The United Nations Exposed: Who Is In Control?

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roths rockaWe are told that the United Nations (UN) is an international organization that aims to facilitate co-operation through social progress, economic development, international security and international law.  They promote themselves, and are outwardly promoted as a reputable body that deals with peace, security, development, human rights and humanitarian affairs. With this being the case it’s no surprise to see the UN at the forefront of all international conflict and instability, since these exact events give them the ideal atmosphere to promote themselves as bringers of all that I previously mentioned. Throughout history, authoritative figures have always tried to paint a perception of themselves in hopes of influencing and brainwashing the masses into a desired agenda.

By promoting themselves, I am referring to the UN’s use of mainstream media networks, like CNN. CNN is owned by Time Warner (1), which is owned by JP Morgan Chase and Company and Dodge & Cox Inc, to name a few (2). It also has a select group of direct holders, like Jeffrey L. Bewkes. Mr. Bewkes sits in the head office of Time Warner’s two towers built in 2001 -buildings purposely built to resemble the once standing World Trade Centers of New York City. Bewkes is also a member of The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) (3),which is headed and funded by the Rothschild and Rockefeller families (4)(5). In fact a large majority of mainstream media network owners are all members of the CFR, as well as the trilateral commission. Another example of this is Richard D. Parsons. who served as Time Warner’s Chairman of the Board from May 2003 to January 2009. Currently Mr. Parsons is a member of the Board of Trustees and is a Senior Advisor to the Rockefeller Foundation(6). I could even go on to look at Frank J. Caufield, another major direct holder of Time Warner Corp, who is also a member of the CFR(7). Let me remind you again, that CNN is owned by Time Warner Corp, which is owned by a number of individuals and corporations that are run by a few families. These families hide behind the corporations they run, using the employees and politicians they hire to do their dirty work. Why we continue to hand our perception of what is happening on the planet to a select few who show no regard for the human race is beyond me. As a child, I did not understand how a human being could have such negative intentions, and create so much conflict through the use of trickery. To this day I still believe that a human being cannot do what these “governing bodies” and multinational corporations do. Whether or not it holds the same effect on you, I hope the connections above at least raise an eyebrow for you.

There is no need for me to point out the JP Morgan (major institutional holder of Time Warner)/ Rockefeller connections, which also played a big role in the creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1912. So what does all this have to do with the United Nations?  Well, the same ones that own all of our mainstream media networks, also own, run and created the United Nations. The owners of the United Nations use their media networks to influence the perception of billions of people. Not many people know that our mainstream media networks are owned by less than 5 multinational corporations, and all of these corporations have ties to the Rothschild and Rockefeller families. If you dive in even further, all of the same corporations are directly related to suppressing clean energy technologies, like General Electric. You can find out more about free energy suppression here. More ties can be made in the food and medical industries as well. Our planet is owned by a small group of families and the corporations they run, this is no longer a secret, no longer a conspiracy theory. It’s becoming evident that these “people” do not have our best intentions at hand.

League of Nations/Treaty of Versailles

The forerunner to the United Nations, was the league of Nations. It was created under the treaty of versailles in 1919 (8)(14).  Many believe the idea of the UN’s creation was due to the second world war, it wasn’t. A plan for global control through a well disguised body of peace started long before 1945. The League of Nations was an intergovernmental organization created at the Paris peace conference that ended the First World War. Development of international organizations due to conflict is a way of trickery. The UN was created in 1945 as a result of World War 2. Anytime there is global conflict, something is created out of that conflict, to give the illusion that whatever is created out of that conflict is a direct solution to that conflict. Have you ever thought that the ones who created the conflict, are doing so in order to propose the solution? What a scam that would be, wouldn’t it? What a trick, using and controlling our will. Handing our will over to those who look to take advantage of us, to those that are not in service to others, but to themselves.  The League of Nations was created by the Rockefeller Family, they were responsible for funding the entire operation(9). At the same time, the International Labour Organization was developed, which is and was heavily funded by the Rockefeller and Rothschild families(10). It is clear that the Rockefeller and Rothschild families both created the United Nations, without them the development of this global organization would not be possible.

The Same Groups That Funded Nazi Germany Created The United Nations? Both Sides of the War Were Funded by the Same Group?

A key question we must ask ourselves when it comes to international global governing bodies is, who is in charge? Who is making the decisions? What connections can be made between the United Nations and the other major governing bodies of planet Earth? How often do we ask these questions? And how often do we make the connections? If the United Nations was created for peace and stability in conflicting War time, why would the same parties fund both sides of the war? Was it just for profit, or did they want to create War, to create government bodies that would control our entire planet? The United Nations has branched off into the World Health Organization, which has other branched within it like Codex Alimentarius and the Food and Drug Administration.

