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Top-50000-NWo-Crimes-–-25yrs-for-Queen-Pope-PM-HarperPope Benedict XVI, also known Joseph Ratzinger, recently stepped down, citing a lack of strength brought on by his advanced age [1]. In the history of the Roman Catholic Church, a Pope has never resigned because of infirmity; they are expected to die in office [2]. So what’s the real story? Did Ratzinger forget that the papacy is a lifelong position, or is there a more credible explanation for his decision?

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In 2010, a “citizen-based Tribunal of Conscience” was founded in Dublin, Ireland. Known as the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, the ITCCS is based on an international legal principle known as the Necessity Act, according to which a court can be established under common law. While its central office is located in Brussels, Belgium, the ITCCS is spread across fifteen different countries. Its team consists of common law legal consultants, lawyers with the Center for Constitutional Rights, sworn Citizen Jurors, judges, and others [3].

The objective of ITCCS is to “bring to trial those persons and institutions responsible for the exploitation, torture and murder of children, past and present,” and to “stop these and other criminal actions by churches, corporations and governments” [4]. They have compiled sworn affidavits and hours of video evidence, implicating both individuals and institutions in what appears to be abuse of a systemic nature. One of the institutions implicated is the Roman Catholic Church.

On February 1st , 2013 the ITCCS found Joseph Ratzinger guilty of “committing or aiding and abetting Crimes against Humanity, and of being part of an ongoing Criminal Conspiracy” [5]. On February 4th, he announced his resignation as Pope, saying he was unable to fulfill his duties. Of course correlation does not necessarily imply causation, but Ratzinger is also said to have met with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on February 23rd , reportedly seeking immunity from prosecution [6]. Clearly, Ratzinger is concerned about something. So what exactly is the case against him?

Although both the Canadian government and the Roman Catholic Church have long endeavored to bury it [7], there is a growing body of evidence for a so-called “Canadian Holocaust.” From 1884 to 1984, at least 150,000 Native Canadian children were forcibly removed from their homes and placed in government-funded, church-administered residential schools. This was done in an attempt to exterminate Native cultures and assimilate their populations into the dominant paradigm [8].

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Yet these residential schools threatened far more than the cultures of Native peoples. As early as 1907, it was reported by the Medical Inspector for the Department of Indian Affairs that the residential school students were being deliberately infected with tuberculosis, resulting in an average mortality rate of 40%. By 1919, that figure was as high as 75% in some schools–only one in four students would survive their so-called “education.” As for those who did survive, many would go on to endure physical abuse, sexual abuse, and forced sterilizations. Incredibly, some would even become involuntary test subjects for the CIA’s research into mind control, also known as Project MK-ULTRA [9].

Although it is beyond the scope of this article to consider the evidence in any greater detail, it is for these reasons and many others that the ITCCS has concluded that Pope Benedict, Stephen Harper, and even the Queen of England are complicit in crimes against humanity. For readers inclined to look into the matter further, some of the evidence against these individuals is presented in the following video:

It is the opinion of this writer that the Pope’s resignation is of profound social and political import. Historians will write of this time, noting that the verdict of the ITCCS marked a milestone in the liberation of humanity. They will write about how a de jure common law court, an international court of the people, established a legal mechanism that empowered citizens to hold their leaders accountable for their actions.

The influence of the ITCCS, however, is entirely dependent upon the impetus of the people. This verdict will be ignored by the mainstream media, it will be disavowed by our politicians, and our police officers will not recognize its legitimacy—unless we demand otherwise. For this reason, each of us has a moral responsibility to hold the convicted individuals and institutions accountable in whatever way we can. There are numerous things that we can do, from simply sharing this news and explaining what the ITCCS is, to occupying churches and compiling further documentation of the crimes of Church and State. An extensive list of actions recommended by the ITCCS can be found here.

If enough of us stand behind the ITCCS, there is no limit to what we might accomplish. When we fully consider how many times and in how many ways we have been abused and exploited by our governments and religious institutions, we will see that the Canadian Holocaust is only one piece in a very large puzzle. Who else do we suspect of crimes against humanity? Who are your tyrants?


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