Sandy Hook Shooting Continues To Be Exposed

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url-6Note: Nothing is more important to us than presenting this story accurately, if you have information that can accurately answer these questions and clear things up, please send us info right away as we would be happy to set this story straight once and for all.

Since the very first day of the Sandy Hook shooting there have been a lot of questions that were left unanswered by the mainstream media and since then, more and more in-congruencies are raised with still no official answer. One thing we can be certain of before getting into this article is that the official story is not factual. That being said, another key thing that must become clear before continuing, this is not an attempt to explain what happened nor be inconsiderate to any of the alleged victims etc. Please do not bother commenting that this is insensitive if you have not asked these questions for yourself. The whole purpose of this article is to share the facts surrounding this event and how the official story is not true. We are being deceived to a degree and we simply need to ask why.

Again I feel the need to reiterate as I am sure this will raise a lot of reaction from people reading this immediately, be sure to think about this stuff without emotions taking over and running away with the idea that we are not allowed to question anything the media tells us. This very idea comes from the media themselves who spend hours on air telling you that anyone who questions anything are crazy, conspiracy theorists, wack jobs, pyschos, don’t make any sense, are insulting the families, etc. This is a very obvious ploy to make anyone who questions anything seem like they are incorrect. Meanwhile, the story being told by the media themselves is at best very flawed.

“Not asking questions is the ultimate insult to the victims.”

The Story
If you are unaware of the Sandy Hook shooting that took place on December 14th 2012, the official story is such: On December 14, 2012, 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot twenty children and six adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the village of Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut. Before driving to the school, Lanza had shot and killed his mother, Nancy, at their Newtown home. As first responders arrived, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

The Key Points

The media claims that 3 hand guns and a rifle were used in the shooting. It was stated on several occasions by the medical examiner involved that the rifle was the main weapon used and he drew these conclusions based on his examination of the shot wounds of the victims. The issue here is, the cops retrieved the long rifle from the trunk of the car after all the shooting was done by Adam. According to the official story, Adam killed himself in the school and never came out. How is it possible to find the rifle locked in the trunk if it was the weapon used inside?
Source: See video clip at bottom for live video of police finding rifle in trunk. You also here reporters attempt to debunk the medical examiner during questions in which he dodges the question.

The media claims there was only 1 shooter, Adam Lanza, but if you look closely at all the details revealed by the media, we see that there was actually a 2nd and possibly third shooter. Children told the media that the cops had arrested someone on the ground in front of the school. And video, as well as audio, shows the police chasing down a man wearing cammo pants into the nearby forest where they apprehended him. We have to ask why these questions are not being explored and answered? These are big inconsistencies and they have to be taken seriously and looked at.
Source: See video clip at the bottom. It outlines all of the video evidence involved.

The media and investigators initially claimed the mother was a kindergarten teacher. As you examine the facts, you find out the mother was not a kindergarten teacher or a teacher at all. This means there is no real link between Adam Lanza and that school as claimed by the media. The media story was, he drove to his mothers school, killed her, then shot the 20 victims. Then it was, he drove to the home, shot the mother, then went to the school. What is interesting is that the media claimed it received the information about the mother being a teacher from the school nurse. As people began looking into the school nurse, they discovered the nurse the media claims told them the story, doesn’t even exist in records or work at the school.
Source: See the video clip at the bottom. Outlines all details including database of nurses.

Robbie Parker, father of Emilie Parker who was allegedly shot, there is a video of him prior to the interview he does with the media where he is seen laughing and having a great time right before the interview. Literally seconds before he goes on air, he gets in character and begins hyperventilating to bring on his sadness. He even asks as he is moving up to the mic, as if it’s a real set, “Are we ready to start?” While  some suggest that everyone deals with death differently and Robbie may be dealing with it in his own way, why would he purposely change character and appear extremely sad just in time for the interview? Why not stay “normal?”
Source: See the video clip at the bottom. Real media clip is shown.

