Plant-Based Diets Can Prevent Over 60% of Chronic Disease Deaths

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Fruits and vegetablesThe leading cause of death in the world is heart disease. It accounts for about 30% of all deaths and is most prominent in middle-income and high-income countries.[1] If you were to examine the diets of these countries, you would find high concentrations of hydrogenated fat, meat, dairy and fast foods.

The number one cause of heart disease is the food we consume, so it should be no surprise when we hear of these statistics considering the average diet. If we examine further chronic illnesses like, cancer, diabetes, and obesity, they account for about 35% percent of all deaths annually. The good news is, these numbers do not have to be like this.

Plants Attribute To Greater Health

Forward thinking scientists over the course of the last few decades have made it quite clear that eating a diet mainly consisting of plans, fruits, nuts and seeds promotes optimal health. Add a healthy lifestyle of joy and exercise and chronic illness is greatly reduced.

There have been numerous studies performed that provide solid evidence towards that fact that getting the majority of calories from plant-based foods greatly lowers the risk of disease. One of the most advanced studies ever performed on the subject was The China Study. In The China Study, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Professor Emeritus at Cornell University, details the connection between nutrition and heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Recognized as the most comprehensive nutritional study ever conducted on the relationship between diet and the risk of developing disease, The China Study cuts through the haze of misinformation and examines the source of nutritional confusion produced by government entities, lobbies, and opportunistic scientists.[2]

The Research

Research published in the magazine Food Technology illustrates how recent nutritional discoveries demonstrate the fact that plant-based diets are essential to avoid chronic disease. Bioactive compounds in plant based foods interact with cells, enzymes, hormones and DNA which affects gene expression and cell changes — the interaction helps to greatly reduce chronic disease. Evidence demonstrates that inflammation is often found to be the root cause of most chronic diseases, and antioxidants from natural foods eaten raw or minimally cooked counter free radicals that fan the flames of inflammation and damage cellular form and function while altering DNA integrity as well.[3]

Bio-compounds from plants are effective in controlling a gene that has been linked to cardiovascular disease and plaque buildup in arteries. As covered in The China Study, a plant based diet can actually help rebuild and repair artery walls which were once destroyed by animal cholesterol. While a planet-based diet can be seen as a cure for certain diseases, it is often better to prevent problems than to ever require a cure. This can effectively be done by consuming a highly plan-based diet.[2]

  “Prevention is always better than a cure… foods that may help prevent cancer and other chronic diseases include artichokes, black pepper, cinnamon, garlic, lentils, olives, pumpkin, rosemary, thyme, watercress, and more.”
Dr. William Li, President and Medical Director of the Angiogenesis Foundation in Cambridge, MA

Food As Medicine

As Hippocrates put it many many years ago, “Let food be thy medicine.” Not only can this suggest that a diet of healthy foods is a great form of medicine, but that constantly consuming a diet like this will help reduce the need for medicine all together. While some of us may speculate over which foods are healthy, it is my opinion that diets containing plants, fruit, nuts, and limited healthy organic starch is what is healthy. Scientific and medical research helps to demonstrate this especially as we examine the most popular diseases and their causes.

This does not mean one cannot be healthy while eating a diet including fast foods, hydrogenated fats and animal products, it simply means the risk of disease greatly increases over time. I also feel that with a properly timed transition, most would agree they are much healthier and feel much better while consuming a cleaner diet. It is often that a “bad-name” is given to these diets because people looking to transition do it too quickly, incorrectly or are eating large amounts of processed vegan or vegetarian foods.

If you are looking to transition to a healthier diet, or have questions about diet. Check out our friends at Grounded Nutrition.



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  1. Moew

    I hope you realize The China Study has been debunked:

    • Ron

      @Moew … Right on :)

    • Scrapzy

      As someone posted on the comments, the China Study which is a 25 year longitudinal study taken place at Cornell Univerity (I assume other places as well) and assume the credibility of Of course science produces anomalies and sometimes new evidence comes to light suggesting the contrary, but as much other evidence alluded to in the article concurs with what’s reported in the China Study, I’m going to trust in the hard scientific evidence. Furthermore the China Study is recommended reading on many nutrition courses in Universities, I highly doubt thefoodrenegade is…

      • Jack Black

        Is that some kind of joke, trusting nutrition course taught in universities which most likely have some corporate food sponsorship going on? Universities seem to HAVE to carry a bias in order to get research funding.

