Barack Obama Caught Off Microphone: Rigged Election?

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Barack Obama was caught in early 2012 in a mic slip up. It was a mistake, went viral and was picked up by multiple mainstream media outlets. But was this truly a mistake? Or was it done purposely to make it look like a mistake. Either way it does suggest that the presidential election is not determined by voting. Voting is just the illusion of democracy, those that control the money supply and the multinational corporations they hide behind are the ones who select the president. That’s why these big corporations are the ones who sponsor them, and a number of them can be seen with ties to mining, energy, health, pharmaceutical, and other major industries that we use in our everyday lives by choice.

Obama shrugged off the incident, and made a joke out of it.You can decide for yourself, but he knew he would still be able to make moves well before his election. It also looks like he gives the “wheels are in motion” symbol. He will have more flexibility for what? People on the planet are beginning to understand each other, get along and cooperate. Simply by doing this we change the direction of the planet, and we begin to see through as well as break down the barriers to a better world, with love. Other videos of this incident are available all over the web. I believe that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are two wings of the same bird, and the flight path doesn’t change unless we change it.

Barack: This is my last election

Dmitry: I understand

Barack: After my election I have more flexibility (wheels are in motion hand signal)

Dmitry: I under stand i’ll transmit this information to Vladimir (Russian President)

If video is not working for you CLICK HERE for the link

Presidents are selected, not elected – Franklin D. Roosevelt

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  2. Billy Ray

    I believe he meant that this was his last election therefore having more freedom to do as he pleases because he is no longer worried about being re-elected.

  3. How many conspiracies have been proven? Five that I can count..I’m sick revolted by people who automatically think oh those damn conspiracy theorists..we are smarter than you least we have critical thinking still intact which I can’t say tht for a lot of people now A days heck I can’t blame u or them due to the fluoride and medication not to mention the G M Os in the food chain. People wake the fuck up stupidity is not bliss it’s a death sentence.

    • Emily

      Don’t let it get to you too much, it’s a psychological tactic employed after getting a couple of new hires from Germany in 1944 lol they’ve had a lot of practice, and they are very simple and effective. When it’s been in effect in the media for so long, you not only have them as an outlet but generations pass it on without realizing it. We practically brainwash ourselves. I think my teachers told me “anything is possible” one to many times in school lol and you can’t blame them, these people are sly silent opponents. The majority of people don’t realize the simplicity of just thinking of other possibilities. It’s certainly likely at times a news story on any given mass media outlet is about as accurate as journalism can really be, but it’s also possible that it’s not. Research is also a really simple concept. But this is associated with very radical ideas that are far fetched and hard to believe so instinctually it just incites anger and usually 1 of 5 or so phrases that they’ve set up. It’s funny, it’s always the same two words usually, and somehow that doesn’t strike anybody as odd. I mean how many times can so many people call you paranoid before it’s really just laughable? I don’t check for bugs when I get in my car, I don’t cuddle my gun, I don’t mask my IP that’s my real email and name…I’m not sure which part of paranoia I’m displaying so fervently but usually it gets silence or extreme anger. It’s training, it’s in a declassified dossier and again revised for more modern uses like forums and web searches. Really fascinating once you read it you see it everywhere and it’s actually entertaining and you feel a little sad because you want to help but you can’t

    • Emily

      And honestly, odds are for a lot of discoveries, we may never get to say “i told you so” but the truth is much more valuable to me as I am much more inclined to wake up and be grateful for every second of life I live. I live with purpose, so if I am a nutjob I’d like to stay this way. I like the education factor lol

  4. if you consider how the states tend to vote, and how the electoral college is set up, every state except 3 lean strongly toward one party or the other. only 3 states – virginia, florida, and ohio are swing states. In 2000, Florida made the difference. In 2004, Ohio did. And in 2012, I think it was Virginia (could be wrong). just look at the voting results mid-election and you’d see that it’s pretty much a tie until those last 3 states decide to weigh in. and it’s odd how it’s so close until the last second and being off by 1,000 votes (in a given direction) can elect a president. I’m sure 1,000 votes can be added or removed quite easily, especially with digitized voting machines. it pretty much means that 90% of americans votes don’t matter because they cancel each other out.

