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If you are like me, you may be faced with choices which represent an uncertain future. Big whoop, life is uncertain and that’s the whole point of the adventure! That’s what the heart says, but often times, the mind is used to want a guarantee of something that “makes sense” before taking a step, or try to overanalyze with “shoulds and shouldn’ts”. Am I too impulsive? Should I take my time? Is it going to work? I didn’t plan to take this move! Or maybe nothing is presenting in your life and you’re freaking out about being stuck here forever. The thinking mind may try to take charge, but whether or not you are in the process of making choices, remember this:

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Racing to Next MomentStep-by-step, moment by moment. You don’t need to know what the next step is going to look like before taking the first one, you don’t need to know anything about the future because it doesn’t exist. It is to be created moment by moment, and is always aligned with what you need for your evolution anyways. All you need to is be in the moment of whatever step you are taking NOW, and be fluid with whatever new options will present when the time comes.

Stress and tension is nothing but the unconscious state of wanting to escape or rid ourselves of the moment we are currently in, or cling on to our comfort zones because of a scary movie we play out in our minds of how difficult the future may be. Anticipation is also a form of stress, but we instead attach a positive polarity to the end goal and therefore become so focused on the “grand prize” that we forget all about accepting and living fully in the present.

Forget about future thinking, past dwelling or obsessive anticipation; you’re making it all up. Here & Now is the only place you’ll ever be in, so why pretend you are not? Why live in an imaginary “there” when you are here?

“Life is now. There was never a time when your life was not now, nor will there ever be.” – Eckhart Tolle

Life is what happens to you when you are busy thinking about what will happen next. When you are connected to the life force within you, you find the peace and clarity that is and always has been PRESENT. You will know in your heart what you feel like experiencing next when the time comes, without the mind turning it into a life and death situation, without making it into a choice between being “stuck here forever” or being thrown into the dangerous unknown. LET IT BE 🙂

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There is no stuck present, nor is there a dangerous future. There is only the continuous and ever-changing flow of life – which always happens NOW. And here we are trying to put it in boxes and cut it’s beautiful flow. Be fluid, it’s not “hard” 😉 it’s your natural state of being.

And guess what; when you align yourself from the inside out with the flow of life (your flow), not only will you experience more causeless joy, more and more opportunities will open up for you. Why? Because you won’t be busy resisting the one you are in now or projecting a future with a stagnant idea of “how it should look like”. (unlearned lessons persist I tell ya)

Life is a play of potentialities, play with it! Move around! Explore! You are a fluid being 🙂

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