The Healing Power of Psychedelic Mushrooms

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“The man who comes back through the Door in the Wall will never be quite the same as the man who went out. He will be wiser but less cocksure, happier but less self-satisfied, humbler in acknowledging his ignorance yet better equipped to understand the relationship of words to things, of systematic reasoning to the unfathomable Mystery which it tries, forever vainly, to comprehend.” –Aldous Huxley, ‘The Doors of Perception: Heaven and Hell’ [1]

Abuse of power is in order when the growth of certain fungi, whose native home was Earth long before the very existence of our species, is made illegal. Plants and fungi welcomed mankind on their land upon the dawn of man’s inhabitance but man, a glutton for control, transformed his inhabitance into an invasion. Relentlessly crusading forth in present day, the American government continues to cut down trees and plants to place building blocks on the soil that was rightfully theirs. Man blunders through the forest like a bulldozer, blind to the medicine he is destroying and the disease he is enabling. Due to his inherent nature of greed, man has yet again failed his ecosystem. In his shining irony, his inherent ignorance regarding such matters results in his ability to move forward without acknowledging his destruction and the future consequences to come. Looking only to himself, he has replaced inner peace with inner greed, and missed the bigger picture of it all. When he fails his ecosystem, he ultimately fails himself.

healthland_shroom_0616As if prohibiting medicinally beneficial plants such as cannabis and psychedelic  mushrooms was not enough, America ensued a grotesque double standard: Equally vigorous mind altering drugs -each capsule a time bomb, with potential consequences no worse than death itself.

Psychedelic mushrooms have remained vastly developed in tribal societies throughout the globe for centuries. Still, the United States is fighting their use in the medical world and has yet to drop hints of budging. Magic mushrooms pose obvious risks to the American government, medical world, pharmaceutical companies, FDA and CDC. Government officials, who flash their authority to control large scale matters, might find themselves on the other end of the scale if the use of psychedelic mushrooms as medicine swept the nation. With the ability to heal countless disorders as well as provide long lasting positive benefits, it is no secret that Magic Mushrooms are remarkably potent and powerful plants possessing characteristics which could wipe out numerous medical jobs and drug companies. All of this from a psychotropic fungus -a fungus who beholds the power to change the lives of millions. This is the very type of power the government grips to – and in this case, it shows its face as the power to create a widespread negative economic impact in their arenas.  Power such as this breeds fear, and fear turns men into animals. Could it be that psychedelic plants and mushrooms are more powerful, more intelligent and far more evolved than mankind? And could he, a man masked in pride, be smart enough to answer yes?


No. It is highly doubtable the ban on the use of psychedelic drugs for medical reasons is due to government care and concern for the public. More believable is the possibility of a government flooded by the type of fear I just spoke of; stemming in part from the threat of a future with less trees to stuff in their pockets. However, ignoring the fact that psychedelic mushrooms prove beneficial for illnesses does not make the truth go away. Currently it is an empowering time to become educated on the healing role of mushrooms. New research studies using psychedelic mushrooms steadily continue to surface. What does the law think debilitated individuals are to do once they are rightfully informed of a single yet illegal plant with a high success rate of improving the quality of life in individuals such as themselves? How can the government continue to deny a person the right to a full life? Furthermore, how could they possibly stop thousands of patients if they lost control of the situation? Would they arrest them all? Certainly they would try, but that would be the least of their legal worries by the time they finished.

With more individuals learning that psychedelic mushrooms -void of harmful man-made chemicals -offer the healing answer to the problems plaguing them, the number of people in the movement for psychedelic mushrooms in the use of medical conditions will only continue to rise. With new clinical studies on the topic popping up in the media left and right, one cannot help but envision it as a glimmer of hope that a major paradigm shift in society is on the horizon.

** I am in no way attempting to medically advise you to do illegal drugs; rather I am simply speaking from extensive personal experience. I understand there are two opposing sides to this topic, each of which holds strong convictions. Until I experienced significant healing from psychedelic mushrooms, I was on neither, as it would have been ignorant of me to be. After all, how can those who are not sick possibly make the best decision for those who are sick –without feeling their pain first hand?

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  1. waltinseattle

    some political issues but generally agree
    deeper philosophically are some ideas on who shaped whom. there is the case of man and wolf. we did not set out to domesticate them into the dog. they set out to teach us hunting. then with plants there is the case of corn. read either some recent books that touch this fascinating dance that continues tragically with gmo perversity. seems corn seduced us into its service on the way to becoming all corn could be.
    Or go to the amerind stories where corn created man. much the same themes under them.

    we are what they call a mycophobic culture
    yes we eat/tolerate only a few forms. but not as other places or times respected the group with the largest organisms on earth. writers who study such as the deadsea scrolls have suggested chrisianity was an underground mushroom cult surviving since before sumerian era.

    as per medicine…our whole approach is so wrong, starting with decartes mind body schism. then the ama hidelberg idiocy! the idea of a ballancing between many interdependent subsystems is only a rumor of an overheard rumor in our style ofed ( not health) practice.

