The Powerful Practice Of Eye Gazing

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url-16The very first time I experienced eye gazing I was floored by what I felt and saw. The connection you feel with another human being, the visualizations of past lives, future potentials and more, all can become very real while engaging in this exercise. Of course, there are many different intentions you can set before a session of eye gazing that can bring out an array of outcomes, but let’s jump into a rundown of how to go about an eye gazing session and from there we can explore what the benefits of such a practice might be.

When eye contact between two people is initiated and maintained, an invisible energetic circuit is established between the two participants, dissolving the barriers that ordinarily separate them from each other, drawing them ever closer into a shared awareness of union.”  Will Johnson

Right off the top it’s possible that some of us might think this is some “new-agey” or spiritual practice. I can assure you that eye gazing can be used by anyone and while the experiences we may get from a session might be different, everyone will certainly feel something and likely benefit from it.


Whether or not you are going to do this alone or with a partner, set out some form of intention about what you want to achieve with the process. It can be as simple as wanting to gain more comfort within yourself or with another, to looking into something deeper like past lives. You can also use this technique to connect more deeply with someone, understand their feelings, clear tension and so on. Setting the intention is quite simple, you say to yourself what you are looking to achieve and then allow that to be as you begin the process. In a partner situation, it’s best that both are setting out the same type of intention.

Generally this can be done most powerfully with a partner, however doing it on your own can also be a great experience. To begin you can first close your eyes and get your mind a bit quieter for a few seconds. To do this, simply focus on your breathing and try to let go of any expectations about the process.

If Gazing Alone

Open your eyes after clearing your mind with the process above. Gaze at your eyes in the mirror and allow yourself to get more and more comfortable looking into your own eyes. After a few minutes you may notice that your surroundings will become more blurred with time and eventually you may see just your eyes and nothing else. From here the process will vary depending on the intention you initiailly set in going into the exerceise. This is pretty much all there is to the process as what will be reveleaed to you is up to the intention. You can allow this to go for as long as you want but generally the longer you go the better the experience. You may not notice too much after just a few minutes so you may want to try things for at least 5 – 10 minutes.

Gazing With a Partner

Both people should sit comfortable across from one another. Open your eyes after quieting the mind and begin gazing into your partners eyes. Generally your eyes may want to focus more on the left or right eye. Choose one side and let it be. Over time, you may notice various colors or shapes changing when it comes to your vision of the other person. It is key to simply let all this be and don’t focus on it all too much. The surroundings will likely begin to blur and things will generally take their course from there. Once again this is based on the intention you set forth. It’s important to note that being open to how things will unfold is key as the same results may not transpire for everyone. Similar to gazing alone, the length of time you choose to gaze is entirely up to both involved, but generally results are better when doe for 5 minutes or more.

Gazing For a More Intimate Experience

This is generally best suited for couples or those in a close relationship. It can be a much more intimate experience and can assist in connecting before being intimate with one another. The intention of connecting deeply with your partner is set out in the beginning, from there the process is fairly similar to the previous methods. Sit across from your partner and begin to breathe comfortably. With each breath allow yourself to become more and more open and comfortable with connecting with your partner. Allow the process to unfold slowly and you may notice you will begin to feel much more unified with your partner. Roles between the two of you will disappear and a more true, soul to soul connection will be made. You can then allow the process to go where ever you choose for it to go.

Feel free to try out these exercises as often or as little as you like. There isn’t really a right or wrong way to do this. So long as we allow ourselves to be expectation free and open to the process, it generally can happen quite easily on it’s own. Truthfully, this type of exercise can also be done with nature. You may have found this has naturally happened to you before. By gazing at a tree, flower, or specific aspect of nature, you began to connect more and more with that single life form and everything else began to become less focused. You may have notice the energy waves the plant or tree gives off and you may have felt very connected with it. This can be a great calming and meditative exercise to practice.

If you have done eye gazing before, feel free to share any tips or experiences you personally have had in the comments below!

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  1. This is fascinating! I recently met someone with whom I felt a very strong, immediate connection, who suggested trying this together. I’m intrigued and very curious to try this experience. But I have a question I’m hoping you can answer.

    Can this exercise be done while wearing contact lenses or should they be removed? And if they should be removed, is it possible to soul gaze when you cannot see your partner’s eyes or face clearly? Thanks in advance for any advice or insight.

