The Limitations Of Science And Religion

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scince religScience has it’s limitations as it can only go so far. Given what science deems as proof cannot always be measurable, or observable. Religion has its limitations in that those who choose to follow close off their minds to alternative understandings of reality. Do you ever wonder if we will get to a complete understanding about the true nature of our reality? Mankind has always been on a quest for truth, and there have been those who are so ingrained in their belief systems that the mind is not able to contemplate new possibilities. On one hand we have science, which allows us to understand new concepts of reality, and on the other hand we have religion, which dives into faith in an external source of information as truth, without possibility for change.

Religion can be an iffy topic. I feel that Jesus Christ would not endorse religion, I feel he would have no idea what it is, what we call ‘religion’ is purely man made and used for profit and to conceal information while controlling the masses. The same goes for Krishna, Mohammad, Quetzalcoatl and all other souls who were well ahead of their time.  I like to think of Galileo for example, the church has a long history of information suppression, for if the truth gets out, it becomes harder to control the masses. His work was burned and condemned by the church, and anybody who practiced science was considered a heretic, even when the church had the same scientific knowledge as the scientists. The church was the entity who chose to play the role of truth keepers. Today, the Vatican is one of the central hubs for information suppression in order to control the masses. They hide the higher understanding about reality that we see the masses waking up to today. More and more of us are starting to realize that we are not just the body, and something far greater beyond our mental understanding is taking place. Can we substantiate these claims? It requires looking at a multitude of information over a long period of time, making connections and critical thinking. If you are interested and open to the possibility of the illuminati, you should do your research. Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance, as Albert Einstein once said. Too many people today are quick to comment on subjects without taking the time to do research, most of their information comes from the television screen, or education institutions, without really looking at a variety of sources for their information. Why do we give our minds away so easily?

Throughout human history our understanding about reality has increased exponentially. Unfortunately, science can only take us so far as it is governed by qualitative and quantitative research. There are some things that our science cannot yet explain, and religion is simply a belief system based on texts written by people, which have been subject to manipulation. At the same time, some instances occur when you can merge scientific understanding with religious texts, but in the end both lead us to one conclusion, that we just don’t know, apparently. There are many instances within science, where we can view observable characteristics of our reality, but do not understand them.  At the same time, it is clearly understandable, but science does not want to go there. This is where we enter into consciousness, and quantum science, which  focuses on looking at physical reality through the tiniest particles known to man. Into a world we cannot see, a world that is governed by thoughts, feelings, emotions and the vibrational freuqency of our being.

Quantum physics discovered that physical atoms are vorticies of energy that are constantly vibrating. So every material structure in the Universe including you and me radiates a unique energy signature. – Bruce Lipton

Our understanding of science continues to increase, but what drives our reality is nothing physical, nothing measurable, it is determined by us, the way we operate while we experience a physical existence. Operating from a place of love, peace, acceptance and cooperation has the potential to create a completely different reality for planet Earth. At this point, science seems to loose its stability and its ability to know “what is”. It seems our knowing of what is, when coming from a place not influenced by anything external, is real truth.

For example, if you take a child and put him/her in an environment where they receive no external information from religion or science, how would they explain the true nature of reality? I feel as if we are all in the process of stripping everything we have been programmed and ingrained with since the day we were born, so we can simply listen to ourselves, our intuition, our heart and soul. This suggests that we are all connected to one source of truth, call it God, call it the God particle, call it whatever, we are all apart of that source. Whatever we want to know, whatever questions we have at any level, can simply be answered by you, by taping into your soul. Truth doesn’t come from the mind, it comes from the heart. When the soul enters the body, it forgets where it came from, but what happens when the soul awakens within the physical body? The challenge of our modern day existence is learning to listen to the heart, little by little, step by step. If you can completely empty the mind, you will get to the truth, and that truth seems to be unexplainable, but it can be felt extremely deeply.