      • Margaretrc

        The China Study itself has not been debunked. but the book by Colin T. Campbell has been debunked by many, including the Skepdoc Harriet Hall, M.D., a contributor to The Skeptic magazine and frequent blogger on the site Many of the conclusions drawn in the book do not match the data of the study itself. Dr. Campbell has a vegan agenda and let it color his thinking, not something any scientist should do. And studies that show an improvement in health from switching to a “plant based diet” invariably compare it to the standard American diet of trans fats, vegetable oils, grains, and junk food, never to a whole foods diet that includes meat, vegetables, dairy, sea food and fruit. Few would argue that including colorful low glycemic vegetables and fruits in one’s diet is not more healthful than a diet high in sugar, starch, trans fats and vegetable oils. But if, by “plant based”, you mean a diet that does not include animal products, there is no science to say that’s more healthy than a whole foods diet that does include animal products.

        • Gary

          Dr. Campbell is not vegan; he uses animal experiments. Furthermore, a conclusion that a plant-based diet is the healthiest does not constitute an agenda. He once believed that dairy was an important part of diet; his research made him change his views. I don’t agree with everything Dr. Campbell does or says, but let’s be careful with the dismissive “agenda” charge.

          The Okinawan elders do eat meat other than fish, but very little – 3 percent of their calories according to the Okinawan Centenarian Study authors. (Of note, perhaps, is that they also get 12 percent of their calories from soy, including non-fermented products such as tofu.)

          The long-lived and remarkably healthy Vilacabambas and Hunzas also get nearly all of their calories from plants. During World War 2, when the Nazis commandeered Norway’s livestock, turning the whole country essentially vegan, heart disease rates plummeted, only to quickly return after the war. Autopsies of soldiers during the Korean War showed that American soldiers had the start of cardiovascular disease while the Asian soldiers – who ate far less meat and far more carbs – did not. This data precedes the dominance of factory farms and fast food in the American diet.

          Yes, processed foods play a big role in diet. But cutting way back on animal products seems to have a positive effect, also. If nothing else, it makes more room for healthy fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains on the plate.

        • mik

          everybody protects they’re own “life-style choice”. But saying there isn’t scientific proof that a vegan lifestyle increases health or decreases death-risk is just… you can start your journey here:

          • Bonnie Kaake

            @mik…Thank you for the video link. It was amazing and well worth watching every minute of it! Unfortunately, the majority of Americans on the Standard American Diet (SAD) prefer to be in denial. The good news is that we will not only out-live them but will not be a drain on the medical system or our families as a result of adhering to a plant based lifestyle.

        • PJ Dee


        • Perhaps your comments need to be debunked. It looks to me like you have a bias, or agenda, too. One that favors eating meat. It’s not just the China study; the evidence for a plant-based diet being the most favorable for health and longevity is overwhelming. Keep an open mind and keep reading and study, and most likely, you’ll come to the conclusion that many of us have. A plant-based whole-foods diet is the best thing possible.

          • Margaretrc

            You”re right. I have an agenda. It’s to promote science. I do eat meat, but I do not have a problem with someone else choosing not to. I do have a problem with people quoting epidemiological and/or observational studies as proving that it’s unhealthy to eat meat or that not eating meat is healthier than eating it, all else being equal. That’s not what the science shows. As I said, the evidence for a plant based diet being the most favorable for health and longevity comes from studies comparing a whole foods, plant based diet with the standard American diet, not a whole foods diet that includes meat. The data from the China study (the actual study) actually shows that the meat eating cohorts did better. (You can read a thorough discussion of what the China study actually showed on Denise Minger’s And some of the longest lived people on the planet, the Okinawans, eat meat–pork and sea food are staples of the Okinawan diet. Data from a study comparing health and longevity of Mormons (who do eat meat, but otherwise eat very little processed foods) with Seventh Day Adventist vegans showed the Mormons pretty much even, or even a little longer lived, with/than the vegans. None of this proves that we must eat meat to be healthy. It simply shows that the difference between being healthy and living a long life or not isn’t about eating meat or not eating meat, it’s about eating whole foods, not processed junk.