  2. Brian Garcia

    What are some of the healing powers and where can I get more info

    • michael field

      i have a friend who has debilitating migraines and uses magic mushrooms as a form of treatment….not so much that you hallucinate. Google it and you will find the information. We have an extraordinary amount of natural properties in an abundance of plants that have the potential to cure or alleviate symptoms of probably all diseases known to man, but pharmaceutical companies aren’t in the business of curing people, they’re in business to make money. Call it residual income if you like…For thousands of years humans have used plants for treatment of illness to sacred rituals….Magic mushroom compounds as well as compounds found in cannabis have so much potential.

    • My experience: I haven’t had a seizure since. No depression, anxiety, or stress. I accept the present moment, and am unafraid of death. I am able to see the bigger perspective of things, even in situations that I would have once gotten upset over. (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) is a wonderful resource to learn more about the healing properties of psychedelics.

      • Steve McDougall

        Great report Shelly, I have had a major brain injury and I recovered from it over time, but also refusing to use the drugs they wanted me to take. While I was in the hospital, I had no choice, being that I was in a coma for 11 days and they could pump what ever drugs they wanted in me. After I came too, I started to refuse the drugs, but not hard enough. I was in a stupid state of mind, really didn’t argue too much. But once I was released, the put me on some drug that I can’t remember, but I was falling down a lot, I would get lost easy and I didn’t want to eat.

        Six months later I had a growth on my neck as it turns out, it was my Thyroid freaking out. About the same time, I was getting angry, sweaty even though it was cold (I was shoveling snow with shorts & a tank top) I lost 35 ponds real quick! I blame it on the drugs they were giving me, but my doctor said it was probably my salt intake. Well I never put salt or pepper on anything and I stay away from soda, fast-food, and junk food. Now I have Graves Disease, but I don’t take any drugs and I feel GREAT!!! I know it’s the doctors giving people drugs that don’t help, but hurt so you have to buy more DRUGS! My mother is a pill freak! She takes at least 50 different ones a day and gets mad if I tell her the reason you are always sick, tired, or mad is because you are on DRUGS.

        I did take Liberty Caps in High School and it did open my mind to creative thinking and help me see things a lot different. It was wonderful :)

      • Tiffany

        While magic mushrooms are awesome (and like all psychedelics, dangerous if not used properly, in the proper setting) I have to add to the comments of the article not being what it’s title promised. Some evidence of what it could be used for would have been nice, even if it was just about reprogramming your brain to be happier and better connected to the earth (aka what you get when using mushrooms in the proper setting).

      • Hey Shelley, THANKYOU for this great article. Please tell me, do you describe your psychedelic healing experiences anywhere I could read. I am very interested in this, and encouraging people about this. The more detail the better.

      • David D.

        your experience is not proof. People want scientific data as proof. You’ve provided none.
        Is there a real journalist on this entire site?

        • Ample Waters

          Science… Schmience, David… Arrange a safe place and eat some… then talk to me… Look at the condition of the world based on science and secularism… its a freaking disaster…

      • I am no one special, but I just wanted to take a minute to tell you thanks Shelley! Please keep doing the good work you do. You are appreciated

        • Benjamin

          Of course you are someone special my brother! :)

      • in your padded out blog you’ve not actually said anything about the healing properties…it is an empty blog

        • Kayla

          I agree. The blog does not talk about the healing properties of mushrooms. It merely talks about your views concerning the fact that it should be legal. It is a good article, but I would advise changing the name to something more fitting. If I were someone who didn’t already know about mushrooms, it would not convince me to try mushrooms… you did not actually speak about how it heals…..

        • The healing powers are manifested differently depending on the individual that takes them. Give it a try :) It’s a wonderful experience!

  3. Shelley,
    Greetings from The Land Down Under.
    I agree with waitinseattle – leave the politics out of it lest you alienate the very folk who might benefit most from perceptual cleansing.
    Otherwise – goodonya!

  4. New age bullshit is for morons.

    • Sha

      If you feel that way, you’re not going to like the future very much.

    • Lynette

      Wano….you wouldn’t happen to have some stock in the medical industry, would you????? The only reason I can think of for why you would make such an asinine statement…just keep taking those meds, Wano

    • Wano what are you scared off?