Another note on the Robbie Parker story is the fact that the Parker family had created a Facebook donation page the morning of the shooting before anything had happened. They speak of the loss of their daughter and then hours later talk about how the school is in lockdown and they don’t know if Emilie is safe or not.
Source: See video clip for details. Screen shots of the FB page are shown as well as the creation date and the claims made by the family about their daughter with the time stamp.

The McDonald family is another family that allegedly lost a 7 year old child that day. In a CNN interview not long after the shooting, they are seen in character with very jovial and up beat attitudes that very likely would not reflect that they had just lost a child. While we can’t ever suggest how someone should or shouldn’t act, you be the judge, does this resonate with you as being two people who have just lost their child? Once again, in this case we realize this cannot be a factual point, however it is important to note.

Source: See videoclip at the bottom for CNN interview.

One of the most interesting pieces that cannot be denied is that fact that not only was the Facebook page commemorating Victoria Soto’s death created 4 days before the shooting, but so was the website the page was promoting to help fund victims.  The Sandy Hook victims fund website was also created 3 days before the shooting happened.
Source: See videoclip at the bottom as it outlines all of the details regarding the time stamps and page creations.

The Arlington Devils website released the “How to talk to your kids about the Sandy Hook shooting” manual 4 days before the shooting happened. After word of this got out they later changed the date on the article but still did it wrong and changed it from Dec 10th to Dec 13th, which is still 1 day prior to the shooting. This type of manual would likely be something that comes out weeks after the shooting, not before or right after.

There are numerous other pages, websites, funding campaigns and donation pages set up for the Sandy Hook victims that are all dated BEFORE the actual event occurred.
Source: See second video clip at the bottom for details on this.

The media aired video of the Sandy Hook school and shooting but used video that was not of Sandy Hook School.We also have to question the fact that there is not a single picture or video clip of students being evacuated, being outside the school or anything. Is this truly possible when there would be media everywhere and these days virtually everyone has access to cameras on their phone. No children, and not even any ambulances or emergency crew there at the scene to help anyone out. Just cops and pedestrians.
Source: See all media footage including videoclip below labelled part 2. All is explained.

I am going to stop here as I believe this is enough to make a solid point. There are literally hundreds of videos, key facts,and articles out there that describe what’s going on here. Upon first hearing about this shooting, within hours I began noticing first hand that the media had their stories crossed and there was a great deal of inconsistencies. That is before I even began looking at the “crazy conspiracies” as the media calls them, that exist all over the place. Yes, it does not feel good to have to realize this whole thing contains many many lies but these questions have to be asked and we need to be mature about it. It does us no good to simply lash out and go wild denying this stuff yet believe what is obviously not truth coming from the media, government and the president.

Some may ask, who is to benefit? Why would they pull something like this off? What seems to be the biggest reason is gun control. Right now in the US there has been a lot of focus put on removing guns from the public in order to keep them from being able to defend themselves. While I don’t feel anyone should have guns, including police and military. I feel this is obviously what is happening here as anytime you create a lot of emotional noise around an issue and repeat it over and over again it becomes clear that you can justify something to the public very easily so long as the previous actions have taken place to warrant decisions. We saw this with 9/11 when the PATRIOT act was put in place which essentially removed most rights citizens have. Not to mention the PATRIOT act was written before 9/11 occurred, this should raise a big question right away.

All in all I want to say that for those who did have victims, we feel for you and this type of thing is never easy. But questions do need to be asked and we need to begin questioning why this is all happening and why we choose to turn a blind eye all of the time.

Note on the sources: If you choose to debunk them prior to watching them because they are “YouTube” videos, then that is your discretion. But these videos contain nothing but REAL video, audio and images surrounding the event.


