The Shocking Truth About What’s Really In Vaccines

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Vaccines have been garnering a lot of attention over the past few years, and rightfully so. The world is finally waking up,  medical research and the big pharmaceutical industry are becoming more transparent by the day. Vaccines contain Mercury, Msg, Formaldehyde, Aluminum and are the cause of multiple diseases. Your immune system and a healthy kitchen is all you need, don’t let your immune system become dependent on something that isn’t good for you, parents, wake up! From the day your child is born they are injected with harmful toxic chemicals. Please check out the many vaccine articles we have done to gather more information on the subject.
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Vaccine Ingredient List below. The CDC justifies these harmful ingredients, and we simply believe them without furthering our research and questioning the information given to us. Humanity is waking up, we are becoming less programable! The entities and organizations we give so much credibility wear a mask of good in order to inflict harm.


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  1. How long “vaccinations” last: (Holy shit, Batman! And humans are not dying off in groves!) NONE of you are “protected.”

    Chicken Pox – 10 years
    Cholera (oral vaccine) – 2 years
    Diphtheria – 10 years
    Flu vaccine (Fluvax) – 1 year
    Hepatitis A (Vaqta / Havrix/Twinrix) – 20 years
    Hepatitis B (HBVax II/Engerix B/Twinrix) – life
    Japanese B Encephalitis – 3 years
    Measles, Mumps, Rubella – 15 years
    Meningitis (Menomune/Mencevax) – 1-3 years
    Pneumonia (Pneumovax) – 5 years
    Polio (Sabin) – 10 years
    Polio (IPV) – 10 years
    Rabies (pre exposure) – 10 years
    Tetanus – 10 years
    Typhoid – 3 years
    Yellow Fever – 10 years

  2. Everyone bitching that vaccines are necessary and woe unto the world should we be without them – your childhood vaccinations have worn off. Surprise! You are no longer protected. Look it up. Still think they’re so needed in order to save all of humanity? I didn’t think so.

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