The Soul’s Journey: Reincarnation

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2013 is a time of wonder, discovery, and empowerment for humanity. Never has there been more of a war on our freedom of thought and never has there been a greater deception taking place in regards to the truth. With so much change taking place, people are gravitating to the divine to answer the many questions which are arising. Who are we? Why are we here? Is there more to the physicality? There are so many belief systems in our society which differ in their understanding of the universe, but what they all share in common is the notion that we have something driving our physical experience here on Earth, and that is a soul. The concept of reincarnation proposes that we are more than our physical bodies and that our higher vibrational self, or our soul, lives on after what we call “death”, and replants itself into a new body to live out the physical experience once again.

Reincarnation was and still is a major belief of the Middle Eastern theologies such as Hinduism and Sikhism. Other sublets of major religions such as Kabbalism, Scientology, Theosophy and Native American spirituality, also accept certain aspects of reincarnation into their belief systems. The central idea held in common by these belief systems proposes that our soul or consciousness is an eternal energy which uses the physical planes of existence to learn about itself so that it can continue to expand its awareness and evolve with the ever changing energies of the universe. This is but a general explanation of the concept; within each separate religion and belief system is a varying understanding of the death and rebirth cycle. With so many different doctrines accepting pieces of the reincarnation theory, one has to assume that there must be some truth to the idea. On the contrary, two of the world’s major religions, Christianity and Catholicism, both deny the notion that the soul cyclically replants itself into the physical plane, leaving one to speculate about the reason why. It is common knowledge that the Catholic Church is a major control structure which is so corrupt that it would take an entire set of articles to explain the history of its deceit, so we can openly suggest that perhaps their intention for promoting a one-and-only-life theology is taught to create fear and to control the masses on the basis that they will suffer if they do not obey.

The scientific community has also realized the undeniable and the otherwise unexplainable evidence surrounding reincarnation, with researchers like the late Ian Stevenson and Dolores Cannon leading the way in a branch of psychology called parapsychology. Stevenson was head of psychiatry at the Virginia School of Medicine for 50 years and conducted over 40 years of research studies into reincarnation, particularly working with children who claimed to have memories, emotions, and even physical markings from previous lives. Stevenson believed that at an early enough age a child’s mind was still fresh and unadulterated by the thoughts and emotions of their current life, and some of these children would tell stories about being older family members who had passed away, or even about living in another country previously. Stevenson spent much of his career traveling and trying to find the people and places that these children would talk about, and in many cases would discover that the people the children were talking about had indeed lived before exactly where these children had discussed. Even more peculiar was the fact that these young children would know unsettling details about the deceased peoples’ families and friends which were otherwise unexplainable for these children to know about. Unfortunately the bulk of the science community denied these first-hand accounts as mere coincidence and coined Stevenson as a “gullible” scientist.

Dolores Cannon is a regressive hypnotherapist, author, speaker, and parapsychologist who has written 17 books on the topic of past-life regression. Her books outline her client sessions as a hypnotherapist and contain the original transcripts from these conversations. The most interesting part to Cannon’s work is the fact that besides her clients recalling early childhood memories and past-lives on Earth, many of her clients regress to memories of non-human lives spanning other dimensions, galaxies, and universes, which supports the idea that life exists beyond Earth and that our souls are not specific to experiencing and replanting solely on this plane of existence. In her 2011 book The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth, Cannon takes her years of client session research and infers from it a hypothesis about the 2012 phenomenon. Cannon explains that groups of souls or “volunteers” have agreed to be born into human forms during the past few decades to help assist humanity through this current period of time called “the awakening”. This awakening has been prophesized by numerous cultures and civilizations throughout history, such as the Egyptians, Mayans, and the Chinese to name a few. Cannon’s session transcripts contain information regarding energetic “councils” which govern different aspects of our universe; for example there are separate councils that govern the Earth, our Sun, the galaxies, and the universe and who watch over our progression as a civilization and who monitor our physical and spiritual evolution. Cannon has pieced together an intricate and beautiful explanation of the makeup of our universe from over 40 years of regression research and has even bridged quantum physics and science into the equation. It would be ignorant to simply dismiss the lifetime work of Ian Stevenson and Dolores Cannon.

Regardless of the different beliefs about reincarnation, the up rise in spirituality in the 21st century is undeniable. People are letting go of the limitations that most religions pose and are opening up the infinite potential that we and the universe possess. With the advent of modern quantum physics, we are beginning to see the assimilation of science into spirituality, or visa-versa. Furthermore, with so much unexplainable evidence coming out in regards to reincarnation, it is increasingly difficult to dismiss the matter. The questions of life such as who we are and why we are here are gaining clarity at a momentous speed, yet as the doors to these answers open, we are also coming to understand that the universe is more mysterious than we could ever imagine, and there is so much more to learn.


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  2. Kester McGuilicuty

    The point that “never has there been a greater war on thought” should be counterbalanced with the idea that never has there been a greater awakening (at least as far as we are aware :). I have noticed that people get hung up on negative thinking about how there is this battle to keep us ignorant, but this battle has always existed. It is strongest now because people are awakening and the negative is fighting harder to counteract this.

  3. jan delgado

    May i ask, does anyone have a view on psychopaths?, as they dont have consciousness, they dont know what love is, so what is their purpose? i personally believe, always have, in reincarnation, its a beautiful thought, but i cant see how a psychopath/sociopath/anti social personality disorder human being can be reborn. any help on the matter would be appreciated, as would any reference pages

    • Kester McGuilicuty

      I think all negatives exist to polarize us towards positivity. The wolf breeds a better rabit through the process of elimination. The virus leaves only the strongest individual behind. In a chemical reaction a catalyst will greatly speed up the reaction. I believe psychopaths are a catalyst. If we choose not to deal with them they will cause us pain. If we choose to overcome them, we stand to achieve great personal growth. Our societies view of right and wrong is juvenile. What really matters is the soul, and psychopaths fill the role of teacher for as long as we choose.

