Obama Signs Monsanto Protection Act

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Update: There are many reports that this act has since been repelled, but the article was written prior to this.

Barack Obama recently signed a bill into law that was written by the billion-dollar corporation that will benefit from it. The Monsanto Protection Act allows Monsanto to override United States federal courts on the issue of planting experimental genetically engineered crops all across the US. The government has no power whatsoever to stop Monsanto and other biotechnology corporations from  planting and harvesting. After Obama signed H.R. 933, the provision was final, there can be no litigation against these corporations at all. Corrupt food corporations are now allowed to plant and sell their genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and genetically engineered (GE) seeds. It wasn’t long ago that Monsanto rejected multiple studies on GMO crop risk. We are seeing the power of the fact that multinational corporations own the government. Here is a bogus quote from the Monsanto corp.

Opponents of agricultural biotechnology have repeatedly filed suits against USDA on procedural grounds in order to disrupt the regulatory process and undermine the science-based regulation of such products. These lawsuits have also created tremendous resources constraints for USDA and have resulted in significant delays in approval of new, innovative products that will help growers provide Americans with an abundant and economical food supply while remaining competitive in the world market. Activist groups have made it clear they will continue to use the court system to challenge regulatory approvals of corn, soybean and other biotechnology derived crops, and have openly stated their intention to use litigation as a way to impede the availability of new technology to growers and consumers  – Monsanto Corp

To reiterate, this new law forces the USDA to approve all GMO planting permits desired by the Monsanto corporation and other biotech firms no matter what. Is this really a democracy? As large corporations are able to ultimately make decisions, the government just exists to give people the illusion that they determine policy. Barack Obama did not make this decision, the Monsanto corporation did. So who owns the Monsanto corporation then?

The Monsanto corporation’s major shareholders are Fidelity Investments, The Vanguard Group, and State Street Corporation. All of these are major financial institutions. These three financial corporations have their hands in all industries and all major corporations that govern them. These three corporations also own ALL of the major biotechnology companies that manufacture GMOs like Amgen, Genentech, and Genzyme. Doesn’t that seem strange to you? Here we have major multinational corporations that are owned by major financial institutions. The major multinational corporations influence the government, and the major financial institutions own the corporations. In essence, these major financial institutions own the government. We must then ask, who owns the major financial institutions? That’s easy, the federal reserve does. You have to look at the owners and creators of the money supply, which usually leads to a few families like the Rothchilds and Rockefellers.

How much longer will we allow these ‘people’ to control our food supply? How much longer will we let them control medical research, or the energy and financial industry? Why have we given our power away to a small group of people and the corporations they run? What is their history? What have they been involved in? How did this happen? Maybe these facts will push you to do your own research. The current human experience is one that is not resonating with many people, we are all waking up. Our consciousness is shifting, and awakening to new truths is playing a large role in shifting our perception. And this shift in thinking alone is a starting point to creating global change. We are also recognizing that the key to change is love, peace, cooperation, and acceptance. Nobody is forcing you to do anything, you always have a choice, and that includes the choices you make when it comes to your food.








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  1. very well put, I think that there is so much more that is going to be revealed in the coming months that we will be blown away at the level of corruption that exists. The fact that the world is ‘owned’ by the families of FR and banking institutions is a very hard pill to swallow for most. The idea that all media is owned, a commercial if you will, and that we are slowly being lead into the death chambers is a real one. Although most don’t understand that we are , through dharma, to become our own most optimal beings, the families ‘in charge’ feel like they have the divine right of rule on this issue. What is that divine right? how does a private trust control public resources for personal gain and is that a real issue unlike gay marriage? The legends these families hold about the ancient ones and their eventual return are told to induce the behavior to elicit favor from the controllers. Gold stockplies are disappearing and ufo phenomena is up. Coincidence?

    • Anon.(the name matters not, opening your eyes on the other hand-priceless)

      I like the ideas you have put forward, very interesting indeed. I tend to believe they feel they have a divine right because of something beyond my understanding, but in fact it is a divine right that belongs to all people, maybe not even a right the very necessity of life its self maybe? either way it is the very reason our energy resides in the same realm as theirs as i see it.
      Im not a human being into no spirtual shit,a Spiritual being manifested as a human that’s it – Talib Kweli

  2. Julie Sibbing

    Why are you doing accountibility on the President on this heinous provision! It was inserted into the Continuing Resolution to keep the governement open. It was not a stand-alone bill. The President would have had to shut down the whole governemnt to stop it. Why not attack the Senate Leadership that let it slip in, or Senator Blunt of MO who reportedly insisted that it be added to the bill!