  5. we all knew he would win….big deal!!! Anyone who thought he wasn’t going to win must have been tuned to Fox News!!!

  6. Monique

    Is there a way of finding a longer clip? What was said before.

  7. It had nothing to do with a rigged election. He had no doubt he was going to win at that time. I had no doubt he was going to win at that time. Any intelligent person knew at that time that Romney was toast. He was just saying things would be easier to discuss and negotiate after the election

  8. Talk about being paranoid. What he said meant nothing. Stop turning everything into a conspiracy. Heck, I’m super open minded and even I think some of your articles read like a cheap tabloid instead of something based on reality.

    The corporations do have a say, because they fund both parties and hence have a powerful lobby whatever the outcome. But to say that the voting is decided pre-election is guesswork at best.

  9. Richard W.McWilliams

    Are you people for real? What is he suppose to say?…….Well,IF I win the election,…I’ll have more flexibility. …AND if I am not elected,…..I’ll have EVEN MORE flexibility!

  10. I’m just checking this site out for the first time and I like the concept. That said, I think this post is reading too much from the video and I think the time and effort could have spent on a more important matter or applied to in-depth investigative journalism. The message about money ruling politics is right-on, but this type of speculation can prevent people who want to support CE’s mission from taking it seriously.

    • Mimi

      I think this site is more about giving you a start of info, so you can do your own research. Instead of trying to brainwash you, do your research, make your own mind. The more you do, the more you ll understand that you just have to stop believing everything and just learn for yourself. Stir away from handed out rigged info, do the work and start changing your life.

    • Emily

      That is actually a tactic to drive people away from finding and accepting a truth that will speak to them in a way that they will explore some ideas and open their minds. “Nutjobs” is a fitting example of the disinformation tactic that is so easily and widely used in the media and on the internet. You will see it all over, but some will realize that there is actually a space between radical and extreme in free thought because you don’t have to follow anybody and their ideals, you find your own money trails and motives that make sense to you. We don’t all agree on everything, but that’s not really normal anyway lol we just ask questions and do research that a lot of people will not.

      • Emily

        and when I say radical and extreme I actually mean thoughtless* and extreme….or thoughtless and radical, whichever ;p

  11. We the people have to become more informed about who is controlling the money and why. We should not have to wait in long voting lines or vote on different machines that can be Hacked! We have to stop being controlled and thinking we are powerless; we are not. Why are oil companies getting big tax breaks or subsidies in the millions of dollars; money that could best be used to beneif America, our schools, education and training for young adults, better bridges and infra structure.

  12. Mattman75

    He is limited to two terms. So it’s his last election.

    He is limited to two terms. So he has more flexibility to do as he wants in his second term, because he doesn’t need to get re-elected after it’s over.

    No mystery here. I he’d lost, it would still have probably been his last election.

  13. Kay

    What he said was not damning or even news. The campaigns and the big money were to rig the state elections, not the presidency. It’s pretty locked anyway. The presidency is much less powerful than governors or even municipalities. Koch’s bigger money is in National Governors. Partly grooming the next puppet for presidency. But moreso, entering matching legislation to look like a countrywide movement they dictate. Actually spending the money allocated by Washington is controlled by States (look at Hurricane Sandy to see the money funnel clearly.) Rules for politics: Control the presidency your assets are protected by US military, control presidency your assets are protected by homeland security, control state your assets are protected by police, control municipalities your assets are protected by sheriffs. Investment in any level breeds support for individual freedom being controlled and corporate freedom being unregulated.

    • Emily

      Really interesting and thought provoking assertions, I haven’t thought much about that, and should have known better haha thank you for making that link for me to look in to. Seems some sites are a little more “fish on!” than others if you know what I mean lol

  14. gianine

    This is totally meaningless…has nothing to do with rigged voting.

  15. _D_\

  16. The fact is the two major parties have morphed into one another. They both wage war, spend money we don’t have, ignore our wishes and focus on getting reelected and accumulating power. Ron Paul, in my opinion, was the only vote for change.

