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url-3It isn’t often that television programming supplies us with some literal truth and honesty that might make us think about our current way of living. I came across this video and had to share. Hopefully there is more of this to come. I often get excited about the prospect of seeing full disclosure on things like the truth about the federal reserve or 9/11 on the 6PM news, maybe in our near future?
You might want to check out why they call television shows “programming.”

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  1. I’ve enjoyed reading these insightful comments, but I would just like to voice my disappointment about the show itself. I had high hopes after seeing this pilot episode and then this show that had so much potential devolved into a shitty interoffice romance drama. Booooooo….

  2. Posting this with this title shows a tremendous lack of understanding. The exceptionalism of the country is about it founding and not it’s people or even government of today. Before the USA was born virtually every country in the world was run by a dictator, monarch or king. What made and still makes the USA great is it offered freedom to citizens of the world. Something unheard at the time. The USA opened of the door to freedom which has be hijacked by corrupt political leaders. The founding of the Federal Reserve changed everything under that famous democrat Woodrow Wilson!

  3. Sacha

    Voters in this country do not know what Gross Domestic Product means. They do not know what a Conglomerate is, what forced scarcity is, what regulations are. They think unions caused outsourcing, they do not know what invisible slaves are. They don’t understand that deregulated “free markets” invariably turn into “monopolies” and is a self defeating premise. Seriously that concept FLIES over their heads. They don’t know what the consumer price index is. They do not know what the Permanent Five is. They don’t know that the rich receive more money from the government than they pay into it. They don’t know that the costs of education has increased by 450 percent in less than a single generations span. They don’t know that government contracts are now given to friends and relatives rather than the historically successful lowest bidder. They don’t know that the cotton aristocracy of the 1800s persists in politics as oil families, They elected and reelected a descendant of Charlamagne who’s family returned to economic prominence in the modern era by reindustrializing the Nazis… They don’t know what trickle down economics is.They don’t know what Feudalism was or what Neo Feudalism will be.

    Hating gays, Libs, shooting wolves from helicopters. Pretending to be cowboys. Using God as an alternative to science because if you squint at religion in just the right way from just the right angle it kind of looks the same and involves less work. Blind obedience to politicians who extol these virtues without knowing that for two thousand years their peasant ancestors did exactly the same for those very politicians ancestors. Will blame foreigners and homosexuals as their own priests drag them up stone steps by their hair to carve their hearts out. That’s more their speed.

  4. wake up

    everyone’s comments are great, freedom of speech, everyone talks, hardly no action , people are scared, they don’t like people to look at them. people need to be held accountable for there actions, I was raised to work hard to get ahead, however it’s who you know now days. so half a___ workers get ahead and move up then everything below them is half a_____, hold people accountable, if their lazy , pass the buck, screw up or ect. hold them accountable… parents use to teach their children, however the schools and government teach them now. alot of the us have not been taught to make the right choice and encouraged to act on off beliefs our choices, unless there wrong choices then we’re told it will be ok, everything our county is starts with our children teach them, spend time with them, punish them, love them, show them the way, I don’t care if the video was true or an act, it was awesome, I was touched, thanks for listening to me talk, I don’t have time for action, mom my burnt her bra too.

  5. mjp

    People do realize this is actor Jeff Daniels playing a role don’t they?

  6. blah

    It’s from a tv show

  7. Nothing is worse for our country than liberals to talk down their own home. If there is anything from the above that I agree with, its the fact that our own people have not only lost their patriotism, but are also demotivated and uninformed. Most of the people who talk are no more informed and are just as atrocious as conservatives. Its enough to be critical of your national identity, its another to behave as if you hate it and have so much negative to say about it.

    If you hate it, you can move to a more monogamous nation like Canada, Belgium, Australia, or Singapore. You won’t be needed here.
    For the rest of us, we get to be proud to live in a place that is known throughout the world for its impact on modern culture, government, and economics. The USA has a legacy of achievements, and has pioneered so much of the modern way of living that will be remembered for years to come. We are an imperfect melting pot of the world’s refugees but the ONLY example of such a place whose experiment in democracy has succeeded this well, EVER!

