Consciousness: What It Is And How It Can Be Manipulated

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consciousnessConsciousness goes beyond biology, it is the ‘thing’ that allows us to perceive our external environment. At the same time, our external environment is a result of the level of consciousness that we all operate at.  Quantum physics is revealing that how we perceive our reality is directly responsible for creating our reality. Consciousness is also responsible for shaping our biology, if you look at placebo studies for example, whatever we believe, perceive and are convinced to be of benefit, our bodies will create the chemical flows and biological environment necessary to produce the desired result or cure. The placebo effect is one of the most fascinating aspects of health care, with results that have been proven to work at least fifty percent of the time during treatment of health related problems. Even recent findings, like neuroplasticity give further credence to the power of consciousness, and ability we all have to self-heal. It is a known scientific fact that our biological make up, down to our cells and the external reality around us is shaped by us, our perception, beliefs, emotions, and feelings. How we perceive the world through an internal perspective is responsible for creating and shaping the external world we see around us. Education, biology and medicine have taught us that our brain is responsible for sending different signals to our body, that our brain determines everything we do, this isn’t true. Sure, it’s true that our brain sends signals, and tells our bodies what to do, but we do not recognize that something is communicating with our brain that causes it to react and instruct the body on what to do. What is sending signals to our brain? Our heart is, the place in which you come from, the intent that lay behind your action is important, and can depend on what level of consciousness you operate at. I do not mean to use the word level to imply better or worse.

Research is beginning to show how the heart plays a tremendous role in our lives, far beyond what is commonly known. The heart is responsible for emitting electromagnetic fields that change according to our emotions. Where do our emotions come from? Our emotions are a direct result to how we perceive the enviroment around us. Person A can have a different emotional response than person B even though the event that created the emotional response could be exactly the same.  For example, if two people are making love, and two separate people are observing the love making taking place, they could both have a different emotional response to it, it all depends on what ‘level’ of consciousness they operate at. Another example is war, for some people it might trigger sadness, hate or anger, and for others it might trigger a sense of accomplishment, patriotism and bravery. For others it might just be an experience they no longer resonate with, and view it from a place of neutrality, not judging it but recognizing that  they no longer desire it for this planet. Our emotional response, our reaction to a certain situations depend on a number of factors,  a response of bravery and patriotism usally comes from a manipulation of consciousness. By this I mean many people have been brainwashed to believe that war is necessary, from this programmed belief comes certain emotional responses.

Our reaction to the environment around us also plays an important role in shaping our reality. Can you be calm, and at peace no matter what events are unfolding around you in your external world? The heart has a system of neurons that have both long term and short term memory, and the siglans sent to our brain have a direct effect on the signals that the brain sends to our body. The heart sends a tremendous amount of information to the brain, yet mainstream science assumes the brain is where it all starts.  Our intuition, our heart, our higher self, our soul is what is becomming known as we move through 2013 and beyond.

If we look at perception of reality, it’s changed over time. One hundred years ago, human beings on Earth had a completely different perception of reality, understandably so. Our perception of reality is responsible for creating belief systems, consciousness cannot change, and reality cannot change without letting go of belief systems. When we choose to let go of belief systems, we change our reality simply by having an open mind that’s not afraid of change. Sometimes we hold on to belief systems so much that they become our truth, sometimes we believe our thoughts so much that they become our absolute truth.

Manipulation of consciousness.

 When I say manipulation of consciousness, I mean that the human race has been made to believe, as well as perceive reality in a way that does not represent the true nature of our reality. We are constantly being fed with lies, and tend to believe them without question. Our beleifs about the world and how it is, is directly correlated to how we perceive our environment, which is directly correlated to what level of consciousness we operate at and what type of experience the human race creates for itself. How is our consciousness manipulated? Many examples exist to illustrate how our consciousness has been manipulated. 9/11 is a great example, humanity was convinced of a terrorist attack that was used to justify the invasion of Iraq. This event developed a beleif system in millions, if not billions of people that the world was being attacked by terrorists. From this perception, it allowed many other unethical events to unfold. Another examlpe are UFOs, water fluoridation, mass media, health care and education. One of my most favourite examples is the energy industry. If we see alternative energy methods presented to us on tv, and even being implimented by multinational corporations, we believe that is the be all and end all of solutions. Did you know that we have zero point energy devices available?

