The Powerful Practice Of Eye Gazing

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url-16The very first time I experienced eye gazing I was floored by what I felt and saw. The connection you feel with another human being, the visualizations of past lives, future potentials and more, all can become very real while engaging in this exercise. Of course, there are many different intentions you can set before a session of eye gazing that can bring out an array of outcomes, but let’s jump into a rundown of how to go about an eye gazing session and from there we can explore what the benefits of such a practice might be.

When eye contact between two people is initiated and maintained, an invisible energetic circuit is established between the two participants, dissolving the barriers that ordinarily separate them from each other, drawing them ever closer into a shared awareness of union.”  Will Johnson

Right off the top it’s possible that some of us might think this is some “new-agey” or spiritual practice. I can assure you that eye gazing can be used by anyone and while the experiences we may get from a session might be different, everyone will certainly feel something and likely benefit from it.


Whether or not you are going to do this alone or with a partner, set out some form of intention about what you want to achieve with the process. It can be as simple as wanting to gain more comfort within yourself or with another, to looking into something deeper like past lives. You can also use this technique to connect more deeply with someone, understand their feelings, clear tension and so on. Setting the intention is quite simple, you say to yourself what you are looking to achieve and then allow that to be as you begin the process. In a partner situation, it’s best that both are setting out the same type of intention.

Generally this can be done most powerfully with a partner, however doing it on your own can also be a great experience. To begin you can first close your eyes and get your mind a bit quieter for a few seconds. To do this, simply focus on your breathing and try to let go of any expectations about the process.

If Gazing Alone

Open your eyes after clearing your mind with the process above. Gaze at your eyes in the mirror and allow yourself to get more and more comfortable looking into your own eyes. After a few minutes you may notice that your surroundings will become more blurred with time and eventually you may see just your eyes and nothing else. From here the process will vary depending on the intention you initiailly set in going into the exerceise. This is pretty much all there is to the process as what will be reveleaed to you is up to the intention. You can allow this to go for as long as you want but generally the longer you go the better the experience. You may not notice too much after just a few minutes so you may want to try things for at least 5 – 10 minutes.

Gazing With a Partner

Both people should sit comfortable across from one another. Open your eyes after quieting the mind and begin gazing into your partners eyes. Generally your eyes may want to focus more on the left or right eye. Choose one side and let it be. Over time, you may notice various colors or shapes changing when it comes to your vision of the other person. It is key to simply let all this be and don’t focus on it all too much. The surroundings will likely begin to blur and things will generally take their course from there. Once again this is based on the intention you set forth. It’s important to note that being open to how things will unfold is key as the same results may not transpire for everyone. Similar to gazing alone, the length of time you choose to gaze is entirely up to both involved, but generally results are better when doe for 5 minutes or more.

Gazing For a More Intimate Experience

This is generally best suited for couples or those in a close relationship. It can be a much more intimate experience and can assist in connecting before being intimate with one another. The intention of connecting deeply with your partner is set out in the beginning, from there the process is fairly similar to the previous methods. Sit across from your partner and begin to breathe comfortably. With each breath allow yourself to become more and more open and comfortable with connecting with your partner. Allow the process to unfold slowly and you may notice you will begin to feel much more unified with your partner. Roles between the two of you will disappear and a more true, soul to soul connection will be made. You can then allow the process to go where ever you choose for it to go.

Feel free to try out these exercises as often or as little as you like. There isn’t really a right or wrong way to do this. So long as we allow ourselves to be expectation free and open to the process, it generally can happen quite easily on it’s own. Truthfully, this type of exercise can also be done with nature. You may have found this has naturally happened to you before. By gazing at a tree, flower, or specific aspect of nature, you began to connect more and more with that single life form and everything else began to become less focused. You may have notice the energy waves the plant or tree gives off and you may have felt very connected with it. This can be a great calming and meditative exercise to practice.

If you have done eye gazing before, feel free to share any tips or experiences you personally have had in the comments below!

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  1. Hey, I have been doing this intuitively since i know for myself. Gazing into nature, focusing on a tree or just a leaf, or a plant… that deep connection and feeling the life force in the opposite living being. Also gazing at my own eyes, or as a foreplay thingy, for comfort and connection I would intuitively do eye gazing. I was fascinated by your post. Thank you for conscious info on this well known thing to me:)

  2. I did this with my sister about a year ago, initially for fun…however after few minutes of eye gazing we started to see each others’ past lives! After about an hour or so we had seen so much that we had to stop as we also began to see some unpleasant things. It was a powerful experience! I still, every now and again, do eye gazing in front of a mirror.

