The Shocking Truth About What’s Really In Vaccines

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Vaccines have been garnering a lot of attention over the past few years, and rightfully so. The world is finally waking up,  medical research and the big pharmaceutical industry are becoming more transparent by the day. Vaccines contain Mercury, Msg, Formaldehyde, Aluminum and are the cause of multiple diseases. Your immune system and a healthy kitchen is all you need, don’t let your immune system become dependent on something that isn’t good for you, parents, wake up! From the day your child is born they are injected with harmful toxic chemicals. Please check out the many vaccine articles we have done to gather more information on the subject.
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Article 2
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Vaccine Ingredient List below. The CDC justifies these harmful ingredients, and we simply believe them without furthering our research and questioning the information given to us. Humanity is waking up, we are becoming less programable! The entities and organizations we give so much credibility wear a mask of good in order to inflict harm.


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  1. Dave

    You need to wake up. While some of what you say may have a small bit of truth to it, there’s a damn good reason we don’t live in fear of polio, diphtheria, smallpox TB and a whole bunch of other diseases. It’s called vaccination. Thank you modern western medicine. Perhaps you are too young to have known these or had friends who were stricken with them. To suggest one can avoid these by eating right is completely ignorant and dangerous. It’s like suggesting you can pray away cancer. Good luck.

    • ISSIS

      but you can pray away cancer.. !!!,,,,see GREG BRADEN!!

    • Carl Flemming

      Fear produces illness and in order not to get ill by these illnesses is to live in an healthy environment. Vaccinations are not necessary, because our own immunesystem is able to defend us. But as most of your food is poisoned and amost no contain any nutrients your immunesystem is not being able to defend youself against any attach from viruses and bacterias from outside. There are thousands of studies in english available. Take some hours and study them before publishing replies without any background….!!!

    • John

      YOU need to wake up Dave, All the diseases you mention were declining rapidly with the advent of better hygene and diet, they ROSE dramaticaly when “they” started vaccination, check out the graphs and see for yourself. ALL the info is online, you should also check out The Rockefeller foundation and Eugenics.

    • Daizy Walker

      Western medicine has shown that a healthy immune system can fight off any invading pathogen! Our bodies are miraculous in that we encounter millions of potentially deadly micro- organisms daily and hardly ever get sick! While I agree some diseases may have the potential to do great harm to base our belief in vaccination based on fear that we ‘might’ get sick is counter productive. Epidemiological studies for most epidemics and pandemics show a parallel plateau in a population developing its own natural immunity as that with artificial vaccines.
      Why don’t we spend money on health and nutrition rather than drugs and quick fixes. Recall the invention of the toilet, the ability to have access to clean drinking water, to eat fresh fruits and vegetable grown in soils rich in micronutrients. Ask any microbiologist or virologist…the invention of the toilet and access to clean water and food has done more to prevent disease than any vaccine could ever do!

    • Paul Zenchuk

      Its actually good to question everything especially medicine, the U.S. government has spent over 2 billion on vaccine injuries and those are the ones that made it to court, this is public information. The cancer industry has a history of suppressing successful cancer treatments, one of which is indica strain cannabis extract and many more. Vaccines are promoted for so many so called outbreaks which later on people find they never existed.

    • thank you …well spoken

    • my child is autistic and i believe 100% that the MMR caused, yes we may be too young or may not know what it was like to have any of those diseases but over the years the CDC and governments have filled these vaccines with alot more shite than what was in them then. mercury may have been taken out of some vaccines, but they have replaced it with aluminium, which is just as/more harmful. you may not be able to avoid getting these diseases by eating right, but if you get one whilst eating correctly you have a hell of alot better chance of beating naturally rather than being pumped with aload of toxins!! keep up the great work guys, its nice to have someone tell the truth for once!! :)

      • pam

        I’m with you, My nephew got the MMR shot and he got autism… He was fine before he got the shot.

    • With respect, you CAN pray away cancer. My mother did it. Energy is powerful. Just saying…people need to do the research (there is a LOT of information out there), assess their situation (genetic tests can be helpful), consider all the data, and – choose. Personally, there are some vaccinations I would elect to take, and others I would certainly not.

    • Dave i 100% agree with you, crap like this will only turn people against doing whats right, and in the end we will see terrible diseases back with us, back to the stone age..

    • james

      Do a little research on the Polio Vaccine, it actually gave Polio to more people than it cured, the head of the FDA (it was called something else at the time) wanted so badly to prove it was safe he gave it publicly to his grandkids, the grandson died within 48hrs and the granddaughter had crippling polio within 48hrs. This is all easily verifiable if you try to ask some questions

      • wycosh

        sources please :)

        • Manda

          Hearings before the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, House of Representatives, 87th Congress, Second Session on H.R. 10541, May 1962, at 94.

          – The above source shows how the government tried to cover up the fact that polio rates had indeed gone up after the introduction of the polio vaccination.

        • james
          • Anti-James

            James, how stupid are you?!! On youtube you’ll find videos claiming that Hitler went to the moon!!

          • DARLENE

            You don’t want to believe everything on YOUTUBE. I am a 68 year old grandmother in good health…had the polio vaccine when I was a child and other vaccines ( after I had 2 aful experiences with the measles) and I believe in them. My children ( now 48, 44 and 42) were vaccinated and are healthy adults. I am so glad they did not get any of the terrile disease and never passed them along to others to get sick. My mother-in-law got polio in the early 1950’s and it wrecked her breathing for almost all of her life? You have got to be lead around by the news. Only believe part of what you read and 80% of what you see.

