Kepler Space Telescope Finds Billions Of Earth Like Planets Near Earth

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UFOA recent study soon to be published in The Astrophysical Journal, based upon analysis of data taken from NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, has found that our Milky Way Galaxy could be host to over 4 billion Earth like planets.  Kepler is a space observatory launched by NASA to discover Earth like planets that are orbiting other stars. Scientists studied the tremendous amount of red dwarf stars in our galaxy and determined that 6 percent of the 75 billion of them would have Earth like planets, that’s about 4.5 billion Earths. Red dwarves range from less than half to 7.5 percent of the mass of the sun. They put out between 10 percent and 1/10000 the energy of the sun. Scientists estimate that these planets are approximately 13 light years away, with one light year is equal to six trillion miles. This was surprising to scientists because 13 light years is considered to be very close, kind of like a cosmic backyard.

We thought we would have to search vast distances to find an Earth like planet. Now we realize another Earth is probably in our own backyard, waiting to be spotted. – Courtney Dressing, astronomer ad the Harvard Smithsonian Centre.

This is clearly mainstream science, by that I mean it pays no attention to the tremendous amount of evidence available that suggests we are not alone in the universe, and never have been. Although we have not been able to set foot and observe an Earth like planet in the flesh, there is no doubt that others from afar have been observing and stepping foot on Earth for thousands, if not millions of years. For over 50 years, UFOs have been tracked on radar by government, military and three letter agencies -it’s a world wide phenomenon. Sightings continue to increase so much so that thousands upon thousands of pages of UFO files have been released by dozens of governments. It didn’t seem to be a major headline when governments admitted to having a high interest in the UFO phenomenon and that military agencies scramble jets to get a closer look at them.

Not only do we have evidence, we have credible witness testimonies like shown below. I urge those reading this to have an open mind. Mainstream science is far behind when it comes to the UFO and alien subject. Maybe they are putting information out like this slowly to get us used to the idea that we are not alone, to open our minds a little more. One thing is certain, there are those on the planet that know we are not alone, and have spent a tremendous amount of resources covering it up. Collective Evolution has covered the UFO/Extraterrestrial phenomenon in depth, please browse through our website and do your own research if you are looking for more evidence that shows we are not alone.

Ask yourself, what is really going on? Why are we made to believe that our space agencies are searching for evidence of life on other planets when it’s clear that they already know we are not alone?


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  1. Dr. Dynamic

    I would say watch out for the Anti-Monitor in the DC universe. He destroyed many of the alternate Earths previously as told in the classic “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. In the Marvel universe, it’s Galactus that tends to destroy planets. If the Silver Surfer shows up, that’s a sign that this Earth is in trouble…and we have no Fantastic Four or Avengers to save us.

    • You are awesome! Thanks for that!

    • earthling

      dude, you gotta learn the difference between reality and fantasy. we are all real, not comic book characters lol

      • We all make our own realities and reading(comics or otherwise) are as much of a sound reality as anything I see around me these days that is considered perceived reality by most people who appear to lack vision.

      • Free silver beach people

        Luke jihad is not your father

      • General Zod

        @ earthling. “dude” you need to learn to understand humour when you read it.
        I found that comment clever and highly entertaining unlike yours.
        ps. Stop saying “LOL”!

        • Gilberto

          @General Zod: Earthling comment was fair and polite unlike yours. There is a long way between FUN and IDIOTIC, and please stop telling people what to do. LOL

      • Will

        the irony being that compared to some of the other comments here, and the general content of this entire site, that comic books are just as viable a source of information.


    We are being farmed……Which row are you in? KEYHOETAY

    • Lloyd Mcdonald

      With as many people that seem to just vanish into thin air, especially lately, i wouldn’t doubt that one bit.

  3. Hoobastank

    “Scientists estimate that these planets are approximately 13 light years away, and one light year is equal to six trillion miles, according to how human beings measure distance. ” Apparently light years are an alien unit of measurement

    • No brainwashed Jew

      Your government blows they don’t have any special weapons they don’t know aliens this ain’t men in black you don’t need their protection from comets or meteors everything you read view and see is a distraction to keep people from building a relationship with Jah

  4. ^___^/

  5. We’ve never been alone

    • Father Race. Angels from heaven. Really, it is the most logical explanation to explain the missing link.

  6. It would be a profound experience for mankind to find intelligent life forms on other planets. We might learn something from them.
    More profound still, would be, if WE could teach something to them!

    To reach that point, however, we first have to survive ourselves, letting go of greed, selfishness and superiority over others or nature, and substitute them for transparency, tolerance, mutual respect and humility.

