3 Facts Everybody Should Know About Monsanto

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monsantoMonsanto is an american multinational corporation founded in the early 1900’s by John Francis Queeny. It’s no coincidence that he was a veteran of the pharmaceutical industry. Monsanto and the people that govern it hide behind the classification of multinational corporations and political labels in order to implement their desired agenda. Why on Earth is our food being manufactured by the largest pesticide company in the world?  Food is supposed to give us health and nourishment, but today our food contains toxins that are without question a major threat to our health. Toxic chemicals are added to our food supply simply through production, harmful pesticide residue and genetic engineering of seeds and crops. Even food packaging can be a source of toxins in food. Why are we allowing poisonous and toxic chemicals to enter into our food supply? What type of corporation would try to persuade the population that it is a good thing? Monsanto would, it’s no coincidence that the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries are so well connected. The most common argument against this fact is “well, I don’t know”, which is not much of an argument at all. In fact, everything we use in our daily lives can often be traced back to a group of families and the corporations they run.

Even as we have an increasing disease burden due to chemicals and pollutants, there is an attempt to push GMOs despite the serious health risks they pose – Dr. Vandana Shiva

Who controls the food supply controls the people- Henry Kissinger

1. Monsanto purposely puts small farmers out of business

Monsanto has shut down many small farms via lawsuits because their patented crop was found on the farms. While it was only small percentages of the crop that were Monsanto’s seeds, they were able to get a ruling in their favor regardless of the fact that Monsanto was accused for purposely putting their seed onto farmers land as well as the fact that Monsanto crop pollen from nearby farms can easily blow onto other farms who are not using Monsanto crop. Percy Schmeiser is a Canadian farmer whose canola fields were contaminated with Monsanto’s Round-Up Ready Canola by pollen from a nearby GMO farm. Monsanto successfully argued in a lawsuit that Schmeiser violated their patent rights, and forced Schmeiser to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.This type of biotech bullying is happening all over North America. Monsanto performed no independent tests as their tests were all performed in house or by experts hired by the company.

 2. Monsanto has multiple connections to the government

Most people are aware that multinational corporations (like Monsanto) are above the government when it comes to the hierarchical  pyramidal structure of control that we see on the planet today. We are living in a corporatocracy, not a democracy,our entire economic, political, health, energy, and educational industries are controlled by corporations and the people that hide behind them.

Toby Moffett –  Toby Moffett is the chairman of the Moffett Group. The Moffett group is a government relations and strategic consulting firm in Washington, DC. He is a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives.  He is the liaison between clients and the congress, the Obama administration as well as other federal agencies. Toby Moffett is a former NBC news anchor, as well as former Vice President of Monsanto, and currently serves as a Monsanto consultant.

Margaret Miller – Dr Margaret Miller was a Dep Director for the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) For Bush Sr as well as Bill Clinton. She has worked as in the health and food departments of the World Health Organization (WHO). The FDA and WHO are responsible for the creation of codex alimentarius, an organization that defines the required toxins and chemicals to put in our food.

Michael Taylor – Michael Taylor is the deputy commissioner for Foods at at the FDA, appointed by Obama. He is also the VP for public policy at Monsanto, the same man in charge of GMO’s being put into our food supply.

 Linda Fisher- Former Deputy Administrator for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Vice president for government affairs at Monsanto.

The list goes on and on, almost all positions  that hold significance within Monsanto are held by those who have been involved in the political game and with major governmental organizations. More ties can be made to all industries that govern our life on this planet. Our media, health, education, and energy industries are all owned and operated by the same people, it’s a revolving door.

3. Monsanto invented the toxic chemicals that that they spray on our food, which they own. 

Monsanto is the leading producer and manufacturer of the herbicide glyphosate. It was manufactured and discovered by Monsanto in the early 1970’s. Glyphosate requires a full body suit and protective eye wear when spraying, do you still think it’s good for us to consume? It kills plants and insects, yet we continue to consume it constantly and wonder why cancer rates are on the rise.

