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HUMANWith the exception of a few, many people on the planet currently experience a 9-5 type of lifestyle. A lifestyle in which we spend the majority of our time working. Do we really have a choice? The dominant perception on the planet seems to be no, because we have bills to pay, kids to look after and food to put on the table. Most people deem the idea of ‘living how you want to live’ as something that is not practical and not possible in  today’s world. I myself have also seen life through these eyes at different points in my own journey.  Truth is, everything we experience in life is all happening for us, not to us. We are always provided with the necessary experiences for development and growth. If your heart truly wants something, and you ACT on your intent step by step, anything is possible. Sometimes when we believe we are not doing what we are doing, we are actually in the perfect moment and experiencing exactly what we need to experience for growth. Each experience has its own lessons and, once we ‘pass’ these lessons, other opportunities and chances for change will present themselves to us. If we continue to miss our lessons, we can get stuck in the same experiences until we learn the lessons they have to teach us. Much is happening at the soul level that our minds are unaware of, but when the soul awakens within the body it inhabits, we begin to create a reality for ourselves that resonates with us at a much deeper level. The 9-5 reality is one you can change, simply by how you perceive it.  To often we are stuck in the past or future, forgetting that all we have is the now, and to enjoy the journey we are so privileged to experience.

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Humans have been programmed, which has resulted in the development of certain belief systems. We have been programmed by mass media to the point where a number of individuals have put themselves on “perception lock down.”  By perception lock down, I mean that people have adopted the idea that ‘this is how the world is’ or ‘oh well, what can you do?’ We are told what to wear, eat, dress and how to act to the point where our thoughts aren’t even ours. Quantum physics has already shown us that if we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. So, if we look at a 9-5 with the same type of mentality, our experience will never change. Our consciousness is responsible for creating our reality. Our perception of how things are gives way to our thoughts, feelings and emotions which are the paintbrushes we use to paint our lives, both on an individual and collective level. The world is your playground, what really matters is if your heart (not your mind) truly believes this.  If you want to manifest a desired existence, you must manifest it from your hearts intention, not your minds intention. Your intuition and heart know more than the mind or words can comprehend, so don’t be afraid to trust it. Trusting your heart in this world can lead to backlash and opposition from many around you. Don’t let fear hold you back from what you really want to do. Just trust yourself, the backlash and opposition is simply a test to see how ‘strong’ you are in your heart, and if you are ready to let go of false concepts, belief systems and fear, you will be amazed at the doors the universe opens up for you.

Viewing the world from one point of view, and closing the mind to another point of view will create a lot of stress, hardship and emotional baggage that can inflict a person for as long as they live. Do you ever ask yourself where did this point of view come from? It’s not hard to see, from birth we are taught what our parents are taught, and often what there parents taught them.

I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers – John D Rockefeller, Creator of the National Education Association

Truth is, you do have a choice, and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Yes, the universe will provide you with the necessary experiences you need, until your soul has learned its lesson and moved on. Whatever your present situation, as much as you might not believe it, is the perfect situation for you. Our mind likes to judge our experience, but at a deeper level that is all it is, an experience. Let go of the mind, let go of the judgement and all you have left is the experience. If you view this experience from a place of neutrality, without judgement, maybe new things in your life will manifest and change. Not until you let go and enter into neutrality can your soul evoke new challenges, tests and experiences for itself beyond the ones you previously did not desire. The world can be a magical place, and more of us are learning how to tap into that magic. A new human experience is available to those who have the eyes to see it. Don’t judge your situation, don’t judge your 9-5, accept and embrace it. See it from a neutral standpoint and maybe you will be ready for something new.  Much Love.

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