    A wise start would be to abolish Tax Havens and Bank Secrecy, so that global wealth would indeed be globally available. This is not just about money (which is no more than a ridiculous means), but more importantly the associated human energy, creativity and effort, which is now fully wasted on one issue that is completely irrelevant and useless to human nature, called “economy”, but which has globally destructive ‘collateral’ consequences.

    Mandateli tutti a casa – Beppe Grillo (Sent them all home!)


    • True and I agree. This is why I have been working on a project with a goal to change our taxation and banking systems from top to bottom and from bottom to top. Project will soon have its equations ready. After that, it is only the decision of ours should we want to adjust to these equations and harness them.

  7. i just wonder sometimes, if many people say we should welcome the ET’s and all.. does anyone remember when there where farm animals slaughtered in the middle of no where and at farms in some parts of the world.. can these actually be aliens doing these evil deeds or is there some other truth to that actually happening?? Why were there so many dead cows and stuff? Is there something else that we don’t know that really happened that’s been hidden?

    • Buni

      Well if it is ok for us to farm and kill animals as we think we think we have a higher intelligence , is it not ok for aliens with a higher intelligence to farm and eat us…..

    • Kirk McD

      We kill cows and other animals all the time, sometimes leaving pieces of them in the woods were we kill them. Why would it be “Evil” for them to do the same, maybe they just wanted to try something we ate to see if they like it as well. Unless you find fields of Humans slaughtered and dismembered that aliens caused why say they are eveil, and even if you did find such a field, we as humans have done worse to ourselfs throughout history and are still doing worse today.

  8. so every everyone lives on the planet including members of government intelligence, why do they know something we don’t. in other words if so many intelligent aliens visit our planet why haven’t they made contact with the general public. yea i know about eisenhower and the “deal”. but still you’d think they would quit being pussies and show themselves. whats the worst that could happen?

    • we’re one of the most feared races in the universe look how we treat our own race/planet we kill and destroy anything we can we are a virus which has infected the earth probably the most hostile civilizations ever why would intellegent beings want to interact with us? we are not ready yet our society hasn’t evolved enough spiritually or emotionally to be able to advance to proper inter-planetary travel and interactions with other life forms

      • Jorja

        i concur

    • RyanGerwitz

      Earth is contaminated, polluted, harder for them to survive, they are breeding with us to look more like us so people accept them, they are among us. They just want to blend in and co-exist unlike inferior humans with less understanding, intelligence and most humans have less DNA strands so they fear more powerful beings.

    • Arjun

      I’m sure they have their reasons, and they have made contact with the public, just not on a mass scale I suppose. Bit by bit..slowly…always increasing it seems.



    106. Known to us, in this galaxy, are only 2,630,000 highly developed human civilizations, which actually belong together, whereby, from other galaxies known to us, a further 1,141,000,000 can be factored in.

    107. We know of 1,040,000 civilizations which are developed to an essentially low level in this galaxy which you call the Milky Way.

    108. Our scientists estimate that in the entire universe about 6,000,000,000,000 to 7,000,000,000,000 essentially human civilizations, of higher and lower form, would have to exist in your material space-time configuration. Humanoid lifeforms in the known universe

    During the 469th contact of 11th August 2008, Ptaah listed the following different kinds of human beings that they know of:
    Human being types in the known Creation (according to The Plejaren Federation) Type Description
    Humanoids Like the Plejaren themselves and the Earth humans
    Amphiboids People who resemble animals that live in the water; they live on land and in water, like Asina and her people
    Reptileoids Human-reptilian forms with a skin covered with scales
    Insectoids Human-insectoid forms; their skin having a chitin quality
    Sauroids Human-sauropode form, their skin resembling that of an elephant
    Primatoide Human-primate form with more hair on his skin than the Earth human
    Condicoids Humanoids who are capable to move along through levitation, like the ones who were seen sitting on the roof of the SSSC
    Teropoids Human-birdlike body with a long neck, face and beak-like mouth
    Hydroids Human-fishlike body, who are living in the water, but can leave it for longer periods
    Thermoids Humanoids who are living in hot zones of very high temperature
    Frigoroids Humanoids who are living in regions with very low temperatures
    Aërioids Humanoids who are breathing poisonous gas or living in different gas environments, respectively
    Acoroids Humanoids of humanoid body, whose skin is covered by a fine acid layer, as it is the case with the Trilaner (Trilans).
    Floroids Humanlike and diverse plant bodies
    Kentauroids Life forms with part human, part horse-like bodies
    Faunoids Bodies part human, part animals with hooves
    Cheruboids Very light human life forms, with wings with which they are capable to fly
    Seraphoids Very light life forms with a human-animal body, with feathered wings by which they are able to fly

    The non-humanoid life forms are called Peregrinhumanoids, which means strange-humanoids (Fremdartighumanoide).

