How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland

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Calcium buildup in Pineal gland of a teenage male.

Calcification of the pineal gland is more often found in adults than it is in younger people. This is due to the fact that over time, calcium builds up in the gland and slowly breaks down the ability for the gland to rid the excess calcium. Although calcification rates vary by country, it might be that in countries where fluoride is added to the water supply, higher rates of pineal gland calcification exists. It has been discovered that fluoride tends to build up in the pineal gland which greatly contributes to the calcification.[2]

Considering Fluoride used in water fluoridation and toothpaste is not necessary for healthy teeth, and considering it is toxic waste from fertilizer and aluminum creation, it would be drastically healthier for you to avoid consuming it. You can learn more about fluoride by reading any one of the following articles.
Article 1 Article 2 Article 3

Below I have shared a video on how to decalcify the pineal gland, feel free to check it out. The video also shares information about why you would benefit from keeping your pineal gland clean and decalcified. The benefits stretch from overall health to spiritual. Share this info with others!


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  1. anita davis

    you go joe !

  2. Dashiell Glace

    i have been looking around for more tips on this. i actually found out about this via the posted video. i am very interested in the prospect of the third eye.

    • cameron kellas

      its only called the third eye because from looking at it from side on it resembles an eye,although there are theories about it being our connection to god.

      • Liz

        actually, there are retinal cells on the wall of the pineal gland.

  3. “lemons alkalise?” could you please confirm if this was what you meant to say.

    • Dwight Morgan

      The confusion as to how an acidic food can be alkalizing comes because the same terms (acid and alkaline) refer to two different systems. If you measure the hydrogen ion concentration is a food, you are determining how acid or alkaline it is. Everything under pH 7.0 is acid (like lemon juice, stomach acid, vinegar, etc.) and everything above 7.0 is alkaline (lye, baking soda, etc.). A DIFFERENT USE OF THESE SAME TERMS is used to determine the mineral content of a food (they really should have come up with a different terminology for this). When you incinerate a food and look at the ash that remains you will have some cations (positively charge atoms) like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, etc. and some anions (negatively charged atoms) like Chlorine, Sulfur, Nitrogen, etc.). Alkaline foods in this system (not the pH system) contain more cations than anions in the ash left behind when they are burned. Acid foods have more anions than cations. So a lemon can have an acidic pH and have more cations than anions left behind when incinerated. We say it is an acid food that has an alkalizing effect on the body….

      • rogercope85

        I am under the impression that the body is in a constant state of alteration and systems keep it in homeostasis. the pH of any given system be it a cell or the inside of the stomach, blood etc is kept under tight control and is not likely to alter one way or the other by a significant amount and if it did it could be disasterous?
        Do you have any ref’s for what you have mentioned about?

    • yodersky

      While acidic in nature, they do increase alkalinity in the body.

    • dru

      Hi there, Lemons come under the Alkalizing Foods. These are not Alkaline Foods, obviously but have an alkalizing effect when injested.
      A basic way of describing this is an Alkalizing food will draw the alkine materials stored in the body into the system creating an alkalizing effect.
      So yes Acids can be alkalizing. As for the comment about the alkalizing effect lasting for only 30 mins then turning acid again. I think some clarity on what ‘ it ‘ is, as the whole point is to alkalize an acidic system. The more you follow an alkalizing diet the more alkaline, or LESS ACIDIC your body becomes. Heaven help you if your stomach becomes alkaline
      Hope this helps

      Love, light and rainbows


    • Tino

      yes, even though lemons are acidic they actually turn to an alkaline once ingested.

      • wendy kase

        Actually, my integrative healing practitioners, including MDs, tell me the alkalinizing effect lasts about 30 minutes and then it becomes acidic again:-(

    • Nasser

      Its true. Even though they are acidic when entering your system, when metabolized they become alkaline.

  4. Great Contribution!!!

  5. snoe

    Most effective way to decalcify your pineal gland: neuromancy, through regular meditative methods given to us from Enki and his family, anything is possible. The Reptilian agenda was designed to keep this information from the Gentiles. Clean living utilizing basic health information should be a given, although the Zionists have stacked the deck against us, and most people simply don’t know about the vast amounts of poison and toxic elements they afflict their system with. Avoid aspartame (dogs, cats, roaches, and ants won’t touch the stuff) and milk, which actually causes osteoporosis due to something called cellular abscess. (notmilk(dot)com)

    Also serotonin doesn’t necessarily cure depression, serotonin helps your brain cells communicate with each other which ‘cures’ depression, so just want to mention drugs like SSRIs that affect your serotonin levels are not solving the base of the problem.

