The Healing Power of Psychedelic Mushrooms

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“The man who comes back through the Door in the Wall will never be quite the same as the man who went out. He will be wiser but less cocksure, happier but less self-satisfied, humbler in acknowledging his ignorance yet better equipped to understand the relationship of words to things, of systematic reasoning to the unfathomable Mystery which it tries, forever vainly, to comprehend.” –Aldous Huxley, ‘The Doors of Perception: Heaven and Hell’ [1]

Abuse of power is in order when the growth of certain fungi, whose native home was Earth long before the very existence of our species, is made illegal. Plants and fungi welcomed mankind on their land upon the dawn of man’s inhabitance but man, a glutton for control, transformed his inhabitance into an invasion. Relentlessly crusading forth in present day, the American government continues to cut down trees and plants to place building blocks on the soil that was rightfully theirs. Man blunders through the forest like a bulldozer, blind to the medicine he is destroying and the disease he is enabling. Due to his inherent nature of greed, man has yet again failed his ecosystem. In his shining irony, his inherent ignorance regarding such matters results in his ability to move forward without acknowledging his destruction and the future consequences to come. Looking only to himself, he has replaced inner peace with inner greed, and missed the bigger picture of it all. When he fails his ecosystem, he ultimately fails himself.

healthland_shroom_0616As if prohibiting medicinally beneficial plants such as cannabis and psychedelic  mushrooms was not enough, America ensued a grotesque double standard: Equally vigorous mind altering drugs -each capsule a time bomb, with potential consequences no worse than death itself.

Psychedelic mushrooms have remained vastly developed in tribal societies throughout the globe for centuries. Still, the United States is fighting their use in the medical world and has yet to drop hints of budging. Magic mushrooms pose obvious risks to the American government, medical world, pharmaceutical companies, FDA and CDC. Government officials, who flash their authority to control large scale matters, might find themselves on the other end of the scale if the use of psychedelic mushrooms as medicine swept the nation. With the ability to heal countless disorders as well as provide long lasting positive benefits, it is no secret that Magic Mushrooms are remarkably potent and powerful plants possessing characteristics which could wipe out numerous medical jobs and drug companies. All of this from a psychotropic fungus -a fungus who beholds the power to change the lives of millions. This is the very type of power the government grips to – and in this case, it shows its face as the power to create a widespread negative economic impact in their arenas.  Power such as this breeds fear, and fear turns men into animals. Could it be that psychedelic plants and mushrooms are more powerful, more intelligent and far more evolved than mankind? And could he, a man masked in pride, be smart enough to answer yes?


No. It is highly doubtable the ban on the use of psychedelic drugs for medical reasons is due to government care and concern for the public. More believable is the possibility of a government flooded by the type of fear I just spoke of; stemming in part from the threat of a future with less trees to stuff in their pockets. However, ignoring the fact that psychedelic mushrooms prove beneficial for illnesses does not make the truth go away. Currently it is an empowering time to become educated on the healing role of mushrooms. New research studies using psychedelic mushrooms steadily continue to surface. What does the law think debilitated individuals are to do once they are rightfully informed of a single yet illegal plant with a high success rate of improving the quality of life in individuals such as themselves? How can the government continue to deny a person the right to a full life? Furthermore, how could they possibly stop thousands of patients if they lost control of the situation? Would they arrest them all? Certainly they would try, but that would be the least of their legal worries by the time they finished.

With more individuals learning that psychedelic mushrooms -void of harmful man-made chemicals -offer the healing answer to the problems plaguing them, the number of people in the movement for psychedelic mushrooms in the use of medical conditions will only continue to rise. With new clinical studies on the topic popping up in the media left and right, one cannot help but envision it as a glimmer of hope that a major paradigm shift in society is on the horizon.

** I am in no way attempting to medically advise you to do illegal drugs; rather I am simply speaking from extensive personal experience. I understand there are two opposing sides to this topic, each of which holds strong convictions. Until I experienced significant healing from psychedelic mushrooms, I was on neither, as it would have been ignorant of me to be. After all, how can those who are not sick possibly make the best decision for those who are sick –without feeling their pain first hand?

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  1. For all you naysayers asking for scientific evidence, please go on a venture and get with some good people in a safe & familiar environment, eat some shrooms and let it take you on a ride of self-realization & fulfillment.