    • THANK YOU, Julie, for pointing out the FACT about how this provision was tucked into the necessary Continuing Resolution to keep the government open. You’re SO right to point out the ones who should TRULY be held responsible for this travesty against us all. But, as you know, sensationalism and all attacks on Obama are carefully and intentionally misleading….and there are those who just want it that way, despite the full Truth !

    • Right on Julie. The President wants this gone! Sen Jeff Merkley, (D-OR) recently proposed an amendment to repeal this provision, but of course the GOP, led by Sen Blunt (R-MO), blocked it from coming to the floor.

    • John

      Sorry, but he is STILL responsible for signing this blanket of protection for Monsanto and, personally, it sickens me that he sold out the U.S. citizens to the likes of Monsanto! They make much of our foodstuff, which WE ALL EAT!!! We should have the right to buy/not buy this crap if we want and, to bring litigation against them when their experimental and unproven safe GMO growing methods eventually affect our health. Much of Europe and the East have banned or demanded GMO labeling of their food. They have shown their guts by standing up to Monsanto! Shame on Obama for being so weak!!! PERIOD!!!

    • Patty

      thank you, this is just so unclear to most people. Funny how the media does not cover this kind of thing

    • Jerry Adams

      The only way to now have a say is not attacking either congress senate or president but simply refusing to feed the beast… individually quit buying their products. Bank locally, grow gardens and shop from farmers growing locally, buy only from signed “safe seed” companies… here is their link:http://www.purefood.org/seeds.htm…. the small individual steps will change this world!

      • ingeliisa dawids

        that`s the way to do it.

      • Mary Jhane

        Thank you Jerry, for the good sound advice. We all need to focus on positive results and put that in motion.

      • Hello Jerry,

        You are so right. The only way is to find our own way and focus on what we want instead of what we don’t want or fear! That will give us enormous power to change the world the positive way!

    • - Collective Evolution

      I don’t like “attacking” anything…but at the end of the day I think we need to look at Fidelity….State State Street Corp and the Vanguard group…..the financial institution really made this decision…Obama had no choice, he is just the one used to give the illusion of “decision maker”.

      • Sissi

        I’m trying to understand and not judge. It’s easy to judge (The President or someone else) based on information we take as The Truth. What about this point of view? :-)

      • Cyndy

        Can you elaborate Arjun. I am trying to be sensible and do what I can…I’ll be Marching on Monsanto in Boston this month, but I want know about banks behind Monsanto.

        • - Collective Evolution

          Fidelity Investments, Statestreet Corp….they own major food corps and major pharma corps :)

        • Virginia Cusick

          Arjun, Look up the Bilderburg Group and of course ALEC, this is the REAL BEGINNING OF ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, seriously, if you don’t know about ALEC you are not getting the whole story on how all of these rights are being taken away from people.

          • - Collective Evolution

            Yes they seem to keep pushing despite the masses waking up rapidly.

  3. So what is the best thing we can do?

    • - Collective Evolution

      Grow your own food, make better choices :)

    • Support Sen Jeff Merkley’s proposed amendment to this provision. Led by Sen Roy Blunt (R-MO), who originally slipped this last minute gift to Monsanto into a spending resolution, the GOP has blocked it from coming to floor of Senate. The President wants it gone. The Dems want it gone. Let the Republican Senate know you want it gone too!!

    • charles

      read the comments above yours

    • Only thing I know we need to do is stick together and listen carefully. Whatever happens next, it will be big.

    • Luis(DON)

      die i suppose .

      • That’s what they want…depopulation!

  4. Hi, I’m trying to read the bill, could you please provide the exact page for this particular content. I’m stopping for now at page 37 of 240. Thanks.

  5. Luis

    just stop buying GMO foods. there are progressive trends that are becoming reality very soon. for instance, whole foods has made it a point to make all of the products, labeled as to whether they have gmo’s or not, by 2018.

