High School Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling

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Prior to the late 1800′s, education was a private practice that took place in private institutions or through home schooling. That all changed in 1902 when John D Rockefeller created the general education board in conjunction with Frederick T Gates. Frederick T gates was a close friend,business and personal adviser to Rockefeller.

From the day we are born, we are taught what our parents are taught, and often what their parents taught them. From a young age, we are put into this institution and told how the world works and what we need to do to survive in it. It’s time to let go of these limiting structures, and realize our infinite potential to create something that resonates with us all. This isn’t real education, it’s brainwashing.

I never let my education interfere with my learning – Albert Einstein

I want a nation of workers, not thinkers – John D Rockefeller

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  1. Jez

    All very nice for an upper-middle-class girl to say. Money vs. Passion. I am sure mommy and daddy will be there to help her out with money while she chases her passion.

    However, she admitted that she was busy doing homework and extra credit when others were writing poetry and music. So what is her problem? No one was making her do extra credit, why wasn’t she pursuing her passion?

    She needs to spend some time in the inner city and see what she has to say then. Sigh, so young and idealistic and clueless.

    • H

      Please watch again Jez. I think you missed the whole point. Maybe more “schooling” would have helped inner city kids? Try the prison industrial complex for a solution to that inequality problem.

    • Jungletrump

      You listened with a bias mind. First you profiled her. From that point on you did not hear a word she said. Pretend she’s from the inner city. Then you may have you mind opened up. Be part of a positive movement.

  2. I loved watching the teachers sitting behind her squirm. Epic!

  3. Rachel

    I think it’s awful when people just assume that other’s aren’t smart enough to say anything on their own and it must have come from their parent’s. This girl is the valedictorian. Do you really think she isn’t smart enough to do any research on her own. I am proud of her for having the guts to look further into her own education. Everyone isn’t meant to be a “genius” but they are out there. Most schools don’t teach people to go and find information on your own. They say “here it is, memorize it” you will have to regurgitate it later.

  4. Terry

    I home schooled my son because the schools were inadequate. But I think this child is way off base and is saying what his conservative parents who are unshooled told him to say.They are afraid because the government is headed by a black man that their child will be taught to respect black people. Just my opinion.

    • Rachel

      There is nothing about race in this video or this story.

    • Sean

      I feel sorry for your son, “his conservative parents who are unshooled” probably sums you up pretty nicely. This girl is brilliant!

    • John

      his conservative parents? How in the world is that a conservative viewpoint? what video are you watching?. I think she is spot on, once you are already stuck in your ways of thinking most would rather not accept that they have been deceived for so long.They turn otherwise enjoyable things to do and make them into tedious activities, trying to make people analytical/bitter and cynical. i just started reading books on my own but the way they make you read them is a complete turn off. In Sweden you start school at 7 years old and don’t get more homework then 30 minutes a day. Their scores are remarkable so clearly there is something a miss around North America.

  5. SarahFairy30

    I am super proud of this young lady! It makes my heart sing to see that there are young folks out there waking up to the truth of what the education system really is and how it suppresses the natural creative development we, as human beings, were born with. This young lady has it all spot on! Kudos, girl! Give ‘em hell!

  6. dani41

    Is this transcribed anywhere? I think it is excellent!

    • dani41

      found it

  7. A few years ago, I set up a prototype website which demonstrates how education could be done massively more efficiently than it is (magicschoolbook dott comm), but hardly anyone has ever shown any interest in it and only a few sections were ever completed, though the crucial parts that have been do more than enough to prove the case. Children spend their first eight or nine years in school learning next to nothing, merely being imprisoned as part of an oppressive childminding service which pretends to be educational, but it’s just windowdressing. If you provide children with direct access to real learning, they can learn at the standard school rate while spending only five minutes a day on schoolwork – that is how unschooled children are able to learn at the same speed as those in school despite never being pushed into learning anything at all. Most of the problems that blight our society are caused by troublemakers who only became troublemakers because of school – it destroys their childhood and prevents them from learning how to live, caging them all in a suffocating environment where the best escape is to become a bully and to train for a life of crime and abuse of others. I’ve given up on trying to change the system by showing an alternative way of doing things because people are so brainwashed into thinking that they learned a lot at school when in reality they learned very little other than how to waste time and think they were learning when they weren’t. The only thing that’s going to cure this is AGI, so all my time is now going into developing that – it will provide individualised learning for all in a form that cannot be ignored or denied. It’s just a pity that another generation will needlessly have their childhood squandered for them before this comes about.

    • make them read…theyll learn a few more things

  8. Rick Tucker

    This is the typical hobgoblin nonsense that makes truly insipid people feel smart. Here’s the deal and feel free to dismiss me, but education is not the end of the world for society. Now, if you just take what they tell you and accept it all as truth, well, you’re an idiot anyway but don’t blame the educators for your lack of questions and complacency. They actually help you acquire the tools to question. The real education is challenge some of those things, but not like another rebel. Too many rebels and not enough hard earned knowledge is the problem, not the free education.
    By all means, keep up that mob mentality lack of spirit and continue to criticize the institutions that led you astray because you failed to read between the lines.
    With all these “geniuses” why is it we’re in such a mess? Because our society teaches blame instead of responsibility. Don’t blame the teachers. Blame the idiots who blame them.

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