The Powerful Practice Of Eye Gazing

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url-16The very first time I experienced eye gazing I was floored by what I felt and saw. The connection you feel with another human being, the visualizations of past lives, future potentials and more, all can become very real while engaging in this exercise. Of course, there are many different intentions you can set before a session of eye gazing that can bring out an array of outcomes, but let’s jump into a rundown of how to go about an eye gazing session and from there we can explore what the benefits of such a practice might be.

When eye contact between two people is initiated and maintained, an invisible energetic circuit is established between the two participants, dissolving the barriers that ordinarily separate them from each other, drawing them ever closer into a shared awareness of union.”  Will Johnson

Right off the top it’s possible that some of us might think this is some “new-agey” or spiritual practice. I can assure you that eye gazing can be used by anyone and while the experiences we may get from a session might be different, everyone will certainly feel something and likely benefit from it.


Whether or not you are going to do this alone or with a partner, set out some form of intention about what you want to achieve with the process. It can be as simple as wanting to gain more comfort within yourself or with another, to looking into something deeper like past lives. You can also use this technique to connect more deeply with someone, understand their feelings, clear tension and so on. Setting the intention is quite simple, you say to yourself what you are looking to achieve and then allow that to be as you begin the process. In a partner situation, it’s best that both are setting out the same type of intention.

Generally this can be done most powerfully with a partner, however doing it on your own can also be a great experience. To begin you can first close your eyes and get your mind a bit quieter for a few seconds. To do this, simply focus on your breathing and try to let go of any expectations about the process.

If Gazing Alone

Open your eyes after clearing your mind with the process above. Gaze at your eyes in the mirror and allow yourself to get more and more comfortable looking into your own eyes. After a few minutes you may notice that your surroundings will become more blurred with time and eventually you may see just your eyes and nothing else. From here the process will vary depending on the intention you initiailly set in going into the exerceise. This is pretty much all there is to the process as what will be reveleaed to you is up to the intention. You can allow this to go for as long as you want but generally the longer you go the better the experience. You may not notice too much after just a few minutes so you may want to try things for at least 5 – 10 minutes.

Gazing With a Partner

Both people should sit comfortable across from one another. Open your eyes after quieting the mind and begin gazing into your partners eyes. Generally your eyes may want to focus more on the left or right eye. Choose one side and let it be. Over time, you may notice various colors or shapes changing when it comes to your vision of the other person. It is key to simply let all this be and don’t focus on it all too much. The surroundings will likely begin to blur and things will generally take their course from there. Once again this is based on the intention you set forth. It’s important to note that being open to how things will unfold is key as the same results may not transpire for everyone. Similar to gazing alone, the length of time you choose to gaze is entirely up to both involved, but generally results are better when doe for 5 minutes or more.

Gazing For a More Intimate Experience

This is generally best suited for couples or those in a close relationship. It can be a much more intimate experience and can assist in connecting before being intimate with one another. The intention of connecting deeply with your partner is set out in the beginning, from there the process is fairly similar to the previous methods. Sit across from your partner and begin to breathe comfortably. With each breath allow yourself to become more and more open and comfortable with connecting with your partner. Allow the process to unfold slowly and you may notice you will begin to feel much more unified with your partner. Roles between the two of you will disappear and a more true, soul to soul connection will be made. You can then allow the process to go where ever you choose for it to go.

Feel free to try out these exercises as often or as little as you like. There isn’t really a right or wrong way to do this. So long as we allow ourselves to be expectation free and open to the process, it generally can happen quite easily on it’s own. Truthfully, this type of exercise can also be done with nature. You may have found this has naturally happened to you before. By gazing at a tree, flower, or specific aspect of nature, you began to connect more and more with that single life form and everything else began to become less focused. You may have notice the energy waves the plant or tree gives off and you may have felt very connected with it. This can be a great calming and meditative exercise to practice.

If you have done eye gazing before, feel free to share any tips or experiences you personally have had in the comments below!

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  1. julie pope

    Someone I have fallen in love with from afar has looked at me on a few occasions and when he did it made me feel a nice kind of wierd like he touched my soul ive never felt this before and keep googling different sentences to try and get some understanding of this!!help please

  2. bigpeople80099

    Is it strange if I feel creeped out within the first few minutes of eye gazing myself? I tried yesterday and am wondering if there are any dangers sounds weird but, I was very creeped out.

  3. doing this tripping on lsd, was one of the most intense experiences of my ENTIRE life. We saw the polarities in eachother. We saw how we were both literally mirrors of eachother. through experience.

  4. I am a certified Speaking Circles facilitator and our approach in training people to be more present when presenting is based on neutral eye gazing. The benefits are enormous in ones personal and professional life. If you would like more information please feel free to get back to me. Peter

    • angel

      is there a website or how can we get more info?