      • Scrapzy

        Or rather you presume the credibility of

  2. Once man started hunting successfully this hugely speed up his evolution. With this new source of high protein from animal flesh we quickly grew bigger brains. As we needed to travel more to find new hunting grounds we spread out more. Meat is and always has been part of our diet for millions of years. To me the word vegetarian just translates to ‘ new age airy fairy piss poor hunter’.

    • CHERYL

      Well, to me Damon, eating meat equates to animal cruelty, and eating meat does not make you smarter. I know plenty of vegetarians that are more intelligent than people who eat meat!

    • Leigh

      Well proof that meat hasn’t help your brain

    • Lisa Silver

      Conversely, meat eating could be translated as “non-evolved cro-magnon who hasn’t learnt enough to forage for plant foods or cultivate and harvest for themselves”.
      Meat is a passable back-up when not much else is/was available.
      Have a look at the teeth of various species and you’ll quickly see what their diet has been comprised of for millennia. For example, flatter teeth are for grinding, sharp ‘canines’ are for meat tearing.
      Compare human teeth with those of, say, a tiger, and it’s easy to guess their optimal diet (especially if one knows big cats also possess short digestive tracts to quickly expel meats so they don’t stay too long in the intestines, becoming harmful; humans have long intestines to better absorb nutrients from various plants and so on).

      • Ruminants have to chew the cud to get the goodness from the grass they eat,as vegetation nutrients are hard to extract. Chewing the cud is re chewing partly digested food. Humans do not do this. We do not have the correct enzymes to break down vegetation fibre to obtain nutrients. Horses have simpler digestive systems but the price they pay is that they need to be eating for 16 hours per day to avoid colic and to obtain a decent amount of nutrition. I don’t know if you have also observed but vegetarian species like horses cows sheep hippo’s and some veggi primates are very heavy, gaining lots of weight whereas, meat eaters like big cats lions, tigers etc are very lean. This goes against all your arguments so far. But you are perfectly at liberty to choose to be vegetarian vegan or whatever – but don’t try to alter nature whilst doing so- its too evangelical for me.

  3. Bio

    The China Study is an epidemiological study, a type of study which can NEVER prove causation. Correlation does NOT PROVE causation, which is a basic rule of research! A study has never been done which has definitively proven a link between animal protein consumption and ill-health, because there has never been a controlled study done that COULD prove it. There are too many variables, and the evidence that meat is the culprit in poor health outcomes is truly poor.

    For a sure bet in attaining better health, stop demonizing meat, and just make sure the meat you eat is from locally raised, pastured animals eating the diets they were meant to eat, and not being fed hormones or antibiotics. The good health part comes from avoiding processed foods, vegetable and seed oils, starchy carbs, grains of any kind, and sugar. Cut out those five things, and your health will improve dramatically.

    It’s not the meat making humans ill – it’s the processed foods and high levels of carbohydrate consumption. Humans have been eating meat for over 2 million years. Do you really think our high rates of heart disease and diabetes, which have only appeared in such great numbers since the ’60’s, are really the fault of something humans have been consuming for that long? Think about it – we would have become extinct long ago if that were the case!

  4. Fredrik

    You can live your whole life in ketosis on a animal/fish diet and be completely healty, with healthy offspring. This is done by cultures in arctic regions for example. Is the same possible on a vegan diet? Are there examples of completely vegan tribes etc in some part of the world that can do that? I genuinely curious in actual examples from reality. These epidemiological studies are next to worthless in the way that they are used.

  5. COfeline

    Is difficult to change cultures and ingrained thinking, even when the best science and research proves otherwise. Some continued to believe the earth was flat after proven wrong. Education tends to cure ignorance.

