Banned TED Talk: Graham Hancock – The War on Consciousness

graham-hancockYet another TED talk banned by the TED community due to the challenge it poses to mainstream science. The talk was done at a TEDx conference and aired on the TEDx YouTube channel for a period of time before it was removed due to its content.

After personally listening to this talk it is quite clear why it was censored. It isn’t that it explores faulty information or even offensive topics, it is simply that it explores a topic that is greatly feared by mainstream medicine and science. Graham brings light to the war on consciousness that exists in our modern society, especially in the western world. He makes the argument that modern society does not allow us to truly explore our consciousness by making various psychedelic drugs illegal while we are instead fed pharmaceutical drugs that have negative effects on health. He points out the fact that this does not allow us to have true freedom and that exploring our consciousness may very well be a crucial step in changes we must make on the planet if we are to find a way to survive as a species.

In my opinion Graham makes some strong points about psychedelics and I agree with him that we should all have the right to explore them as we choose. The fact that our governing bodies have the authority to tell us which substances are legal and which are not is quite dangerous. Especially given that those that are legal are a heck of a lot more life threatening that those which are illegal. It seems clear that the greatest fear here is if we were to wake up and realize that we are more than just a brain in a body. If we knew we were conscious souls, our world would certainly be a different place. With recent areas of research in what you can call “new science,” modern science is gripping for dear life to maintain its ‘everything is unconscious matter’ belief.

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96 comments on “Banned TED Talk: Graham Hancock – The War on Consciousness

  1. Phyl

    We know that during this new year, much will fall into place for those of you serious about your spiritual journey. Many new portals have opened and a great deal of higher resonating energy frequencies are pouring on to Gaia and her people resulting first in chaos, and then change. You are feeling these new energies in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Allow the process dear ones, allow the process.

    We are the Arcturian Group. 1/5/14

  2. Humanity is not ready to use drugs on current level of consciousness. There is great stratification among consciousnesses. Stupid people should not use drugs by no means. It is the privilegue of high level individuals – only with the aim to integrate the expirience of some period of life.

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  4. easyzenburger

    Any one who says “drugs do nothing more than cloud the brain/mind” is making a broad overgeneralizing statement which can be refuted with modern medicine. Recent psychedelic research corroborates the fact that certain serotonergic hallucinogens have neuroprotective effects. Properly guided experiences can produce observable, positive personality changes for months and even years afterward, and this is coming from the world’s leading biomedical experts at John Hopkins and other research universities. I find it hard to believe that the man who sent tens of thousands of young Americans to die in Vietnam and Cambodia made these drugs illegal because of his raw compassion and concern for humanity. Additionally, if one’s concern for the legality of drugs is based on their reduction of decision making skills, there is absolutely no reason alcohol use should be tolerated.

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  6. I think the point its true we need a new Consciousness, but i think psychedelics, are not the answer, its just another escape from reality since our cultures are mostly hedonism, there are no point in doing that, since our minds are fed with materialistic points of view, and not from an internal point of view, so if psychedelics are use they were only be use for entertainment issues, thou loosing the point of the argument

  7. Psychotropic and psychedelic drugs often deteriorate your logical decision-making abilities making you a danger to other people. They are NOT illegal because the big, bad state doesn’t want you to experience some sort of mental freedom or realise your inner potential to save the world, they are illegal because they make you behave irrationally and dangerously.

    • easyzenburger

      Where’s your evidence for this?? If you look at crime statistics, it is beyond rare to find cases of violent offenses being carried out by individuals under the influence of psychedelics. It is beyond glaringly obvious on the other hand, that modern society condones the consumption of alcohol and other toxic drugs which are inextricably linked to crime and an increased propensity toward violent behavior. The big bad state does not care about people hurting themselves, they care about a cultural narrative that was started with the first European colonists on this continent that hallucinogens are the work of Satan and cause moral bankruptcy. If this were not true, the state would not have been using psychedelics themselves as experimental mind control agents.

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  9. Anil

    What he says sounds good but where is the proof that post usage experience is factual or just another concoction by the brain???

    Jyoti…fred ..way to go , yes ,yoga , meditation..letting go in the present will get us to the truth …not mind altering drugs.

    Looks like we need to persuade him to sign up for an Art of Living course , did anyone see how excited and out of breath he was on some instances…pure sign of a man who has little control over the mind body and soul…

    • n8

      You sound like a shill.

    • It sounded more to me that he was very emotional about this and was nervous. I think that’s perfectly understandable given the topic and sensitive nature of what he’s arguing for.

    • Ad

      Of course the experience will be a concoction by the brain.. that is what we are looking for. A new idea, a new way of thinking.

  10. Zach

    Very interesting. Graham’s nonscientific message obviously doesn’t fit into the materialistic rationalism of TED culture. But it isn’t bad. It’s a different type of message.

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  14. What he is motivating us to do is to experience life in a present state of being, which none can do in presence of fear. So if you can watch yourself while doing anything, drugs, meditation, love, life and let go of it after experiencing it, That’s it,,,you are free! And yes the ultimate freedom is from the self, drugs or a spiritual being is your own projection, which is largely dependent on our part of conditioning…. Nothing can tie anyone if you are watching your existence. :) So let go, let yourself take you over from within. :)

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  16. I thought we got over this in the ’60s. Use yoga, breath and meditation to purify the nervous system. Drugs only cloud it up with the glamor of the visionary ego, having visions of itself.

    • Alex Chow

      You seem didn’t understand what he means at all.

    • ock

      Timothy Leary would be proud

  17. Andy

    What he says is fundamentally true that we are not living in a free society if we as consenting adults are not allowed to take substances because the state deems it illegal. This is an infringement of our rights as human beings on planet Earth no different from if freedom of speech was restricted so that no one could preach about a religious movement.
    We would soon have up roar from the religious leaders the world over and many people that feel it is there right to believe and pass this information of belief on to other people. Well to me this is no different and it is a persecution of my rights as a human being to be restricted from in-taking these substances or any substance I desire.

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