  5. beckie

    Great article and so relevant to my experience today. I was in a counselling meeting and had an eye gazing experience with my keyworker. I was explaining how good I was feeling and talking about how I felt I was about to have lots of new opportunities open up for me then we locked eyes and after maybe only 45 seconds of us just staring at each other not talking I felt a pang of energy shoot through me and my keyworker laughed and said she had felt a feeling of excitement from me. Was such a great moment!

  6. Kymber

    This practice has come to my attention twice today, and comments in this post made me emotional. Thank you.

    I am inspired to share a personal story. Over a year ago, I was travelling South America. On my last night in the Galápagos Islands, during a celebratory/farewell supper with my new travel friends, something strange happened. In the midst of the busy “Food Street”, and halfway through a conversation spoken in Spanglish, I felt called to look up. It wasn’t a sound or a motion that called my attention, it was a feeling. I locked eyes with a stranger making his way through the crowd. We held our gaze for some time, breaking free from the hold several times, to be polite. The crowd around me blurred and silenced. All I could see were these beautiful eyes of his, summoning my attention. It felt like the world around us stopped. It felt like we knew each other. I held my watch until he walked past and faded into the crowd. Only then did my sense of hearing come back to me. It was the strangest thing, and it left me shaken all night.

    Alone at the airport the next day, preparing to leave the islands, I lazily made my way to the security line, to have my bags viewed. As I was returning my electronics into the backpack, and fastening my belt back into my jeans, I looked up. Here was the mystery person, just a few bodies away from me in the lineup!! I froze, panicked, and knew I HAD to speak with him. I was afraid and nervous, but in my state of travel-bravery, I assumed myself that if he through I was weird, I’d never have to see him again. No loss to me.

    The terminal was packed with people. No chairs open, grannies seated on the floor, travellers hugging their backpacks. I found an open space against a wall, with just enough room for two people to sit side by side.

    Not even knowing which language he spoke, or where he was from, I played safe and greeted him with “hola” as he walked through the terminal door, scanning the room for a seat. We sat together, speaking in Spanglish, learning about one another. A Canadian and an Israeli, two world travellers. He taught me a word in Hebrew; “love”. My heart fluttered.

    Our flights were called, and as we planned to say goodbye, we realized that we were on the same flight! We walked together along the Tarmac and up the stairs until being required to separate to our own seats. I wondered about him the entire flight, even looking up the aisle frequently, hoping to catch his gaze again. My centre of gravity yearned to be near him.

    Before the end of the flight, we traded contact information, and hardly spoke again.

    Six months later, back in our respective home countries, we were simultaneously on each other’s minds, and made contact. We shared our feelings of when we first “met” in the Food Street, agreed that it was crazy, and also worth attention. We “missed” each other, even though our total connection lasted less than an hour. It’s insane!

    We have been speaking regularly since then, for the past 8 months, and are planning to meet in Greece a few months from now.

    How is it possible to feel so connected to someone you hardly know?!

    • Anything is possible. I met someone exactly the same way. We were together for 7 years. Follow your bliss. Trust your intuition, it is never wrong.

    • Jaeger

      Google Twin Flames and you’ll probably find that it matches what’s happening to you & the other person.

    • Tran

      Hey just a safety caution, there’s a very powerful magic from the Middle East and some asian countries that uses black magick with eye gazing. They hypnotize you but you’re still somewhat conscious. They know many things about you by just gazing jn your eyes

    • Sasha

      Had very similar experiences many times in my life even from the moving car- very interesting phenomena & very powerful. Was told by few friends that my look is very sharp and penetrating and that I must be carefull looking at other people

  7. Lee h.

    I met my biological father when I was 46 years old and he was 70. I was horn on his valentine’s day birthday. The gazing was overwhelming. Nothing I have ever felt compares and I am not sure I can ever duplicate the feeling again until after I am gone from this body. Our relationship is still magical…we don’t gaze at each other as much but it still happens. It’s like a wonderful secret bond between the still little girl part of me and my daddy.

  8. In my experience, over 30yrs, this state is best achieved by focusing between the eyes to avoid burn off which will make you want to blink and break contact, expect to feel tingling in the sinus area and will need to overcome the urge to close your eyes as if preparing to sneeze, allow yourself to observe the perimeters without refocusing the eye on whatever catches your attention. It is quite normal, if you are empathic, to experience the demeanor of another, including memories and aspirations as you are within their aura space and therefore immersed in the bubble of their life experience.