    Look at the list of counties that are at a better quality of life and notice that none of them compare when considering the challenges of managing such a diverse and disruptive lot of 300M people–we share a huge border with a 3rd world country and an annual influx of the poor. We also suffer from cultural barriers that still linger and we’ve struggled with since the 1800’s.

    Granted, we mismanage a lot and our political, social, and economic systems are severely polarized and flawed. But for me, those things can and will be repaired with time, so this is no excuse to jump ship and claim that this country still isn’t great.

    Because it is. Like it or not, it still has the strongest military, double the economy of it closest competitor, China(1.4B vs 300M to add), the most respected universities, fosters more innovation, more active in space exploration, and most active in diplomacy around the globe(positive or negative). While certainly NOT the only free country, there is no debating that that USA is the greatest one.

    Great countries fall from folks having attitudes like this. If you can’t take it, by all means, move to Belgium. Please, leave.


    • Hi James, in the video he states that the US used to be all those things you said but not anymore. We have lost our high standing and we are laughed at by other nations and sadly I can see why. We can’t hide our heads in the sand and think like people did 60 years ago. Pride comes before the fall and too many have been too proud of this country and now it’s falling.

      I’m not proud that we kill unborn babies, force senior citizens out of their homes because they can’t afford the taxes that keep on rising and no exception is made for those who paved the way for the next generation. I’m not proud that we have one of the highest rate of criminals in prisons and I’m not proud that I can’t buy and drink raw milk from a farmer without a bunch of red tape. I’m not proud that our food supply is being contaminated by harmful chemicals and GMO science so that manufacturers can make more profit. I’m not proud that farmers are being paid not to farm to create a supply and demand for “junk” food. I’m not proud that parents are told and conditioned to believe that vaccines are absolutely necessary and that they work, giving false security. I’m not proud that we are defining marriage, accepting co-habitation without marriage and children being born out of wedlock. I’m not proud of the way children don’t go out to play anymore, how so many people are overweight and obese, in therapy etc. I could go on and on…but these are the issues at the human level that we didn’t have in the capacity we have them in now 50 years ago. And here’s one more thing I’m not proud of: How our service men are treated after they come home from war. Are you proud of that? This country is serious trouble just by that observation alone. It’s getting worse and I don’t believe things will “turn around” for the good. I do believe that we must believe that God is in control and for us to believe and trust Him, keeping our eyes on Him and not on the gov’t as though they are our god. But sadly this is what is happening.

      And most people aren’t going to up and move to another country when they were born and raised here where all their family and friends are. It’s just not feasible to say to someone who sees through all the junk going on to move to another country.

      • I have a correction to make: “redefining marriage”

      • Ethan

        I agree with about 75% of this. It’s not “killing unborn babies”, it’s called women’s healthcare and they have a choice whether you like it or not. The redefining marriage thing is ludicrous, let people be equal citizens instead of second rate ones. I’m not religious, so there is no “God in control”, we’re a democratic republic not a theocracy, we’re a nation of thinking adults. Care for humanity and your fellow citizen in an unbiased manner before you start to act sanctimonious.

        • That’s fine, Ethan. You don’t believe in God and that He’s in control. You believe that killing unborn babies is women’s healthcare and a right. You believe that redefining marriage for homosexuals is fine. But I don’t and I was just commenting on this article.