It is no longer a secret that certain concepts, findings and aspects of our reality are concealed from the human race. We give our power over to a small group of elite and the corporations they run, and we are convined that the issues on planet Earth are being delt with. Concealment of certain aspects of reality has the potential to keep us creating the same experience for human beings on the planet, it has the ability to keep us in a perception lockdown, not knowing that there are other elements of reality that could completly change the percetpion of the human being, and how they operate. We have been taken out of touch with ourselves, and who we really are.

It’s 2013 now, and the world is moving through a period of transparency.  Human beings are beginning to see through the viel that has blinded the masses. We are starting to question activities on planet Earth and why we operate the way we do. If you were an alien looking down on the planet, i’m sure you would scratch your head. It just doesn’t make sense, and more information is presenting itself to show us that we have to do it collectively. We have to realise that we are all one human race, on planet Earth and that there is no separation between us. We are all literally facets of one another, we created everything we see here today. It’s time to stop complaining and just create something new, it’s as simple as that.

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  1. Learn to be mindful, fully aware of your consciousness, and fully responsible. It is a long journey, but worth it.

    Dan @ ZenPresence

  2. David

    We need more paragraphs XD

  3. Andrew Barker

    Hi Arjun,

    I’d like to humbly let you know that this article is riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes. Sorry to be a stickler!

    I’d also like to add something to your thoughts if I may. Have you read any Buddhism? When you say our “external environment”, you posit the notion of there being a separate environment to us, creating duality. The observer and the observed. This only perpetuates the old world view.
    If you take a look at what I posted in one of Elina’s articles, I explained it a bit better there.

    Much love to you my friend :)

    • elena

      the article isn’t about buddhism, christianity or any other belief system, it is about letting go what we have already been taught to think and open our minds

      • k. lovely

        seriously? with the grammar police..

        truth is, if one were to read this from their heart rather than their mind they don’t see any issues, the “set rules” of a language are checked at the door… do you see?

        this is about the HEART folks! open up! see beyond the veil!

        WE have the ability to overcome the illusions of pretentious rules that creates separation..


      • k. lovely

        i agree – i would add, it isn’t about perfect spelling/grammar either..
        ………’s about the HEART of the matter..

        let peace reign <3

  4. Jason

    Great article! @ Andrew, I don’t see any spelling or grammatical errors at all.

    • Andrew Barker

      “the siglans sent to our brain”
      “is becomming known”
      “Another examlpe are UFOs”
      “could completly change the percetpion”

      I studied literature at university. There’s loads of grammatical errors. But as Jill says, it’s beside the point really. I just wanted to point these out, as there are skeptical people all too willing to discredit an article because of such things. I said to to help Arjun :)

  5. Jill Clay

    :-) @ Jason ……… point is the spelling really doesnt matter we understood what you are saying. More and more I see people rise above the illusions. Good article x

  6. Another AWESOME Article Arjun – wow, you are really flying brother! And I love the spelling changes – keeps my brain on its toes and adds an element of fun & surprise which is all part of raising our vibration and GOING WITH THE FLOW…in our very limited 3D world, we use words but in higher dimensions/frequencies – FEELING/Intuition/Guidance/Telepathy take over, there are no words):- Much more creative, sensorial and juicy than current “language”!

  7. This is the ultimate legal mechanism for transparency.

    Congressional Research Service, two-part paper on the Article V Convention:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

  8. Arjun

    This is another one, many programs in the dep of defence have no oversight from congress.
    So much stuff is hidden, at the same time it’s not so hidden anymore…

    • Rozanna

      Love the article.

  9. Meghan

    spell check please.. but good points in this article.

    • alf

      There, their, they’re now it will be ok!