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  4. So Good to read this article. I had been practicing eye gazing Since 1993. This was a part of my actors training. It has brought about changes and experiences mentioned in the article and so much more. I would not mention the what those are lest others may expecting them. However, must mention that it led me to another step which I had named as Magic Mirror. And to the this sentence I started saying to the participants that what you see is who you are, of course this seeing is from a deeper spaces within. Its a profound experiential understanding. Its a door way to become one with all that exist. And all that we don’t see. Yes my relationship with strangers became intimate instantaneously. Anda quiet joy this practice brings about is unspeakable. Yes I am doing it for long long time but people who has has done it for even as little as for 15 seconds with a stranger does feel the difference. So yes Eye Gazing is a gem of a practice. in Practicing Eye gazing helps one to become one with the others. One embodies the other. That is perhaps the best way to empathise. As we all know how much we need to empathise with the other in this war torn world. Best wishes to the ones who would practice this.. Love and light.

    • NikolaTesla

      Thanks for sharing

    • Casey

      This message was inspirational! I definitely have to try this out now!

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  8. Thank you for your article. I have an inquiry and hope you can provide some insight.

    I was, I believe, given a gift – when looking into the left eye of a particularly spiritual women, her pupil completely dilated and I saw the universe. Literally saw the universe – darkness, stars, planets, space. It was inspiring and amazing. At the time I couldn’t comprehend what I saw – I guess I needed time to process.

    Can you provide any insight – What, if anything, am I supposed to do with that???

  9. Calluna

    Hi I am so very grateful to you for writing this information!!! I’ve been trying to explain eye gazing to people since I first experienced it about 25 years ago. And the best way is to show them!! Although I’ve seen it absolutely crumble peoples belief systems about who and what they think they are. It did this for me. I have also done countless hours of this alone with a mirror and it has helped me so much with my own healing and understanding of myself and the universe. And if all our past lives are actually simultaneously existing, then it’s almost like we have access into these other dimensions of ourself and we can consciously untangle the knotted threads that connect us through our multiple lifetimes. I’ve been told that there is an Indian word for this called Darshan . However there is not much written info about what exactly is happening. I’ve even been accused of being a shapeshifter! Many of the faces are different human incarnations in all different races, and other faces that are seen in myself also don’t look human…some animal but mostly extraterrestrial or humanoid/animal mixtures. And all the different faces have memories too. It is amazing, and very sacred to me. I want to thank you again for sharing this info, I hope it helps people to open their ancient eyes and remember who they really are. :)

  10. Tanner

    @Yasmin, that’s terrible. I hope you didn’t take the antipsychotics

    • @Tanner, yea I had to unfortunately because I was monitored by my doctor. My question out there for everybody is: Have anyone experienced being able to feel the other’s past emotions (and for some strange resaon, I’ve always felt the other’s negative emotions first) and somethimes physically ‘morphing’ to experience these emotions after eye gazing with them? Or did I feel it because I wasn’t well. Even I myself am confused.

  11. esrik

    I have been eye gazing with my husband for about a year. We didn’t know that before we accidentaly caught our gaze while high. It was such a sudden and mind blowing moment that i couldn’t help moving my head and stop it since i didn’t understand what’s going on and afraid a lot. After a couple of minutes we accepted the magic and tried it several more times. After that night we seached through internet and have learned that eye gazing is a very ancient practice similar to what Rumi did with his beloved Shems. We started doing eye gazing periodically but still can’t manage without using some drugs. I’m sure we can do it with more practice but the more important issue that i need an answer is that i tried eye gazing with a very close friend of me and my husband. He insisted to try. First my husband and our friend tried but couldn’t catch the gaze. (for those who never experienced eye gazing, you know when it happens. It is not just looing deeply to another person’s eyes. It is something magical and very very powerful) i said i can try with you if it’s k for everyone and we sat down for the rituel. After a couple of minutes we managed to gaze our eyes and soul and he was soexited tht we gazed for minutes and minutes. Afterwards we thanked each other and cut the connection. That is where we need a real help cos’ we can’t stop thinking about each other and cant stand being at the same room since the urge to hug love etc. This is dangerous and needs to be gone since i love my husband and my friendship. It’s been a week already and we try not to see each other but the connection is so strong that we keep secretly messaging to supress the urge. We try to find a way out but it seems difficult. Any of the people who has been eyegazing for a long time, any advice can be useful si please explain how do you cope with this strong feeling of attachment when you do eyegazing with different people? Trying eyegazing with my husband again can help this? Can’t we never be friends again with my new soulmate? How can i solve this triangle puzzle? Thank you in advance.

    • marc antoine

      Hi Esrik. From my own experience, it is totally possible to practice eye gazing with our partner and also with some of our friends (even from the opposite sex). It can be a bit disturbing in the beginning, because in our collective believes, it is a type of connection more associated with lovers, but it becomes more normal on the long run, without loosing any of its magic and fascination. With years of practice, I feel that it is simply our human way to truly see each other.