When it comes down to it, all of us perceive reality in different ways. No doubt about it, our perception of reality has been subject to manipulation. Most of our desires come from television programming, education and mass media. A large amount of people are waking up to new truths, and many are going through an individual paradigm change. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. We are changing the way we look at the world and ourselves as individuals, therefore we are manifesting a change. Basically, many people on the planet are resonating with cooperation, why cant we all just get along? It starts with you, and your everyday actions in life. You have to be the change you want to see, so be peace, lose your buttons so they cannot be pushed, empty your tank of gasoline so it cannot be lit, and you begin to change your as well as the collective reality in ways you could have never have imagined. We don’t have to label truth into different categories, all truth lies within.

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  1. Brian

    Great article Arjun, I am so glad I found CE , I listened to two of the CE videos I and II and then I found the website. I have been on tis journey of truth seeking for a few years now. Thanks

  2. Shashi

    The State of Consciousness that Jesus achieved is not exclusive to Jesus. Jesus himself would not agree that it is exclusive.
    There have been many masters before and After. Buddha too said the same thing. The Church wants us to beleive that we are not capable of achieving what Jesus achieved and they would vehemently reject anyone claiming to do so by calling them a Herectic or by social isolation. this is not right.

    The Truth is that every individual can attain the knowledge, wisdom and states that these spiritual masters have attained.

    The Kingdom of God is within us, meaning Each and Every person is capable of attaining oneness with the Divine.

  3. Monika

    “…we are all apart of that source…” I think you meant A PART of that source :-)

  4. rhythmvillage

    Ridiculous assertions here that Jesus was “anti religion.” He was anti religious abuse, but not anti religion. First of all, as an infant, he was publicly, and not without prophetic meaning, presented at the Jewish Temple, then, at 12, he chose to teach, where? In the Temple, where he astonished the religious establishment, and was certainly not anti that establishment, except for the “fakes” of which every religion has its share. He then proceeded to participate, the scriptures say, “as was his custom” in the weekly services at synagogue, where he read, publicly, from the scroll, i.e.., the Torah. He was addressed as “Rabbi.” He established a hierarchy within his disciples. He created sacraments, and participated and blessed those, i.e., Baptism, Holy Matrimony, Holy Communion, Holy Orders, . Paul says husbands, love your wives as Christ loved, ready? “the church.” And on and on. God prescribes, always, from Genesis forward, how He wants to be worshiped, and the true Church is an extension of the Temple worship of the Jews, and you can look into that to see how “God directed” that was, e.g., Solomon’s temple. Pretty specific would be an understatement when discussing God’s directives there, and all things surrounding the worship therein. Wishful, wispy, thinking with a great deal of humanist gobbledegook is the heart and tenor of this completely scurrilous assertion that Jesus is just some sort of celestial hippy smoking herb with the Buddha and Krishna and Mohammed somewhere. lamenting all religious foolishness. This is NOT the God of Scripture. Not at all.

    • The teaching of Paul is not the Teaching of Jesus.

      Just sayin’.


    • Adra Dansa

      I do know Baptism was not promoted by Christ. Please be more careful with what you accredit to Christ. Misinformation causes problems

  5. mitsuyagi

    I DO believe in GOD. This is my choice based on FAITH, not on a religion, though I’m Catholic. You wrote about RELIGION, what about FAITH? Even if a go to a catholic church, hear to a catholic priest or pope, if somebody tells me to do something that I know it’s wrong, I won’t do it…Even if the Pope or the Catholic Church hides information or ask me as a catholic to do something, first I will ask, then i’ll do my best to find the answers I seek, read the BIble, ask myself “What would Jesus DO?” and then, maybe then, I’ll do what I’m told. Not because I’m a catholic or even if I were a Jew, Muslim, etc. I’ll do what I’ve been told without questioning.