  2. James

    Great stuff. I had some magic mushrooms last night. Your mind asks questions that your subconscious regards as taboo which lets you look at yourself as an unbiased outsider. I accepted so many imperfections about myself. You come to realise whats important

    • Steven Thorpe

      Result another mind freed from the matrix and yet more proof of the wonders these ancient medicines can do. I’m so pleased for you James, welcome to the awakening! Enjoy the new you and may it bring you the happiness you deserve.

      Life is contagious…..go.go..tell your neighbours….reach out and pass it on oh yeah!

    • I am extremely interested in people’s experiences of using psychedelics in a serious (though your allowed to giggle too lol) self-healing way, so if possible, I would love to hear more about your experience in more detail—If not I encourage you to detail it in a journal etc?

  3. great articule …i liked in particular that part about the respect we need to have towards plants “specialy” musrooms) we are pretty sure they are more evolved than humans nice work :)

  4. steve

    so where is the data or evidence???? Just links to adverts!!!!!! Crap posting!!!!! One more and you are off my list of credible pages to follow…..

    • She states it is based on her experience. There are many people out there that could vouch for this based on personal experience. The difficulty in finding studies and data on this is expected. There is no profit in running a study to determine this and considering it is illegal substance it is virtually impossible. The key here is to recognize the possibilities of natural alternative treatments. Also it asks the question, why are they illegal?

  5. Cherry

    Great article but…mushrooms aren’t plants. They’re fungi.

    Just sayin’.

  6. Mushrooms are NOT plants. They’re fungus.

    • By which I mean: You have misrepresented one of the most basic aspects of your subject matter. By doing so, you’ve invalidated any viable points you may have made, because it’s obvious you lack a factual basis.

  7. Kari G

    This is a great article, Elle! I’m very excited to read anything/everything else you have to offer. Great work! And to everyone who’s hating on the fact that there is no evidence or proof…just shaaaatttt uppp, and go eat some natural Psilocybin. Or you can continue to take your man-made pills. Dummies.

  8. David D.

    your unsubstantiated claims are not proof of anything.
    it’s a real disservice to the readers that are naive enough to listen to you.
    you’re suggesting to people to take shroom to feel better.
    do you know if you eat shrooms today they won’t get you near as high tomorrow?
    do you know shrooms have killed people? Some have straight up jumped off things thinking they can fly.
    That’s a REAL DANGER and here you are suggesting people should eat em up.
    You’re a hack.
    Not even worthy of being called a hack journalist. simply a hack.
    I hope someone sues the guts out of this site one day because the false information herein harmed them in one way or another.

    • Kari G

      Someone missed their meds this morning! You’re the hack who goes around criticizing, and looking like a real jackass. Just stop your negativity, and keep being a scared, ignorant… jackass. ;]

    • Steven Thorpe

      You Sir are so hopelessly dependent on the system that you’ll fight to protect it. I love you, but at the same time feel completely sorry for you. My Heart goes out to you and all those like you.

      Ok so you want proof. I’m proof, Shelly is proof, and so are the countless thousands of other lives that have been dragged back from the brink of despair. Depression is no joke I lost so many years to it and almost lost my life on numerous occasions. So many years in deep emotional pain and torment that I can never get back. But that’s ok I don’t live in the past anymore as I no longer waste my emotional strength with regrets and if only I’d done things differently. The only reason you don’t see the proof you require is because the law is a absolute ass. There are so many saved souls that have all the proof they’ll ever need, that think for themselves and are not waiting for permission from that shower of self-serving pigs that we call a government.

      Yes I’m/we are suggesting if you are depressed, want to change your life, want to see through all the bullshit you’ve been spoon fed all your life and open your 3rd eye to meet your truest self. 100% fucking yes take Shrooms, Mescaline, DMT and Ayahuasca. All of these have the ability teach us truths no amount of schooling can ever do. No don’t just go out and eat every psychedelic you can get you hands on for fun. Home work is key and yes is can be dangerous but so can vodka. Hmm that reminds me, 19 years ago when I was 16 I walk into my local off-licence and purchased 1ltr of vodka you know that legal poisson the powers that be have been peddling for who knows how long. Anyway I don’t really remember much of that night, but what I do remember however is waking up in a hospital bed, feeling extremely ill and by all accounts according to staff I was very lucky to been alive. My point is with the right intent psychedelic are a lot safer than alcohol-alcohol kills on a daily basis directly and indirectly. A drunk driver knocking down an innocent soul, an alcoholic beating a mother to a pulp while the Children are helpless watching, the thousands of booze Fuelled incidents of violence as our youth poor out of the night clubs every weekend causing a massive strain on our E.R’s/A&E’s police. How many have died because they have ruined there liver through drinking so much for so long? Millions? How many family’s devastated through loosing loved ones to alcohol? Again millions I bet.