    • John Waller

      Shallow criticism in cyberspace is for cowards

    • herescu

      Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance said Einstein… it’s as retarded as acceptance without investigation

  5. Interesting–wondering about ways they can heal–your experience or others?

  6. Agent Smith

    I tried Magic Mushrooms for the first time last night, and all I can say is “wow”. Take your life, your thoughts, your emotions… remove all fear, envy, greed, anger, depression… increase feelings of curiosity and love tenfold… add a few splashes of colour and vibrant images for entertainment, and that’s what it was like for me.

    Now today, after the effects of them wore off, I feel that I am a better person. I went outside and mingled with the population instead of hiding inside all weekend. It’s easy for me to be amused at things and people, I smile instead of frown. Life feels more relaxed and not so evil. Life giving me lemons? Awesome, because I now love making lemonade.

    Living is not so bad anymore.

    • Lynette

      Exactly why the government wants these natural plants illegal…….we’re more powerful when we’re happy and strong……..and much easier to control when weak and fearful……which is EXACTLY what all the pharmaceuticals do…’s SO obvious that it’s hard for me to understand why people can’t see it. Unbelievable.

      • Jon

        i think about how naive people can be also. I never watch TV unless im at a relatives, and when i watch with them i feel like im being brainwashed…. its a scary feeling, and even scarier to see my relatives just watch and take it in without seeing the truth behind it.

    • Amen, My suicidal depression is gone. Completely. I am happier than I have been in years, and do not care about the things that used to get me down. Also, I feel fine in solitude, which is a major help when you have Lyme. I have energy. I laugh, I feel. I am glad you had a good experience as well. Do you have Lyme too? Because there is zero written information on Lyme & Shrooms.

      • Deb

        I’m trying to understand the benefits of consuming magic mushrooms. From what I’ve been reading (the comments and blog post) it seems its healing in the sense that it changes one’s perspective, just like someone who’s found a better life in religion. No one has mentioned actual healing of a disease. For example, is it going to cure your Lyme or only certain symptoms (mainly the psychologic ones). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not tryin to go against you or anyone. I’m just trying to better inform myself of the life changing benefits. I have an open mind (well not as open as if I were to take shrooms lol) :)

      • You are blessed to have had such a positive reaction in light of your suicidal depression. It would be good to note though that not everyone has such an uplifting experience, and shrooms can in fact deepen their depression depending on what’s truly going on inside their chemically imbalanced body and mind. It’s not really responsible to make a blanket statement of imminent recovery based just on personal experience.

        • Jon

          i would highly doubt that a person that truly wants to benefit from psilocybin would have the opposite effect unless they were under the influence of another drug…. just my two cents.

          • I for one have had wonderful AND nightmarish experiences with shrooms. It doesn’t require another substance to have a bad trip! All it takes is the wrong mindset, environment, or company to take what could have been a negative life changing experience… There is also the possibility of having a mind expanding and positive life changing experience.
            I had a wonderfully life altering moment of clarity during a mushroom trip a little over ten years ago. The following trip was in the WORST setting with the wrong people and I haven’t been able to enjoy them since.
            Everyone will have a different response. That’s just the nature of the beast.

      • Daniel Dockray

        wow well interested on what your saying how often you have em?

  7. shrooms are a benefical medicine to awakening to the beauty of self, others and nature. :)))
    much <3 to all. :)))

  8. Physician heal thy self .

  9. I would take it, but if I get paranoia and very very bad trips from canabis, shrooms could kill me .. right?

    • Frank

      I would have a trusted friend who does not take the mushroom make sure I am OK and take a small dose to see my reaction to the psychedelic. I did. I am fine. Enjoy!

    • Me

      truthfully, i, myself, have issues with paranoia and anxiety with cannabis (particular strains and at a higher level of consumption) and have had issues (the first few times) with this on mushrooms. but i’ve found it to be an incredibly rewarding experience. and as i’ve grown more knowledgeable about their use (in general and for me, specifically), i’ve found it to be negligible (experience with them is key, as well).

      ultimately, the fear is legitimate (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise) though “kill” is an incredibly strong word. if i WERE to suggest their use, i’d suggest experimenting at lower doses, in a proper environment with the right people.

      • Jon

        Bad cannabis trips happen for a reason, and whilst under the influence, i discovered why. It’s all about energy. If you have this emotion during a trip, you most likely carry that fearful emotion into sober life, and that energy is maximized during a trip. Thats what i think weed does… maximizes your sensitivity to energy, and your energy output.

