Another Canadian City Bans Fluoride From Its Water Supply

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dentalA growing number of people on the planet are beginning to wake up to the truth about fluoride and how harmful it really is. Windsor, Ontario, Canada has joined a number of other Canadian municipalities that have voted to put a stop to the practice of putting fluoride into the water supply.  The vote was passed earlier this week after a five hour debate between medical experts and the city council. Ask yourself, do you really think fluoride is put into the water supply of most major cities  because some “experts” believe it to be capable of preventing tooth decay? What about the American Dental Association? Do you think they were not aware about the dangers of fluoride before dumping it into the water supply? If they were aware, then why are they doing it? The president of the Essex County Dental Association  was upset, advising the council to not be known for going against the advice of the health advisers.  But who is it that is even advising the health advisers in the first place? Dr. Allen Heimann, the local medical officer of health said that it’s the general consensus within the scientific community that fluoride  (sodium silicofluoride and hydrofluorosilicic acid) is effective in preventing tooth decay…but it’s not! The doctors in favor of advising for water fluoridation to the Windsor City Council used the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the US Center For Disease Control as their sources. These two organizations have research that is funded by an elite group of people who run the multinational corporations that own all earthly resources. They do not want to see the human race thrive, and they continue to put toxic chemicals and pesticides into the products we consume and use on our bodies.

In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death and causes it faster than any other chemical – Dr Dean Burk, Ph. D. 34 Years at the national cancer institute

It seems the general public does not know a lot about fluoride, although many are starting to question its use and overall safety considering its presence in both our toothpaste and water supply. Sodium fluoride, sodium silicofluoride and  hydrofluorosilicic acid are all used in dental offices, toothpaste and water fluoridation practices. They are toxic waste substances created from the creation processes in the fertilizer, steel, nuclear and aluminum industries.  Why do we continue to debate on a substance going into our bodies when it is illegal to dump the hazardous fluoride waste products into water streams or rivers? It’s considered a strict crime to do so, even when it is perfectly legal to add it to our water supply under the disguise that it is helping our teeth. 99% of the water pumped through municipalities is not consumed through the mouth. Most is used for showering, watering crops and washing clothes. 24 studies have shown a link between fluoride exposure and the lowering of IQ. When you really think about it though, is it all that surprising that brain function is hindered by the consumption of an extremely hazardous waste product? I could go on and on, but do we really need to debate the addition of toxic chemicals into our water supply? It was used in Nazi Germany for a sterilization and poisoning method, and it’s also the main ingredient used in rat poison. Water fluoridation is nothing more than the dumping of industry produced hazardous waste onto both people and our environment to avoid having to pay to dispose of it. Fittingly enough, they in fact make a profit instead.

In addition to this article, I suggest you also check out the following two videos: the first shows hidden camera images inside a fluoride facility, the second is a documentary we at CE put together entitled “Fluoride The Hard To Swallow Truth” Check them out if interested.


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  1. Kym

    So you said ‘I could go on and on’, but you didn’t n you kinda needed to. You could have a point but this article, as far as I can tell, didn’t make that point. Stating that the general scientific communities consensus is that its safe, but that one doctor said its not without elaborating on his research n reasons or any information really, makes for a disappointing non informative article :/ I hope you take this constructive criticism, n from others on board, n put a little bit more effort in the how’s n why’s, rather than picking quotes to prop your opinion.. That is all.. PEACE :)

    • Hi Kym….fluoride is industrial toxic waste from the aluminum, steel and fertilizer industries….it was also used in Nazi germany…you have to wear a full body suit and mask when you handle it..if you swallow it from toothpaste you are advised to call poison control. It seems you are coming from a strong belief that will make your mind use any and all tactics to go against the article…you just have to look at the facts…: ) peace

      • The term you are looking for Arjun is “Cognitive Dissonance”.

      • Garth

        You didn’t present facts. You have presented “Things people have told you and opinions you’ve read in blogs”. There is a difference. Fluoride is also a naturally occurring mineral in drinking water in many parts of the world, and can be found at concentrations much higher than that which is added to drinking water. Our bodies need fluoride just like it needs many minerals. However, like all other minerals necessary for healthy bodies, its not a good idea to over consume. The levels we have in our drinking water are well within safe levels.