      Yes I know for sure that if I eat 3g of Shrooms today, I’d need 6g ish the next day to get a same effect. Not that that’s something I do or even want to do however, once a fortnight to a month is good for me.

      If you are truly depressed you could do the really smart thing and tell your doctor about it. I’m sure your Dr will have no trouble prescribing you some SSRI’s. SSRI’s are the shit you know? Here’s some of the side effects.

      seizure (convulsions);

      very stiff (rigid) muscles, high fever, sweating, confusion, fast or uneven heartbeats, tremors, feeling like you might pass out;

      agitation, hallucinations, fever, fast heart rate, overactive reflexes, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of coordination;

      headache, slurred speech, severe weakness, muscle cramps, feeling unsteady, fainting, shallow breathing (breathing may stop);

      cough, chest tightness, trouble breathing; or

      easy bruising.

      Common side effects may include:

      drowsiness, dizziness, weakness, feeling nervous;

      increased sweating;

      blurred vision;

      dry mouth;

      changes in appetite or weight;

      mild nausea, constipation; or

      decreased sex drive, impotence, or difficulty having an orgasm.

      Oh and my absolute favourite is from personal experience is ………..
      Increased risk of suicide.

      So here’s another little story when I was about twenty my lovely doctor gave me some Effexor. I was down, depressed, young, green and blindly trusted my Doctor BIG mistake. So day one I take my recommended does one hour later I feel like shit big time all spaced out, day two felt worse still, starting to feel really confused, agitated, anxious and more spaced out still. The first week was so fricking awful, I feel like some kind of zombie and my thoughts didn’t seem to be my own anymore. Week two the strangeness and body load seem to be easing ever so slightly, but my doctor tells me it’s time to up my does. I tell him my concerns about the meds and how they just don’t feel right. Stick with it I’m told its normal come back in two weeks. So like a good little boy I do as I’m told, Dr knows best right? Three weeks in I can just feel myself getting more foggy and confused and hadn’t felt normal for what seemed a long time. Before antidepressants I was not an angry or violent person but as days passed by I could feel this rage building up inside of me like never before. Before I knew It I was becoming a monster with an extremely short fuse. I was getting really impulsive. Anyway to cut a long story as I’m really tired right now. I started to have more and more frequent violent outburst, I was really angry all the time. In the space of a few weeks I punch holes In most of the doors In my home, I punched two windows. I tried to hang myself twice, first time the rope snapped, my Wife put a stop to my next attempt, then I threw myself Down a flight stairs hoping I’d snap my neck and then the final straw was a massive overdoes resulting In 3days ICU. So many violent urges that I never had before or have never felt so intensely since, these days l never take any meds at all as I just can’t trust anything big pharma say

      I’m a psychedelic explorer for life now and have been for the past 12 months, it just so happen that’s its been the best year of my life. So F the law, F big pharma.

      Peace and love to all, still dreaming of a better tomorrow for all.

      • HI Steven (and many thanks to the OP}, your posts have made me want to dance around. They fill me with JOY JOY JOY. :)))) Love em. And this is why I am joining in here. I make considerable online to get the message you are so delightfully sharing here also. That psychedelics are sacred medicine.

        I watched an interview yesterday, London Real interviewing Professor David Nutt. Although I dig what he is trying to do, and agree with a lot of things he said, there was one thing he said I VERY much disagreed with, and will want to share it with this group later when I have time. I hope you join in. It is important because propaganda against psychedelics doesn’t have to be the obvious, like a couple of people here portray. It can also be coming from people who seem to support them, and yet interpret them in a materialistic fashion.

        SO pleased to meet you here, Steve. Love to hear you love dancing. So do I. I had wanted to become a professional dancer when I was 15, and it was in that period I was turned onto LSD which changed my life. Many years later, I discovered magic mushrooms. I am VERY VERY VERY interested in encouraging people to self-heal with psychedelics–and not be behoven to the capricious whims of this f8ed up state, and the mental health movement. IF and when psychedelic psychotherapy becomes available to people, it will only be those with money who will be able to afford it. So it is very important we undermine this authoritarian demand we ‘go to the experts’. I am in no way claiming they are useless—but sacred medicine is for ALL people, not just for those who can afford it.