    The United States had 800 deaths from heart disease per 100,000 people in 1955. That was higher than any other country. We also have the highest consumption of animal based protein. The countries with lower rates of heart disease than the US, that is all of the others in the sited study, ate less saturated fat and animal protein and consumed more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. As countries began to adapt more westernized diets, the also increased their rate of heart disease.

    When there is so much money to be made by pharmaceutical companies and the medical community by treating symptoms, there is little support for recognizing that such a low cost solution for prevention of disease as a plant based diet could actually prevent the disease in the first place.

    • CHERYL

      I agree. The Seventh Day Adventists are vegetarians and on average live 12 years longer than the average human. They are also strict elsewhere, as in no alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, and even chillies (believing it to be a stomach irritant).

    • Margaretrc

      When the best science proves that not eating meat is healthier than eating meat, ALL ELSE BEING EQIAL, I’ll be more than happy to consider ditching my meat habit. You’re quoting statistics from 1955? Really? Heart disease isn’t about eating animal based protein, which we as a species have been consuming since before we became human and which many cultures that do not have a sky high rate of heart disease consume. It’s about eating more sugar and refined flour than ever before. It’s about eating processed junk loaded with trans fats and highly reactive polyunsaturated vegetable oils.

      • COfeline

        @Margaretrc…information from the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), 2013…

        About 600,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year–that’s 1 in every 4 deaths.

        Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. More than half of the deaths due to heart disease in 2009 were in men.
        Coronary heart disease is the most common type of heart disease, killing more than 385,000 people annually.
        Every year about 715,000 Americans have a heart attack. Of these, 525,000 are a first heart attack and 190,000 happen in people who have already had a heart attack.
        Coronary heart disease alone costs the United States $108.9 billion each year. This total includes the cost of health care services, medications, and lost productivity.

        Our rates of heart disease continue to be higher than any other country. The only thing that has changed since 1955 is that we have improved our emergency care for heart attacks. You might also want to consider the fact that during the Korean War autopsies on dead soldiers, average age of 22, in the peak of what we would consider optimum physical health, ALL showed significant atherosclerosis.

        Another leader in the field of nutrition that you may want to research is John A. McDougall, M.D. who, unlike most doctors, is an expert in the field of nutrition and known worldwide for his successes with plant based nutrition. Here is additional statistics comparing all countries and rates of heart disease for reference:

        If we keep doing what we have been doing, we will continue to get the same results…escalating costs of health insurance and continue to be sick and fat. Isn’t it time for a change? It worked for me and my family.

  6. Susan

    If eating meat causes heart disease explain the Inuit diet. Before the embrace of western garbage food there was no heart disease known to the Inuit Indians, and they ate all meat and fat.

    • Dr Benway

      Yea, and they are one of the shortest lived people on the planet.

      • Compared to a society of meat eaters by ant chance?

    • Jim

      Avererage life expectancy of the Inuit is about 10 years less than the general population….

  7. Fredrik

    The only thing that bothers me about this site is that everything can be questioned, except a vegetarian/vegan diet. I think we all agree that industrial processed food whether or not it is animal or plant based is unhealthy/unethical etc etc. But if we have a choice of completely organic, healthy foods as close as possible to what nature once produced, what will be more optimal for us as humans? I think it is safe to say that seafood, and animal meat is the base of such a diet, with seasonal variations where we eat more nuts, roots, fruits and vegetables when they are naturally available. In many places where people have lived there are no plant based food. And still we can thrive in such an environment.

    Hey, even the Dalai Lama can’t handle a vegan diet, and I’m pretty sure he would if he could.

    • CHERYL

      What about scurvy from a Vitamin C deficiency if no fruit is consumed?

  8. COfeline

    The Inuit tribes had an average lifespan of 43.5 years, not calculating into that number the infant mortality rate which was very high. Only 25% live past the age of 60. Due to their diet of raw meat and fish, they had an abundance of Omega 3 which caused severe bleeding due to its blood thinning properties. Unfortunately, their health has not improved with westernizing their diet. They too now have skyrocketing rates of type 2 diabetes. Many try to justify eating meat and I know it is not easy to educate ourselves and make such drastic changes to habits and culture. All I can tell you is what my husband and I experienced over this past 15 months.