  8. Walker

    America is run by fools who don’t know squat about the natural and spiritual world, and it is fueled by people who are willing enough to keep it running for a paycheck and a bite to eat because there is no other option. You go to school, get a job, pay for your life, work all day and pay your taxes, and soon you are a well lubricated cog in the American machine. Nothing Inherently wrong with that… The American people are pushed into the American money circuit just like the Chinese and Bangaladeshi children are pushed into the system to serve their part by working in hellish manufacturing plants. The machine must stay moving, everything must become bigger and better and more high tech, except for the individual, right… Humans are supposed to serve the whole right, not themselves? Serve this American machine that has created toxic plastic waste islands the size of texas floating around in the pacific, the machine that enslaves their own people if they are caught ingesting an unprofitable “illegal” drug, the machine that is destroying the last of the rainforests so they can slaughter more genetically modified cows in brazil to turn a greater profit on the ammonium washed meats that reach those chubby american cheeks.
    Spirituality and self-sustainability are going to be the next things made illegal i’m sure. No organic farming, all the land to be owned by the government, to not pay property tax is treason, and everyone will continue to serve as a cog in the large deterministic industrial machine that is america or you will get prison so they dont have to deal with you… This is basically life as we know it, and it’s not all that bad! Just THINK of those poor bangaladeshi kids making shoes for 15 cents a day… Oh man… If you are happy working for this kind of system then hooray the world will be demolished in 100 years anyway right? But if you really think it matters, then like… Maybe it could, right? :p

    • Walker

      Oh ps. I’d pretty much consider this video American propaganda :p The dude doesn’t even scratch the surface of our modern day colonialism (which results in the deaths of thousands of brown people in the middle east), he doesn’t touch that joke of a “war on drugs”, doesn’t speak of our deficit, our murder of our own people during the bombing of the American USS Maine which caused the spanish american war creating a new era of world dominance, very similar to the 9/11 bombings and the war on “terror” or brown people or freedom or whatever the f*** this new war is really about… Whooooeeee sorry guys just had to get that off my chest. 8]

  9. ziggy

    well made documentry….f*** you american govt for being an uncurable virus to this earth.

    • Father Guido

      “Uncurable virus”… really? Let’s not get histrionic and start blurting out adjectives, Walker…

  10. Caroline Wines

    I am an Australian citizen and was blown away by the response given in this video clip. It
    is always refreshing to hear someone who is not afraid to speak their own view and who has no intention of just giving the same old answers that everyone else provides. We need more people in the world to share their informed opinion and have open, frank and realistic discussions with young people to challenge young people to question and develop their own informed opinions. I know very little of the American situation but we have our own issues in Australia and we too, have too many people who are content to just accept the rhetoric spoken by those in the media. But we too have people who share their informed opinions and are proud to stand up for what they believe in – I hope that I am one of those people.

  11. Marie

    I watched his body-language and he seemed to be so very dissapointed.

  12. Bruce

    It was a great speech. However, it was not real and therefore not really the most truthful. Facts are truth and this was fiction. I wiped a tear from my eye. A lot of what he said was true. But unfortunately it fell upon the ears of the very US Citizens he was talking about. If you look at it really, the network took everything these people wished they weren’t and told them how they were. Sort of ironic to gain air time. It is too bad that there can’t be a little bit more frank discussion like this for real though.

    • Priscilla

      Check out Marianne Williamson for Congress District 33. We are talking – we just need to wake up and start acting! Agree.

    • American Duality :)

  13. Mark

    I liked it. I have long ago concluded that America is not the greatest nation. I think European nations and Canada surpass the US in many areas. Regarding the rest of it, really the cause of our situation is the elite 1% over many years. This is what Occupy and other movements are trying to change…in essence return America to actual liberty and true democracy. We just have to keep taking back what is ours, and live as we were naturally intended to live.

    • Politicalunrest

      Mark, i don’t mean to sound rude, and i know some people will take it that way i just hope you don’t. The problem us the occupy movement. Many people say things like the Occupy movement, or the Tea party movement ( and yes they basically are the same on oposit sides of the spectrum. One is from the young generation the other the elder generation) is us, the people rising up to size power. Well that’s true, it is us the people. We are those movements and they are us. WE ARE THE PROBLEM! we live in as close to a true democracy as it is safe to have looking at history, and that means in our society our leadership is a reflection of us. The people who have had enough. All of this is our fault, a result of our apathy and indifference toward one another and truth, instead holding to ideology so tight that we cant get any work done. Its OUR FAULT AND NO ONE REALIZES IT! the one percent is only one percent of the vote. sure they have money, and power and influence but they cant actually buy our vote unless we LET THEM. So when people say “the rich simply buy votes” i look at them and sigh thinking to my self “because you let them do it, you let them stop you from becoming uninformed.”

