Are You Tired of Working?

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urlIt’s is true for many of us in the world, our current reality virtually enslaves into a system where we must work to survive. Working is the only way we can put food on our tables, roofs over our heads and clothes on our backs. Due to the vast amount of people all competing for work, it is very rare that we can truly do things we love to do as we get stuck with what’s left.

It seems dull doesn’t it? This is where I feel we can shift our perception to make best of the situation we are living in right now. I would be the first to say that our system is in dire need of a big overhaul. The massive gears of the system need turning still and we are the pieces that keep them going. Until we are able to make enough of a global conscious shift in the way we see our world, it is likely the case that many of us will still need to work to survive. It is true that the system is like this due to the greed of a few. It is true that it doesn’t have to function this way. But it is ultimately true that our perception of the work we do can also change the experience entirely while it’s still around.

I am in my mid twenty’s and can hear the voices now “You don’t know what you are talking about when it comes to work. When you’ve worked 30 years of your life then come talk to me.” Bluntly put, I feel this statement is nothing more than a cop out as we refuse to change our ways. I have worked A LOT in my life. Each summer in high school I worked full time for Yellow Pages. From there I swapped between dropping out of college programs and into more office jobs until I finally quit 4 years ago to take CE full time. I worked with people who had worked for 25 years+ at the same job. I got to know them, understand them and hear all about what got them to the point they were at. It did not take any form of rocket science to figure out that the sheer judgement we have towards our jobs and working is what creates the greatest amount of suffering.

If you are unhappy about your job and are looking to find some joy in it, here are a few ways to achieve that.

Much like you feel terrible when you sit and judge or gossip about people for hours, doing this with our job is the same thing. We cringe at the idea of waking up in the morning, seeing the people there, and doing the mundane work that might be involved. We think we are better than it, that it’s stupid and we can half ass our way through it. As we judge it we make it worse and worse and in the end we make ourselves miserable. Stop judging your job and see it for a task that simply needs to be done at this point. When you do this, the environment, the people, the job and your own joy will transform dramatically. Before I finally left work 4 years ago, I told myself that I would not leave until I could find peace in what I was doing. Once I did I stuck it out for another 6 months. During those 6 months I can say that I did not dread waking up and going to work. I didn’t hate it and when I finally left, it was like walking through a different door that was open already due to my state of peace.

One thing I always find interesting about work complaining is that most of us complain like no tomorrow about the silly job we have and how it’s not fun and stressful. What we haven’t realized yet, is that if our job is able to create that much challenge in our lives, then we are right where we need to be. Think about it, if the “silly” job is creating so much distress, isn’t it time we begin to realize we are the ones who hold the issues? Our job can pull us from peace? Our job can make us unhappy and stressed? Or is it possible that we take some of it too seriously — or that we aren’t open to adjusting and instead getting stuck in a place of suffering. We have much more control over our state while working than we think. Take the time to look at what exactly makes you unhappy about your job and what you are doing. It often becomes quite clear that we are resisting some form of it or are still caught judging it. Work beyond it and once again there will be peace on the other side.

Find Your Joy
I put this one last because I feel it in some ways should be looked at after we observe the judgement and challenges. I say this because sometimes we can miss out on a great deal of growth by running from what exists within us through fear of not being honest with ourselves. When it comes to having to work and do a job, try to find something you find joy in and just go after it. So often we get caught in the idea that we have to stay where we are and we leave our dreams aside. If you know something brings you joy, make the move to try it out, you can always find some other way to make things work. Once again, I say this at the end as sometimes it’s simply not an option for us RIGHT NOW to make the move, so that is why finding peace and removing judgment in what we are doing now is so important. My feeling is, if you are able to find peace in what you do now, doors open up everywhere for you to make moves forward.

At the end of the day, working and jobs are here for now. We are not better than them, above them nor are they not still providing us with valuable lessons to grow from. A change is happening and in time things will transform. While this change occurs, our level of suffering when it comes to jobs is entirely in our control.

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  1. Ako

    How do you propose that we provide for ourselves? a Collectivist society will not work, technology has created a system and earth of chaos that needs to be ordered. I agree a great conscious shift is coming and people will understand this, but only with DIRECTION can this truly be accomplished. Sustainability has been a humanistic crutch for thousands of years and there are too many people ground into this reality to say that we should not work. Of course we need to work but in a different sense, we need to work for each other much like the amish do. We also need to encourage free thought much like socratic method. AGAIN how does all this happen? Simple ideas are one thing, changing the minds of billions of people to stray from the pre-conditioned path is something entirely different.

    • Ever heard of the Venus Project?

      • chris

        Yea.I think its a great idea but it will never doesn’t want equality.the Venus project will make us needs to change what’s in him before that could happen.

        • “But it will never happen…” seems defeatist. For some, not being able to see the possibility hinders believing in it, and subsequently makes it more difficult for the individual to do what he/she needs to do.

        • Iriah

          The Venus Project may or may not happen but rest assured that due to technological unemployment we are starting to see the death trows of the current system and the birth of something new. Just like every birth is painful so will this one be but it is up to US how the product of that birth turns out. If we truly want a VP it will happen but if we say it will never happen and use that as the excuse to do nothing then some other system will come in and take it’s place and it will most likely be a rehash of the current system or something worse. So chin up and fight because it’s the only way we will make it happen. Tell everyone you know about The Venus Project and resource based economies and when you run out of people to tell go tell strangers, if they don’t know about it they can’t get behind it.

      • Reply
    • Johanna D

      Read the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. It will help you see the direction our culture need to go in.

    • pre-conditioned to get in a car accident, for sure.

    • Ako, the point he was making was changing our perspective to the work that we must do now. He wasn’t proposing we not work. :/

  2. There’s always a way out – you have to work toward it, and create your own path. I no longer have a nine to five – I’m living in a foreign country, being paid to develop innovative technology – on my own terms. It’s about attitude (like you said), and largely about a leap of faith, that, simply put, not many are willing to take. Keep writing inspirational pieces and affecting those who read them in a positive and empowering way.

    • Some do not know that other options are out there for them to explore, we have to introduce them to a different way of thinking. Some will see things differently afterward and some may not approve.

  3. Excellent article. I find myself trying to live by these ideas everyday, and trying to help workmates and friends to change their attitudes to work as well. I presently work at a very tough job that brings me no joy, but I am working on the side to start a small jewelry business, so I stay focused on the bigger picture and it makes the whole agreeable. I’m able to stay positive and see my work as a challenge, and not a burden.

  4. Nice article Joe, I think the more we let go, and stop “doing” all these things that the ego thinks we should do, that allows a space for the real creative force to come in and guide us.


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