I’m talking about Paul M. Warburg, a German-born banker, who was an appointed member of the Federal Reserve System, on the board of governors(11). Isn’t the Federal Reserve a United States entity? He was heavily involved with the creation of the Federal Reserve, and his family was heavily involved with I.G Farben. I.G Farben was the largest chemical company in the world during its time, and one of the largest industrial booms next to the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company, and General Motors. I.G Farben was responsible for numerous war crimes, supplying the Nazis with weapons and even funding the Nazi party(12)(13). Why would the federal reserve system and the Rockefeller’s be involved with I.G Farben? Isn’t the federal reserve an American entity? Did they not fund the United States as well? Paul Warburg and his family were involved with the creation of the Federal Reserve, the Warburg family headed I.G Farben, a company that supported the Nazi movement. So what is going on here? There is a lot of evidence to show that both sides of World War II were funded by the same people, so I think a “fast one” has been pulled over our eyes. The Federal Reserve is still in tight with the Warburg family, as they have transformed themselves into several multinational corporations and financial institutions, like Warburg Pincus(15)(16).

It’s no secret that the Bush family also heavily profited from the war. Did you know that the Bush family also had members connected to the federal reserve, and that the Bush family is also very close to the Rockefeller family?(17).  It’s not a secret that the presidency has always been connected to the Federal Reserve. Prescott Bush even worked for the Nazis, he worked with and profited from companies that were funding Hitler. With all of these connections, it is easy to see how the real founders of the United Nations (if you follow the money) were connected to many inhumane acts. So what makes you think it has stopped today? What if the United Nations give you the illusion of a peace making body, in order to drive chaos, fear, and to fulfill an agenda that started long before we were all born? How can the UN protect us against mining corporations for example, that commit atrocities all over the world, when the same ones who created the UN own all of the major mining corps, like the Rockefeller Hughes Corporation(18). I’ve provided sources for all of my claims, at the same time I like to leave a few out to inspire the readers to do some research. Feel free to look into the Bush connections yourself! Keep in mind, I’ve used only a few examples and connections in this article, there is a tremendous amount that you can make on your own if you are sparked to further your research.

One aspect of the current consciousness shift is waking up to new facts and possibilities of what really happened in our recent human history. Many people take different paths to awakening, but in the end it all leads to one thing: we have to be the change we want to see. We’ve seen a lot of turmoil throughout the years on this planet, and in turn it’s created a very dense energetic state for planet Earth. More people are starting to find peace, they are experiencing more joy and desire change for all on planet Earth. Through awakening, we are changing the vibrational frequency of the planet. We’ve been blind to many things for thousands of years. We are living in the age of transparency, everything has presented itself for us to see from the “darkest” experiences to the “lightest”. Either way you look at it, everything that has and is playing out on planet Earth is all an experience for the human race. Events happen, in order to jolt us into waking up to truth. 9/11 for example, woke many up. Whether it’s the truth about hemp, the federal reserve, the illuminati, extraterrestrials, spreading love, or anything else, the age of transparency is leading to a new truth within billions of people, and that truth is love. Love is required as a necessary building block for a new world. We are responsible for what is happening here, when we awaken from our sleep, I’m sure we won’t let continue what we’ve let continue for so long. No longer will we be used to uphold a system that does not resonate with us, instead we will create a new one that makes the old one obsolete.

There are multiple sources that go beyond mine, I could have used many more. Please feel free to do your own research to further verify some facts.




















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  1. Jonas

    While I appreciate the idea of spreading love, this is a bit too tin-foil-hatty for me. Just because some capitalist families made profits from the wars it doesn’t mean that they “control the world” or “hide the truth” from the masses. This whole “wake up” rethoric is so pointless and really shows a lot of contempt for the supposed “sleeping masses”. It’s not about some “evil family” controlling the world – it’s about a world system that builds upon oppression – and that oppresses everyone in it, even those in positions of power, since it forces us to act according to its laws and keeps us from being free. But this system is not a creation of some evil conspiracy. It feeds on human greed and promotes egoism and isolation – but it is something we are all responsible for recreating and maintaining and something that we are all responsible for dealing with. Trying to invent a new devil is not responsible.

