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bodyThere is no doubting that the human body is a fascinating vehicle that gets us around in life. Quick facts: the surface area of lungs are equal to that of a tennis court!  The left lung is smaller than the right as the body knows to create room for the heart as it develops. It takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown. While this may not seem like a series of fascinating facts to everyone, I think the simple fact that the body is able to function with such a high level of awareness of itself and it’s functions, is amazing. Simultaneously there are thousands of bodily and chemical functions happening in our bodies at all times. A high percentage of these functions happen without us even having to consciously think about them. When you truly think about that, it’s fascinating to fully realize how much is going on without us having to think about it. Our bodies truly are phenomenal life forms and, if anything before ending this off, I want to remind everyone to appreciate your body in whatever form it may be in at this time. take care of it, love it and remember that it is a crucial factor that allows you to experience this world from one place to another.

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Below is a list of 18 awesome facts about the body!


Source: www.advancedphysicalmedicine.org/

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