The giant corporations who had produced chemicals for chemical industrial agriculture were talking about three instruments to consolidate the food chain. The first was genetic engineering as a way of control. The second was patenting seed and patenting life as a way of as a way of control. Determining seed to be private property, treating the saving of seed by farmers as theft.  Lastly, the design of terminator technology, to create sterile seed in order to impose even more dependence of humanity on a hand full of corporations. – Dr. Vandana Shiva

Findings like this are helping the world make connections. We are in the process of transparency, if one is truly passionate and curious about how the world operates, all the information and events are there to see. It’s not hard to do a little research and make connections, if one does so I am sure everybody who does will find that the current way of life on our planet does not resonate with them. We created this whole experience on the planet, and we have the freedom to change it anytime we desire. Waking up to the major industries around us that we use to govern our life, and how they operate is something that can no longer be ignored. A critical mass of people on the planet are now calling for a change, and it starts with you.


(sometimes all it takes is a little research on your part, feel free to further investigate anything stated in this article)







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  1. LEDs? Copper? Seriously? Please. If you want to talk about toxic manufacturing processes fine, but it should be noted that nearly everything that is ever manufactured involves numerous toxic substances. As for other toxic substances in LEDs at least they are usually encased in plastic – and so at least its very unlikely that consumers would ever be exposed to said toxic chemicals – unlike for example the typical glass florescent bulb full of mercury etc. -Not to mention for example that the efficiency of LEDs means substantial reductions in pollution related to energy creation and lets not forget batteries which are among the most toxic products on the planet – LEDs result in several times less batteries being used compared to traditional lightbulbs and that means substantially *less* poison exposure for the consumer.

    • sean john

      it has been proven over and over again that cannabis oil treats cancer with no side effects and it is much, much more efficient than chemo.

    • Lucy

      This is the dumbest argument I’ve ever seen ! Wow, we are talking about FOOD ….

    • Brendan

      No one is eating LED lights. This had more to do with toxins we consume on a daily basis. Are you eating lightbulbs? Daily? You may have more problems than toxins.

      • The point is maybe that,even though its a different topic, most things we consume, edible or inedible have toxins as a so-called added value. Some justification or fake benefit that is untrue but will increase profit. Not to take away from the poisoning of the food supply by Monsanto but to add to the outrage. It really is everywhere. Food is very scary though. Thanks for posting about monsanto.

    • Concerned american

      dude we dont consume light bulbs of tvs. we could potentially make 100% of food in the world 300% healthier than today, but we reduce its nutrients… scratching my head alone or is there a common problem there?

      • The Truth

        Pete McDonald is a MOLE!!!!

          • would appear that way. $$$$ …like i have said many times, and you have heard it before, these connected people don’t want healthy people. they want customers….

          • Awesome lol! Ok well I give you some credit. At least there is a Monsanto employee with my first and last name. However he is in Europe and the Philippines and I have been in California for all of my 52 years. If you had followed the link to my face book page it would have been obvious to you that I am not him, not a mole, and publicly, actively anti-Monsanto. Nice try though. :-)

        • The truth is apparently a misnomer since you are a liar. You know nothing of me or what I am or what I believe. Furthermore since you chose to attack me without actually saying anything of substance I can only assume that you are a sad ignorant troll for whom the truth is creating cognitive dissonance so voluminous that you are able only to strike out negatively. If you think what I said is untrue provide some evidence.

          • MarshaG

            A typical replay to an obnoxious comment. So, why do uphold Monsanto anyway? You haven’t mentioned your placement in this debate. Apparently, you think it’s okay since over half of the products available on the market contain some type of toxin. Information trickles down. People aren’t informed. Some just don’t care but those that do have something to say.