    • Well well well

      Yeah Jonas, you’re right, they really love us all and have the best of intentions for humanity.
      There couldn’t possibly be any bigger framework or strategy, it’s just all a random series of events.
      Also, Fox News is pretty accurate and a great source of information, while McDonalds is the hallmark of nutrition.
      Good day Sir.

    • Gabby

      You’re wright,is not only about some jewish evil family,is about entire damn chosen people.Every international organizations(including banks like IMF) is creation of world wide jewry,fiercely defended by Jewnited States of Amerika.

      • John

        Very well said Gabby.

    • Well said Jonas :)

    • Adrian

      Thank you for being one of the few voices of reason on here. The funny thing about the human mind is that it looks for patterns everywhere around it and some people see patterns where there are none. I work in a big corporation and from my experience, the larger the company, the less efficient it is and the less the top knows about what really is happening the company. The idea that a had-full of people that own 5 corporations control a multi-million dollar industry with millions of employees is preposterous and absurd. Those people are humans not gods. they are just people with a limited intellect, a limited attention span, limited power and limited influence that were lucky enough to be born in a rich family.The real uncomfortable, painful truth is that most of the events that govern today’s world and the events in history are accidents and nobody is really in control, but it is nice and reassuring to pretend that somebody is in control and that we can blame them for the worlds problems and inequality. To live in a world controlled by a small cabal is oppressive and horrifying but it is atleast safe and comforting, to live in a world controlled by no one where almost anything can happen is far far more scarier, that’s why conspiracy theorys are so popular

      • consuelo almonte

        Adrian, well said. There is always the tendency to blame the success of an enterprise..and individually…the rich…the wealthy….Thank God we are in a system where there is freedom and the opportunity to create and to succeed … compared to a system of repression. A handful of people does not own corporations…on the contrary…their success extends to people in general. It provides what is necessary…should one kill the goose that lays the golden egg?
        These report has not given any alternative. Conspiracy to what.

        • Well well well

          A goose that lays the golden egg is beautiful, but a bunch of idiots that make selfish laws and maintain a system whereby the people it governs have become oblivious to any reality, is not beautiful. It’s wicked, but they have also found a way to convince people that it means ‘success’ and ‘progress’. If a conspiracy is ‘a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful’, then I disagree, because they are changing the laws so that all the evil shit they do IS lawful, NOT unlawful. Just because a rule is valid does not make it just, because the system it exists in may not be just.

      • If you think all the wars happen by sheer coincidence or accident is absurd and your condescending comment trying to throw mud on what he is saying by calling it a “conspiracy theory” you’re a joke buddy.

      • this guy

        I thought it was 7 Major Corporations that own everything ??

      • Brad the bard

        Rather than shrugging your shoulders and saying its not possible that so few can lead so many. Think about your words. We are so fortunate in this day and age to be able to go somewhere (the web) and find hundreds of pages of articles for the conspiracy and those against. the article is there to make you think and question your reality. How is the best way to influence an outcome. Control the media and control the money. Much like Pavlov’s’ dog if you see the same message over and over eventually it will become your truth. We are being lead by the nose. Mainly through peoples own apathy.

    • It most CERTAINLY IS ”a creation of some evil conspiracy”, otherwise our world would be in a much fairer and balanced economic situation. If you do not see whats been and is still going on, I say one word to you ..GREED! But im sure you will find a way around that one too by blaming it on ourselves and our weaknesses. Wake up!!

    • I think you make a good point, to go beyond the “we” and “them”. Whilst I don´t doubt the named facts about power structures in the societies, it´s in my opinion less about that handfull of persons accumulating the power, but about the overall pattern and the roles people identify with.
      It´s interesting to look what beliefs create greed, and what those beliefs are rooted in. It is the belief of scarcity, and the fear of not getting enough of a needed resource. This reaches down into experiences already your ancestors may have had – the science of epigenetics has proved how behaviours – strategies – are passed on to descendants.
      So it is we who can sharpen our awareness and by changing and healing such fears and behaviours in ourselves now, we get both less dependent and become role models for others, changing the society when time has come.
      That´s the way evolution works…

    • I would strongly suggest two books for you to read “Shadows of Power” by James Perloff and “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G Edward Griffin. Both extremely well written, researched and cross referenced to enable you to continue to research and find your own truth.

    • Reveille

      Perhaps you do a little basic research before you enter a debate or conversation regarding this topic. Maybe you start with the recent collapse of our economy by way of manipulated Libor rates. Find out who profits from our war machine rolling out and what our military has actually accomplished during this war on terror. You said it yourself greed is the great motivator . Until then you join the ranks of those too simple or selfish to care or understand the reality of what is happening in the world around you.