        Try meditating while on weed if you are getting paranoid and rapid heart beat. Try living in the now and stop thinking about what may happen in the future. If you are feeling uncomfortable where you sit, try focusing on all the things that feel good about the position, instead of focusing on the things that feel uncomfortable. This circumstance can be applied to the majority of life’s situations.

        Focus on feeling the energy in everything around you… there is life energy in everything (this is when a pet is fun to have around). Enjoy the life that surrounds you and join them all in living in their blissful world.

    • Nial

      it’s not gonna kill you, if you take the right dose (0.1-1.0g dried) in the right setting for your first time it will more than likely help you get over your paranoia and ‘bad cannabis trips’… just don’t smoke any while you’re on it!.. There is only love, so smile bro 😀

  10. Thank You For The Contribution!!!!

    I’m Certain I’m About To Waste The Next Ten Minutes Of My Life, But I Owe It To My Fellow Human!!!.

    It’s all about choices we make. The all powerful criminal enterprise known as The United States Federal Govt (the military arm of the not so new, NWO) couldn’t pass a parking law if not for us allowing them to. If the people that comprise the world’s militaries, criminals with badges, and masses who stand by idly repeating “there’s nothing I can do” all of who are guilty of enforcing their wrath, Stood Up And Screamed NO MORE, This Evil, Criminal Enterprise Would No Longer Exist!!

    How a fellow human who enters the medical field as a physician can adhere to the modern practice of poisoning instead of prevention and curing the cureable diseases can cope with themselves is beyond comprehension. Don’t bother referring to the modern version of the Hippocratic oath because it enables modern “medicine” to flourish.

    Standing up and screaming no more means gaining 100% control and wiping this criminal enterprise from existence. There Are Absolutely No Other Alternatives Available!!!!!!!

  11. Weed Killa

    These boards are full of misleading comments to sucker in the “dumbed down” the zionists have “created”
    Remember “Ecstacy”
    The Jewish Rabbi removes the ‘E’ from the zombie’s forehead to disable it (E-MET=Truth in Hebrew)

    Smokin’ dope
    The Shamens of Afghanistan get stoned so they are on the right wavelength to let in Devils they conjure up with occult Majik

    New Age stuff = leading you down the garden path > Hell on earth

    • Jon

      misleading comments? my friend…. you are mislead in yourself. I interpreted your comment as a religious comment of some sorts… I sincerely hope you see the light some day and realize that religion has been nothing but a big fake lie to create power and money for those that lead it.

      You will try and convert me to your nonsense, but I am more convinced that you are wrong; more than you can ever be convinced that I am wrong.

      Keep an open mind and don’t listen to pastors, listen to yourself. Don’t take my word for it though… don’t take anyones word for anything. Learn for yourself.

  12. Mushrooms, Cannibas and Peyote have been used by Shamans and wise men in the indiginous tribes in Mexico for curing and sprirtual awakening. Big Pharma and the goverment do not and cannot not allow this knowledge to be known because theit multi Billion dollar empire would come crashing down with these inexpensive and humble servants of mankind. It is better and more profitable for them to maintain patients hanging on, milking them of their money indefinitely than to administer a couple of inexpensive and effective doses of this natural medicine and cure them once and for all..

  13. Josh

    Forget all your pre-conceptions, conceptions, opinions and debates and look up – Terence Mckenna. Either that, or do shrooms. Peace x

    • Kirsten

      Right on Josh!

      Also, for the people looking for ways psilocybin helps: if you’ve ever experienced migrains or ‘cluster’ migrains, they seriously help! They can keep headaches in check for up to 6 months straight with one dose.

  14. nepenthes

    I would have finished reading this if you didn’t keep calling this amazing fungi, a plant…
    “Magic Mushrooms are remarkably potent and powerful plants ”



    • Thank you for pointing out my ignorance and educating me, I sincerely appreciate it.

  15. Jeff

    how silly to think that someone should censor their thoughts and feelings for fear of alienation by those who can’t see past blatant tyranny… Keep on singing your song the way you want to sing it and never let anyone persuade you differently… much love!

  16. cichlidjay

    Mushrooms are not plants, they are fungi. If you look at the phylogeny of mushrooms they are actually much more closely related to animals than they are plants. Do a little research before you write an “article” , I didn’t even finish reading this because I knew you had nothing factual to say.

    • Matt

      Stop being so judgmental. Information is information. Get off your high horse and see what she has to say regardless of whether it is written in the exact way you would like to hear it. She says plant but you can understand what she means. There was definitely some info in there that could be taken the wrong way, however.

      • Thank you for the support, Matt :)


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