    We are both seniors and love to cook. We ate what we thought was a very healthy diet: chicken, fish, turkey and once in a great while we had lean red meat. We ate the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables each day. I was on 8 different medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, acid reflux, and more. I was told I was pre-diabetic and had just tipped into the obese BMI. My husband was on medication for acid reflux and high cholesterol. Mid-February 2012 we watched the movie “Forks Over Knives”. We went cold-turkey vegan the next day. Since then, I have lost 25 pounds, I am down to one medication for high blood pressure (soon to be off that as well), am no longer pre-diebetic, cholesterol is well within normal, no more hypoglycemic symptoms, and have enough energy to walk 2 miles every day. My husband dropped his cholesterol 50 points and is now off all medications. Even our doctors are amazed…of course, they get little to no education about nutrition in med school.

    I have read the books “The China Study”, “The Food Revolution”, and am currently completing Certification in Plant Based Nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Foundation and Cornell University. I have also been listening to The Food Revolution Summit speakers on the Internet. I read these books like my college text books and underlined the most important points. I am the eldest of 9 siblings and, now, the healthiest of them all. I could not be more convinced that a plant based diet is the answer to health and a long life free of chronic diseases.

    • CHERYL

      Well COfeline! You and your husband have had an amazing turn around. You are living proof of what good and bad diets can do. I am glad you watched that video. Both of you should be on the media to educate people.

      • Bonnie Kaake

        Thank you Cheryl. I have completed the Certificate in Plant Base Nutrition through eCornell and the T. Colin Campell Foundation and have begun teaching classes on how to comfortably transition to a plant based diet. We are in Lakewood, CO. It is more exciting than you can imagine to see others make significant changes in their health as a result of making the change to plant based nutrition.

        In my opinion, some day we will look at those who eat meat the same way we look at those who continue to smoke. Kaiser Permanente, the largest non-profit health provider in Colorado, is now recommending a plant based diet to its patients as of 2013.

        I find it interesting that others on this thread want to argue for eating meat when all the research points strongly and overwhelmingly to a plant based diet. There are ABSOLUTELY NO studies that support a meat eating diet. The only entities supporting a meat eating diet with massive campaigns and lobbying are the Cattlemen’s Association, the Dairy Industry, and factory farms.

        Many here probably don’t know that you cannot get information on the conflicts of interest of members of the National Institute of Health without a court order. The last time they were sued to get this information was in 2002 and it was discovered that 46% of the members were intimately involved and had conflicts of interests with the Meat & Dairy Industries and Monsanto.

        • Thank you Bonnie Kaake for all of that information. I totally agree. A lot of people are stubborn to weaning themselves off meat, in spite of all of the supportive information available now. I can relate that to smoking as well. It is true that there is a meat consumption push in society by the meat industry. Why wouldn’t they as they want to protect their industry, but the media and the health industry should be more truthful about the facts. Many people believe what the media tells them. Doctors and nurses also push us to eat meat, and many people trust what they tell them. A good example of this is when I had a medical check-up yesterday. The nurse gave me a food chart. A quarter of the plate to show us what our portions should be was meat for protein. There was no plant based alternative shown. When I told the nurse you don’t need to eat meat as there are plenty of healthy vegetarians, she argued with me, and told me I need to eat meat for protein. She was obviously not educated enough or just wants to tell people what to eat based on her diet. One thing that was strange was she said we should eat butter rather than margarine (due to chemicals in margarine), but the food chart told us to substitute butter for margarine!
          I became wary of research because of a job I had with the CSIRO. We encouraged people to eat lean meat as part of a healthy diet, even though polyunsaturate levels were better for vegetarians. Of course the CSIRO wasn’t going to tell us to become vegetarians though, as the funding was from the Meat Research Committee! The CSIRO also promoted a ‘healthy’ cookbook, telling us to eat a large proportion of meat. Again that was funded by meat research committees!
          Studies have shown Seventh Day Adventists to live on average 12 years longer than the average population. They are vegetarians but also do not drink alcohol, smoke, drink caffeine or even eat chillies!
          One problem we have for people resisting to go vegetarian is due to religions which don’t support it. For example, I have an Aunty who claims she is a Christian and said it is okay for us to eat meat because God allowed it in the Bible. She also said the Seventh Day Adventist people going to a church nearby looked pale and sickly. The ones I saw were not. It’s strange how people against vegetarianism say it’s unhealthy when there are many obese people who are eating plenty of meat! I also had an African friend who did scientific studies and said babies and children need to eat meat for proper brain development. Some people said when primitive man started eating meat his brain size increased, advancing their intelligence (although I know plenty of people who eat meat who are less intelligent than vegetarians!). Another reason for people not wanting to give up meat is the taste is addictive. Their drive to eat it is purely for taste. I was brought up with a diet like the average person, I think. My mother told me I need to eat meat to get iron, when I told her about my reluctance to eat it. But when my blood test results show I am not anaemic and never have been, how can she argue that I need it? In fact, I have known meat eaters to be anaemic, but they are smokers also.
          One problem trying to convince people about the advantages of vegetarianism is when you get told about people living healthy long lives and they are eating meat. How can you argue that it is better for their health not to eat meat to a healthy 93 year old who eats meat?

