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When you mask your feelings, you mask your soul. Furthermore, you inhibit your soul from evolving into its full potential –the chance to really live, to find truth, and to accept it. In present day western society, it has become “normal” to take pills to mask feelings. There are multiple prescriptions for depression, ADHD and ADD, anger, stress, anxiety, pain and the list goes on and on.

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Feeling any of the emotions listed above is, for many, a reason to make a trip to a doctor or psychologist who will “fix them.”  However, these feelings are what make us who we are, what develops us to our full potential, what defines our very being. We experience them for a reason.

For example, depression is normal after a tragedy of any sort. In fact, that is called being “sad.” Then you have the other form of depression, the one that labels individuals as “chronically depressed;” in which case depression often stems from no known cause. The term “chronic” implies a lifelong sentence, accompanied with a lifelong prescription and a lifelong profit for the medical world. While short term use of depression medication is warranted, there  is something about taking it for the rest of your life that does not sit right.

When you look back on your life, you may find you never knew who you truly were; rather, you knew the person who the medication created. What if you would have one day decided to ride out the pain, accepting it in its entirety, and allowing yourself to feel the true nature of things?

Ironically, so many of the pills used to mask uncomfortable emotions simultaneously mask the ones we, as human beings, ultimately vie for: happiness, compassion, and love. Allow yourself to be alive, to feel the realm of emotions you were created to feel. Our indigenous ancestors, void of prescriptions, were forced to trust the earth and truth of their surroundings and their lives. They were not conditioned from the time they were born to seek comfort and contentment in the form of crutches, they explored and learned on their own; as we all should. Unconditioned by society, such people embody the meaning of being alive. Breathing, you see, does not exactly qualify as living.

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We have been told that negative emotions are unacceptable and abnormal in society. In reality, the truly abnormal thing is to not feel. Do not be afraid to uncondition yourself, to opt out of masking your emotions. Do not be afraid to accept them and ride them out, allowing the true essence of your soul flourish.

**This is article is in no way, shape or form intended to offer medical advice.

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