        • Steven Thorpe

          Hi Juliano so very pleased to meet you, I’m so overjoyed and touched by your kind words. I meet so few people in real life that have been touched my there own inner light and even less that understand what that means. Blessed are those who are brave enough to travel the unlimited depths of there own minds. Warrior souls journeying to the source to bring back knowledge of self in order for the betterment of humanity. I am you and you are me, I am everything and everything is me for we are all one. We are all made of stars and we are the universe observing itself. If you hurt I hurt, if you bleed I bleed, every time we allow our brothers and sisters to suffer we scar our own souls. Everything we do to others we do to Ourselves, if we truly loved ourselves we could never hurt another. As long as there are knifes we’ll stab each other, as long as there are guns we’ll shoot each other, as long there are bombs we’ll blow each other into tiny bits. The solution is love, unconditional love for all things and all life forms spiritual and extraterrestrial. No longer have I room in my heart for hate for I am love. No longer can a bare the suffering of another soul for I am compassion. No longer can I keep what I have learned to myself for I am a teacher. A teacher of ultimate truth, I can not make you see the truth I can only show you where to look for you must see it with your own eyes. Words fail to truly convey what I have seen this night.

          I’ve just had the most important 24 hours of my life and I’m truly humbled. I’ll never remain quite the same again I feel truly privileged and blessed. May 12th 2013 at approximately 23:10 GMT I ingested 15g of hollandia magic truffles/sclerotia. The onset was slow and a little frustrating an hour had passed and I kept thinking to myself that they were not quite strong enough. I was almost at the point where I was about to email my favourite smart shop in holland and make a complaint about the quality of the product. I even picked up my tablet to that end but soon gave up as My coordination wasn’t quite up to it. At approximately 00:30 my eyes are like flying saucers but I could barely feel the truffles touching the sides. By 00:40 I was getting a little pissed of, I was craving some visuals but it just wasn’t happening closed eyed or open. The good news was I had another 15g in the fridge I was saving for another time and I thought to myself I’d rather have one great experience than two mediocre ones. It really winds me up when I’m only on the edge of where this wonderful medicine psilocybin can take me.

          The second dose approximately 00:45 I consumed the 15g in less than five mins and by 00:50 I could feel the vibration increasing rapidly. At 00:55 I had the urge to back one out, that’s a number two by the way. Over the next ten mins as I was backing one out, the visuals are really kicking in the toilet and the walls are closing in on me. Waves and waves of energy and light washing over me, my frustration a distant memory. I could feel the love and peace saturating my soul and was ready to journey and let go of self. Then after I was sat there for about twenty mins I hear footsteps and then the toilet door flung open. Damn it’s my dad half asleep, I kick the door shut and manage to say hang on a moment. I have one last squeeze clean up turn to flush and fall sideways into the cistern bruising and grazing my side. It hurt but I didn’t care one bit in fact it made my laugh my arse off. I pull myself up-rite and stagger out of the toilet my dad looking bemused “what’s going on” nothing I say. I’m really struggling to see my environment clearly I feel for the handle on my bedroom door and after a little fumbling around a manage to open it. I think I need to lay down I thought by this time I was drowning in visuals and I couldn’t see anything but fractals. I had to slowly shuffle one tiny step at a time over to my bed which seemed to take me ten mins to travel maybe ten feet. All the while I was laughing hysterically like a little kid, I make contact with feet to the bass of my bed and it took me a while to find the top of it with my hands. As I carefully lowered myself onto the bed I remember thinking so this is what my dear friend Terrence McKenna meant by a heroic dose. I was lay there giggling for a while it seemed to take ages before I could see anything physical in the room.

          By this point time did not exist nor did it matter, it had been over a month since my last psilocybin experience. As lately I’d been experimenting with aya/pharmahuasca to great effect. Although Ayahuasca is an exceptional teacher and is pure love at its core and is a lesson we could all learn from. Nothing seems to give me clarity and focus like psilocybin. Lately I’d been feeling a little hopeless and had been loosing sight of my objectives, psilocybin soon brought me back into alignment. Refocusing the mind body and soul as one unified truth. It really kicked my arse and I’m so grateful for it, I absolutely loved it. My clarity, peace and inner calm felt topped up to 100%, I was so happy I had tears of joy. I had revelation after revelation about so many things, it felt like corse correction and a fine tuning of my navigational equipment. I was connected to the source and felt really knowing, like I was downloading the next piece of the puzzle and getting ever so much closer to the solution. It was exactly what I needed to move forward and I was taught exactly what I needed to know. Yes there are still lessons for me to learn but meanwhile I need to process this lesson first as its a lot to take in.