    Rege Satanus!


      That whole reptilian agenda cracks me up. I like the story of Thoth the atlantean and the 12 emerald tablets. Metaphysics are so intriguing. Atlantis and Lemuria, the land they called MU ruled by the Naacal’s (Acended Beings).

    • Jon

      thanks I needed that laugh

  6. BJ

    Apparently I’m ignorant to the topic. Why would we need to decalcify our glands?

    • Similar to reasons one might want to decalcify their shower head, to bask in THE FLOW

      • brian

        ^^ what he said ^^ basically the pineal gland can completely sway your bodies’ health if it has become calcified. she did a greatt job of explaining everything. re-watch the video if you dont get it and pay attention

  7. tongangirl

    so refreshing that a young person would have and give out all this awesome info!

    • Josie

      I thought the same thing while watching. She is very well spoken and seems to have done quite a bit of research. She has a passion for this.

    • Dero

      Loves this! I decided that if I was gonna have sweets, I had to make them from scratch so I started using organic ingredients especially cocoa. Cool!

  8. Erin Janns is brains and beauty….. loved the video Erin. Thank you.

  9. Luis(DON)

    i think im in love with her speech .

  10. Lost me at telewhatsisname … So, basically we need to take in a whole lot of chemicals and dubious potions and some of the stuff we eat anyway … Yup, like I am going to take medical advice from some blonde next to the swimming pool.

    • Tony Bursi

      How much did you pay to watch the blond next to the swimming pool? She is not after your money, she is just spreading the message, A MD however is always in need of your money, no matter how long it takes for them to diagnosis a illness, each time you return to them,… more money . It doesn’t matter weather or not they help you with a problem or not it still cost you & then come the drugs for which will cost you more money. MD’s don’t cure disease, they treat symptoms, Listening to a doctor = Medication for life.

    • Jon

      If you look at the overall comments, you will see that there is a reason the rest of the world thinks the US population is uneducated and plain nuts. They rather believe someone on loon tube and some blog on the internet ( you know that there are no lies on the internet right) then reputable scientists. They rather believe junk science then real science…simply because they are full of distrust for official sources and thus every snake oil salesmen in the world has a blast.

    • But you’ll take medical advice from someone who is pro-fluoridation, yet can’t tell you the difference between Sodium Fluoride (NaF), and Hexafluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6). Good luck!

    • She knows her “stuff”, as I also know what she is talking about, and agree with her. Do your own research, and you will see, she is VERY well informed.

  11. Victor Fowelin

    Thank you so much for this article and also a huge big thanks to the well-informed girl in the video!

  12. Himself

    My… oh, you said pineal gland. This gland calcifies by nature with or without any help from what we ingest, our diet could vary it slightly but I wouldn’t expect any fantastic out of body experience or total enlightenment by sticking to a strict decalcification diet, you could expect better sleep and mood patterns w/ light diet modifications involving a little common sense. My advise, go get a PhD before you start giving out medical and/or dietary advise based on inconclusive material and partial knowledge of anatomy… but it seems like you have enough sheep to keep your ego right where you need it to be so enjoy.

    • dr=death

      Doctors are little more then dangerous drug sellers… vioxx killed 26,000 alone. If u want drugs, go to the “doctor”. If u want health, best seek it elsewhere. Just because someone has a degree doesn’t necessarily mean ANYTHING. This sort of hierarchal faith.leads you down a dismal and dark path…

    • mushroom

      I think you missed a key point. She said meditation is key to opening your third eye. Which is you pineal gland. Out of body experience and higher senses come from choosing what’s truly good for your body and exploring and practicing your spiritual aspect. With that you will understand.
      The people who actually take in what she says and truly understand it and its importance are far from ignorant sheep. It is closed minded people who always look for ways to bring another being down that are sheep.

  13. Patrick Scot Tanner

    I’m burning and acheing all over from my apt shower that is 33 yrs. old and those kdf shower filters were making it worse.

    • Patrick Scot Tanner

      and also getting calcium deposit and iron oxide all over my bath wall and may need to have the pipe behind my shower head replaced and they won’t do it and I’m stuck here and penniless now because of this illness for yrs. Could be a lead pipe or galvanized. Could also be hard city water. Shrunk me in the down stairs area for yrs and yrs many places I go especially here and other symptoms as well.


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