    • Cyndy

      Trader Joe’s house brands all GMO free

  6. Lucy

    This to a company that created toxic gas to exterminate the Jewish race for the Germains. Think of what they can now do with this new law that has no more limits to what they can do. Where are we going???

    • Marianne

      Zyclon B was made by
      DEGESCH (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Schädlingsbekämpfung GmbH) and Tesch & Stabenow, licensed from patent holder IG Farben

    • Really??? This is the company that created Zyclon B? They really are, now, trying to kill us all! Can’t we do more than plant gardens? Shop at Whole Foods? Buy Organic?

  7. Lucy

    Sorry they created Agent Orange and not the extermination gas but still very similare. It kills alot at once… Just like Round-up that we now eat through the corn products they develop.

    • Greg von B

      Not just corn. Round up gets sprayed on wheat also.

    • After your Zyklon-B comment, I am skeptical.

  8. As of the late 1990’s only 4 companies reportedly owned the rights to every seed on this planet. The majority of the honest family farmers have either been paid to discontinue, or have been forced out of the food growing business by the monsanto’s and their US govt. Use due diligence when purchasing “organic” fruits and veggies (anything you digest for that matter)

    Our US federal govt is constitutionally obligated to work for We The People. Because it’s been shanghaied they believes they only works for wall street, select financial institutions and corporations. Because the US govt is the monopoly of our currency (they alone print it, distribute it, and decide who gets it) and they regulate our free markets, they alone control our economy 100% not wall street, select financial institutions and corporations.They don’t use tax revenues nor do they borrow any money to fund their govt or this country.In fact every sovereign nation on this planet uses an asset-less backed monetary system. Because of the US govt and their debilitating school system the overwhelming majority of Americans believe this is the way it’s supposed to be and the ones who understand it’s wrong believe they don’t have the ability to use their inherent ability to think and act for themselves.
    Our choices will decide whether or not this continues. The last president to intervene on behalf of The People was FDR and every administration since the day he died has worked to eradicate our rights back to pre-New Deal days. Because of the brainwashing half the country (still) believes what he did was a move to further socialism. The fact remains the entire country doesn’t have a clue what socialism, communism, or capitalism actually represent.The supreme court has been bought and paid for by wall street, select financial institutions and corporations insuring they have replaced us as We The People. We The Real People must gain 100% control of our US govt. Good people who can actually think for themselves (and that’s not many, there may be only 500) who understand how this govt and it’s monetary system operates must step up and represent us.We must go into our neighborhoods and select honest people and have them sign a contract stipulating they will never act on anything without the consent of their constituents and if they ever break contract they will be terminated from position immediately.

    Thank you for spreading the word. It comes down to investigating and getting to the very core of everything that you put into your mind and body.In the end it comes down to the choices we make. At this rate there will be no choices left to make, except always the wrong ones.In the end we must learn that it’s all about loving one another, taking care of one another and this planet, our home. In the end I believe nothing will change as a whole. The only thing that may be left is for each individual to embrace a spiritual change within themselves!!!!!!

  9. David

    Soylent green is people!!!

    • You are right David, some day we will be eating people because Monsanto is killing our planet with their herbicides like Round Up and now Agent Orange too. They are posioning our soil and water and not too soon in the future nothing will grow. We have to take care of our beautiful blue planet. I hope i will not be around to see the future if Monsanto is in it.

  10. Jeffrey Smith

    So much for being a Democratic nation….I was under the impression that a Democracy meant we the people could vote on matters that would have an impact on the lives and future of the people and the country.

    • charles

      I don’t want to go “there” in this conversation, but the problem is the people who are voted into congress. Too much of the nation votes for the wrong people, in turn, bills such as this are signed in.

    • Pete Sessa

      We are a Constitutional Republic which is democratic form of government. A lot of us have been shouting from the rooftops for years about the level of deceit and corruption this administration has engaged in. We are swimming in debt (16 trillion in debt), loosing our freedoms (Obamamcare and attacks on the Second Amendment), devaluating the dollar (Quantitative Easing), have open borders (illegal aliens referred to as undocumented workers), etc. The press can’t seem to find their way to tell the stories of Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Solyndra, Monsanto and the like.

  11. This was part of the fiscal cliff resolution. He signs it, he is protecting big business and jeopardizing our health. He vetoes it, he gets blamed for us going over the fiscal cliff. Obama can’t win for anything SMH!


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