        • Garth, please heed your own opening sentences. Fact: Fluoride is indeed present in many natural waters in greater concentration than in tap water but the substance in natural waters is relatively stable Calcium Fluoride, not the HSF ionic mine waste byproduct used in fluoridation. Fact: such wastes are marketed by Solway and a subsidiary of Mosaic, manufacturer of fertilizers. Fact: where natural F concentrations are very high, people do suffer – from bone fluorosis. Fact: F concentrations in some tea is higher than in fluoridated water. Fact: only the dental fraternity claims that F is needed by the body, and that only for supposed benefit to teeth. Fact: most consumers swallow water (internal medication) without rinsing their teeth (topical application recommended). Fact: dentists are not trained in internal medicine. Fact: reams of studies have shown F to be a neurotoxin, among other detrimental long term effects. Fact: New mothers are advised (in certain jurisdictions) to not use fluoridated water for making formula, owing to the very real risk of later developing dental fluorosis. Fact: F increases bone density… but also bone brittleness. Fact: the use of F supplements to increase bone density was tried for osteoporotic patients but was discontinued due to the embrittling action. It therefore stands to reason that people susceptible to or having osteoporosis should avoid the intake of any further F ions, especially given its ubiquitous unavoidable presence in our diet of processed foods and beverages. Thus, it must be concluded that FOR SUCH PERSONS, even if not for YOU or other non-susceptible people, the level of F in fluoridated drinking water are NOT within long term safe levels. How could you even suggest such a thing without knowing an INDIVIDUAL’S water consumption, body F levels, exposure time, body & bone mass and genetic disposition? It seems you are presenting “things people have told you”

    • I agree with you Kym, I was disappointed there was no elaboration or how it has affected people.

  2. Marty

    *Facepalm* Fluoride in LARGE amounts is obviously toxic JUST LIKE ANY OTHER CHEMICAL; however, the amount we use in toothbrushes and in drinking water is minimal and should not affect our health. Basically, the fluoride levels are just at the right level to prevent tooth decay and low enough to not cause bodily harm.

    Furthermore, correlation does not equal causation. I find it hilarious whenever a scientist states his/her result that A caused B as a fact. Experiments only support your hypothesis, they never prove anything. Especially in a human body when everything is correlated, it is difficult to say anything with absolute confidence.

  3. Sarah

    So my dentist tells me I need to floss with flouride to re mineralse the the outside layer of my teeth…. she shows me pics and I can see the area she means….so what do I do… I want to fix my teeth… but i dont want to use flouride as I’m led to believe its prettty harmful to me…. i also do not want any more dental work… my teeth need repairing…

    • Garth

      The fluoride levels you will be exposed to are safe according to almost all actual research. Listen to your dentist.

    • Sarah, the answer is simple. Go to Walter Last’s article: “The Borax Conspiracy” where you will find the details to strong bones and teeth- for children to the elderly. The amount taken is what sticks to a dry finger tip, dipped into the powder two or three times a week. Fortunately, Canadians and our friends to the south can still purchase borax. It is a mineral necessary in small amounts for strong bones and teeth. It has somewhat less toxicity (danger taken in large quantities) than salt. So, no fear regarding this ionising mineral, not a detergent. Read the article. If we all got small doses of borax (which is turned into boron by the acids in our stomach) dentists incomes from cavities would plummet.
      Namaste and care,

  4. Does anyone know what specific actions groups in Toronto have been taking to have flouride removed and where I can connect with these groups/support them?

  5. Joanne

    “Canada wouldn’t want to poison its citizens ~TORONTO ESPECIALLY” TYPICAL response from someone in Ontario. Toronto is more important than anyone else. Your arrogance is only overpowered by your stupidity.

  6. Lori Britton

    At least the following article lists some pretty credible sources (whereas yours does not.). Seems your page generally offers nothing but tag lines and controversy, your articles are thin, and seem gratuitously fear and rumour spreading, much like most of todays crappy journalism. I will now “unlike” your page so as to keep my attention on more important things, like sharing pictures of cats, etc. :)

  7. Mr. Jonz

    Here in Santa Clara County CA they just started putting this poison in the water. They’re so proud of themselves for helping to “save the children!”