    No one in this planet posses the whole truth. But I believe is my duty to seek for most of it

  6. MelO

    There is too much evidence to show that their is a ‘hidden agenda’, and ‘ancient mysteries’ that have been exposed by the Bible thousands of years ago!! Bible prophecy is being fulfilled, and you can choose to ignore it!! But ‘keep watch’ Jesus said (how did he know it would be possible for his followers to ‘keep watch’ from all corners of the Globe!?) and ‘see’ and ‘hear’ that you may not be deceived!! If Barrack Obama receives a mortal wound and rises after 3 days, and if he is exclaimed as God, and you are to receive a mark in worship of him, that ‘ye may neither by nor sell, lest you have the mark’!! Then ‘KNOW’ that the Bible is the truth!!!

  7. The Highest Truth, is that there is only One Truth, which will be the basis for how we are Judged. And there are distinguishing living characters throughout our history, whose presence cannot be ignored, through which our character is Judged.

  8. Trahan

    Very good article. I like the use of “I feel” a lot. Sometimes, it has to be exactly like this. Modern science is sometimes behaving like the Old Inquisition, since it tries to overlook the “paranormal’ activity and condemn everything beyond the so called “proof”. It also was not always honest, scientist are manipulating data to fit their theories many times in the past (and they are doing it even today) . Religion also means stopping the search for truth, once you think you have one. Both – religion and science are SELF LIMITING beliefs. GOD or the Highest Reality, the source of all – it is beyond science or religion. We can have DIFFERENT religion or beliefs, but there is only ONE reality, beyond our different views.

  9. Laura

    I am so pleased and relieved to be reminded that I am not alone, Arjun. You, and so many others on this page are proof that we are opening our eyes as a people. :) There is so much that we do not know, because we cannot see. It hasn’t been easy, but I have taken to the slow process of breaking down and removing my programmed ideas of reality. I was programmed from an early age… brought up in the Methodist church, and then then Church of God.
    I do not regret attending church. I feel that praying taught me the most effective way to approach meditation, and the moral lessons were of course invaluable. I grew up possessing this unwavering faith (oh and I was a ‘Bible thumper’, for sure!), and I never thought I would leave the church. But my world changed. It happened in college when I began to study the religions of the world. I remember how uncomfortable I was at first… I felt a mental and emotional block, which made it difficult to learn. I was angered, even. I didn’t want to hear how our major religions had the same root. I refused to believe the facts about Christianity’s history, which of course were NEVER ever discussed in Sunday school. My walls crumbled, and I soon began to accept the fact that religion was man-made. I realized that I had been fed half-truths my entire life. I couldn’t go back to church… I couldn’t be a part of something I no longer agreed with. I missed the people there, but I soon realized they probably wanted little to do with me because I was “straying from the path” and was a “bad influence.” My next natural instinct was to turn to science for answers (because that’s all the majority of us know, right?! It’s usually: pick one, science or religion). But I am a very spiritual being, and so becoming a full-fledged anti-spirituality/pro “we evolved from apes-type being” was just not my cup of tea either. I was utterly discouraged. When things looked bleak and I was at the end of my rope (figuratively speaking, of course), I stopped questioning and listened to myself. I gave in to this urge to sit in the tall grasses in the marsh behind my house. I wasn’t expecting anything really… I just wanted to be alone. I ended up having the most eye-opening spiritual awakening of my life! I felt life energy from every tree, every insect, bird, and frog. It was kind of like watching Disney’s Pocahontas, only it was real. lol! I felt insignificant, but part of something massive and powerful. You can call it God, or the Source, or whatever you want.. I felt it. After that day, I’ve had quite a few crazy experiences at night while looking at the stars. You know, ask a question, and have the response be a HUGE shooting star. :) I can’t really describe my present position to you… I don’t have a label. All I know is that I am the happiest I’ve ever been. I cannot tell you how clear everything is when you become open and let wisdom from ALL OVER penetrate you. If you made it this far, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my mini-novel. <3 Namaste! <3

    • Laura,
      as you, I am a Christian but I still am. I believe God is supreme and He sent his Son to show us how to live, unfortunately many of us don’t trust His Holy Spirit He left for all of us. We rely on religion and religious leaders to guide our way. But since my eyes have been opened, I only listening to the Holy Spirit and I have found true happiness. I still have many friends who still go to church and are caught up in religion, I’m sad for them, but on the other hand, I was there once. As the article says; it takes us to change and others will follow.