  3. Yvonne

    I have done this before in order to get answers about a current situation in my life. I looked at myself in the mirror to find out what it is that I must do in order to find a safe path for my daughter and I. There was a time in my life where I only had myself to turn to.

    I also notice that I like to have eye contact with a love-partner because I can feel a deeper connection when doing so. Unfortunately my last partner could not hold my gaze for very long claiming to stop doing this (he smiled though when he said that) – I guess it was overpowering him. I am sad about this, because I felt he needs much healing on an emotional and soul level but you can’t initiate something when someone else doesn’t want it. He knew what I was doing, maybe he could not bare the love in my eyes?
    We never spoke about these type of things, because he was ‘just not that deep’ of a personality. Sure enough, the relationship ended after two years. I am still heart-broken about this because I know that we have met before and possibly will meet again. There is a karmic connection between us, he knows it too. Still, life and malefic circumstances, as well as anger-issues, his wrong accusations as well as his paranoia to see lies and deceit in everything and everybody have torn us apart, for now.

    Maybe I should try eye-gazing with my daughter. It may have calming effects since she is often a handful :-)
    Thanks for the post Joe.

  4. Minxann

    I experienced this often as a child but most significantly by accident while skiing. I took a nasty tumble and after lay there for a several minutes gazing up to the tops of the trees. I saw an ocean from a warm sandy beach after a few minutes. The image confused me because I was laying in snow and I was only 17. I thought perhaps it was just me daydreaming. Every other experience I had I thought it was just me being silly and making my eyes loose focus period. Thank you for the clarity. I can now analyze some of the things I saw and begin practice.

  5. Sioux

    How is it possible to see each others past lives by simply eye gazing another person ?? What exactly do you see ??

    • James

      You are seeing with the mind, not the eyes, which only meter light. Clear your mind of preconceived notions of what you “think” will happen. It is just another tool of looking within self, because that is all that exists.

      • And yet, are you not ‘seeing with the mind’ when you accept the ‘fact’ that eyes only meter light?

        Is that not a preconceived notion of what you “think” will happen?

        This is precisely why everyone gets different results. What you “think” will happen is extremely important to what you experience.

    • - Collective Evolution

      In my experience what happens is you get a mix of feelings as well as visuals. I can only speak for myself on this as of course proving this is beyond what the mind can often grasp, but a lot of times after a while of doing this the other persons face begins to appear as different faces over time. Sometimes many faces. Each time I saw a face I would get a different feeling of a life and what it may have represented or felt like. In some cases I had profound feelings of past lives that put into perspective various aspects of things in this life that were there as a result of an event from a past life. I can’t say this will happen for everyone, but I do believe it is possible for everyone.

      • hi Joe
        Can’t it be your own past life you are in contact with? With the other person being a stand-in for someone in that past life of your own.

        • - Collective Evolution

          Absolutely, you can see a reflection of yours or the other person. I think the best way to determine it is by feeling it out.

    • lucsa

      its not, thats the new age, mystical bullshit part of it. but it is good for meditative purposes as well as feeling one with others and the cosmos.

      • Korsonus Tyr

        ↑ Word.
        What I think the goal is ‘Eye-Gazing; in fewer words is: Understanding.
        Being said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, you are only trying to see the reflection on the other side. Or some other mystical bullshit you want to fantasize about.

  6. waltinseattle

    @Sioux..I always find it better to dwell on the “what” of experiences or observations rather than think we “got ” that and thus move on to the “how” that claims to explain the experience or observation. “what” is total but “why” is an egotistic head game.

    • Nick

      Really, why is an egotistical head game? Why is science, any dolt with eyes can view the what, the what it is everywhere all the time. It is why that gives these things purpose, meaning and determines their origins. How dare you call science a head game. If people never asked why or how holy books will still be considered valuable sources of historic facts, and astrology a reasonable substitute for astronomy.

      • corey

        you don’t need science to have a purposeful outlook on life. a scientific mindset can be powerful but also easily misused and misjudged. there is no power like the present moment and the tools we have in our bodies and minds will never be surpassed by scientific instruments. science narrows things down yes, but also while doing that it loses the grasp of the other factors as it travels deeper. where exactly do your think you meaningful “why” will go? there is no why in reality, reality just is and asking why takes away from it just as science as led us away from nature in the first place