    • Jeremy Fulsom

      it does horrible things to the teeth of minority children take a look at the research and i image being california there will be a large number of minorities drinking the water in Santa Clara County

  8. Stephen

    I think it’s become very apparent that it is simply not a good idea to put sodium fluoride into drinking water as a form of medication to restrict tooth decay, as far as I’m aware it’s the only case of unrestricted medication on a national and international scale ever to be taken place.
    Surely we cannot let this continue, because even if it was of benefit, which I’m sure it isn’t, how can you have a unrestricted so called “medicine”, where the dosage simply can not be regulated, especially amongst infants, where a overdose could in fact kill the child in question! if given too much drinking water, that’s not even considering what’s toothpaste contains, with much higher dosages of fluoride,
    I find it quite difficult to purchase toothpaste without fluoride as it’s so widespread in every part of our society, including soft drinks and all forms of beverages!

  9. Goldstar

    Dr. Dean Burk died in 1988, and you’re quoting his statistics on cancer studies? Not to say you don’t have a point with this article, but you should really quote better sources.

  10. It’s about time too. Hope Fluoride get’s taken out of water everywhere.

  11. garry kallos

    It’s interesting to read stories like this. How about citing sources beyond Dean Burk. Dean Burke was a 3rd rate scientist who’s studies on fluoridation were consistently repudiated. He also was a proponent of laetrile. If fluoride can cause cancers, what is the mechanism and under what concentrations? It is troubling when politicos without any scientific background get sucked into the vortex of an ignorant populace, and follow instead of lead. It is truly shameful.
    Garry Kallos

    • Garry, your comment on ‘ignorant populace” is rude. It is easy to get the fluoride you desire. Your dentist and your toothpaste, both of which you can choose to use. And remember to swallow. (I’m kidding.)
      Those who do not want the stuff, can use natural cleaners for their teeth (bicarbonate soda, I use borax-check “The Borax Conspiracy”) or just plain water. When its in the water, choice is made by others. Thank you for your concern over our ignorance, but Canadians are smart enough to decide on their own.
      Namaste and care,

  12. oziris

    Does anybody know whether fluoride is added to the water in Toronto now?

    • Yes Fluoride is still added to the water in Toronto and they are very adamant about keeping it in unfortunately. Many steps are being taken to try and get it banned including some stuff we are personally working on. Hopefully things will change soon!

      • Curtis

        @joe how are they adamant about keeping fluoride in our water in Toronto? Is it because of the insane amount of bacteria in Lake Ontario?

        • amdr

          Seriously, you think that fluoride is added for bacteria? Piece of advice: put your fingers on the keyboard and type “fluoride”……actually, google “chlorine” too……… , both are horrible for your health. Fluoride/chlorine affects thyroid through drinking water and chlorine absorption through bathing……..check it out and then start screaming at your health officers……realize the epidemic of thyroid disease. Look where fluoride(fluorine) and chlorine are on the periodic table and guess what it displaces……..iodine! and what is iodine needed for? What your thyroid needs? hmmmmmm. no rocket science here. People get out of your bubble and do your research. You no longer have to depend on what others tell you when you can find out for yourself.

  13. Jct: Lucky Windsor. I think things would move faster if we initiated prosecution against those keep the poison in our waters. Didn’t they read what Windsor and Guelph found out? Don’t they have google? They keep pumping the poison into our water supply, why bother with all the Fukushima nuclear fallout now in it anyway? I add baking soda molecules to my water supply to bind with the nuclear particles before they get inside to bind with my Turmel molecules. Anyway prosecution for dereliction of the duty to civilian health of those hidden hands responsible for adding it to our water supply would certainly help.

    • Jordie

      How do you know that fluoride is poisonous at an average of 1ppm? Have you personally viewed data that shows this? Because all the studies that I have personally read show that, like anything, it is harmful in excess and not at 1 ppm.

      • Jairod

        If it is safe or not safe why are you okay with someone adding ingredients into what goes into your body? :) Think about it.

    • Stephanie Sherlock

      What is the process called where you add baking soda molecules to your water supply and they bind with any nuclear molecules? I’d like to know more about that, how it’s done. How did you discover this? It’s sounds interesting.

  14. Vince.

    “its” water supply.

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