That's what my Father said.
    Taken from: http://www.visutech.net/peace365/index.asp?pageID=86

    Another common explanation of the right hand side of the famous E=MC2.

    Just follow the sequence of opening of the Russian Doll http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matryoshka_doll and keep it opening to Infinity.

  13. maple lynn lay on the beach in her favourite woolen sweater listening to sounds of weird

  14. Well, they don’t have to worry about teaching their children, cause their continuous use of their laptops on their laps (groin area) would probably sterilize them over time.

  15. I have a question about entanglement. Do entangled particles ( EP )
    stay entangled only for one measurement, or can you measure any of their properties more than once?

  16. It’s about agreement. Atoms are in agreement with the laws of the universe, whatever those may be.
    Mankind is primitive so we must agree with the constructs of our perceived reality/values. Most of us were born into a world where toxics had positive value. No more. We are aware that we are poisoning ourselves, yet we continue to consume toxins because we have no available alternatives. Cannabis offers an available alternative. The REAL question is, “How bad do things have to get before all solutions are considered?”

  17. Chris

    So, could this help explain medical mysteries such as phantom limbs, twins feeling each other’s pain even while miles apart, etc.? Couldn’t this be used as a stepping stone to understanding how humans are connected as well?

  18. Augure

    “Quantum entanglement is when two particles act together in an entangled system” what a fucking shitty and stupid definition.

    • Augere, if you can more useful words, I’d love to hear your definition

  19. I love the idea of quantum entanglement. The principle is that once two particles interact, they share that interaction for all time, in all that they do. When you consider that every particle was once present in the quantum singularity that gave rise to the Universe, there is a chain of interaction that goes all the way back to the point when every particle in the Universe was but one particle. When i think about that, there is an elegance that seems to explain poetically something about the nature of reality that may be possible to know only poetically. When we add to that the fact that at the quantum level, nothing is certain, we have a poem that just seems to explain both the physical and metaphysical Universe in two ideas that join together as one as this elegance becomes conscious of itself.

    • Inogen

      Yes – this is the way that I have always seen it,

  20. Dilip Rokade

    The video shows an travels to the other side of the universe and if one spins, then the other which is on the earth also spins. That is to explain entanglement !! If that is so , then, as per the entanglement logic, if one electron travels to the other side of the universe, then the other electron should also follow !! ??

  21. Paul

    So its true, no man is an island, we are all part of the main.
    Also, science is slowly and erratically catching up with the bible.
    Colossians says, In God we live and move and have our being.
    All things are held together by Jesus.
    Science is still scratching its head as to why everything just doesnt explode or fall apart. And there is the answer written 2000 years ago if you have a mind open enough to receive it.


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