      • Politicalunrest


      • you my friend are spot on !

      • teri

        Thank you for putting into words what I have felt and thought. I totally agree. If we want to be great again it needs to start with each individual to raise our own standards of what it right instead of following the herd mentality. That goes for what we manufacture in this country and who we think the “stars and heroes” really are.

      • imike

        We would be the problem if we had more influence. Unfortunately, money plays to much of a role in dictating policy, but it’s a nice mirage to make people think they have an influence. There needs to be campaign finance reform and policy needs to stop being dictated by these huge lobby groups and corporations. That being said, I love America, but there needs to be reform.

    • dumoan

      all the Occupy movement does is make things worse by creating an entire generation of entitlement thinking fools. It’s our moral state that has ruined us not a bunch of rich cretins.

    • Couldn’t agree more. And I’m a VET. Our government is bullshit. This “NWO”, is nothing. How people can sit and do nothing, blows my mind.

  14. Fatibel

    That doesn’t make it not true. It just means he’s not speaking off the cuff but speaking words that someone took time to consider and organize in a cojent, thoughtful way. Your objection is irrelevant.

  15. Luke Cage

    He is right about many things in his rant but he stops short of blaming the Federal Reserve/Banksters/NWO so really, hes just blowing hot air. EVERYTHING that happens in this world we live in is influenced or manipulated by these evil men/women(you idiots whining about gender specificness, just STFU, yr distracting from the REAL issue). People don’t hate liberals ” ‘cuz they lose”. No, people hate them because they are zombies, hypocrites, liars, statists and NEVER EVER question govt, they just want more of it while murdering their babies and calling it a choice. His rant is a start but thats it. The writers of that show won’t bite the hand that feeds them, the Federal Reserve/Banksters/NWO.

    • Gabby

      You’re right Luke, but I don’t think they would even air it if he mentioned all that.

      • Kevin Heairet

        That’s right Gabby!

    • Shelly Milligan

      Luke the ones who are most at blame are us the people for we have for to long put on blinders and have allowed these great atrocities to happen. This country was not left to or built for the Federal Reserve, Bankers, corporations, NWO, or our corrupt government. It was left to and built for us THE PEOPLE. It is time to remove the blinders and take back our great nation. Remember this? I am betting most Americans won’t even know where these excerpts comes from, Yet they call themselves Americans. They are the Americans that have made America the joke it is today. Being a citizen of America comes with not only rights but responsibilities yet the wussy sheeples of today are not willing to fight the fight that is necessary. They only want to place blame and live with their blinders on.

      *Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government,

      *But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government.

      Meaning that is not only our right to throw off a corrupt government but it is our responsibility!! Placing the blame on the institutions that we as a people have not only the right but the responsibility to overthrow is passive and irresponsible. The blinders must be removed. Your “comfy, imaginary” life on credit is just that, an illusion. Wake up people, you are merely sheep being herded for slaughter.

      • WOW ! Right on Shelly. I couldn’t have said it so well myself …. But, you must admit that we have had the wool pulled over our unsuspecting eyes as this “conspiracy” has remained diligent, relentless and very well thought out. I’m afraid we are screwed. I have only lost friends and respect in my efforts to open some eyes. Most don’t want and are not capable of accepting that the foundations that support their understanding about their own government are the result of a master scam.

    • You are right about this – hot air and he stops his rant before things get to the point.

    • Yes Luke I agree and he left out that most of the politicians take their marching orders from The CFR and the Trilateral commission. None are doing their own politics but being told what to do and just HOW to do it, to send America even farther down the shitter.

    • amy

      ahhh you might be on to something but don’t WE THE PEOPLE give the NWO all that power yes because no matter what for every action there is an equal an opposite re action supply in demand ect. ect

  16. Bits

    “We’re in a lot of Trouble” – Peter Finch, “Network” 1976

  17. Erin Nicole

    People who don’t live in Canada, don’t know what it’s like. what’s wrong with fuckin’ angels man? Geeze!

  18. j

    You know it’s a scene from the TV show, right? “The Newsroom”? With, like, actors and stuff….

