3 Facts Everybody Should Know About Monsanto

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monsantoMonsanto is an american multinational corporation founded in the early 1900’s by John Francis Queeny. It’s no coincidence that he was a veteran of the pharmaceutical industry. Monsanto and the people that govern it hide behind the classification of multinational corporations and political labels in order to implement their desired agenda. Why on Earth is our food being manufactured by the largest pesticide company in the world?  Food is supposed to give us health and nourishment, but today our food contains toxins that are without question a major threat to our health. Toxic chemicals are added to our food supply simply through production, harmful pesticide residue and genetic engineering of seeds and crops. Even food packaging can be a source of toxins in food. Why are we allowing poisonous and toxic chemicals to enter into our food supply? What type of corporation would try to persuade the population that it is a good thing? Monsanto would, it’s no coincidence that the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries are so well connected. The most common argument against this fact is “well, I don’t know”, which is not much of an argument at all. In fact, everything we use in our daily lives can often be traced back to a group of families and the corporations they run.

Even as we have an increasing disease burden due to chemicals and pollutants, there is an attempt to push GMOs despite the serious health risks they pose – Dr. Vandana Shiva

Who controls the food supply controls the people- Henry Kissinger

1. Monsanto purposely puts small farmers out of business

Monsanto has shut down many small farms via lawsuits because their patented crop was found on the farms. While it was only small percentages of the crop that were Monsanto’s seeds, they were able to get a ruling in their favor regardless of the fact that Monsanto was accused for purposely putting their seed onto farmers land as well as the fact that Monsanto crop pollen from nearby farms can easily blow onto other farms who are not using Monsanto crop. Percy Schmeiser is a Canadian farmer whose canola fields were contaminated with Monsanto’s Round-Up Ready Canola by pollen from a nearby GMO farm. Monsanto successfully argued in a lawsuit that Schmeiser violated their patent rights, and forced Schmeiser to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.This type of biotech bullying is happening all over North America. Monsanto performed no independent tests as their tests were all performed in house or by experts hired by the company.

 2. Monsanto has multiple connections to the government

Most people are aware that multinational corporations (like Monsanto) are above the government when it comes to the hierarchical  pyramidal structure of control that we see on the planet today. We are living in a corporatocracy, not a democracy,our entire economic, political, health, energy, and educational industries are controlled by corporations and the people that hide behind them.

Toby Moffett –  Toby Moffett is the chairman of the Moffett Group. The Moffett group is a government relations and strategic consulting firm in Washington, DC. He is a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives.  He is the liaison between clients and the congress, the Obama administration as well as other federal agencies. Toby Moffett is a former NBC news anchor, as well as former Vice President of Monsanto, and currently serves as a Monsanto consultant.

Margaret Miller – Dr Margaret Miller was a Dep Director for the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) For Bush Sr as well as Bill Clinton. She has worked as in the health and food departments of the World Health Organization (WHO). The FDA and WHO are responsible for the creation of codex alimentarius, an organization that defines the required toxins and chemicals to put in our food.

Michael Taylor – Michael Taylor is the deputy commissioner for Foods at at the FDA, appointed by Obama. He is also the VP for public policy at Monsanto, the same man in charge of GMO’s being put into our food supply.

 Linda Fisher- Former Deputy Administrator for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Vice president for government affairs at Monsanto.

The list goes on and on, almost all positions  that hold significance within Monsanto are held by those who have been involved in the political game and with major governmental organizations. More ties can be made to all industries that govern our life on this planet. Our media, health, education, and energy industries are all owned and operated by the same people, it’s a revolving door.

3. Monsanto invented the toxic chemicals that that they spray on our food, which they own. 

Monsanto is the leading producer and manufacturer of the herbicide glyphosate. It was manufactured and discovered by Monsanto in the early 1970’s. Glyphosate requires a full body suit and protective eye wear when spraying, do you still think it’s good for us to consume? It kills plants and insects, yet we continue to consume it constantly and wonder why cancer rates are on the rise.

