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30daysIt has been about a week since I started The 30 Days of You Challenge for myself. I have to say that so far things have been quite rewarding, if you choose to look at it that way. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when I sat down to do some reflective writing for the first 3 days of the challenge, but what came out was quit interesting and spurred a lot of creativity for projects that are in the works. In some ways you could say it was cheating, according to the rules cause it ended up being for “work,” but for me it was where things headed and it felt great in those moments so why not!

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Here is a run down of what I did during my hours so far:

Day 1: Reflective Writing
Day 2: Reflective Writing
Day 3: Reflective Writing & Meditation
Day 4: Meditation (Cut short to 45 mins)
Day 5: Spent Time Relaxing
Day 6: Baseball (Practice Hitting)
Day 7: Meditation
Day 8: Meditation & Reflection

Thus far the time spent has been, at the very least, a great time to just recharge during the day and clear the mind completely. When doing the reflective writing, I was just allowing anything that came to mind show up on the paper. It helped in getting to the bottom of certain feelings and challenges that were going on. During one of the sessions some amazing creative moments came through that helped a great deal with a project I’ve been working on. Since then things have been moving along much more quickly with the project as the right time and focus can now be put towards it.

If you haven’t had the chance to get this started and try it out, do your best to make the time for it. I would imagine that everyone can some great insight from  this!

Don’t forget, you can share your experiences in the discussion found here:

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