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  1. Please just ask yourselves this, was 9/11 exactly as “They” said it was . . . . NO it was not. Were there any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq . . . NO there were not. I am an English man who is totally amazed at the attitude of many Americans who come from the land of the “Free”. You are the most brainwashed souls on this planet and any body questioning the integrity of this site for simply asking questions that need answering just shows how badly your minds have been distorted. You reading this probably believe the story of the third tower and how it “Fell” down without being hit by a plane. America is controlled by the people in its capital which is not Washington BUT Israel. Rothschild Zionists control you and kill you if you ask to many questions, as far as I am concerned the sooner America and its vile ways disappears the better for the rest of us trying to live a healthy existence. I suggest the return of Enola Gay but this time drop its load where it is needed most . . . on the land of the apparent “FREE” . . . . now that would cure things quicker than Ayahuasca

  2. Paul Smith

    Americans are mad.

  3. Tashi Deleg

    Message to all those who feel the need to “debunk” the evidence that the shooting was a big lie:
    I saw (with my own eyes) a movie about the shooting that was posted BEFORE December 14. The person who posted the movie was attacked by several people saying “busted!” and then he removed it, thus destroying the evidence. But the witnesses of this are still alive (unlike certain others who “knew too much” about certain lies that the government told us).

  4. Combat Veteran

    The 2nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution is the ONLY amendment our founders seen fit to put language in so that IT CAN’T BE REMOVED as this right “shall not be infringed upon”. This Nation has many other problems that are destroying it. Firearm ownership by law-abiding citizens is not one of them. Focus on the insane and the criminals! Leave us “white/black/red/brown Christians” (and every other law abiding citizen for that matter) alone and we won’t bother you. Many of you have fallen for a old military tactic, divide and conquer. We have the most divisive government in place in OUR Republic since 1859. Wake up fellow citizens…

  5. David Scott.

    Yes, Ricardo, whenever you use critical thinking, there will be people who are critical of your thinking. Ask questions, demand answers…and you will feel good to the depths of your soul that you are doing the right things. Those who follow blindly are destined to be lost…and then one day they’ll expect you to find them their way. Some are leaders, some are followers, you’re obviously a leader so don’t be concerned in trying to please everyone. Some people can’t be convinced of a truth even if it’s standing right in front of them. Some aren’t mentally capable…no insult intended, but not everyone’s strength is their brain power. Then there are even people who are paid to spread disinformation. I’ve found the best technique is to not engage these people. State your facts and carry on. Observe what they say, but don’t respond emotionally to them. Many things they say are intended to make you angry, or keep you walking and talking in circles. Always move forward and don’t let the detractors stop you from following what you know is the right path. You will get to your destination by walking over those little bumps and cracks in the road…just stay on the road and keep your destination clearly in your mind. As for Sandy Hook, WE know the truth has not been told…that is the only thing that is a verifiable fact at this point. Keep up that great attitude and open mind, and you’ll go far.

  6. marcusxl

    You people are the scum of the Earth.

  7. David Scott

    I remember when a crime scene was treated like a crime scene, not a secret. Gloves MUST be worn when handling a potential murder weapon, without question! Names of wounded people are not kept secret and said people kept in isolation. Hundreds of children evacuated from a school would be caught on many cameras…please don’t even argue this point. Video footage of a person breaking through the front door of a school would be released if there was nothing to hide. Blood would be on the clothes and shoes of the children and police from any scene that had this much brutal carnage. Children would have been whisked by ambulance to the nearest hospital regardless of their condition. There is no sense of urgency in the entire situation, that does not jive with ANY similar school shooting event. The gun story would not have to change 5 or 6 times to accommodate the latest facts. 110lb Adam Lanza would not have been able to carry all those weapons and fire that many rounds with that type of precision is such a short time. Where did Adam Lanza get the body armour? Why would Adam Lanza have his brother’s ID if they were never in contact for several years? Why did they make up the story about Adam Lanza’s mother being a teacher at the school? Why did they make up the story about the nurse who claims to have known her well? Why were ALL the doors open to the car that Adam Lanza supposedly drove alone? Why are there no recent pictures and or stories about Adam Lanza? Why do the people in his neighbourhood know nothing about him? Who were the guys dressed in nuns/clergy outfits driving a purple van that were suspects at the time? I could go on for another 20 or 30 questions…but I guess people are good with not knowing answers to important questions. Is that what we’ve become? Do we just blindly trust a proven deceptive media and government? Do we not investigate and assure there was not a more sinister plan in play that day? If you’re good with that, we’re all in for bigger and bigger events caused by the same perpetrators. Choose to fight now, or fight later…and later might be too late. There is a shadow government, controlled by billionaires and their agenda is not your agenda….trust me on this.