    • Fredrik

      I’m sure that life as a hunter gatherer is/was not a walk on roses and naturally the average life-span is low compared to that of our modern society. The question, I think, is if they were physically healthy during their actual life or if they died from diseases rather than complications at child birth, hunting accidents, infections, famine, tribal wars etc.

      The more extreme situations that the Inuits and others encounter in the arctic region calls for a pretty extreme animal only diet that probably not is optimal (but perhaps much better still than what most people eat today). I can’t draw the conclusion though that this proves that a plant-only diet is the way to go. It’s more a question in what proportions we should eat plants and animals and perhaps when and how often. It seems magical to me that we all of a sudden would be genetically ready to eat a plant-only diet if this has never been the case for three or four million years back.

      I don’t deny that eating a plant-only diet based on organic, healthy vegetables might be a lot better than eating processed foods including industrial bred meat and fish (see above). This is still an unfair comparison and does not prove optimality, only that it is better than a crap diet. I would like to see a serious study that compares a

      1. Animal only diet
      2. Combination of animals and plants
      3. Plant-only diet

      where every ingredient is of the highest quality. We might actually find that there are individual variations in which proportions animal/plants that are optimal. It’s probably a bell-shaped curve 😉

      In some studies they have found that meat-eaters, in general, are more “I don’t give a damn about my health”. Probably because eating meat has been stigmatized. This means that they in general exercise less, smoke more, drink more, do more drugs than vegetarians. Where does the health problems come from? Well of course from the meat.

      • COfeline

        This research has been done all over the world by scientists that are not funded by the meat and dairy industries. The data continues to support a whole foods plant based diet. The power of big money in the meat and dairy industries corrupt the data we are “fed” through lobbyists and multimillion dollar marketing campaigns.

        I can’t follow your reasoning that eating meat has been stigmatized. It has been rabidly promoted at the expense of our health and the survival of our planet. We need to turn the FDA and EPA back to science and oust the conflicts of interest associated with having the meat, dairy and chemical industries represented on these boards.

        Anyone truly interested in the research that has been done, owes it to his or herself to read :”The China Study” and understand the China Project, as well as reading “The Food Revolution”. The data is complex and references to quotes, international studies, and experts in the field are all detailed there. Unfortunately, our medical schools are funded by the pharmaceutical, meat and dairy industries with an emphasis on surgery and drugs. Follow the money!

        I can’t blame those who don’t want to change, read or educate themselves…that is their personal choice. It is not easy to change such ingrained habits. Personally, I am a healthy and active senior that will remain so for the rest of my natural life as a vegan. I can proudly compare my medical test stats with anyone older or younger.