    • - Collective Evolution

      Vaccination is extremely dangerous and harmful…

      I just don’t trust the World Health Organisation, the ones responsible for its creation have committed some of the biggest atrocities in history. Vaccinations have been proven to cause multiple disease, they are also full of toxic chemicals…I think many of us have been programmed to believe the effectiveness of vaccines, when the ‘good’ statistics are coming from such a corrupt organization…thanks for visiting our site and sharing your opinion.

      • Nick

        Where is your proof? And do not send me a link to some stupid article on line. I want chapter, page and paragraph number from a peer reviewed medical journal. Unlike some people I am intelligent enough not to believe everything I read on the internet.

        • Dave and Nick, like you I also need some extra money. Please let me know some useful addresses of your employers.
          Thank you.

        • Manda

          If you want peer reviewed proof I suggest you start delving into the research papers held here It costs a small amount to access the information, but believe me it is well worth it!

        • BriAnna

 Peoples’ personal stories on vaccinations and how it effected their family, or siblings, etc.

        • Here is my reply some ppl debate on it being good and others claim of it being bad. And excuse me you allredy have cancer cells in your body its the things you take that triggers it. And vaccines are not health thats why i am agasit doing it to my son when i was a baby right after i got vacunated i nearly died. Ppl are being brainwashed. By the goverment. Im sorry i dont want my son dieing from being vaccunated and u ppl can argue the point but it allmost killed me when i was a baby yet they think its safe!!

        • Jamie

          Wake up!! Doctors are owned by the pharma companies! They actually teach the doctors! Do you think they want to help anyone or create more money for themselves?

        • Servie

          The proof that vaccines are dangerous is all over the world. I’m shocked that you remain in denial of this topic being the intelligent individual that you say you are:(
          There is way more danger than good in vaccines! There are scientific studies and journals all over the world about the vaccine truth. Go research them and find out for your self. You don’t need to believe what someone posts on the Internet. Also please don’t discredit people who work hard to worn the public from the dangerous of vaccines.


          • Pepper

            Stevie discredit is a valid argument otherwise people who are ill-informed will believe the crap that is being peddled. I have to ask how old are you, do you have any ongoing medical problems such as TB and were you vaccinated as a child? Now if you have a good think about things when you first see something that sways your beliefs and then follow that through with some serious reading, from all sites or references other than the ones that suit your thoughts you WILL be better informed rather than just cocooned in your own beliefs and therefore you will be better informed towards whatever decisions you make.

            I am NOT saying you are wrong but don’t follow someone that is peddling things that it is easy for you to believe in but to do your own research and then make your decision. Remember that if you get things wrong it is not YOUR life that may be impacted but that of your own children.

        • - Collective Evolution

          The contents within vaccines isn’t a secret Nick. Mercury, Msg, Formaldehyde, Aluminum…the ones I listed in the article especially.

          Even the highly corrupt CDC admits it….no need to send you peer reviewed medical journals….I don’t trust medical journals…all medical research is funded by big pharmaceutical companies…

          The CDC justifies these ingredients…and many other things, that is why I refer to them as corrupt.

          • Deborah George

            And we all believe everything we read on the internet, because the internet never lies

          • sylvia

            yes i have heard and some teachers in kansas where i attended agreed that babies when their born dont need any vaccines. ppl back then didnt need vaccines and yet lived long lives. arjun my daughter is going to be two does she have to have all vaccines or just certain ones

          • A.D.

            Yes, the vaccines are created using these additives Arjun but the percentages are not documented anywhere in the articles you presented therefore it requires more research before claiming it is harmful. Some of these additives are found in food we eat, are you going to stop eating? And the 2nd link you provided in your response states the removal of some of these chemicals (i.e. formaldehyde) before administration.
            Not all research is funded by the pharmaceutical companies… drug research, maybe. But not all disease research and vaccine research. Peer reviewed journals are a valid source of information since it is not just put in there. The writer must present their experiment in a way that can be replicated by anybody else who desires to do so. Any contradiction, and the proposal is rejected.

            ARJUN: Hi A.D. It’s well known that thimerosal contains 50 percent mercury, and there is no need for those additives at all, so percentage is not an issue…even a small percentage. They are added to make vaccines more cost effective. I would say most research is funded by pharma, or corps that have connections to big pharma. I am always wary of peer reviewed journals as well. The masses have been ‘had’. As for eating, yes…harmful food anyway. But I understand where you are coming And yes some additives have been removed and will be removed..but they aren’t removed in Africa, and we should not trust the companies just because they remove them due to the population waking up..

          • Is there not also ground up little embryos in the vaccines?

  2. K-M

    Dave, well said. Peddling this type of anti-vaccine propaganda is dangerous. It takes advantage of those who are uneducated and easily swayed by what they read on the internet. The development of vaccination technologies and the study of immunology itself are the subject of rigorous peer review based on the scientific method – It’s not something that has been cooked up by the pharmaceutical companies. These conspiracy theories do little more than garner fear and paranoia in a human population that is already overloaded with nonsense like this,

    • C. Flemming

      K-M: What are you talking about “Conspiracy Theories”!!! Do not make me laugh. Today we are living in the modern world with internet and overall information possibilities. Pharmaceutical companies are shareholder-interested and produce only for mere profit. Many of the studies of new products are arranged and doctors are paid for to give the desired results. Every some months a medicine is being called back by the authorities because of many deaths they produce. That is the reality you are talking about. Vaccines are responsible for thousands of death every some days worldwide. Go to Africa where people are forced to get vaccinated. This is like a death-sentence for them. Thanks to God that these publications exists and anybody worldwide is being warned about the deathbringing vaccines.

    • - Collective Evolution

      K-M I’ve never let my education interfere with my learning. That peer review based information is coming from medical research that is funded by big pharmaceutical companies…I do not see how that is a conspiracy…especially when they also own the energy industry and don’t implement clean energy technologies…the list goes on and on.

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