    • MarcusXL

      You ask a lot of questions; they probably have mundane answers. But you’re looking for a sexy, thrilling conspiracy; you’re a fucking fool. Get a grip on reality, you paranoid losers.

      • Tom Horn

        People in denial get angry quickly and spout off their foul mouths

      • If you look at all the videos with the information and can’t see something is severally off you are either extremely naive or part of the plot… This is disturbing and if you convinced me you better believe there will be millions looking at this.. FEMA drill to push gun control – no doubt in my mind..

    • Ricardo

      Finally someone with a functional brain, making rational questions and not insulting people that have different opinions. Keep those neurotransmitters of yours working, because we’re going to need people like you it in the near future and I’m guessing that we’ll have to help these guys and gals that keep insulting us when the only thing we are doing is questioning. Peace


    Alright, when Columbine happened they arrested few kids wearing trench coats. Sometimes before the story comes out they simply try to diffuse the situation. As for the Emilie Parker quotes, my parents lost a 16 day old baby, after they let us know she was dead they took us to McDonalds. I promise wasn’t a conspiracy. Having guns myself, I am going to tell you what they pulled from the car looks like a rifle, but nothing like an AR15. Could be a 30 odd six or something of that effect. A lot of those parents did not speak until the children were buried, and some still haven’t spoken. However for the ones that did that may be how they chose to remember their kids. The nurse could have been in shock and reporters are not always truthful. I did question that as well, but I think that is the way the media explained it. Everyone wants answers, well there aren’t any. He was a nut.

    • David Scott.

      I’m with you. The “bumbling” seems intentional. They truly can’t be that stupid…can they? So, the question is; why are they feeding us all this contradictory information? I can only think they either want us to find out, or they’re so sure of their media control that they are just flaunting their power. They may also have felt that they didn’t have to be that good as most people would not dare start a conspiracy theory when there are little children involved. This may have been them underestimating us. Since 9/11, I think the people are watching more closely. I tell people it’s like magic, if you want to see what’s real…don’t watch where they’re directing your attention. So, there is one other possibility as to why they were so sloppy. Maybe we have taken them off guard on this one and they just didn’t expect such scrutiny for such a touchy subject. They may also be taking a lot of time in giving final answers so that they can hear all the best theories and then shape the evidence to fit the final story. Basically, all of us “investigators” are doing all the hard work in identifying problems with the story, and they’ll do the final re-write when they feel comfortable that all the best theories have been exposed. IE: They have had so many stories on the guns that they’ve given themselves a number of choices when making their final decision on what guns were used and where. This gives them the freedom they need to make the story somewhat believable. I’m sure they’re working on the security video footage as well, and when they feel they’ve come up with an authentic/fraudulent copy, they’ll release it. They also don’t want to release it before they decide what story they’re going to finally use…they want that security footage to be their friend, not open up a whole ‘nother can of worms. This is why they have stepped out of the normal time frames and added the additional few months of withholding evidence to give them time to make it much closer to perfect than it would have been had they released evidence as it arrived. They haven’t verified people, guns, times, inside school details, or even if there were other shooters. This is how things unfold when you start with a sloppy plan. Now they need the time to correct their errors after the fact.

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