How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland

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Calcium buildup in Pineal gland of a teenage male.

Calcification of the pineal gland is more often found in adults than it is in younger people. This is due to the fact that over time, calcium builds up in the gland and slowly breaks down the ability for the gland to rid the excess calcium. Although calcification rates vary by country, it might be that in countries where fluoride is added to the water supply, higher rates of pineal gland calcification exists. It has been discovered that fluoride tends to build up in the pineal gland which greatly contributes to the calcification.[2]

Considering Fluoride used in water fluoridation and toothpaste is not necessary for healthy teeth, and considering it is toxic waste from fertilizer and aluminum creation, it would be drastically healthier for you to avoid consuming it. You can learn more about fluoride by reading any one of the following articles.
Article 1 Article 2 Article 3

Below I have shared a video on how to decalcify the pineal gland, feel free to check it out. The video also shares information about why you would benefit from keeping your pineal gland clean and decalcified. The benefits stretch from overall health to spiritual. Share this info with others!


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  1. erin, it’s all good, thanks for your research and recommendations. only one suggestion: pineal is pronounced pin-eeee-al. not pine-eeee-al. check your latin pronunciation. also herbs, you do not pronounce the h. i know this may seem trivial, but to a latin freak, and english/french/spanish speaker, it is important especially if you want to seem credible. :)

  2. An answer to this will be so appreciated.. !! Much information is saying how calcium can do things to the pineal gland.. yet do bones have to have calcium to be well throughout life? Or… (?)

    I really love to do wellness for my entire life and focus one of the top main wellness’s on the pineal gland.. what’s the routes to go about this? :)

  3. David Mitchell

    What a beautiful and very intelligent girl and knows what she is talking about.
    People have to realise we are here in physical form for just a short time and we are free souls that have become trapped by some real bad elements in physical World but they know they can never ever win. One wonders why they ( The bad people ) even bother.

  4. Donnie

    i want to marry this woman.

  5. Actually, the link between vaccines an autism has been well debunked. The link only exists for those who dishonestly cherry pick what studies they read.

    • Strongly disagree, there are many studies that show a potential link between vaccines and autism.

      • How many of those showing links were good quality studies? Did they have control groups? Did they have blinding? If you tried to find criticisims of theoir methodology via PubMed or Google Scholar, what do you find? Were they replicated? Are they listed in metaanayses as high quality or low quality?

        Not including Andrew Wakefield’s study, wherein he has been show to have fudged his data and done other unethical, fraudulent things, studies showing a link between autism and vaccination have small sample sizes, they don’t have control groups, they use wacky stats math algorithms not generally seen as reliable to try and show probability, or there are other criticisms of them.

        And that’s the key – what do other experts in the field think, and has teh experiment been replicated.

        The consensus of experts in the field is that vaccines do not cause autism, and they base that on the published evidence. Why do you think that your cherry picking is better than the experts’ evidence-based knowledge?

        • You can argue all you want to. That doesn’t make you correct. It makes you a pseudo lawyer.
          Vaccines as a category do not specifically cause Autism. The MMR vaccine combination given to children before their immune systems are fully developed is a statistically proven co-factor in the onset of childhood autism. Real world experiences of parents also confirm this. Self appointed arbiters of truth don’t kill people, their BS does. Who I am is irrelevant to the evidence.

          • Actually, basing what I am saying the publish evidence does make me, well, correct.

            And no, despite how “sciencey” you think you sound, the MMR vaccine is not a “statistically proven co-factor” for autism. Only people who ignore that Andrew Wakefield lost his medical licence in the UK for fraud and unethical behaviour still try to use that claim from the paper wherein he committed the fraud and ethics violations.

            Also, “real world experiences of parents” do not prove it. Those are anecdotes which are very, extremely low quality data. You know why?

            First, because those anecdotes rely on the faulty human memories.

            Second, who knows how many other bazillion factors there were for the autism that were not controlled for? Parents, who are not doctors trained in treating or detecting autism, will have missed most of those factors because they don’t know about them, and will inappropriately fall back on that vaccination jab because it happened around the same time they happened notice little Bobby had started acting oddly.