  9. I can only hope to look that good at her age!

  10. Amanda

    SOOO much debate on this subject. To me it ALL boils down to “Do what makes YOU happy”. If you want to stuff your face with all this greasy, fast food and wonder why you can’t lose weight, that is your prerogative. If you want to eat a healthy, whole-foods diet and exercise, then that is your choice too. I definitely think that the FDA should be disbanded and held accountable for their atrocious acts in the name of big-business and money. If left to the government, they would poison us all. (Well maybe not, who would they tax?) My opinion is just that, mine, but I think that we should all be educated in nutrition in grade school. The fact of the matter is, however, that EVERY BODY is different. Your body’s chemistry is different than my body’s, therefore my diet may not work for you and visa-verse. (I am in NO way saying that ANY person’s body could tolerate a fast food diet.) So….I think, instead of all the debate, we should just accept that we ALL have the wonderful gift of free-will and as individuals, we are free to make decisions for ourselves. There. Simple, huh?

    • Dr Benway

      I don’t blame anyone, I just don’t want to pay for it. Our health insurance premiums should be based on a point system (like car insurance) which is based on you medical test results, cholesterol, triglycerides, c reactive protein, blood pressure, etc. Then go ahead and guzzle down all the sugar, fat and animal corpse you want, and pay for it, instead of stealing from those who do take care of themselves!

      • Bonnie Kaake

        @Dr Benway…You are so right!

    • Jack Black

      That is all fine and dandy, but in order to make proper decisions, we need to have the good data in front of us. As it stands now, science is wholly at the whim of corporate money and market trends, so the research reflects what is profitable, not what is good. You can look online about a diet high in good animal fats that praises all glory on it, and that is the absolute optimal diet for people, yet you can look at the next link telling you about such and such a study as proven such and such negative effects with such and such a diet. Everything is so twisted with bias and personal opinion that it is extremely difficult to get to the facts of the matter. Personally, I think a diet high in animal fats(non dairy), veggies, fruits, and nuts are all anyone ever needs in life.

  11. Jack Black

    I just realized how weird that is worded. It is absolutely clear that a plant BASED diet is better for you than a meat BASED diet. Meat takes a lot longer to digest (it can be digested however, unlike the cellulose from plants which is used instead to lubricate the intestines to aid in digestion) so it is bad to eat it everyday because it backs up the plumping, so to speak. And it is also based on the average diet which has loaded with processed and fast foods. Got to love vagueness, but maybe that is precisely what political correctedness brings to the table.

  12. COfeline

    There are NO scientific studies done by reputable scientists, universities, or peer reviewed journals advocating for a diet that promotes meat and dairy….NONE! Meat eating is simply cultural and habit. The world cannot sustain itself on the Standard American Diet (SAD). If Americans reduced their consumption of meat by a mere 10% we could grow enough vegetables to eliminate world hunger.

    There simply is not enough land to continue a meat eating culture. 80% of the world’s viable farmland goes to feeding animals now. 80% of the antibiotics used in this country go to fight infections in animals associated with industrial farming methods. Is it any wonder we are antibiotic resistant? This simply creates super bugs that are increasing in numbers every year…ask anyone who works in a hospital and you will hear the horror stories. Even the FDA recommends a plant based diet…in the fine print…while placating the meat and dairy industry in their charts.

    • Unfortunately we are carnivores, not omnivores or vegetarian. You can choose to be vegetarian and vegan by all means, but we are meat eaters. We have carnivore teeth and carnivore digestive tract.Meat eating is not cultural or habit. And to say that eating grain is natural is so untrue. We only introduced grain into the diet roughly 7000 years ago. This is not long in evolutionary terms. Farming is not so simple that you can eradicate domestic meat produce and therefore grow crops in their place. Also, a meat diet leaves you sated for longer. IE chips cooked in vegetable oil will not keep you feeling full as long as chips cooked in lard/beef fat. Cattle and sheep are very good converters of scrubland into food energy for humans. Land that will not sustain crops. I do not think you have researched your subject in an objective manner. Discuss your points with a beef/sheep farmer first before you state “facts”.