  10. Cherie

    I too author a blog and I like most people I occasionally miss an improperly spelled word or a comma here and there before I post. What I have found when this takes place is that people notice and it detracts from my message. I now make a point of creating my post in Word first so that I can check for grammar and spelling errors. The reason we author blogs is to bring a message to the reader – if the blog is rife with mistakes the message can be lost. It doesn’t take much time to make the necessary corrections. Having multiple errors can also give the appearance that the author is uneducated and therefore doesn’t have the sense to have an understanding of what they’re writing about… while this is clearly not true – it certainly would make sense to take the extra time to check for – and correct errors.

  11. Elvelin

    Typos and grammar? Really? So superficially from you..
    Why does the whole thing feels like all of you people continuously intellectually masturbate whether needed or not. Somehow words still prevail over actions. It is all about what we did, are doing and will do on this planet, in this world, out of it, and with it.
    We no longer try to make things better, we only try to make them the easiest, quickest and most profitable way, and as soon as we got enough of them we leave a massive sh.t behind and move to another thing to destroy.
    Sadhguru said on a seminar once (the video is also on youtube available) that there is no “my way”, there’s only “the right way”. Seemingly we individualised and started living each in their small world that starts every morning in the kitchen and ends in front of the TV or the PC.
    Reading and studying is out of “good to know” and fulfilment is “get promoted” and “buy new stuff”.
    We are activists on social networks but leave ourselves get shut on the street. We invest billions in wars and weapons but not in health, education or culture.
    Also dominant remains the common belief that “someone else is responsible” and we are only here to consume.
    As parents we think school and teachers should not any more teach but implement in our children’s minds everything they need to know.
    As customers at the local market we think it’s the market staff’s job to whip the milk we spilt on the floor.
    We forget that we consume what we produce, experience the reality we create, live in the world we build, and take nothing with us on our last day on earth, but what we leave is what matters..

  12. Andrew, It is relevant to state that we live in the world of opposites. What are we? We, most likely, are a unified individual whole interfacing with a world of duality. We engage with other unified wholes that are spread out across the spectrum of awareness. At one end are the somnolent and on the other are brightly shining with everything else in between

  13. ame

    spellcheck, proofread your posts please!

  14. About 140 years ago, the following was written: “It should be thoroughly understood that all men have one MInd, one God and Father, one Life, Truth, and Love. Mankind will become perfect in proportion as this fact becomes apparent, war will cease and the true brotherhood of man will be established.” It was written by a lady called Mary Baker Eddy, who could heal a cripple by whispering in his ear:”God loves you.” It is all in consciousness, we have been conditioned to believe in duality, while there can be only one infinite substance or consciousness, infintely refelcted in us..

    • FH

      Jacobus de Bruyn. Thank you for quoting Mary Baker Eddy and Science and Health. That is the Truth.

    • k. lovely

      jacobus, thank you for sharing this lovely comment..
      one love <3 i'm working on it :)

  15. Aspchzio

    Don’t have to read the whole thing to see how ridiculous this article is. Based on assumptions and a misunderstanding of the observer effect.

  16. you misspelled signal and realize

  17. Long time without a so simple aprouch to health in many ways.(excuse my english, puertorriqueño 100%)

  18. alf

    Thanks for nailing it it such a small summary. Check these guy’s out they has some beautiful perspectives:,
    I could not recommend this info enough..Take care!

  19. Information shouldn’t cost money.

  20. Great article. I was thinking about our inefficient\inbalanced world economic system and wondered, if we consider all the people (including the elites, the ones who suppress technology, etc.) as part of the collective, isn’t it true that they themselves are part of the “One” consciousness? Hence, if they are withholding information that could benefit the planet, is it not conciousness that is hurting itself? Perhaps the “one” conciousness wants to experience sadness and misery subjectively as a catalyst for global spiritual growth, or perhaps it wants to have a play of “good” vs “evil” where the enlightened people will eventually overcome the “evil (read ignorant)” forces? Ok, that’s enough “out there” suggestions from me.

  21. very naive but I liked it.

    • Naivety may be the answer, Jesus said, “Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. “Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.… ” I think what he meant is ~heaven is in our heads, change your attitude and you’ll be there”


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