            Did you know that if you take a hundred videos of kids from birth to two years old, some with autism and some without and give those videos to doctors who specialize in treating autism without telling them which is which, that those the doctors will accurately tell you? Those signs, by the way, show up between 3 and 6 months old, long before that MMR vaccination.

            Self appointed arbiters of truth do kill people. People like you, who think that parental anecdotes about vaccines causing autism are a source of truth, are directly responsible for the deaths of those 10 babies who died from whooping cough in California in 2010 and the 2 more baby deaths in this year’s epidemic.

        • denise

          Just ask moms who’s kids were damaged from vaccines!

          • Is that mom a competent biomedical researcher who has been trained in how to do research properly and how to spot the flaws that make for bad research?

            Or is she an anti-vaxx mom who, because she mistakes correlation for causation, thinks the two-year MMR vaccine gave her kid autism even though the videos on her mobile phone going back to the kid’s birth show the signs a trained eye would recognize, long before the kid got the jab?

    • Jennifer

      Debunked by who? the ones who stand to profit from it.. stop buying into “studies”. Studies can be manipulated. Vaccines are not natural, they are made in a laboratory with known poisons as ingredients. Of course it causes autism and many other illnesses.

  6. Well I really like what she said, I have done mountains of research over last couple months that confirm a lot of her suggestions. Plus the super foods spirulina I found like a year and half ago, on my quest to figure out why my health was deteriorating over last couple years. She missed a couple key ingredients such as magnesium and calcium balance each other. Magnesium keeps calcium soluble and forces it into your bones, low magnesium which is everyone. Is responsible for over 300 processes in your body, you body needs it so bad it tries to suck the little magnesium out of your bones teeth hair . Except in the process it sucks the calcium out into your soft tissue and glands like the pineal gland, and begins to calcify them. Tada inflamed muscles weak bones teeth hair, to decalcify your soft tissue increase magnesium to like 2000mg a day. weak bones Dr. increases your calcium which does not end up in your bones teeth or hair ends up in your soft tissues. Magnesium orally is no good, causes diarrhea and you lose most of it. Only way is transdermal or though the skin, Epsom salt bath however body must convert the magnesium sulfate to magnesium chloride to use, or if you can find magnesium chloride flakes the bathing kind, your body uptakes it quicker. Forget buying magnesium oil it a rip off scam, charge you $15 for 4oz bottle or $50 a liter, magnesium oil is magnesium chloride flakes in water. Can buy from $1 a pound to $5 a pound and make your own.

    Second vitally important detoxifier is zeolite, magnetically attracts heavy metals traps them and you pass them out your system easy. Also eliminates radiation yeah like nuclear radiation , or x-rays. research these things

  7. Anne

    I am just glad that everyone in my family has hit puberty late. In fact, I am 17 but get mistaken for being a 12 year old all the time (and I am not as short as the average 12 year old). My mom and dad both grew up on farms; neither of them had tasted a burger until they were 30!

    Doctors are stupid too. One tried forcing me to give up my vegan diet because I might delay my sexual development. What a bunch of garbage!

  8. TLDR: The article talks about the danger of fluoride and its damage to the pineal gland, based entirely upon an unpublished dissertation with multiple problems regarding its applicability in humans. These shaky conclusions are then used as a jumping off point for a video (done by… someone? A pretty girl? I don’t know who this is) about how the pineal gland has magic powers and said fluoride damage can be avoided and reversed to restore the pineal gland’s magic powers. Extra ordinary claims require extra ordinary evince and this is a “because I say it is” video with no evidentiary support.

    Let’s go through the sources, since this is kind of curious and there are only 3 of them. The first one links to this page[1] which is another alarmist, anti-fluoride website. They do however discuss the work of someone named Jennifer Luke, who apparently got her PhD in 1998 by hypothesizing and confirming the high rate of fluoride deposition in the pineal gland. Luke’s study is (irritatingly) not linked, but I think this study[2], published in Caries Research is the one they’re referring to. It’s an easily digested study, and demonstrates that pineal glands have significantly elevated fluoride relative to muscle, which we would expect since muscles don’t calcify. She also established that pineal fluoride correlated with pineal calcium, but not bone fluoride (why not teeth? oh well), and that there was a wide range of pineal calcification among study cadavers that was independent of age. These being elderly (mean age 82) cadavers, we can’t comment on what this means for developing pineal glands.

