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602397_494096883957096_57321385_nThe video below depicts the current state of humanity’s enlightenment, as well as the process of what one goes through as one becomes enlightened. Enlightenment, to me, means the lifting of belief systems and conditioning, and a “lighter” way of seeing the world.  Most people see enemies, separation and catastrophe when they step foot into the world. The cave represents the imprisonment of our mind that we reside in. The prisoners are chained from infantry to keep their heads and eyes on the wall of the shadows. I know this is extreme, but the chains are a metaphor to our cultural and societal conditioning, and represents the control that we endure of what’s expected of us; what is “normal”. They can only see the shadows on the wall, not the objects themselves, so they take the shadows to be true. This is a metaphor to the illusions that make up what we call our reality. The puppeteers control what the prisoners can see, and have them “spellbound” to being able to tell what is real and fake, true and false. Because the prisoners are under an illusion of what life is, they discuss meaningless things such as how fast the objects move from both sides of the wall, and they take turns naming the objects. This can be compared to what we see on television and how the media spoon feeds us what to think.

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Is it a coincidence that most popular TV shows and radio hits all have to do with identifying with our ego, even more so glamorizing living from a lower state of consciousness? Do the commercials not tell us what foods to eat, cars to buy, and material items we need in order to feel better about ourselves? Is it not relative that the mainstream radio of popular songs all send a similar message? Not everything that is mainstream is corrupt, but we should start to be more cognizant of what is popular, because it’s the ideals of what it portrays, that become how we interact as a whole.

The biggest follow-up question to this is, is this a bad thing? Is there such thing as “bad”? We know on a small scale that when an event occurs in our life, it is there to teach us, to help us evolve. So, then, if we apply the same principle on the grandest scale- to humanity, and ask, is the world the way it is to help us evolve as a whole? If we are all one, then not only is my own individuality important to become aware of in the process of growing, but does my existence contribute to a bigger power than me? There is no bad or good, there is only continual ascension upward.

The liberation of one of the prisoners, depicts what people might encounter as they become enlightened. As the prisoner is taken to the outside world, he is bedazzled by the light. In the real world, he experiences seeing shadows, reflections, and then finally the objects themselves. This is how enlightenment works. Bob Marley sings the words, “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our mind.” A lot of people are afraid. Afraid to change. Afraid to question and to think for themselves. Instead of judging these people, our own humanity is revealed by having compassion for those who are unconscious. Distractions from pondering the hardest questions of life have lead us to accept a mediocre existence, waiting for the next “temporary high.” Again, this is only to provoke awareness, and the point is not to persuade others, because remember there is no right or wrong way. The light seekers task is to be committed to ascending and learning, even amongst the souls like those in the cave. The moral of the video is perfectly summarized in the quote that states, “Once you awaken, you have no interest in judging those who sleep.”


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