      The thing that may bring complications is a situation where our experience with a friend become stronger, deeper and more intense than the one with our lover. In that case, I suggest that you practice eye gazing more often with your partner so you can end up feeling the same intensity, even without drugs. When I’m really satisfied with the connection that I have with my partner, I’m less obsessed about behind physically close to my friends when I do eye gazing with them, even if sometimes I can feel desire for them.

      There are important details that can help to trigger the connection, if it is less easy with your husband. Feel free to write me an email if you are interested to know more about my experience. It would be a pleasure to share.

      • esrik

        Mail sent :) Thank you again ^.^

    • i think if you work on changing your vibrations( drum ,rattle,even a meditation cd) you will be able to get to this state without drugs…when you change your vibrations it alters your conscious, kind of like being high.

    • Yes that’s most normal thing to happen. Almost falling in love with almost anybody. That’s why its important to set an intent before you do the practice. Since you have already done it I would suggest that when ever you feel the urge to write or to see this person sit comfortably and relax yourself. Breath gently but deeply. Thank yourself for who you are. Thank all that you feel and think. Express your gratitude towards the universe for protection and guidance. Recieve a column of deep and bright violet light from the centre of the universe into each and every atom of your being and body, breath, blood, nerves. Be in this for sometime. And then from the same source of the universe receive a shaft of Golden light and let it soak your being and body as you did with violet light and expand your heart area, that is your chest cavity , or some calls it heart centre, let this centre expand as large as the room you are sitting slowly and then retaining the thickness of the light violet and gold allow it to expand slowly towards the entire earth system, the solar system, the galaxy and to to the edges of the entire universe. Now breath as if you are drawing from your lower part of the body, collecting the feeling, the urge that you feel for the other person, bring it to your heart centre and breath out sending this feeling towards universe through the crown of your head. Repeat the process as long as you want till you feel the urge is gone. Now, Very important, reverse the breathing process. Breath from the universe the Violet and Gold light into your heart centre and breath out Towards your lower part of your being to replenish. This is done for at least 5 to 7 times. The entire process is done with gratitude, humility and love. Once done thank yourself, express your gratitude towards all that above, higher, wider, bigger, larger than You for protection and guidance. Lay down and receive white light from the universe for cleansing and healing for sometime. This is the only way I was taught to go beyond the urges of any kind which I strongly don’t approve of. I saved my marriage and now I am more strongly in love with my wife than ever before.
      You can also practice the entire process with light minus the breathing in and Out of the urges, for general well being. Just stay expansive as long as you want merging with the universe. If you do have any confusion please feel free to write to me. Thank you. Love and light

  12. Larry H

    When standing eye-to-eye a foot or two apart, why do some people change their gaze rapidly from the left eye to the right, perhaps 8 times in 4 seconds? Do they think this is a “love” connection or are they trying to hypnotize you or what?

  13. I practiced eye gazing with my former boss and a few colleagues over a period of time. I (we) realised we can both express ourselves better using our left eye and we feel acknowleded when people look into our left eye. As a result, I realise if you look gently(#huge emphasis on that) into someone’s left eyes, you can see their ‘soul’. And after doing that (and sometimes, for no longer than 1 day going home from work), I could feel as if Im experiencing some of the emotions that the other person Ive recently ‘soul gazed’ had experienced, I could even feel myself, in some instances, morphing physically to feel what they had felt. Not long later, I could soon sense the other person’s ‘energy’ during eye gazing (whilst accompanied by breathing), and soon I was able to sense others’ ‘energies’ by looking at someone’s left eye (they don’t necessary even have to look at me) and breathing. A week after my discovery, I had to move cities because my work contract ended. I tried to practise eye gazing/breathing with my family and told them I could sense other people’s energy and that it’s life changing. I was taken to hospital and the doctor diagnosed me with psychosis (a form of mental illness) and I was put on antiphsychotics.

  14. Alex

    i tried this without having ever heard of it, several years ago. me and my friend taylor were both tripping, and we stood about 6 feet apart, and looked into each other’s eyes steadily. we could feel the connection instantly, and as our collective energy rose, i could see green and purple patterns form almost an opaque energy field around my body. because of our mindset at the time, i believe our third eyes were open and more responsive to this exercise. i think it is cool that eye gazing is becoming more widely recognized, i highly recommend it to anyone who is interested. try it!

  15. Todd

    I used to be utterly depressed, unconfident, unmotivated, lonely, socially poor, etc. But I’ve been “eye gazing” with a family member for the past five years, once a week, for four minutes. Change was immediate, continuing through the present. It has changed my life in virtually every way, strengthening me from the inside out. If a scientific study was done, this would prove to be more powerful than any currently existing therapy. I call it the “connection exercise”.

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