    Luke’s publication did not address the biological effects of fluoride alluded to in the link above, though. For that the only thing I could find was part of her dissertation[3] from 1997 which has not been published in any journal as far as I can tell. This study is a bit more interesting, and this is the one where she attempts to establish a causal relationship between fluoride intake, pineal damage, and precocious puberty. The gist of the study is that gerbils fed more fluoride produced less melatonin and reached sexual maturity faster than the gerbils with less fluoride. She does not, however, provide any justification for the amount of fluoride being fed to these gerbils. During infancy (first 24 days of life) they got 2.3 ug per gram birth weight, then were transitioned to feeds containing 37 or 7 mg/kg fluoride for the two experimental groups, and distilled water without fluoride. This would seem to be orders of magnitude more fluoride than humans are taking in, given that water fluoridation is typically no more than 1mg/L and in her review of the literature she finds that human infants can receive up to 1.1mg/day, assuming they are being fed water-reconstituted formula. For a typical (50th percentile) infant girl weighing in at 3kg, this comes out to be 0.37 ug/g birth weight – literally, an ORDER OF MAGNITUDE LESS than what she fed her infant gerbils. After 24 days, they diverge even further. Having no idea how much gerbils eat, I Googled for a rough estimate since Luke does not provide that information for her study. According to the enthusiasts at the GerbilForum[4] (I know) gerbils eat 10-15 g/day, meaning her “high fluoride” cohort is taking in around 0.37 mg fluoride/day minimum, and her “low fluoride” group is taking in 0.07 mg fluoride/day minimum. To take in this amount per day, a person would need to take in between 1 and 2 litres of tap water a day. Not that unreasonable, but I have no idea how this translates to mg/kg body weight dosage. In any event, it’s safe to say that her gerbils are taking in more fluoride than can be reasonably expected for a human. Her results are further hindered since she does not include a true control group – both cohorts are fed fluoride, just in varying amount. The result that the higher fluoride group was affected by this was interesting, but I have concerns about generalizing this finding (that high amounts of fluoride damage the pineal gland) to humans taking in fluoridated water. That needs to be explored further but alas I could not find any more publications by Dr. Luke. I’m no good in tracking people down, but it looks like[5] she’s a dentist now and hasn’t been publishing any follow-up to her dissertation in ’97-’98.

    Next up is this link[6] which helpfully goes to the full study. This study published in 1982 investigates the occurrence of pineal calcification, specifically as a marker for the presence of pineal tumors. The only part of the study’s findings that is relevant to our discussion about fluoride is that age is positively related to pineal calcification, with a calcification rate of about 30% in adults, and that if calcification is detected in children under 6 this should raise suspicion for pineal neoplasm. Their discussion includes a few paragraphs about the neuroendocrine function of the pineal gland and its relationship to puberty, but that’s a pure physiology discussion and THEY DON’T TALK AT ALL about the relationship between pineal calcification in children and pathology outside of pineal tumors. FLUORIDE IS NOT MENTIONED AT ALL.

    Finally, we have this abstract[7]. Regrettably, I’m unable to find an online version of the full article. Judging from the abstract it appears to talk about the physiology of pineal calcification, making no argument for fluoride’s role in the process, and HAS NO DISCUSSION ABOUT PINEAL CALCIFICATION AND THE ONSET OF PUBERTY.


    (Adapted from a discussion on )

    • Trevor Streets

      Very long read there my friend. So in a nut shell you are refraining from taking this at word value, Yes? But yet you listen to the politicians and decision makers of the world who rule every aspect of our lives. Your missing the real message here. She is speaking about that yearning from deep within us that wants to be free of the bondage we were born into. There are many realizing the lie we have all been fed, and are looking for the answers…

    • Andrei Csolsim

      This. Hats down my friend.