    • Darrell Brown

      The Book of Moses chapter 1 verses 31 – 34 read as follows:

      31 “And behold, the glory of the Lord was upon Moses, so that Moses stood in the presence of God, and talked with him face to face. And the Lord God said unto Moses: For mine own purpose have I made these things. Here is wisdom and it remaineth in me.

      32 “And by the word of my power, have I created them, which is mine Only Begotten Son, who is full of grace and truth.

      33 “And worlds without number have I created; and I also created them for mine own purpose; and by the
      Son I created them, which is mine Only Begotten.

      34 “And the first man of all men have I called Adam, which is many.”

    • Gilberto

      You missed one type Marcel… Imbeciloids.

    • barry white

      seriously the biggest load of fictional wank iv ever seen in my entire life, its information like this crap that discredits all the real information out there. MARCEL, kindly take this crap and shove it so far up your own arse that it will never see the light of day again you absolute imbecile. non-humanoid lifeforms are peregrin…humanoids? its a non humanoid mate so why is called humanoid, abit of a discrepancy there. anyway as i said, kindly take this fictional Scientology like bollocks and shove it where the sun doesnt shine.

      • relax barry. obviously some of this is too big for you to comprehend, and that’s ok. just go back to the telly and a grab a beer on your way 😉

      • Dude thatts crule and. Meam you don’t evan no marciel so don’t talk bed adoughht her if you’d get to no her then it be fine by me but don’t talek badly to peaple you don’t no plus peaple can say what they want fredom of speach man fredom of speach

      • BJ

        Humanoid as in they are bipedal, and I suggest if you don’t know what that is, then google it. It means they stand upright with hands, arms, legs, and feet. That’s what a humanoid is.

      • Gilberto

        Love the music of Barry White…

  10. Josh

    I think all of this is really cool, except for when they threw in the UFO’s. I do believe in the virtually infinite universe, we are not alone.
    UFO – Unidentified Flying Object
    The governments test aircraft all of the time. These aircraft are “unidentified”, because they are classified. We cannot every imply that a UFO was alien.

  11. Sammy

    Those who don’t believe in UFO’s and aliens are very narrow minded! please wake up and don’t be a fool anymore, we can not be alone in this vast universe! there are 30000000000000000000000 planets in our universe thinking we are the only intelligent life form is being very selfish!

    • SSJJ

      A really open mind has room for the possibility of us being the only form of intelligent life, for the possibility that developing space exploration is unique to Earth. Aliens and UFO’s coming precisely to Earth… yeah, ,that ain’t a selfish thought at all. “But I might be completely wrong” is also a possibility, but of course, some people are not open minded about that.

      Unidentified Flying Objects… read the first word. Unidentified. Unidentified. Means… “dunno what that might be”, not “ah! that MUST BE alien spaceship!”. We’re so incredibly special every creature in the universe wants to come here and say hi, or come here to teach us things (because they totally speak English, of course). Or steal our resources. PFFFF… If a race has developed interstellar travel, hell… let’s up that to interdimensional travel… If they had the intelligence, creativity and the logistics to develop that, there’s NOTHING exclusive to this Earth that they need. Whatever they need and want, there are more resources out there in the vast universe. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, they visit us because we’re so goddamn special aren’t we? That ain’t selfish at all.

    • Mista

      Sammy. Don’t try to sell the “You’ve gotta be stupid to believe that” gambit. it won’t work. WHY? The other end of the falsity of Evolution. Given over 6 Billion years, they can’t be any more ‘intelligent’ than we are if they haven’t found a way to say hello yet with such “advanced” technology in all THAT time! Unless, of course their Corporates are holding down their fuel sources and transportation modes for profit, as ours are! In which case, they are just as mendacious and greedy as We are. Not very intelligent by my measure.

      • Marcuscassius

        Wow. I mean, just …WOW! Mista, you really said that!? Please don’t drive. You’ll go right over the edge of the world.

    • UFO means “unidentified flying object.” There are plenty of objects whose identity is unknown or mistaken — that is NOT evidence of aliens. Have you any idea how far the stars are?

