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Over the years there has been a lot of talk about free energy, quantum vacuum devices and other modern physics busting energy technologies that could completely transform the way we view energy on the planet today. Currently, it’s all about fossil fuels and as of now, the world is showing no real signs of changing the way we view energy. It is true that solar technologies and wind based technologies have begun making more noise over the past few years, but both are very inefficient and in the eyes of many, just another ‘give the dog his bone to make im happy’ type move on the part of those controlling the issue.

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With what is available today, we could end the need for fossil fuels, wind technologies, solar based technologies, as well as wave and geothermal based technologies. Although there has been much talk of this fact, nothing substantial has been able to make its way to the forefront due to sheer suppression by the powers that be and the fear found within inventors and engineers who are developing these technologies. Personally I don’t blame them as a number of people have “gone missing” and countless companies have been shut down once wind of what they are doing gets to certain people — I don’t think I need to name who.

Dr Steven Greer is one of those fascinating people currently working hard to not only introduce the world to the fact about UFO’s and Extraterrestrials, but also the energy technologies they reveal. According to Greer, this is the real reason why our governments and major organizations are refusing to disclose to the public that UFO’s and ET’s do exist and they have known about it for thousands of years.

I have posted the trailer for an upcoming documentary Greer is releasing with Never Ending Light Productions called ‘Sirius’. The film was crowd funded by the people for the people and looks like an amazing piece. The documentary goes live to the world on April 22nd! You can pre-order and watch it here!/deployment_code=94888331mlbyjo

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