          About 02:00 I’m back in the room extremely elated and happy still. I was no longer under a sea of sacred geometry but still very high and had the most beautiful head space. My imagination was on fire, I could solve every problem and I could travel around the world and universe without even leaving my room. I could recall every memory I ever had and I knew right then and there that all my problems were imagined. I was truly happy and had found the best version of me to date. I’m not saying this from place of ego but I felt like a god, so omnipotent and it felt like I was ready and able to change the world once and for all. My potential unlocked again but this time a stronger grip of it and a greater vision of what to do next. 03:00 after a while reflecting and using my inner pathways to outer space I reach for my MP3 player, I plug in my headphones and select my favourite drum and bass album and i dance in front of my big mirror for maybe 10-20 mins. I had a grin on my face from ear to ear loving what I’m seeing in the mirror, I can dance really dance I thought. The music was crystal clear and every beat a wordless instruction for me body to interpret absent thought. Right I’m going to have a joint and cold beer from the fridge, I grab everything I need and proceed to the bed. It took me a while to focus on the task at hand, 10 mins later she was ready to go and was probably the best joint I’ve ever manage to make while on my meds.

          Music still playing I get back up to my feet and grab my lighter, light my joint. Then I take a few hits have a nice gulp of cold beer, raise my hands into the air with my joint in one had beer in the other. I raise my head to look at the ceiling then through it to the universe and with the biggest smile on my face, I take a few moments and say thank you I’m alive truly alive. I than continue to bounce around dancing for the next hour or so. A couple of beers and a few joints later 06:00 rolls around and I’d had my fill of dancing. I had a raging hunger so munched down a bowl of weetabix, climbed into bed. Lay there reflecting on the nights lessons. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, it suddenly dawns on you-you know nothing. Epic times indeed but I must rest now it’s 8am and I’ve got nothing left in the tank, but no matter I lived I truly lived.

          Lmfao omfg after a good 10 hours sleep I woke about 18:30 shocked at the time. My dad said what you making for tea I said F that I’m in no state to cook. I was pretty mashed but at the same time completely refreshed. Anyways I decide to treat him to fish and chips from the local Chinese chip shop and I had Singapore fried rice and crispy shredded beef is was delicious. I finished my meal and said right are you going to help me have a breakthrough on this DMT I’ve got tonight? I said what it is I needed him to do. So I explained what I needed and about how on Terrence McKenna’s DMT revelations Video that he says take the 3rd hit, I know you feel wired but take the 3rd hit. i clued him in that i just needed him to keep me from burning myself when I’m blasting off I explained that I needed a breakthrough and how to achieve one. Also that I tried to have a breakthrough with my glass bulb vaporiser 4 night previous to no effect. Well I had a nice time don’t get me wrong but I was only entering launch pad and never actually took off into hyperspace. I was ever so close indeed. I spent the last few days researching the best methods to vaporise it, finally deciding to make the machine and I’m so glad I did.

          May 13th 2013 23:00 I unwrap my 300mg of spice and tip it onto a plate, chop it up really fine with a razor blade. I then dived it into two piles and divide each pile into two again creating 4 piles of approximately 75mg. I’ve read that 50mg is enough to breakthrough but after my last experience I wasn’t taking any chances. I must blast off I thought this is it it’s happening now in this moment. So I load up the machine and say right dad your first, I need you to see what it is I want you to do. So I instruct him on how to do it right although my lessons were completely wasted on him as he could not grasp taking big long slow hits. Instead he was taking little puffs vapour escaping all the while out the sides. I couldn’t help getting a little annoyed at him for wasting all the precious spice like that. So I load up my dose into my homemade pipe sink back into my sofa sat next to my dad. Pick up my lighter and take one long good hit and hold it in for about a minute. I’m not feeling much as of yet so I hit it again and hold for as long as I can. Vibrations increasing but not there yet, I take the 3rd hit and still not there then 4 and a small 5th argh…. I’m close so close my pipe is expired but I’m looking at the two remaining piles. I think F it it’s now or never so I load the pipe again and really go for it one big long hit.

