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For those of you who haven’t seen or heard much from me in awhile, I just wanted to share with you that these past few months have been quite a whirlwind for me coming into a new year of 2013. With a strong shift in planetary energy through galactic alignments and the merging and dissolving of older archaic energies, it has opened up an opportunity and been creating an immense shift within me. The unification and alignment of our planet with our galaxy is allowing us all to tap into the supportive energy needed in order to evolve.  When I say evolve, I mean observe what has been holding us back and limiting us, letting it go and moving forward in our experiences in a less limited state.  Through this, I’ve had many ups and downs and intense experiences that have given me the push needed to move forward. A strong sense of universal power is emerging within me which is incredibly exciting! I’m sure many can relate to this as well 🙂

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I recently came down to Florida to visit my family, enjoy some beautiful weather and to clear my mind and heart to help balance me out and gain a sense of grounding. It’s about 85F here and the sun is shining! I feel amazing and as I’m sitting here listening to the birds sing beautiful songs, these thoughts came to me. Enjoy!


A lot of people tell me that I have a great ability to inspire others. Sometimes I doubt this ability within myself and struggle to see my own power, but constantly I am reminded through the people I meet and I just want to say thank you and that you all inspire me in so many ways. I’ve observed and met a lot of people through my journey in this lifetime and it’s been such an amazing ride thus far. If these following words can help to inspire you, I’m successful in my intentions. I want nothing more for all of us to come together and change the world for ourselves and future generations. To restore the planet in harmony and allow all life to flourish and continue to evolve as it was meant to. Freedom from limitation and oneness in love. The concept is simple and straight forward but the degree of challenge in change is a choice we have to make.


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I think one of the most important things to remember here in our journey through this shift in consciousness that were experiencing, is that were here to step out of perceptional boxes that limit us. These boxes are belief systems that control our experiences. All forms of fear, judgement, need, categorization, separation, etc. They’re boxes that we’ve created and identified with, but none of it is who we truly are.


So wait a minute here…Who are we then?


If we aren’t good or bad, right or wrong, rich or poor, inferior or superior, aren’t our jobs, our cultures, our gender, our past, our names or any other story that we create, then who are we?  The reality is, these are all just experiences that we’re having. They’re beliefs that are on autopilot in our minds that we’ve identified with. Beyond all of them, we are simply an awareness. Neutral beings who come to play here and learn from our experiences. So why is the world the way it is? How did it get like this? It’s because we’ve chosen it, but got locked up in it at the same time. We’ve forgotten who we truly are. This can seem challenging to understand looking at the power that these beliefs have in the influence of what we are experiencing as humans.


Everything is always our choice to experience, but in truth, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you really think about it, we don’t really have to put in a whole lot of effort for these beliefs to become reality because they’re being supported in so many ways through our culture. Most of the time they’re an auto-response to our experiences and we can’t see through them, because once again, we think we ARE them.


This is where the power of observation comes in. When we observe these stories in our minds however, they no longer become an unconscious experience and this allows us to gain strength through awareness because awareness is what we are. We’re here observing reality through our physical body vehicles and where were heading with this shift is into a consciousness where we’ve stepped out of enough of these boxes, removed enough veils of identity to be able to see everything as one. Seeing us as one with the universe as a whole. The planet, the animals, all of nature and of course each other. When we realize all is one, our priorities will most definitely change. What was once a life of survival mode living in fear and chasing security and freedom, will turn into a lighter feeling of no fear and seeing that we can work together. The need for living in survival mode will no longer exist. We don’t have to be destroying the planet or each other for us to live here. The belief that we have to struggle to survive and “survival of the fittest” is actually creating a world that makes it very difficult and effortful for us to live comfortably.




We can chase the “American Dream”, the grind of life and work really hard and long for all sorts of goodies like material goods or identities, but nothing externally will ever make us feel whole or bring us true peace. If we were to not have or get what we want, do we feel powerful? Are we peaceful and living in joy and excitement? Most likely not.


We have to strip the belief systems, let go and step out of the boxes in order to do that. When we let go of all that we thought we were, we’ll realize that we’ve always been everything that is.THE POWER AND SOURCE OF THE UNIVERSE. Not beings who need to go to school and get a job or do things we don’t enjoy to make money to have any sense of worth or value on the planet while we sit back and allow a small group of individuals control everything and support a way of life that is destroying the planet and each other.



We all have such beautiful gifts and so much potential we bring as powerful, limitless creators. Imagine what we could create if we begin to recognize our limits and let them go…It can seem scary to a mind conditioned to operate through fear, but when the boundaries begin to break and we begin to see our own light and how it’s connected to the light of the world, that god essence within us will rekindle and a true revolution on this planet will take place!


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