High School Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling

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Prior to the late 1800′s, education was a private practice that took place in private institutions or through home schooling. That all changed in 1902 when John D Rockefeller created the general education board in conjunction with Frederick T Gates. Frederick T gates was a close friend,business and personal adviser to Rockefeller.

From the day we are born, we are taught what our parents are taught, and often what their parents taught them. From a young age, we are put into this institution and told how the world works and what we need to do to survive in it. It’s time to let go of these limiting structures, and realize our infinite potential to create something that resonates with us all. This isn’t real education, it’s brainwashing.

I never let my education interfere with my learning – Albert Einstein

I want a nation of workers, not thinkers – John D Rockefeller

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  1. Alessandra Ferrari

    Yes Arjun, this is so true! It is indeed brainwashing and indoctrination as well as a form of slavery I would dare to say. And it is getting worst by the day.
    There is very little value in schooling, and schooling has nothing to do with education.
    The classroom is indeed a prison for the most part and kids, particularly the younger age groups certainly learn the meaning of boredom and repression as well as acting and thinking in a robotic way.
    This state of affairs is really a massive orchestration to force us all to conform and to stop us from thinking with our brains. Our creativity is stifled or barely contained within the boundary of what institution deem “acceptable”. Have you noticed that kids in schools question less and less what is being fed to them? And let’s not talk about the mentality and brainwashing, through training, of teachers and schools staff. It was such a relief when my son finished compulsory schooling, because I stopped arguing, questioning and challenging as well as being considered weird by other parents who think that their kids “need being in school” and the poor teachers have such a difficult job and so much responsibility! Well I am afraid that until more parents get smarter or more aware and start demanding a system of more self government for their children in schoos and more freedom of choice concerning lessons attendance and what they want or do not want to learn,we are just going to see a lot of talent and potential going down the drain.

  2. Terri

    so how do we change this or do something about this problem at hand?

    • Judith

      You can homeschool your kids or choose an alternative education. There is a documentary film on YouTube, its free: La Educacion Prohibida ( The Forbidden Education)

      • The problem with homeshooling is the kids who do good are the ones whose parents have the capabilities to provide good and real education either by themselves or by tutors. A large chunk of homeshooling is based on materials that to be nice would be called pseudo science and pseudo history.

    • leave schooll follow your instintcs

    • Well, we should definitely do something about it. Educational system should be continually improved and monitored. We should let it be known to the young that education is priceless and STILL very important.


  3. Jeb Bush & proponents of exhaustive, expensive tests for kids at the cost of brain-building courses like art, PE, music, drama, etc. should listen to this young lady.

  4. When politicians say that America is still the richest most powerful nation in the world, they may be exaggerating slightly, but they are not lying. If your family is suffering and you’re looking to blame either party, just know that America is improving. Just not for you, or the rest of us that the real America is stepping on. We are the workers, we are not included in the true benefit; those in charge merely work the system so that we experience cycles so we are blind to the fact that they are still profiting from us.
    But what none of them seem to realize is that an economy based on endless growth is unsustainable.

  5. waltinseattle

    we dont need no education was of course about brit “schooling” and recognized it for the conformist cookie cutter machine it and we have in place of education. didya hear bout the kid thrown out for challenging “teachers” claim that 1 km. was farther than 1 milr. teach claimed authority (his) should trump fact.

    • CJ Spatran

      You need education! Your English is horrible! Didya? Really???

      • Destry

        yah, rilly. Get the 2×4 out of your bottom, the point Walt is making is far more important than blind adherence to grammar. English is a live and evolving language, and today’s “did you” is tomorrow’s “didya”. Look up “d’oh” in the dictionary, my friend.

  6. stammer williams

    An ex-teacher called John Taylor Gatto has some ideas. He’s written a couple of very good books on schooling called Dumbing Us Down and A Different Kind Of Teacher.

  7. I am a stranger to you and stumbled on your speech on a facebook page in NY. I could not be more proud of you if you were my own daughter. Thank you for giving me hope from your generation ! Perhaps you have found your calling? YOU GO GIRL..

  8. elise

    Brilliant, brave and wonderful. This is lovely; thank you. Love and luck to you in all you do.


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