  9. I’m female, I once encountered a man on a train from Shenzen to Hong Kong. Actually I could sense this person was near even before we got on the train but couldn’t locate the feeling. He moved to keep our eyes locked. This person knew my life, my soul. My life went throught my mind, things I’d never shared with anyone. I was not frightened, it was not flitatious. He was not anyone I would have been physically attracted to. When we parted ways I felt as if I was leaving a friend, I hurt for weeks. Later my travel companions mentioned how the man on the train and I had locked eyes and it was very uncomfortable to them. I have a couple Buddhist friends who told me that he/I must know eachother from a previous life. I still think of the experience 10 years on.

    Last year I met someoene I hadn’t seen in 30+ years. I was very drawn to looking into their eyes, it was some sort of connection. I was looking at who they are, not in the physical. I remembered that it was also a feeling I had when we had met as children. It was a casual meeting so not really the time/place to explain it to him but I felt a serious need to bond with that person in that way. I still don’t understand it fully, your article helped as I’d never even thought much about it.

  10. Andriana

    I use eye gazing as a form of intuitive connection and to my surprise I am accurate with what the other person is feeling. I have meditation to thank, for this powerful connection I feel when I look at certain photos of people and new people I meet. At times it is almost scary for I have a sense of strong intuition through eye gazing. Absolutely amazing!

  11. Peter

    I moved to Oman almost 7 years ago from Canada, and quickly learned just how important the eyes are for communication. Most (initial especially) meetings with local people were usually about social and family matters; pleasantries..not so much on the business. Very much different from Canada. All the while, the Omanis would be watching, studying…eye to eye. It was clear that they soon would make a decision as to whether they liked you or not, and the tone of the meeting would show accordingly. Others would send unexpected hard tests your way and again focus on the eyes for signs of fear, intimidation or uncertainty. This for me was fascinating. I soon learned that many of the local people, primarily female can tell a lot about you from this practice. I was often startled what they would say about me, what they knew of me from a few moments of this activity; people I barely or did not know at all. In some cases, it was instant for them…a quick glance and they knew so much. Too many examples to tell you.

    I am a fairly reserved person (although a lot of people might not agree), not quick to show emotions or even be open to them. But this changed when one woman working for me would often sit in my office and stare at me…it was intense…I would be working and look up and there she was, sometimes with a tube of rolled up paper to focus her gaze further. While I will not comment on her intentions, the net result was that she forced my heart and soul open so to speak. We never were intimate, nor do I really think this was her plan or intention. But she prepared me for what has become a continuous stream of wonderful connections, serendipities and other such events…which I now have daily. ANd it has opened my world up so much, I have now become an artist. After one year of painting (in my life) I was asked by a major local gallery to hold an exhibition. I paint from my heart and mind and not objects per se. Amazing transformation…that for me was catalyzed by the eyes…

    Your article also takes me back to an experience I had before I left for Oman. I as putting out the garbage at the end of the driveway, conscious that there was a girl walking past on the way to her school bus. There was always something about her I recall. I looked up, not knowing it was her actually. She turned and our eyes connected ever so briefly. At that precise moment I did not see the girl standing there, but a woman of about 35 I would say. Powerful in look, someone with a lot of responsibility, and I thought of Egypt or some place like this. Ancient Egypt. I had this feeling I had a long white beard and was in robes. I was stunned. Never before in my life had I experienced this. I was too shaken to speak to her for fear she would think I was crazy. As soon as our gaze was disconnected so was this image but not the memory.

    Thank you for your wonderful and thought provoking articles.

    With warm regards…peter

  12. This is fascinating! I recently met someone with whom I felt a very strong, immediate connection, who suggested trying this together. I’m intrigued and very curious to try this experience. But I have a question I’m hoping you can answer.

    Can this exercise be done while wearing contact lenses or should they be removed? And if they should be removed, is it possible to soul gaze when you cannot see your partner’s eyes or face clearly? Thanks in advance for any advice or insight.

  13. So Good to read this article. I had been practicing eye gazing Since 1993. This was a part of my actors training. It has brought about changes and experiences mentioned in the article and so much more. I would not mention the what those are lest others may expecting them. However, must mention that it led me to another step which I had named as Magic Mirror. And to the this sentence I started saying to the participants that what you see is who you are, of course this seeing is from a deeper spaces within. Its a profound experiential understanding. Its a door way to become one with all that exist. And all that we don’t see. Yes my relationship with strangers became intimate instantaneously. Anda quiet joy this practice brings about is unspeakable. Yes I am doing it for long long time but people who has has done it for even as little as for 15 seconds with a stranger does feel the difference. So yes Eye Gazing is a gem of a practice. in Practicing Eye gazing helps one to become one with the others. One embodies the other. That is perhaps the best way to empathise. As we all know how much we need to empathise with the other in this war torn world. Best wishes to the ones who would practice this.. Love and light.

    • NikolaTesla

      Thanks for sharing

    • Casey

      This message was inspirational! I definitely have to try this out now!

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