The giant corporations who had produced chemicals for chemical industrial agriculture were talking about three instruments to consolidate the food chain. The first was genetic engineering as a way of control. The second was patenting seed and patenting life as a way of as a way of control. Determining seed to be private property, treating the saving of seed by farmers as theft.  Lastly, the design of terminator technology, to create sterile seed in order to impose even more dependence of humanity on a hand full of corporations. – Dr. Vandana Shiva

Findings like this are helping the world make connections. We are in the process of transparency, if one is truly passionate and curious about how the world operates, all the information and events are there to see. It’s not hard to do a little research and make connections, if one does so I am sure everybody who does will find that the current way of life on our planet does not resonate with them. We created this whole experience on the planet, and we have the freedom to change it anytime we desire. Waking up to the major industries around us that we use to govern our life, and how they operate is something that can no longer be ignored. A critical mass of people on the planet are now calling for a change, and it starts with you.


(sometimes all it takes is a little research on your part, feel free to further investigate anything stated in this article)







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  1. greg

    oh bullshit, since when did you ever need a full body suit to spray Roundup! I sprayed and still spray it without any protection, how many millions of litres have been sprayed into forestry alone without any protection and I have yet to hear or know about any issues. We had our teams medically examined every six months and never had any issue.

    • lj

      people dont wear full body suits to apply roundup, but they should.it kills any living thing that you spray it on!

    • Yolo

      calm down Greg

    • Yolo

      Calm down, greg

  2. Weak – someone posted a link – thought I would learn something new, but a big NO.
    1. Small farmers out of business – a few farmers try to beat the system and get caught reusing their Monsanto seed. Maybe 7 to 10 per year. Some cases are shady by Monsanto, but most are the farmers trying to beat the system. Weak #1.
    2. Connected to Government – Monsanto is a huge corporation. All large corporations have connections to the government similar to Monsanto. This is politics, get used to it. Weak #2
    3. Chemical sprayed on plants used for food. Really? This is supposed to shock us. I thought this was common knowledge. Everyone, please rinse your veggies and fruit before eating. Weak #3.

    • Mo

      Shrugging it off as business as usual – Weak #4
      Not knowing the difference between connections and infiltration – Weak #5
      Thinking rinsing gets rid of these poisons – Weak #6

    • Zebede

      Ignorance and Ego – number one problem on our planet. People like you, who are “know it all” due to your limited believe system. If a government makes a corporation above the law, it is alright? When, as you said, “all large corporations have connections to the government” you think that this is Democracy? Power to the people? Not to some private, rich people deciding everything? What about voting, rights, etc.? And you really think that spraying chemicals on plants is ok? Obviously, you never tried or made a difference between a natural products and a products sprayed with chemicals. But this is your ignorance, ofcourse a big NO for you learning something new…. One that does not seek, does not find. You need to read always both sides of the stories, to try to uncover the truth in nowadays world of misinformation. But most people prefer to stay ignorant like you, and follow the mainstream news/info/etc…

  3. Michael P. Angelakis

    Notwithstanding the evils of Monsanto, or any big corporation for that matter, I wonder what the commentators would be writing, if the post was about massive world-wide malnutrition due to the lack of pesticides. Surely another conspiracy aimed at reducing world population and promoted by some other big corporations…for their profit of course…

  4. clay

    until people demand non modified crops and demand them and follow the European union and burn Monsanto crops in the fields only then can the heirloom seeds that have stood the test of time and provide us with the nutrients and food we need to survive.
    nature has provided for us

  5. Friend of Science

    Chloe – You did not do very profound research on Posilac obviously. Menstruation ages have shifted at the same rate for girls all over the world, even in world areas where POSILAC isn’t sold. If you are going to try to do that correlation, perhaps you should know that autism rates are increasing at the same rate of organic food sales.

    • Do you have a citation for your last claim? Or for that matter the first please. Particularly I am interested in the latter though since I would argue contrarily that “non-organic” food correlates better in the sense that the current organic movement is only a response to the relatively new development of non organic food – and the resulting health problems. 100 years (of non organic food) is just a blip epidemiologically and I would argue that makes the correlation you suggest difficult to establish – but I admit these comments are opinion. I am hoping you have some authoritative source that will help me put the question to rest at least for myself.

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