    • Yes, but what he says is TRUE and right on target !!! If ONLY some in this real life profession had the SAME balls to say what he did here !!!

    • Shelly

      TV show or not it still holds truth.

  19. Craig

    Why argue about value judgments? The value of a thing is based on a value system. All things contribute to the evolution of the universe and the consciousness thereof. It is your free will to assign a meaning to it.

  20. I didn’t see the “imagined past state of superiority” at all. It is more that “we” were not striving to be the best for the sake of being the best. Our country has lost its moral compass and, therefore, should not consider itself the best country in the world. And, as it was stated by a previous post, that’s not even a question we should be asking ourselves.

    • Kevin Heairet

      Well said!

  21. So the US GOV,see their own citizen as enemy of the state,the priority is no a criminal or terrorism ,the priority for these paranoic the fear of what they feel about the common citizen,and that happene when who run the government are those behind these marionet in the political system beside been a corrupt and greedy,United State play a no so good foreign policy,there is no evolution,they still with the mark of the “ugly American”and that is a continuos hatred toward what is a representation of the US,eventually the us going to realized the damage that these occult and secretive organization are doing to othe people and their own citizen and tha how the GOV came to be a paranoic entity.

  22. hi…I would have liked to view the video but there wasn’t one…I got the post on fb but no links, no video…am I missing something?

  23. WTF,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,one guy in America,,telling “Americans” the undiluted truth about themselves,,,,bring it on baby,,,corruption,fraud,genocide,racism,conspiracies,govt approved asassinations,warmongering,the list is endless,,,,of course a lot of you believe in fairies,so you probably wont believe the truth,,,there are no fairies,,

  24. hmmm.. childish reactions he has.. at first bursts in anger then becomes emotionally nostalgic.. no need for such..and I think America never WAS the greatest country. each country and each culture have their own greatest stuff. and it has always been that way.. at a time when “America” and “Europe” were becoming “civilized” they were missing on all the traditional wholistic views of their ancestors. they started to view the body as a machine and their so called “modern advanced medicine” was bullshit in the name of science.. it is profit in the name of science!! America is the greatest country when it comes to profit, yes. that’s all.. “modern medicine” never found a cure for anything, they never healed anything or taught anyone to heal anything.. they started using perfumes and artificial fragrances iin soap, and the food became the worst food ever imaginable to human kind. fast food. so I don’t even understand how he considers America to HAVE HAD been the greatest country.. at a time when America got all those “great” stuff which they consider “civilization”, in Syria, where I am from, they were still using Aleppo laurel soaps.. natural loofas.. vegetarian traditional food.. AND at the same time, they were becoming “modern” as in they had cars and streets etc etc. (but not extremely high buildings or “free-masonry”-illuminati architecture.. thank god) when u have THIS kind of freedom of choice, who would care about freedom of writing smart-ass intellectual unrealistic crap in a newspapers anyways?? I never cared enough about politicians to criticize them anyways. I always thought there was something wrong with the society as it is, that’s where the problem started and ended.. never in politics. and even in every society, there is so much goodness if u want to see it, in spite of it all. in Syria they still sell traditional soaps everywhere, THEY are the norm, not “dove” or whatever. they still eat and sell traditional healthy food in the streets and in restaurants, and u don’t find a fast food restaurant that often. and the weather is perfect, it is eternal all-year long sunshine and moderate weather.

    • Shelly Milligan

      Love your point of view Salma

    • Kevin Heairet

      That was so well said, Salma!!!! Thank you, for sharing…;)

    • grace

      Thanks, Salma. Can’t argue with any point you have made

  25. We need more poeple who would stand up to the president and tell him exactly what Jeff Daniel’s has said. This country is filled with irresponsibility in every category, lazyiness, and the majority of people who only think about what’s in it for them. We need to get back to basics. The golden rule has long been forgotten and we need to get people to remember and implement it everyday. So I challenge everyone who reads this, to do something for someone that will help them with no payment. Pay t forward at least once everyday and the country will eventually get back to where it needs to be. I’ll end by agreeing with Steve Sanders, share this with everyone you can!!

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