          Blastoff the room took on a red-yellow kind of hue then everything turn into this cartoony Lego block kind of texture. The room collapsed In on itself block by block I exhale and then bang pow I’m traveling really traveling. Best I can describe it is like the stargate from the show of the same name. It opened up and there was this whistling then I was traveling through a wormhole for a very short time. I could see myself coming to the end of it and I was crashing through all these strange symbols. I smashed into this room it and was aware of 3 child like entities and one adult entity. They were all so pleased to see me it seemed and I was so humbled by there love. It was like a play room and they were trying to show me all there toys. It was all so fast and I knew I had to take in as much as possible before it was over. It felt so frantic they all wanted my attention all pro-forming simultaneously. After a few minute I was hurtling backwards back through the wormhole, I was in a sort of shock. It felt like the most exhilarating ride of my life and I gasping for air towards the end of the return journey.

          I believed there was something else in the universe for a long time and have been becoming more sure this last year. As I’ve been doing a lot of psyconaughtical exploring recently. Now I know for sure beyond any shadow of a doubt we are not alone and that there is life after death. So privileged am I this night I feel like I’d been giving the ultimate truth. I knew in my heart that I’d just returned from another world or dimension or maybe even another time. My life will never be the same again DMT has made a true believer out of me and none can convince me what I know is false. After a few minutes back in the room I burst into tears- tears of pure joy. I couldn’t speak but I didn’t even want to, I spent a good 10-15mins reflecting crying my eyes out. The last dose on the plate caught my eye and I knew then I didn’t even want or need it, the experience was all still so fresh in my mind. So rapped it back up, kissed it, and said to myself this is not an F ing drug it’s an inter- dimensional transporter, a STARGATE.

          I can’t wait to travel again as I intend to spend a lot of time with these beings and bring back a little more information every time. It almost felt like they were family, then again that’s because they are family we are all family. There is no death only transcendence, death is only the beginning and our bodies only borrowed. We all return to the source over and over again. Now is the time lets make heaven on earth and raise up those less fortunate than ourselves so we can raise our collective happiness as a spices. Btw if you think I’m mad and my experience is a total lie then you are making assumption. Don’t even bother to comment unless your brave enough to be a traveler or you are traveler. Don’t bother telling me that your mate lost his mind and ruined his life through these medicines. If you have a difficult experience it just means your further from the source and have more demons to face. It’s not until you man up that these things can be truly enjoyable.

          Peace and love until infinity

          • Ben Moore

            Great words Steven.~ Thanks for sharing your interesting experiences!

  9. No worries Steven, that is what this is all about! Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Steven Thorpe

      You are so welcome precious, thank you so much for giving me somewhere to share. I’m very passionate about this topic and the possibilities it may hold for a brighter tomorrow.

      Much love and respect <3

  10. Wonderful article, I’m past due for some soul searching. Some questions can’t be answered without some help from expanding the mind.

  11. Steven Thorpe

    Sorry for posting this wall of text on two of your blogs Shelley. I just feel that what I have to say on the matter is relevant and I just want it to reach as many people as possible. In the hope that I can change a life or two. I love this community as it makes me feel that I’m not alone even when I am.

  12. Steven Thorpe

    My first psilocybin experience was not that of mushrooms but that of psilocybin containing sclerotia. Sclerotia aka Magic Truffle or philosophers stones are produced underground by the mycelium of a few strains of psilocybin containing mushrooms. Since 2005 there was a ban on magic mushroom in holland but fortunately Magic Truffles had been relatively unheard of by the powers that be. As a result it’s still possible for there sale in Amsterdam/holland’s smart shops and they ship all over the world except the USA and Australia sigh. You are right it can be very dangerous to go hunting for mushrooms and would never recommend it unless you’ve really done your home work. Never take anything in the wild unless you know how to identify what your looking at 100% your life depends of it.

    As for how much is needed well that’s up to the individual. But what I can say after speaking to people and researching many forms of experience is that for many once is enough is have a major Impact on the life’s of truth seekers. Many including myself would go on say that it has been the single most important thing they have ever done and that for the very first time they feel truly awake. Many do go on to take them again including myself, but as for there addictive potential there isn’t any. You see the thing is when it comes to psilocybin your body builds up a tolerance very quickly. If you take one dose on day one the next day you’d have to take twice as much the next day to get they same effect and twice as much again the day after. The good news is that the your tolerance is back to baseline after only seven days, making it possible to partake once a week, however I only journey once a month these days.