    • CHERYL

      You are a wise woman COfeline. Meat eating IS just a habit and is pushed by the media. I worked for the CSIRO that promoted eating lean meat as part of a healthy diet. There were results published on vegetarians which were more favourable than the omnivores but they didn’t tell us to go vegetarian, as the research was funded by the Australian Meat Research Committee. I say no more!

  13. most cancer causing ingredients are brought home from the food store
    I recently bought pineapple that had high concentrations of carbolic acid that is used to spray pineapple in cosa rica my face turned red around my mouth in a matter of seconds and my stomic burned for days
    several years later I still have stomic pains. we are bringing cancer home with us from the local supermarket

  14. Rozamunde

    There is no absolute answer in this debate; my daughter has been vegetarian since her early teens and vegan since her late 20’s and yet suffers with Crohn’s Disease. It’s all about moderation at the end of the day. Have a healthy and varied diet and remember that you are solely responsible for what you put into your mouth. People need to take control of their own health, do their own research but don’t automatically believe everything you read on the internet.

    • heather

      I hope she has taken out wheat from her diet.

    • Bonnie Kaake

      There are healthy vegans and unhealthy ways of being vegan. Sadly, one can eat nothing but potato chips, french fries, and processed food and still be considered vegan. Therefore, Rozamunde is not giving us the entire story by saying it is about “moderation”.

      According to research that has been done regarding Autoimmune diseases, like Crohn’s Disease, have many things in common:
      (Information and research below and references from page 198 of the book “The China Study”)

      1. Autoimmune diseases involve an immune system that has gone awry in such a way that it attacks “self” proteins that look the same as foreign proteins.
      2. All autoimmune diseases that have been studied have been found to be more common at the higher geographic latitudes where there is less constant sunshine.
      3. Some of these diseases have a tendency to afflict the same people.
      4. Of these diseases studied in relation to nutrition, the consumption of animal-based foods — especially cow’s milk–is associated with greater disease risk.
      5. There is evidence that a virus (or viruses) may trigger the onset of several of these diseases.
      6. The most important characteristic binding together these diseases is the evidence that their “mechanisms of action” have much in common–jargon used to describe the “how to” of disease formation. (commonalities: decreased sunlight exposure with increasing latitude, consumption of animal-based foods…especially cow’s milk also increases with distance from the equator.)

      Top 10 Autoimmune Diseases (most common to less common)

      Graves’ disease (Hyperthyroidism)
      Rheumatoid arthritis
      Thyroiditis (Hypothyroidism)
      Pernicious anemia
      Multiple sclerosis (MS)
      Type 1 diabetes
      Systemic lupus erythematosus
      Sjogrens disease

      • Donnette Henderson

        Well said. I agree with you also. D.Henderson RN

      • all it took for me was the study where they fed the milk we consume back to the calf’s and they all died..I’m sure a little cows milk will not kill most of us, but to those with certain conditions, stay clear of it.

      • Rozamunde

        My comment “It’s all about moderation” was a bit of a generalisation, but intended to convey that if someone actually lived on ‘chips, french fries and processed foods’ they would be likely to be heading for health problems. My daughter eats none of those, chooses organic vegetables where available, and never buys ‘ready meals’ no matter how ‘vegan” they are labelled. When she recently suffered a severe flare up of Crohns she could not tolerate hardly any of her usual foods. In desperation she sourced some organic chicken and eggs and included them in her diet and immediately showed an improvement. This is what made me wonder about us needing a varied but moderated diet – i.e. nothing in excess. My daughter’s variant of Crohn’s is such that even a temporary colon bypass is not an option. I know how desperate she must have been to resort to eating animal products.
        We are each individuals and what suits one person isn’t necessarily perfect for another.

        • Bonnie Kaake

          @Rozamunde: Interesting. I wonder what T. Colin Campbell would have to say about what your daughter is experiencing. How tragic for her. I have heard that some people have allergic intestinal reactions to soy and have switched to non-GMO soy and the symptoms went away. Maybe she has already done this but she may want to keep a food log for a while and see if she can figure out what might trigger the flare ups.

  15. Hi there! I hope you enjoy this song about conscious eating =) Enjoy!


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