      • I’m getting the feeling that everyone is on different levels of accepting the end result of this conspiracy theory may be. However It came to be, has cost lives, debt and bankruptcy. It’s all tragic and has been fatal to our planet and food supply. Their is Excuse for greed and power at the detriment of quality of life for people everywhere. Whether it’s politics or conspiracy theories it all leading to a dark devastating end for a lot of the human race.Either way people are all waking up in different stages to realizing war is not the way to go about it, as history of this is proven deadly and costly. I ask myself is it to late to step back or am I or someone I care about going to have to take a life to protect what is precious to me and mine?

    • David Hereaux

      Jonas, you are either one of them or you are the most ignorant person I’ve ever read a post from. Wake up and realize that they don’t care about you, nor I. People have killed family members for less. If you are as ignorant as you say you are, it’s people like you that have let this happen in the first place.

      • Sue

        I agree. I have a friend who is a minister and of course a lot of responsibility with that role, yet he still thinks councils are part of the government. People in a position have a responsibility to the public to research and define what the truth is in order to educate people about the things like the ultimate purpose of the UN. We are surrounded by fools.

    • Wake Up!

    • Axel Fischer

      id like to ad a note by saying: yes it is really not nice what they have done, and do and are planning for our future, but as we know it now we can simply say no, bring on a better model and then just go for it. future is going to be great if we want. nobody to blame than our selfs if we dont bring it on. oneLove

    • Shawn

      “this is a bit too tin-foil-hatty for me” Seriously? While to the uninformed it may seem that way, the evidence proves otherwise. Before you try to discredit something, realize that it is in the realm of possibilities. The fact that money controls our world is evident even on the most basic of levels. To think that these families are not corrupt, self-serving and secretive would be foolish. The facts point to quite the opposite. While you may not understand and have contempt for “waking up”, maybe you should consider the possibility that what you believe to be true is not and therefore need to WAKE UP. It’s not about inventing a new devil, but understanding those in power have been the whole time. Yes they manipulate, deceive, consort and beguile the masses. However, now that we are becoming more aware of all that has been going on, it is our responsibility to clean up the mess and to stop feeding into the dogma of the elite. My challenge to you, would be to dig deep and do some research. I promise you will be amazed and horrified with what you find. It is time for a new world, one of peace…

      • Gail Gunner

        I agree with Arjun, Shawn, Axel Fischer, have researched & connected, & written Rhymes about all of it.
        Do you all Know about Jacque Fresco’s, Venus Project, I’m convinced it is the solution…

    • - Collective Evolution

      By control, I mean in control of all the resources we use that governs our everyday lives. Your right, it’s not about some “evil family”. I agree with most of what you say Jonas, thanks for commenting. “It is something we are all responsible for recreating and maintaining and something that we are all responsible for”…yes, indeed! We can change it anytime we’d like, and I think we are in the process of that, and have been for quite some time.

  2. annexi

    “Our planet is owned by a small group of families and the corporations they run, this is no longer a secret, no longer a conspiracy theory.”

    That is a powerful statement. Thinking of the planet as a whole, I’m wondering if your thought process is western-centric; I wonder what holds true re: the foundations of social control and power for the east e.g. Asia, Africa…

    • - Collective Evolution

      I think the foundations of social control and power go back thousands of years. Sorry if I don’t understanding your statement correctly, i’m not to sure what western-centric is. Annexi, do you have an email addy?

      • annexi

        You say “the planet is being controlled by a small group of families and their corporations”.

        I can accept what you say as true for myself living in a western culture (americas/europe); it is increasingly apparent. However, is a child growing up in Asia or Africa subject to the same media/cultural/social/educational control regime headed by names like Rothschild, Rockefeller, JP Morgan, etc?

        I guess I’m questioning if what we see in the west (i.e. americas/europe, please pardon my ignorance if that isn’t an accurate categorization of the west but I think you get my point) applies to the whole planet. Does the evidence support that conclusion?