      • Jeff

        There are probably aliens but if you think they picked one tiny planet out of the billions upon billions of other starts to search for lets get real. Not to mention alien life for is probably in the version of microbes not the crap you see on tv.

  12. “Why are we made to believe that our space agencies are searching for evidence of life on other planets when it’s clear that they already know we are not alone?”

    We know pretty well that we are not alone. Everyone might perceive this fact, but still may not totally believe because seeing is believing.

    In the past, or even today, many Yogis have visited other planets and declared that there are infinite number of stars and planets, yet we tend to count them because we have been brought up to count anything and quantify.

    We know we can’t quantify our thinking and thoughts, yet we like to quantify.

    For example, I know well that I am not new as a soul among the infinite souls that exist, yet I would like to count my previous births though I cannot remember them but I know I had been through many births.

    When I close my eyes and sit contemplating about my inner self, I could see the same infinite space within me as I can imagine seeing outwardly beyond the solar system as far as my thought could see.

    Yet we always tend to measure and quantify, though we know well that certain aspects of this Creation are not measurable and quantifiable.

    The age of my soul is not measurable, so is the expanse of this Universe.

    People may argue that space scientists are trying to measure the size of this universe, and at the same time we hear that there are many universes around our home universe.

    Its true that there are infinite universes containing infinite number of stars, planets and many more heavenly bodies which humans would name in future as they come across.

    As a whole there is one INFINITE Universe of which we a speck as everyone agrees.

    • oobuc5

      ok but when i die on this one i dont want to come to this planet it shite and the taxes are to high along with the domestic gas water and electricity prices , i would like to go to Europa or somewhere else .nice and quiet where they drive honda automatics that have a crappy auto box made on earth !

    • No, our Universe is not infinite it is finite but expanding. It will never be infinite. You can very much play games with your mind but that proves nothing about our Universe now about souls actually existing.

      Right now we’re dealing in probabilities. The probability of other planets like our Earth is rising as we learn more. It is not yet proved only more expected by probability.

      So I’ll suggest that not everyone agrees with you.

      UFO’s are still a guessing game with interesting sightings and suspicions of cover-up. Cover-up still is not proved. That’s not to say there is no cover-up but the probability is low because of the number of countries that would need to participate in the cover-up. It is a fun subject but let’s not confuse belief with fact.

      • Marcuscassius

        Danny, your life must be quite dull and flat. There is a statistical certainty that we aren’t alone. The Universe is ONE universe. There are many others. i haven’t mentioned dimensions. There is so much out there that you can only scratch the surface. on one of those planets there are angels. others have unicorns and fairy’s. Others have robots so smart they out think you by a billion years of evolution. On others they still talk to God and He still talks to them. Anything is possible in a space that big. Probably everything is possible.

        • SSJJ

          Who are you to decide whose life is dull?

          And of course, you don’t even consider that there is also the possibility of us being the only intelligent life in the universe. Hey, I thought of that, and if “anything is possible”… why not? Why are your fairies and unicorns more possible than any other speculation?

          Hey, if talking possibilities here, what about us been the most advanced form of life in the entire universe? Or does it conflict with the “boo hoo” we humans are shit, the stupidest, the worst, we’re evil, bla bla bla. No possibility of a gigantic idiot running a planet?

          No, no… the tiny mind will gladly believe so much in that self-hatred that a lot of our possibilities are based upon us projecting some sort of inferiority complex. “Oh yes, all life in the Universe is better than us, in all way… it’s utopia that rule the universe and we’re the evil-dumb-blabla exception”.

          • Wowzers

            What are you so mad at?? Good Lord. For starters, if humans are so intelligent, why do we kill each other instead of work together to find solutions to problems? Why do we recklessly destroy the environment and sustainable habitats in the name of materialism? Why do we feel so utterly dominant in a world that so many of us are truly disconnected from? Maybe you are considering EGO as your attested form of intellect?

            No, humans (evolved monkeys) are NOT the most intelligent form of life in the universe. In fact, we may not even be on this planet. Just because we’ve evolved to speak in tongues that we can understand and have thumbs on our hands that assist us in modifying the world around us to our standards does not make us the most intelligent. Why don’t you look into the world of dolphins for kicks. Oh, and while you’re at it…note which being on this planet is responsible for untold slaughter of said intelligent dolphin for the sake of money.