  7. Yvonne

    Eye gazing is the most romantic experience I have ever felt! I didn’t know this was a “thing” is just happened. I was at first just looking into eyes to make eye contact, it makes me feel more confident and I think everyone appreciates been paid attention too. Over some time as I developped feelings for this person, we locked eyes again but the meaning was different. There was no intention set but as I continued looking into his eyes (gorgeous blue-green eyes btw)my eyes began darting back and forth. In my mind I was searching for something in his eyes, my question was do you have feelings for me… obviously because until this point we had never admitted to liking one another. Anyway my eyes dropped to his neck at this point because they were freaking out lol and then I brought my eyes back up to meet his (his eyes hadn’t moved) and I realized that there was nothing to search for. His eyes were steady, his body had not moved an inch, he was waiting there for me…for good. And so then I breathed deeply and melted in his gaze. It felt as though my heart was pushing against my chest but I felt light and comfortable…drawn to him. Anyway, the circumstances didn’t allow it to go much further, so I walked away but I could tell we had connected because as I turned he followed, almost automatically. Then he stopped behind me and I turned as well following after him as he walked away…anyway long story. It was amazing, I hope everyone experiences this!

  8. chuni

    exerceise. results are better when doe (my editorial experience).
    Anyway, fascinating!

  9. Garrett

    As a descendent of the cherokee, me and some of my family members have the ability to adjust our eyes and see 3-4 eyes instead of 2. When me and my uncle do it it’s like he can read my mind. He had us adjust it to where I would see 4. It was key that I saw 4. If anyone else has this ability or could help me learn more about it that would be great. I would really like to know more about this.

    • Michelle

      I’d like to know about this too, since I have the same bloodline and do the same thing! Strange. I never thought anything of it. I thought everyone could do that.

      • Garrett

        Do you have skype? I would like to talk more about it with you.

        • Danielle

          I too have this ability. Interested to talk more about this.Scince I also have a native origin. i Find this interesting…

        • Sandor Bota

          Are you guys talking about unfocusing your eyes? I’ve done this eye gazing since my very first kiss. I like to unfocus so that both eyes merge as one. It’s easier to look at one eye instead of at the left, then at the right, then back at the left. If you tilt your head enough, the eyes don’t merge and you can see two sets of eyes, or 4 eyes. It is mesmerizing to let your eyes relax and unfocus. Your mind begins to wander.

          • Garrett

            Can you do it from any distance? If so you may have the “trait” aswell

  10. S.

    I used to do it with a charcoal drawing of myself at the age of 4 or 5. As I gazed into the eyes of me as a child I could see an older version of myself, maybe at 60 or something. That’s when I usually got startled and gave it up.It was fascinating though…

  11. Michelle

    I have experienced a life-long connection in a few glances.
    After one night of eyes constantly meeting each others gaze,
    we were locked in forever. We had to act as friends for two weeks
    as one of us were already in a sinking relationship.
    But then we were both left alone for but split seconds and we both instantly,
    without a word being said tried to steal a kiss but couldn’t because our
    friends came back outside. Finally I came forward and met him secretly in a park
    where we gazed into each others eyes for 2 hours!!!! Both of us thinking this
    cannot be! Having no answers, but knowing that this was no ordinary connection.
    Long story short, we moved across states to be with each other and moved in together
    only 2 months later! 100% dedicated to our love connection, we now value our love as
    the highest power in our lives. We live for each other and will be together for eternity.
    This may sound crazy to some.. But this is indeed the deepest connection in the world.
    We never need say anything because our eyes always tell the same story. Love eternal

    • nukleuz

      what a beautiful story!!!!!!

  12. Marianna

    In the past I have avoided it, moved my eyes,
    cast them down, retreated to privacy.
    Why would I do this?
    What am I afraid of?

    • Renly

      I think that’s what a lot of people tend to automatically do. It’s almost like your defending against intruders into your soul or something. It’s easy to really connect on a different level when keeping eye contact, and sometime you may be scared of where that will take you. Next time you notice yourself starting to look away, realize it and change your thoughts. Challenge yourself to keep eye-contact and see what happens. :)

      • Renly

        Maybe even do a self gazing experiment first to see how long you can hold it

  13. Moonbeam63

    I have looked at a photo of myself as a child and gazed deeply into my eyes and it made me sob from somewhere deep within as I felt all the pain of this little girl…

  14. Earl

    I prefer tongue grazing for long periods.

  15. Dave

    I Met this girl at the birthday of my friends girlfirend about 2 years ago.

    I was only there since my buddy knew i would be the only guy he would know. i wasnt expecting much honestly, and most people weren’t very social except her.
    I just couldnt take my eyes off her, her green eyes.
    so we started talking and we clicked really good. like me, she only knew 1 person attending there.

    we got away into a rather isolated part of the house, were she told me she had a boyfriend, and it was a relationship of about 1 maybe 1 and ahalf years. We didnt talk much so all we did instead were gaze at eachothers eyes. at was innocent but still so intense. on and off for hours. this was a person i never even heard of. and we had a deep connection.

    i couldnt shake this feeling off for months, it was one of the most astounding experiences of my life.


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