        Just thinking about everyone as a whole…

        • Ahmed

          “I can accept what you say as true for myself living in a western culture (americas/europe); it is increasingly apparent. However, is a child growing up in Asia or Africa subject to the same media/cultural/social/educational control regime headed by names like Rothschild, Rockefeller, JP Morgan, etc?” => Hi I’m Tunisian (north Africa) and yes we are subject to the same control! and it’s pretty much the same thing everywhere in the world. The fact that there was a revolution and that we are going toward democracy is merely an illusion held in place by :
          -the media (news, entertainment..)
          -the politicians whether they are left-center-right or religious party (or republicans or democrats or it’s the same shit everywhere)
          -education program that all it teaches (program) you is how to be a machine or a good soldier.
          -religious institutions that aren’t even close to religion(whether they are Muslims, Christians, Jewish or other)
          so if you follow all the money that finance all these institutions it will take you to the same corporations held by the same people! I know it’s’s shocking… but it’s real! nonetheless don’t worry “uncontrollable” internet means real free expressions. and now everywhere in the world there are people like you and me that are shaking those shackles :) and searching for solutions so don’t get scared 😛
          P.S: the most effective solution right now is to get informed and inform anybody you can at the risk of being called crazy…
          Have faith in humanity 😀

        • yes. these same families also own reuters who provide/censor all mainstream news before it goes to air.

          • They also own The AP (Associated Press) and have control of the Fed Reserve Bank and Much of all Media that publishes the News. They also own every central bank in all but 5 countries on this planet. and 4 are Afghan,Iraq,North Korea, and Syria.

        • Maria

          So much about Botswana (Debswana = a partnership between De Beers and the government of Botswana) and Tanzania (75% De Beers, 25 % Government of Tanzania.) found this in Wikipedia:
          De Beers are a family of companies that controversially dominate the diamond, diamond mining, diamond hops, diamond trading and industrial diamond manufacturing sectors.
          The company was founded by Cecil Rhodes, who was financed by Alfred Beit and Rothschild. That’s just one example and it chills me……

        • This thread is interesting. As a collective, for those who wish to say goodbye to the past cyclical formations, which govern societies through currency exchange. A problem is the current situation; Whether we like it or not, many of us are born into these man-made systems. So we have to undo the economics underlying it, which is governed through numerical figures. We have to unbind our selves from the monetary systems, which we put in place to give us “liberty” and “freedom”. Adam Smith and Henry Ford, both favoured those terms. And we currently use those terms to denote our ‘freedom.’ or how we lack it.
          But the problem is if we try to take ourselves out of this man made system, there is no longer anywhere to go. All countries are divided and states are governed, much as to Smiths A Wealth Of Nations. Chapter 17 denotes that one must remove man from nature in order for him to be a productive slave. Persuasion and clever marketing, knowledge and the rest. All used for greed. But how does it reduce? How do these people who want to die with gold and millions in their bank accounts get away with what they have done to society? Treating it like it was some mass social experiment. And them we feel like we are just going into Huxley’s hedonistic Brave New World. It’s all so cyclical, and has been going round and round for at least 500 years. And probably in the time of the ancients, as the egyptians used to feed their people beer, to get them to work, and blind them to what they were making them do.

        • - Collective Evolution

          :) No I don’t think they are subject the same things that the western world is, at the same time I think the same ‘people’ in control do use ‘developing’ nations to uphold their system in the west. Most people in those nations are kept in extreme poverty for a reason I think, COnnections def can be made with those same families, many of their corporations operate in those countries. No, it is an accurate categorization I believe :)

  3. if you need proof just follow the money

  4. Patricia Holman

    mankind is what it is….you point out, rightly, that these families have profited from war. BUT they have also set up and maintained some of the most humanitarian organizations in the world. it doesn’t matter who is in charge..SOMEONE will always hold sway over media,security,health, food, etc etc..if you look under enough rocks you will find worms.maybe you may wish to examine you own feelings first…

    • Someone ought not to be holding sway over every category, though. A concentration of power without any checks or principles leads to corruption and destruction. Those holding sway now seem to be primarily motivated by greed, the harm of others for the benefit of themselves, and they seem not to mind or completely unaware of greed’s horrible effects and the eventual total collapse it brings.

    • - Collective Evolution

      I think that they set up and maintain “humanitarian organizations” to look good in the public eye…I think they have many people fooled.

      • Yes killers like Rockefellers: Colorado Experience: Ludlow Massacre

  5. Hey Arjun. Keep going. Just carry on.

    • - Collective Evolution

      Thanks Tim:)

  6. Sandi

    Thank you Arjun. Keep the faith in light and love.


  7. Whenever I look into atrocities the same three names keep coming up.. Bush, Rockefeller and Rothschild.. coincidence I think not!

  8. Robert Powell

    Controlling the media, as they do, as any Empire has always done, is the single most powerful tool they have. Very difficult to change the masses minds and wake them up to the truth if you can’t penetrate mass media.
    It is an interesting time in history as more and more people are waking up & feeling fed up with the way things are being run.


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