          • Grandma Pat

            Hey, Pete, easy there, someone challenged you, and that’s ok. Many people are ignorant and mostly asleep today. It takes a while to learn the value of fact-based debate, and some people need to be taught the value of research. Name-calling is not generally productive, and I am certain that you are aware of the wisdom of not engaging in a pissing contest with a skunk. :>)

    • I have heard that Cancer Treatment’s of America are top notch for treating your Cancer ! But there is no Guarantee if you will survive or not !

      • Lisa Bradfield

        I have been involved with cancer tx centers of america—They want your money– for the desperate they will give anything for a chance to live–and C.Tof America are NOT a good place to go. Far from home- strange Dr’s that are impersonal—it was horrible. Thant is MY experience. They let my friend suffer terrible pain during the whole time he was there and refused to give him pain meds. He later died…in pain

      • Melody

        America does not lead in treatment of cancer….chemo, radiation and cutting into you is all that they will do. America is a corporation and is run as such…for profit. Check out phoenixtears dot com….I have liver cancer.
        Stay well.

        • Kristis

          have you concidered treating your cancer with cannabinoids? it does wonders

  2. Also please note that monsanto can be indicted as evil for numerous practices – one needn’t resort to artificially demonizing something like LEDs to make that case. And in any case the connection is tennuous: NOTE In 1960, Holonyak developed the first GaAsP pn junction. Within two years, he had developed semiconductor lasers, visible-light semiconductor lasers and, in 1962, he invented the first practical light-emitting diode, which GE commercialized and which set the stage for the use of III-V alloys in many semiconductor devices.

    Light emission from pn junctions had been noted as early as 1932, but wasn’t pursued. In the early 1960s, there was intensive exploration of light-emitting junctions at Bell Labs and, in Europe, at Philips and Siemens. Siemens, in fact, like Bell Labs, was probably working on III-V materials as far back as the 1950s.

    Holonyak was first to make alloy III-V materials by vapor-phase epitaxy and first to make an LED out of an alloy. Holonyak developed GaAsP as the material for LEDs, while Bell Labs researchers rejected the modification of GaAs with phosphorous because they felt it would spoil GaAs properties.

    Since there was no real market for light-emitting semiconductors, GE’s pricing was rather arbitrary, but not completely. Texas Instruments Inc. introduced a GaAs infrared emitter and priced it arbitrarily at $130. GE had a GaAs laser, developed by Bob Hall at the company’s Schenectady, N.Y., research lab. GE figured that a laser is worth more than a mere infrared emitter, so GE priced its GaAs laser at $1,300.

    GE further believed that a visible red GaAsP laser, since it was a visible-spectrum device (from Holonyak’s lab), was worth twice as much-$2,600. As for an IR-emitting diode, TI had one for $130, so GE figured the visible-spectrum device was worth more and priced its red LED at $260. And it soon appeared in the Allied Radio catalog.

    At those prices, early LEDs didn’t produce a big market. They also didn’t produce a great deal of light. But several companies could see a future with them. One of them was Monsanto, whose people saw a future market for GaAsP. Monsanto sent several people to visit Holonyak at GE and came away with the decision to get the LED business going.

    • MarshaG

      Okay, I didn’t scroll down. My bad and I admit it. Will continue to read before I make another comment.

    • Grandma Pat

      Very impressive, Pete, thanks for this mini-history lesson.

  3. Zen

    1 state MUST PASS a version of http://www.CARightToKnow.org !

  4. warmheart

    It gets worse: Monsanto is now in bed with Sinochem, China’s huge agri-chemical and pharmaceutical company – basically Monsanto’s twin. Just check out their products. I honestly don’t think we’re gonna make it.

    • Grandma Pat

      Never fear, the PEOPLE are standing up and are being counted. Change comes slowly, but it is coming. Keep watching the Label GMO movement and it will give you hope.

  5. jim

    Don’t forget about Clarence Thomas, the Monsanto lawyer who x-president Bush endorsed for Supreme Court Judge, a position he still holds.

    • Ocean Moon

      yes, right…Clarence Thomas who used to fight in court for Monsanto now sits on our Supreme Court…the infiltration of Monsanto in our govt is very deliberate!


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