      A pretty girl who is giving a negative message (“STOP DOING THIS”) in a video abudant of subliminal imagery which uses fast cuts (the shaky aspect of the video) to achieve just that. Raise your hands those of you who saw the big red STOP DRINKING FLOURIDE between 3:44-45.

      Therefore, if Flouride is evil and this beautiful person is saving us from it, why is the video using all those subversive techniques to convince us of ‘the truth’?

  9. Timothy Hughes

    Excellent information from the video. My next thought is off task, but Erin resembles Emma Stone.

  10. Christine

    It’s driving me nuts that she’s saying “pine -eal” instead of “PIN eal”.

    • If it was spelt like pinnacle it would be pronounced pinneal but it spelt with only one N so it is pine-eal. I am English & have always pronounced it pine-eal, so it isn’t just an American pronunciation.

    • Nights_LIke_These

      Ya, it’s actually pronounced “pine-eal”. To pronounce it any other way is just incorrect…

      • Luke

        It’s shaped like a pine cone and I prefer the sound of pine-eal, but doesn’t it make sense to say pine-al?

  11. Ruben

    I’ve done it all and the results are out of this world… yep! I did the master cleanser for 40 days…. nothing but water/limes/maple syrup/cayene pepper… I bought a huge water filter… it takes out the fluoride and much more…. so I get to drink lots of pure water, no more junk food….I eat mainly raw organic fruits and veggies… I also endulge in a variety of grains, seeds, organic chocolate, I don’t eat any kind of meats… before I couldn’t concentrate and meditate… my mind was all over the place… after a while the magic started!!! but it’s all a package… if you feel the called to know more about your inner world and the power that resides within? start with some of the tips mention in the video… we really have an antenna that connect us to everything there is & there was…. but it’s not for everyone…. it can be scary!! to tapped into our past lives… awakening everything that we are!!! we must need to be ready to face our own demons… oooooh it has been the best experience of my life… something to live and die for….. you’ll see life like in the movie “THE MATRIX” you’ll start to understand it all… only with limitations to explain it all….. the beauty and complexity of the universe….. bon boyage

    • Trevor Streets

      Ruben. How long before you were feeling things change?

    • Ka_Theoria

      Ive been experimenting with pineal decalcification. it was working well, I fucked up. So I am sort of back to square one mind you it was working. I was on vacation in florida with 14 members of my family. I ate all shit food, everything they say not to eat. I have vowed now to not touch meat, my protein is pant based and i’m fine. I cut down down on meditation which is not good so getting back to that. I meditate in the sun facing the sun. there is a direct link with the sun and the pineal gland (Sungazing). So i’m back to cleaning it up. Its like a door that’s closed, you can reverse it, you need o pry it open. Im also going to use 1000 gauss magnets, they will aid in stimulating the pineal gland. Theres so much on the decalcification matter.

      GOTU KOLA is also very, very good. It is an ayurvedic herb which is used for memory but it stimulates the pineal gland very effectively .

      Apple Cider Vinegar is another good thing. LEMON JUICE from Lemons.

      Cacao Nibs (high in magnesium)

      SKATE LIVER OIL <=== start with this first then Take spirulina and blue green algae. The skate liver oil contains high amounts of Activator X Vitamin K1/K2

    • Harmony D.

      Ruben, we should talk!

  12. rod

    Marry me, Erin… I already do some of the stuff you do!

  13. Increasing magnesium in the diet is very helpful with decalcification of everything (arteries, joints) so I imagine the pineal gland would be no exception. A great resource for researching this is “The Magnesium Miracle” by Dr. Carolyn Dean. Usually supplementation is necessary to get enough since soil has become so depleted of magnesium due to modern agricultural practices, although adding fruits and vegetables to the diet would certainly still be a good idea! Dr. Dean also states that magnesium helps with heavy metal (such as lead and mercury, etc.) toxicity.

    Also, I agree heartily with the recommendation to use Gotu Kola.

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