    From my experience I have become very fond of the strain Atlantis Magic Truffle as they seem to me to be consistent at getting me I to the head space I’m looking for whenever I journey my own mind. I’m always looking for an inward journey the kind you can achieve when you close your eyes and see with your minds eye. I take 15g of Atlantis Truffles although I’d not take 15g on my first experience, I’d start with 10g to see how you feel and then take the other 5g one hour later. 15g could be a little overwhelming in one go for the first time user.

    Set and setting are very important indeed, my method is to be alone at night (fireworks are much better at night) as that’s when I have my best inward experiences. Although for your first experience you may wish to have someone you trust around, ideally someone experienced with psychedelics who can guild you through confusing times. I personally don’t like having anyone around as I don’t like anyone else in my head space for the first few hours of the experience. Until I’ve faced my demons and had a chance learn what it is I’d like to change about myself this time around. Many say that at this point is when you find a better version of yourself and every time you journey there are more revelations to be had, ultimately coming back a new man every time I go Down the rabbit hole. After 2-3 hours once I’ve found my level I feel truly alive and everything elates me I feel at one with everything in the universe, all people and all things. At this point is when I love to explore my creativity through dance (dance mode engaged). I never considered myself as much of a dancer before psilocybin, I had to many inhibitions like fear, hesitation and doubt. So I plug my favourite music into my ears, which for me happens to be drum and bass(not for everyone I know). And I hear it like never before, it sounds better, crisper and cleaner like I can hear the deeper levels and comprehend the deeper meanings behind the words. Then I just let it all go like never before and my body just interprets the music without thoughts, it just happens. For me it’s the best feeling in the world, I just feel completely free-free from all worry, fear, hesitation or doubt.

    I believe that we are born with unlimited potential but over many years of social conditioning it is looked away in our subconscious. I believe psilocybin, mescaline and ayahuasca have to potential to blow away all this mental emotional Bullshit baggage. Baggage that is holding you back from your true potential and your natural state of being as nature intended. Your brain is a hard drive and over years gets fragmented which can make it sometimes difficult to make sense of the world. Entheogen are tools that nature has provided us to defragment our hardware unlocking our potential. I believe nature in not unconscious and is more intelligent than most of us give it credit for, it provides exactly what we need. I trust nature over a man in a white coat in some lad somewhere, working for some big pharma company that puts profit before health and happiness.

    If dancing is not your thing try writing, drawing or paint while under the experience, you may just surprise yourself. I just love the way it can make you think and feel. It can give wings to the imagination and flight to the soul, a very healing experience indeed.

    Some tricks to get you through the first hour, which can be the hardest part of the journey. Strange things start to happen to you body, like you may feel some discomfort in your tummy the key I’d not to worry it will pass. Some say a little ginger can help or smoking a little weed. I however just ride it out and try to keep in a positive frame of mind. I can’t stress this enough how important it is to keep positive as how can you have a positive experience with a negative mind. Try to relax and keep calm, your not going to die your just experiencing something completely alien from the norm. Hold on tight Dorothy your in for one hell of a ride. Do not get into a cycle of negative thinking and if you do don’t panic, you can flip it around. Everything really is mind over matter and if you don’t mind it don’t matter.

    Google is your friend and it’s now easier than ever to have medicine delivered to your door. Be careful in some countries it’s illegal but still not impossible to obtain, break the law at your own risk. There are many smart shops on the Internet especially in Holland that ship all over the world. Unfortunately there are many unreliable vendors and even some scam ones too. However I myself a found one that is very reliable and has never let me down. I’m not going to mention it here as I’m not sure of the rules of this site.

    Also research people like Terrance McKenna, watch and listen to all his YouTube videos. Watch videos like, DMT the spirit molecule, or Metanoia by Simon G. Powell. Listen to Rogan podcasts. There are many inspirational teachers and people out there, seek and you shall find. Educate yourself about these so called primitive people’s of the South American Amazon, Shamans and what not. Learn about all the people’s and ancient cultures that have been using these medicines for thousands of years. People that are still at one with nature, we have much to learn from these people and with there help maybe we can find a balance with Gaia in order have a harmonious co-existence with her and all of mankind. We are all special and all have an important part to play in archiving pace on earth. Times are changing weather we like it or not, the next stage of human evolution is on the horizon. An evolution of mind not body, we are getting closer to our natural state of being and more people are waking up from the matrix everyday. Most don’t see it yet and many refuse to see it or are to afraid to let go of everything they thought the knew. It’s not until you loose who you think you are that you’ll find who you truly are.