      • Doug Finnell

        dee6249, you said exaxtly what I was thinking. Amen! \o/

    • Brian

      I can really identify with what you said Laura. I was a Christian for 35 years. I became disillusioned by the religion and have been on a four year journey seeking spiritual truth. I have been having similar spiritual experiences like you have .

      ” I just wanted to be alone. I ended up having the most eye-opening spiritual awakening of my life! I felt life energy from every tree, every insect, bird, and frog. It was kind of like watching Disney’s Pocahontas, only it was real. lol! I felt insignificant, but part of something massive and powerful. You can call it God, or the Source, or whatever you want.. I felt it.”

      I had to leave church to find out what this thing/mind we call ” God” actually is. I am still learning . Sites like CE are great and I am glad I found it.

  10. Bob joe dick bill

    When humans are told they are delusional, everyone considers themselves the exception, hence the delusion. Remember this when you call people the ‘Masses’ or ‘sheeple’. How can you ever expect to persuade someone who you initially label as such?

    • I don’t think anyone here considers them as the ‘exception’. Also, my intentions are not to ‘persuade’. We have all been subject to programming at different levels here on planet Earth!:) Thanks for reading

      • Rob

        “Science/Religion has it’s limitations as it can only go so far, it’s time to focus on what is really important. Our Mother Earth.”
        No persuasion there? Or are you just stating what you feel that it’s time for YOU to start focusing on?

      • Tima

        Tell them to lesson to OSHO !

    • Rob

      This seems to be a common mistake. I would call it a tactic, but it’s not a tactic, it’s a mistake.

    • JosephJustin

      Right on. I’ve said the same exact thing before and used this same quote too!

    • JosephJustin

      Right on. I’ve said the same exact thing before and used this same quote too

  11. Let me suggest that anyone interested in getting beyond the limitations of both science and religion listen to the four recordings “On the Three Dimensions of Consciousness” on my 4Q529 YouTube channel. They describe in some detail the way in which the limitations of both science and religion are a consequence of misunderstanding the complexity of human consciousness itself which limit any understanding of Truth to exclusively the consciousness of the ‘thinker’.


  12. God is love ❤

  13. Patricia L Holman

    a friend said he was interested in Quantum Mechanics theoru, so I started reading and remembered Edgar Casey (sp?) who when asked about his special powers to heal replied that anyone could do it…..came to the realization that this theory is the blending of spirituality and science and answerewd so many questions in my head and heart…

  14. Puzzling321
  15. Puzzling321

    Jesus was against religions, it’s in all his teachings! He was for free thinking not the thoughts that are told by religions, governments,people in power and media(gossip). All masters of spirit knew and preached it. If your into the truth then you have to publish Truth. Religions are there to confuse you from the real powers that you and the Creator hold. Free thought is rare today as many follow what they are taught from the TV,news,papers,programming,schools etc. follow your inner guide and all will revealed as a gigantic illusion. Science just tries to duplicate what is done naturally,and to classify what is already been known by freethinkers since the beginning of time.
    Bruce Lipton is only stating what has been known for thousands of years and stated in many religions.
    Science will never catch up to what can be found with a connection to God and not the gods. Christianity should tell the Truth of the many gods in existence but that there is only one Creator. Open up to expand your truth but you must do so as a child without any preconceived notions of right and wrong or the countless misinformation that you carry.

  16. fuckingwow

    “Given what science deems as proof cannot always be measurable, or observable.”

    Are you completely retarded?