            So, no. We are not the only intelligent source of life in this universe. In fact, we are a blip on the screen of a screen on another screen (wild, huh?). We are so minute and small in a vast, dark cavern of one form of universe that’s laws of physics allow for life as we know it. Trillions of stars and planets, whirling around in ions of dance and thunder. There is infinite possibility for ‘intelligent life’ on other planets. And being that the Earth is extremely young in terms of the age of the cosmos…consider the fact that other civilizations will have had thousands, millions, even billions of Earth years to evolve into something more peaceful, powerful, understanding, patient and knowing. You might also consider that ‘years’ of time are only measure on Earth. Aging processes on other planets would be different. Slower, faster, evolved to other tunes of time.

            And one thing you can pretty much guarantee yourself of…is that if we are being visited (which I believe we have been for ions)…they are studying us and observing. No two civilizations will have ever completely formed alike. Wouldn’t it be interesting to watch and follow the advances or failures…and even help them along at times…as their Gods?

            I could go on forever. So; all life in the universe ‘better’? Lame argument. If they’ve traveled interstellarly…they are smarter. If they’ve evolved to a point of harmonious life…they are better. Either way…the human race has a LONG way to go before it ever gets over something as simple as its own ego…and the rest of the planet is waiting and hoping…

  13. T Navinden

    unable to take care of our very own beautiful earth, we are looking at life outside
    like a bunch of losers.
    there is life out there but definitely not a billion of them looking like earth

    • Historically, regardless of how much harm we [or nature] have caused our planet, it has ALWAYS self-healed/reverted back. (ie: asteroid’s, volcano’s, tsunamis and yes…even pollution OR mass nuclear disaster) Now, is it possible that us humans will self-destruct due to our bad habits? Sure — but in the grand scheme of things (think millions/billions of years)…even if humanity ended, the planet will once again self-heal and revert.

      That’s just nature.

      Also, if we are interested in expanding and evolving humanity, space exploration and multi planetary habitation is a no brainer — you should be able to wrap your head around that.

      “..there is life out there but definitely not a billion of them looking like earth..”

      Huh? You are not qualified to make either statement, so If I were you, I’d stop mindlessly banging on my keyboard like an ape and go watch the kardashians.

      • Foo Bar

        Yes, the planet will survive until we develop Death Star-like capabilities or the sun dies. But we are certainly capable of killing all existing LIFE on the plant. It could be that life could start again, but it’s not a given.

      • Marcuscassius

        Don’t worry. She’s not going even if they get the saucers. Change is a scary thing. In most parts of the world it gets you killed.

      • laura

        I understand that nature does come back and take over and heal itself but that shouldn’t be our excuse to treat it like s*** . It’s about respecting your home and others who live in it.

  14. Jasmina Stanojcic

    When i was little, we lived in a house that had the toilet separate to the house so we had to step outside to go. One night just after 8 30 pm i asked my mum to take me before bed because it was dark outside but she was too engrossed in a show on tv so i had to go alone. As soon as i stepped outside something grabbed my attention. It was so huge and so shocking to see, but what i saw on my left, right there in the sky, was a massive Earth lookalike! A ‘twin earth’. I just stood there for a minute in a trance and ran back inside begging my mum to look in the sky, but nope, her stupid show was more important. I didnt go to the toilet just went straight to bed and never, ever forgot about what i saw.

  15. Well said Dilanka Wettewa ..

  16. B.E.T.

    you had me until you started claiming we’re being visiting by aliens like an idiot.

    • Yeah, nice comeback to try and dismiss the thousands of years of evidence and eye-witness testimony of UFO and alien visitation to Earth. LOL

  17. oobuc5

    one day we will be walking down the high street and a big spotlight will drop out of the sky and land in the street
    Then we find out that this planet is a gigantic reality set for the aliens to film shows from, its just one vast source of entertainment that keeps on going for years and years.

  18. oobuc5

    your not going to earth again ,the last time you did that there were 5 parking tickets on the saucer !

  19. blaaaa

    yea no worries, because EVERYTHING HAPPENDS IN AMERICA RIGHT? ppffft

  20. if it takes 600 billion planets that kepler found out about to come destory planet earth and if it takes posidum and zeus to make miss air heart and the wright brothers and a missing chine airlinner and united states deamed to be war terrorist i am glad i hate planet earth and every thing that exsist on it because all they ever did was continouslly leave me in pain and say they cant find the cause this is what brought out the start of judgement day gods and satans and thier familys have declared war against the exsistance of planet earth and do you want to know that the gods and the satans and thier familys work for me

  21. Matías

    Mainstream science is far behind when it comes to the UFO and alien subject because it is not the field of science. That’s the field of science fiction. I would love to see evidence of UFO, besides a bunch a people telling all about UFO without a single piece of true evidence.


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