    Do yourself a favour wake up today and don’t take this bullshit anymore, I’m am trying to free you mind but I can only show you the door, your the one that has to walk through it. Taking responsibility for your own happiness and future, the truth is out there it’s up to you to find it.

    I really hope that I can help someone with this. I do what I do with the purest intentions, these are not drugs, it’s not about getting high and I’m not telling anyone to break the law. The law is an arse so be careful out there. These medicines are the only antidepressants your’ll ever need.

    Pace and love always.

  13. Steve

    So what did I loose from the ingestion of psychadelics plants and fungi? Fear, anxiety, depression, self loafing, fear of growing old and death, insecurity, the judgemental/self-important part of my ego, many bad habits, smoking, weight, suicidal thoughts………less really is more right?

    So here’s what I’ve gained from the ingestion of entheogenic plants and fungi. None of that street manufactured crap btw, just natures bounty. So first and foremost happiness, the kind of happiness that comes from deep within. It feels like a glow, an aura surrounding me and gives me a smile that I find it hard to wipe off my face. Doubters keep telling me that I’m mad when I keep giggling to my self or dancing around and singing aloud. Sometimes I have to remind them that maybe there the crazy ones for not choosing to be happy no matter what and that if this is crazy then I’m going to be crazy for the rests of my life.

    I’ve gained strength, pysical and emotional. The Strength to face anything life can throw at me. The resilience to keep bouncing back and fighting for what I want and never letting anyone bring me down. The courage to say I am what I am no matter what and if you don’t like it big deal. I’ve found my inner voice, I’m going to use it to try make changes for the better and express myself ofc.

    For too many years I’ve been wasting all myself, hiding away from the world stuck in silence imagining killing myself. Now I wake up each day and say to myself yes it’s another fucking day.

    I’ve also gained confidence, self esteem, self respect, understanding and tolerance of self and others, drive, determination, innerpeace, wisdom, knowledge, a will to live, a thirst for learning/art/singing badly but no matter, it’s how it makes you feel that is important, dancing, reading.

    I’ve gained a sense of freedom-freedom to be myself, why would I want to be anybody else? Everybody else is taken as Oscar Wild would say. Freedom to celebrate my own uniqueness with all it’s flaws and imperfections, they’ll never be another me. Freedom to explore my creativity and own mind with new eyes.

    Come on world how the fuck is healing your mind, body and soul illegal? Wake the fuck up, open your minds eye and cleanse your perception see the world for what it really is.

    I believe entheogens are amazing tools and used with the right intensions have the power to change a person and mind at the deepest levels of the subconscious. I believe they achieve this by flushing out all the bullshit, emotional pain and scaring Built up over a lifetime. Instead of dulling psychological problems like alcohol can do however short lived, psychedelic’s empower you to face up to your problem with new eyes, they make you wake up and man up. They can make up summon your warrior spirit and face up to your demons. Stepping back and looking at everything that makes you unhappy and then dealing with it like never before. Making pace with yourself it’s very healing indeed, I can’t recommend it highly enough. I was in a self created prison of the mind, not unlike that of the matrix.

    I’m more happy, confident, strong and more self aware then ever before. I feel more intelligent, wise and level headed and think more clearly. I’m at pace with myself in a way I’ve never known in all my 35 years. Psychedelics plants and fungi have been a complete game changer for me, I see like I’ve never seen before. I don’t do them to get high as I don’t see them as drugs, I see them as medicine. I do them to learn about the nature of all things, life and ultimately heal my mind body and sole. They make me want to live a happier, fuller, longer life and not waste another minute of it. I want to live a life full of love and wonder and I no longer want to die as I did once on a daily basis.

    • Daphne K.

      I find this so sad. It’s like listening to my sister during her early stages of addiction.
      It is just so sad and disheartening.

      • Matt

        I’m sorry, but what addict experiences positive changes in their life from a drug, to the point that they don’t even need to repeatedly take the drug? Sounds like the complete opposite of an addiction to me.

        • Kirsten

          I agree Matt

      • bumleg49

        You are misinformed Daphne K. They are not used by anybody on a daily basis, they do not create cravings as do Alcohol and Opiates. I know this from first hand experience. no worries peace

  14. Hussein

    the society can’t push heroine and cocaine (drug on war is farce, they in fact support their use in society and their dissemination) and they can’t keep pushing alcohol and cigarettes and at the same time prevent people from intake of such arcane and traditionally inherited substances such as DMT-containing plants and fungi.

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