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urlThe CDC continues to deny the fact that vaccine takers can get sick after getting a flu vaccine. If you look at the numbers, facts and real life cases, you will quickly see that this is not true. That being said, you may or may not remember that this year Piers Morgan appeared on the Dr. Oz show to get a flu vaccine. It seems as though this stunt was to suggest the safety of flu vaccines and convince the masses that getting their flu shot is probably a good idea. Within days of receiving the shot, Piers was sick. In an interview shown below, he was told “Don’t ever take a flu shot again.” Some are calling the situation “poetic justice.”

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Interestingly enough, in the wonderful times of conscious change we are in we often see some backfiring going on when certain unethical actions are being done. This of course helps to raise public awareness in such a way that further dis-empowers the system at hand. In some ways this really reveals the power of a collective consciousness that is choosing to create something new. Be sure to check out the video below which outlines the interview.

I’m not going to tell you whether you should get a flu shot or not, all I am saying is, do A LOT of research before you make a decision. From my own research, I feel that the potential risks of getting the shot greatly outweighs the benefits given that there is, at best, only speculation that the flu shot will help to prevent only 10% of flu strains out there. To put it simply, the effectiveness of flu vaccines are not science nor factual, they are theoretical and very little data supports their effectiveness.

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“So the myth about these, and I’m told it’s a myth, is that you can actually get flu or flu-like symptoms simply by having the shot. Is that true?” – Piers Morgan


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