  17. matthewson

    i dont think he was saying the slip proves the election was rigged. I think he was posing the question of if it was an intentional slip or not. Barack Obama may be a symbol of hope and change, but you can tell from his economic policies and foreign policies that he is driving towards no change at all. It is all much worse than you are aware of im afraid. From his drones killing countless children and women civillians in foreign countries as “collateral damage” to his endless spending on bailing out banks and other companies who purposely failed because they knew they would get bailed out, he has proven his motives are quite different to his goals he spoke about while running for office. And you I dont know how many characters im allowed to use for this comment so I wont even get started on his destruction of privacy or freedom with the signing of ndaa, his expansion of drone use in america, or his oddly strong desire for gun regulation. I strongly urge you to look into independent medias postings on what barack obama has done while in office. He is no symbol of change. not the good kind anyway.

  18. people who think everything is controlled and manipulated are themselves obsessive compulsive about controlling and manipulating everything. get a grip. 1. this video doesn’t mean anything… i mean so what if he said he has more freedom when elections are finished?? that doesnt mean the elections are rigged… 2. If you know ANYTHING about politics, you know that its the right wings, republicans, conservatives or however you want to call them, the ones who actually work in mantaining the status quo and keeping themselves and their friends on power. So why the hell would they want Obama, the symbol of change, multiculture, equality and so on??? please explain and cut the bs

    • matthewson

      i meant to send that comment below you as a reply, but I got excited.

    • Wow man… you still believe there is a substantive difference? Sure, I prefer Obama to Romney (if I had to choose), but I am not so obtuse to think that either of these guys would do anything to compromise the power structure. Good or bad, it’s what we’ve got. I do not respect politicians, be them red or blue.

    • Emily

      Hook. Line. Sinker.

  19. Smarter than fiction

    WTF………Anyone see the videos with “Bad Lip Reading” ????? This has nothing…nothing……………

  20. Mike Walker

    I think everyone knew Obama was going to win. The only surprise was he didn’t have a larger margin. The world banks don’t really care who wins, they control the currency, which controls the banking and corporations, which control the courts, governments, and military. Obama’s hands are tied. The only hope is that he may be a double agent, and he is waiting for the world bankers to be removed. There is a theory that governments are collectively moving against the world banking families because they don’t like being the pawns as the planet is destroyed. Something has to change one way or another.

  21. libertarian_chimeron

    How come nobody is commenting on how obama won 90+% of the vote in numerous counties? Oh wait, I even remember reading in one county he received over 120% of the vote….

    • Emily

      Well it’s entirely possible for them to fabricate that, as much as no one would like to believe

  22. It’s clear that votes don’t count. Wasn’t it bush who managed to get ‘voted in’ even though he lost the election? They had a “re-count” as I recall….

    I still vote, in the vain hope that it does make a difference, although the older I get, the more people I meet, the more I realize how things beyond the general populations understanding are controlled.

    • Emily

      Well, statewide your vote does count. But the puppet that fits the machine best will always come out triumphant.Those at the top of the agenda will not take chances with their plans. Barack is much more manipulative in nature, he can say things that would otherwise incite a riot, and people will blindly cling to his flimsy veneer because of his dynamism and his ability to dig into the psyche. People like Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler were extremely similar in nature and carried a godlike quality many cannot let go of.
      Listen carefully to what he says, to start you off..he claims that anyone with a criminal background or mental illness is dangerous. Do you agree? Do you think most would agree? Probably not, but it’s worded in such a way that you won’t notice that, but another point he wants you to hear. MAke sure you hear what he says with his words and not with his personality :]

  23. joe burt

    i call BS. if votes dont count hen why did the kochs and that vegas jew pour so much money into romney?? que? because they knew mitt was more on their side that BO. plus all the voter restrictions etc. it was a close election too, less than 2 million difference. and if you do not think twit romney would be ploughing you in the ass right now, you are very very wrong. that guy was a real POS, and he was in israel’s pocket.

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