    • Barbara

      Here’s the way I look at it. Maybe this will make sense to you. Life evolves / matures on our planet something like what we do in school. Range from 1st graders to 8th graders. Maybe you’re a 5th grader, and feel comfortable hanging out with other 5th graders, but find inspiration to change and be a better person from observing 6th graders. After learning 5th grade lessons, you move up to the 6th grade, and become a role model for 5th graders. Think of psychopaths as 1st graders, or living in their lower chakras. They’ll learn from 2nd graders better than a 5th grader because there’s too much difference. They’re ready to learn multiplication, but not calculus. Thinking of it this way, I’m less likely to look down on them, and understand that they’ll evolve / mature in their own time.

  4. CG Prince

    I have thought for most of my life that there was reincarnation. I have always felt “homesick” for places I have never been. Also, I sometimes dream in French, a language I can only say a few words of while awake. Everyone in the dream is speaking French as well.

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t realize, until recently, that all of the things that I’ve been longing for & dreaming of since I was a young girl, was proof of living past lives….
      I don’t have any idea what to do with this info now other than meditate on it…

  5. I’ve met and test Dolares Cannon. As confirmed she is not psychic or channel. She has no perceptional sense on the other dimensions. She is a professional talent to divert your mind by hypnotherapy.

  6. Mimi

    Anybody read “the journey of souls” by Michael newton? Changed my life. I am saving up for my life between life regression :)

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  9. Tell the people in Syria about “letting go of the limitations that most religions pose and opening up the infinite potential that we and the universe possess”. Tell the atheist countries of Russia and China. Tell the Arabs. Tell the Christians in African Muslim countries who are being killed. Tell Africa. Tell a huge chunk of racist, sex obsessed Americans and Europeans. …The truth is the world is getting darker and its not because we are clinging to religion but because we have lost its true intent. We have lost our ability to love unconditionally, we have rejected “God”.

  10. Adrienne Gaha-Morris

    Yes, your piece Jeff it is making it all fall into place; this idea of one life and going on to heaven or hell (as the catholics think) was made up to bring fear and obedience by some crazed person who wrote the bible a couple of thousand years ago! I have always had a belief in reincarnation; how can we be functioning as we do without having had been here or other worlds before?

  11. Jeff Roberts, you write: “On the contrary, two of the world’s major religions, Christianity and Catholicism, both deny…” You really should know this much: Christianity and Catholicism are not two separate religions!!!! Catholicism is Christianity, just as Protestantism is. Christian is the religion, Catholic and Protestant are two variations of the same religion.

  12. Brother Joe

    This is true. I was born with memories of previous life and soul creation. I have never read any of the above materials at any point, except the write up above, today.

    I can attest to this quote being true.
    “Cannon explains that groups of souls or “volunteers” have agreed to be born into human forms during the past few decades to help assist humanity through this current period of time called “the awakening”.”

    I was born with knowledge of being one of these volunteers and knew I was here to awaken people.

    If you think your path might be to recover memories, then do so. There are many ways back to memory, I suggest you go inside the heart. There is a link to all creation, and to yourself (the real you) in there. Finding this is an accomplishment but not necessary.

    Have Courage my friends. You know everything inside already. You are more amazing than you can imagine. And soon you will imagine no more. every. single. one. of. you. no exceptions.

    I still wonder.. did We win? Or, was is always setup that We could never loose?

    To those like me, A single light in a dark room causes all the darkness to flee. Be that light.

    The Awakening has begun.

    • dave

      I’m sorry for being skeptical Brother Joe, but I have heard stuff like this many times over my 48 years of life. It’s always “soon” and “just around the corner”. Is this going to be an obvious world wide incident or is it a slow “you don’t realize it is happening” kind of thing? I no longer put any stock in any of these predictions. I want them to be true but I have come to believe it is just wishful thinking.

      • bornapart

        The awakening is within you and spreads around you. look inside not out side. The biggest lie of religion is brainwashing us to believe that we need saving and need help from outside. they teach us to look up into the sky and far way so that you will never look inside and find what you have been searching for all your lives.Everything is within you. may you find your peace in simplicity, humility and power.

  13. Of course we are changing. It is out of our hands. There is another force showing us, almost pushing us to see this opening, this part of us that we have so denied to acknowledge its existence. If we were not told what to think and believe as children and left to our own devices i think we would have a different world. We would all be One family. We would know we are all connected. Our physical being is only different because of where we are born. People are only different colours because of the weather. Of course science has really helped by its progressive open minded knowledge by proving we are not as we would appear looking in the mirror. Go along with it. New beginings for all. Thank you for this post.

  14. jennifer_anastasi

    another note on spirituality or the belief of spirits/ that we are placing an emphasis of an eternal thing. We are agreeing that the soul or spirit is formless, yet carries with itself a particularity way of being. This sort of goes against the disbelief that Buddhism has on the concept of spirit. I think what they realize is that in this open space, forms begin to take place and with a combination of factors like consciousness, volition, physical activity, and emotion create our existence. WE are not ONE thing because everything is compartmentalized into smaller parts. The spirit is open, therefore, making it ‘empty’ and not essential. The human being seems to reflect itself into a mirror–revealing value and beauty of the beholder.
    If A is connected to B and C and so forth, then shouldn’t all things be fundamentally be the same?

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