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I came across some pretty gross stuff recently with regards to food. Anything that encourages people to move away from the mainstream food industry is great. Here is a recent list of the ten grossest things found in food from across North America & Europe. Keep in mind that occurrences like these are not always made public, I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens regularly. Hopefully this will encourage more people to seek out healthy, trustworthy sources of food instead of trusting what is always  heavily marketed. The food industry is becoming transparent by the day, the people that own it and the multinational corporations they hide behind don’t have our best interests at hand.

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1. A women in Minneola, Florida found a living frog inside a bag of salad greens at a Walmart. In mid 2012, there was a massive recall of bagged salad.


2. A London woman was recently shocked to find a dead frog in her bag of spinach greens, from grocery chain Tesco. This has happened on multiple occasions at Tesco.

It must have been after five minues that my fork went through something that wasn’t meant to be there, and pierced this poor little frog. I don’t think it was alive, it had its tongue already hanging out – Sarah Moss


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3. A Michigan teenager found a human finger in an Arby’s sandwich. The 14 year old was eating a roast beef sandwich when he bit into a piece that didn’t belong. He spit it out and it turned out to be a finger. This happened in Jackson, Michigan at the Arby’s restaurant on N. West Avenue. Health officials said a worker likely left her area after cutting her finger on a meat slicer, but I doubt that. Who would leave their finger if they cut it off?

arbys finger

4. A customer purchasing a sandwich at KFC in Ontario, Canada took a bite and found out it was full of raw, uncocked chicken. Chicken these days is usually dangerous, you can read more about that here. Undercooked chicken can also have salmonella contamination. KFC has found itself in trouble before with salmonella tainted chicken. Recently, a KFC in Conroe, Texas served spoiled chicken that was 16 days old. Last april, KFC was ordered to pay over 8 million dollars to the family of an Australian girl who was left severely brain damaged from the meat.

raw chicken kfc

5.  A women in Oklahoma City bit into a McDonald’s cookie and encountered a filling far more dangerous than chocolate chips; a razor – sharp piece of hard clear plastic, which cut her tongue deep enough to draw blood before she could spit it out with the rest of the cookie. She went back to the restaurant, and the manger told her that they’d found similar shards throughout the most recent shipment of food. There have also been reports of little eggs, and old tumours within the meat.


6. A large spider was found in Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli, in Florida. Victoria Harrah got quite a shock when a piece of beef ravioli contained a large spider.


7.  A cockroach was found stuck to the bottom of a McDonald’s hash brown. This isn’t the first time bugs have been found in McDonald’s food. In 2010, an Ontario man discovered at least 50 dead ants in his breakfast burrito. Last year a Miami family found insect parts in near ever dish they ordered, starting with an order of pancakes. Australian patron found a cockroach stuck to the inside of an iced coffee.


8.  Karruim Demaio, a former McDonald’s employee shot a cell phone video of a mouse trapped in a bag of Big Mac buns at a Philadelphia McDonald’s. Apparently the manager ordered the employees to serve the buns, and previously wiped off mouse droppings from buns and then served them.

mouse big mac

9. A disemboweled mouse was found in a bag of Dole Tender Garden mix, a “triple-washed” packaged salad, sounds very clean, doesn’t it. The Michigan resident, John Jones discovered it when he, his girlfriend and her seven year old son had already eaten of the salad when he found the dead rodent.

disembolwed mouse

10.  A dead mouse was found baked into a loaf of bread 🙁 It was found by Stephen Forse who took the picture and handed it over to British officials who then released the picture. He bought the loaf of bread from the popular Premier Foods supermarket.

 dead mouse in bread




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