    • No, there are a number of examples of the double slit experiment..the way the electron behaves….it baffles scientists…….check it out. They have no measurable way of determining why…thats because it enters the realm of non physical phenomenon influencing physical phenomenon. Thanks for reading:)

      • Eric

        I was a bit bothered by this line as well. In your slit experiment example, that is an observation and a measurement (of electrons). There are theories behind why this occurs, but the understanding of quantum physics beyond the electron is still in it’s infancy.

        I like your article, but observances and measurements, in the form of experiments, are what science is built on top of. Science and religion are fundamentally different, and comparing them in this way is akin to comparing Argentina to Japanese. There’s no sense to make of such a comparison.

  17. i was having a similar conversation with a friend. we agreed on the notion that we don’t need religion to shape goodness, kindness, and knowing “what is”. i came across this site yesterday and i’m really enjoying it. thanks for the post. it is indeed refreshing.

    • Since birth if we only taught by our parents and others with love it’s going to be just like that, because whatever you say to your children they will just listen to you and just follow whatever you said to them, so if we raise our children properly, what a one loving fun world it would be, we don’t need any religion to follow if they’ll say that their the right one, well that’s being selfish if you think about it, so what about the people in the rural area? Province, africa or wherever, that doesn’t know a thing about your religion? So they will not be save? That’s simply being selfish, love is not selfish, love is giving, thats what every religion is talking about and preaching about God, to spread love, so if we are not judging anyone and were not being selfish, I’m very sure that every one of us will help who is in need, we don’t even need money why? Because we share whatever we have, were not using any money were just trading what we have and we keep on sharing, with this kind of attitude, no one is going to be hungry and no one will create a crime because we all love each other and look out for each other, so we don’t need police because were not going to do any crime because we know how to love, so we don’t need a government too because were just sharing and we are all united, nobody’s going to tell us what to do, we all can relate and understand each other because we know how to love, even with different language, it doesn’t matter if your Filipino, spanish, japanese, german whatever, theres no barrier in the language because you know how to love even with different creatures like dogs, cats, birds etc. we can all understand each other because we know how to love. That’s why for me God is love. One love!!! ❤

  18. gregorylent

    christianity and western science come out of the same mindset ..

  19. E

    I like this article but I can’t endorse it, as the author repeatedly used LOOSE instead of LOSE :/

  20. LePerandor

    Arjun this is a great piece….its been a couple of months now since I’ve truly opened my mind to the believe in one consciousness…my awakening started with realizing the great injustices, atrocities of govt’s and corporations and the lies of the media and looking at it that way it seems as if the fight is impossible…Over and over again from various blogs I’m learning that change can only start from me and it is within me and I am infinitely gifted to create change…Its going to be a long journey but I’m glad I’ve started…Once again, thanks for sharing. I like reading the comments of love on this page and it is reassuring to know many other people are thinking the same. Namaste!

    • thank you LePerandor! I agree, it all starts with you, enjoy the process, enjoy the journey.

  21. annexi

    So very well-written Arjun, thank you.

    “I feel as if we are all in the process of stripping everything we have been programmed and ingrained with since the day we were born, so we can simply listen to ourselves, our intuition, our heart and soul”.

    I resonate with that deeply. It is a jarring experience, this stripping of the mind, when most of my outside world still abides by the programmed ways of thinking. Were it not for the solace of clearing my mind & connecting to the soft spot in my heart while waiting for the higher guidance to come through, this transition would be quite unbearable.

    • Arjun

      Thank you very much annexi :)<3 you're always so kind. I feel you about the transition, in these times those who can go within and be at peace, regardless of what happens around us…will ease their transition.

  22. Minxann

    Thank you. This article is refreshig and it puts me at peace to know that others feel the same. Some people vilify whenever the words don’t walk the line of their rigid beliefs. I always felt if it is important to be flexible in your physical body it must be equally as important to be flexible mentally and spiritually.

    • Arjun

      thank you:)

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